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Aug 21, 2010

Virgo New Moon for Rosh Hashannah Sep 8, 2010

Do you know there's more to Rosh Hashanah than being New Years Day in the Jewish calendar?

Beginning at sundown on September 8, 2010, this year's 48-hour festivities are marked by a New Moon 15Vir41 in 11th house of *Israel's 1948 natal chart (ASC 23Lib01 with chart-ruler Venus 4Can48 in 9th house and conjunct US n Venus and Jupiter; Israel's mavericky n Jupiter 27Sag39 Rx in 3rd house.) The New Moon trines natal Sun 23Tau40 (n 8th house) and is near Israel's natal Saturn/Neptune midpoint 13Vir30. It perfects in Jerusalem at 1:29:45 pm EEDT, and in Washington DC at 6:29:45 am EDT (1st house; ASC 12Vir06.)

(Note: the above ASC for Israel is a correction made 9.3.10; it doesn't affect the rest of this post. jc)

Both locations, indeed the entire world, have the Cardinal T-Square's midpoint pictures: Jupiter/Saturn - Pluto, and Saturn/Uranus = Pluto. The combination of Saturn and Uranus are associated with the Middle East - Israel and Palestine in particular.

Paraphrasing Michael Munkasey in his book on midpoints, Saturn/Uranus in Politics and Business:

counter-revolutionary rule; balancing conservatives with progressives; restrictions on personal contacts due to situations which are beyond an enterprise's jurisdiction (Gaza! jc); control of access to political dissidents; sudden indifference by people to traditional mores or laws.

And of course, transiting Saturn and Uranus are in their Full Moon phase these days being in and out of opposition to one another. This is the culmination of their Great Conjunction/s all through 1988 so the year's issues return to the table:

1. February 13 @ 29Sag55;
2. June 26 @ 28Sag47:
3. Oct 18 @ October 18 @ 27Sag49.

You'll remember that tr Pluto 'came through' those degrees during the Bush presidency and the world has experienced:

1988's Saturn/Uranus = tr Pluto: rebellion against one's lot in life; upheaval to protect assets; tremendous fear of loss; concealing changes to activities; termination of extreme practices that hinder progress; drastic changes to a previously liberal atmosphere; rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation; acts of violence and brutality; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary effort; harm through force majeure; war. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

Setting the New Moon chart for Jerusalem, the New Moon of Sep 8, 2010 falls in 9th house of Foreign Travels which may perhaps relate to the visit of Palestinian and Israeli leaders to the White House during the first week of September 2010, a dark of the Moon period when shady things may occur out of sight. Perhaps the light of the Full Moon two weeks later will bring Israeli-Palestinian revelations or a 'truce' signing, if these ancient rivals remember how in their age-old round of vengeance and intolerance. (Israel's natal Chiron is in Scorpio which indicates a need to 'forgive the unforgivable' - what are the chances?)

Plus, with the New Moon's Mercury 6Vir51 retrograde, any agreement that may be signed during The Scribe's Rx period won't have much hope of amounting to anything lasting on the path to peace. Or at the least, fine print must be thoroughly examined and all the Ts and Is must be dotted. Details can trip anyone up during Mercury Rx periods.

Yet Mercury Rx may also relate to Israel, Palestine, and the US 'trying again' to establish an agreement. And Sept 8's New Moon Mercury conjoins President Obama's natal Pluto, a time when information, ideas, plans, and activities involve gaining more power, and valuable info is garnered or controlled; gathering finance and investment information is also on the president's agenda with this ongoing transit.

But peace in Palestine, too?

Well, as Gandhi said, "There is no path to peace. Peace is the path." (My emphasis.)

If only the global power elite neocons and Zionists who have Other Ideas for establishing a 'capital of the world' in Jerusalem would get over their tiresome obsessions and park their arrogant carcasses out of decent people's way.

You know, VP Joe Biden has stated on more than one occasion that he's a decided Zionist but you won't see the YouTube video I posted in 2009 by clicking. It has been 'removed' for 'violation of terms of use' - or by 'sensitive' government censors, imho. But click anyway, to read an insightful article, Demystifying Zionism.


