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Nov 21, 2017

Astro-Notes: Melania Trump April 26, 1970

A 'noon' horoscope for Melania Knavs Trump reveals a double Earth personality blend of Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn and describes a lady who is down-to-earth, logical, traditional, and has a need for security. A formal quality may be noticed along with her ambitious, realistic Capricorn Moon. How her innate sense of realism manages to deal with a Mercury-Neptune-square fellow like her reality-challenged Gemini husband is unknown. It couldn't be easy! Unless he only pretends to be worse than he is (fancies himself a thespian, y'know).

Somewhat possessive, stubborn, and demanding, Mrs. Trump maintains incredible self-control and doesn't give up easily on relationships. Absolute faithfulness is a must for her in partnerships so again--how does she manage to deal with his nibs? As a Sun Tau-Moon Cap personality, she 'does not easily forget wrongs but kindnesses she always remembers', plus, her shrewd business sense is notable along with a deep devotion to family.

The negative side of Sun Tau-Moon Cap includes tendencies toward dictatorial behavior, over-materialism, and pig-headedness.

This double Earth personality blend is shared by such luminaries as President James Monroe, Cher, and Tammy Wynette who sang (annoyingly for yours truly), Stand By Your Man which may be how the very traditional Melania deals with her quirky serial bridegroom of a husband, Donald J. Trump.

Melania Knavs Trump birth data: April 26, 1970 Novo Mesto, Slovenia; unknown birth time so a 'noon' chart is used (CET). However, unless born between midnight and 1:26:16 am CET with her Moon @29Sag+, natal Luna entered and remained in Saturn-ruled Capricorn for the rest of the 24-hour period. Sun Tau-Moon Sag would give the pair of Trumps a shared Moon sign, it's true, but would also give her a restless, flighty personality (Sun Tau-Moon Sag) which I do not believe she has (though you may disagree). Of course, this area of the Zodiac (29Sag-1Cap) denotes publicity (Moon) on the World Stage (00Cap00, one of the four Cardinal World Points of fame and fortune).

View Melania Trump's speculative 'noon' chart at

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For more personality blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.