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Oct 9, 2020

DC Horoscope: US Ceres Return December 2020

October 9, 2020: Below is the DC Horoscope of America's Ceres Return of December 20, 2020. As you know, in Astrology asteroid-archetype Ceres is associated with food supplies, grains, milk, nurturing, The Mother (including Earth), and, as I often use it here, democracy. December 20, 2020 is actually the third of three exact returns to natal degree (8Pis41--see chart, upper, for the dates) of US Ceres which also happened (on July 4, 1776) to have been conjunct the transiting midoint of Plutocracy, Pluto-Chiron (8Pis20). Visions of control and exploitation come to mind, and as you see in the center of the horoscope, the forceful often brutal Mars-Pluto midpoint conjuncts our Ceres on December 20th suggesting toxins in our food supply. In the realms of biology and health, Mars-Pluto relates to potentials for organ replacement, toxemia, high fevers, an overactive pituitary gland, cell regeneration, and/or tumors (Ebertin). And to me it seems that food additives continue to be in the spotlight and democracy is under seige (Mars-Pluto = Ceres) as we already know that it is.

Ceres in 11th house suggests humanitarianism so food shortages and supply chain difficulties may continue to be in the news and cause trouble within the sphere of our country's social safety net. Childen go hungry in America yet as you know, Pisces is the sign of compassion but can also suggest shady goings-on and/or disapppointment.

To close, I'll paraphrase from Emma Belle Donath's book Asteroids in the Birth Chart (revised) concerning Chiron in Pisces and end with a quote:

Philosophical and religious issues are narrowed to the core of their meaning and applied to everyday lives. The essence of information is distilled, intuition is used in a practical way, and all experiences are analyzed impersonally. "This may esoterically be called the sorrow before the spring."

Image: US Ceres Return #3 of 3; December 20, 2020 @2:44:24 pm est Washington DC; Hour of an out-of-bounds Mercury at a critical 29th degree conjunct the Sun; Venus leads the tilt of a BOWL shape from 7th house and as chart-ruler (ASC: Taurus) makes only (irritating) minor applying aspects (health; money; relationships); Saturn-Pluto = Jupiter: 'difficulties caused by illness; religious and social fanaticism' (Ebertin):