*The State of Israel was created May 14, 1948 4:00 pm EET Tel Aviv, Israel (historical record); Sun 23Tau40 in 8th h and Moon 4Leo21 in 10th h - a proud and regal combination; ASC 23Lib03 = Jupiter/Saturn: cycles of expansion or contraction; new ways of dealing with relationships; an inconstant or insecure attitude regarding other persons.

Natal MC 25Can02 conjoins US natal Mercury Rx so Israel's n IC conjoins US n Pluto; n MC = Venus/Saturn: reserve; jealousy; inhibited desires; irritability; dissatisfaction with others; feeling unimportant; never successful enough.

Aug 23, 2009

Ollie North asked about Rex 84 during Iran Contra hearings - video

This video from the Iran Contra 'hearings' shows Oliver North bristling and - pardon my French - clamming up his pie hole as Rep. Jack Brooks, a Democrat from Texas, questions him about his NSC work on the martial law provisions of FEMA to suspend the US Constitution and round up troublemakers during domestic emergencies of any kind which the government deems declarable as such.

The problem is these jolly days, we don't know the difference between emergencies and trumped up, sexed up emergencies! What they call 'false flag ops' are perpetrated only abroad, never here in hallowed America...or are they?

With Reagan on the lofty perch, came the auspiciously Orwellian year of 1984 when there appeared a plan named Rex 84. Almost as soon as Reagan was sworn in, he appointed Louis Giuffrida as head of FEMA. You'll hear the rest in the video, if you don't know it already. (And it was at 12:05 pm est on Jan 20, 1981 that Jimmy Carter says a secret agent whispered in his ear that the Iranian hostages had been released. Quite a busy few minutes, what?)

Anyway, view the video and check out Giuffrida's crazy syndicate eyes and the other-worldly expression on his gob. He could be a poster boy for the national Never Meet This Man in a Dark Alley campaign.

And So, Enter Dubya, stage right

Together with former and so-recent CEO/prez Bush's implementation of Directive 51, a number that conjures the karmic or fated septile aspect of chaos to my mind, the US government is preparing and alert, in order to protect itself from the American people who, forced into dire straits, may be lemming'd into behaving most any way FEMA officals, or their surrogates or bosses, deem conducive for successfully staging a military coup upon the United States of America.

Twisted justifications will follow, if there's anyone left to fool or impress.

Yucky to Think About, I Know

Just consider the number of military bases the US has established around the globe. Harken thee back to America's Progressed Mars (military; males; energy; action; initiative; drive), so recently turned retrograde 'by progression' - and thus we have developed (progressions) a tendency to turn inward (Rx) with the might and zeal of our nation's collective Mars. And we've become even sneakier than before!

Wonder if one day you'll remember reading these cautionary words when they are no longer available for anyone's perusal, or after you are no longer able to read them?

Yes, the zionists are closing the trap, m'peops. And this time, they intend to remain in control of earthly power for the duration.

Or until the trumpet blows. Whichever comes first.


From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones:

'8 Pisces' = "A Girl Blowing a Bugle" = SUMMONS.

Positive expression: an eagerness for self-expression and an alertness to every opportunity for self-justification;

Neg/unconscious/shadow side: officiousness and a delight in regimentation. #

Yes. It's the shadow side of the 'official' US government (with its regimented soldiers) that I fret about.

I chose this Symbol because of my last comment about the trumpet blowing. But I just thought of something about the US natal chart...natal Ceres and the Chiron/Pluto midpoint are both positioned at '8Pis' in 1776, and you know about the oppressive, fascist racism, enslavement, and disenfranchisement of Chiron/Pluto, one of the primary significators of primal violence and plutocracy come to oppress.

Chiron/Pluto = Ceres Rx. (In Astrology, any retrograde body isn't necessarily weaker because of its Rx condition, it's deeper because it acts on inner levels.)

Plus, in national charts (Mundane Astrology), asteroid Ceres represents security needs, concerns, and issues. So I'd even wondered if the recent outbursts, the reputed gun concealment, and shoutings-down at townhall meetings are part of a set-up to rile the citizenry more quickly so that martial law may be imposed on schedule.

If so, it tells me that the GOP and others retain their ability to sway large numbers of the populace through emotions while not leaving so much as a claw print upon their hearts.