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Sep 11, 2014

Leuren Moret: "Roots of the New World Order and Its Permanent War Economy"

"It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied with this fact than I am." -- First President and the 'Father of Our Country', George Washington, Freemason.

The above quote is cited in an article by Leuren Moret which covers several topics the results of which we see more clearly now. As last evening's presidential address detailed, more years of war in the Middle East will now be waged in a not-so-veiled fashion. That a consequence for the American people will involve the old 'guns'n'butter' issues seems to me a given.

Neocons Say, Bombs Away!

So I ask you, dear reader: do you support the military efforts partially discussed by President Obama last night? Approval polls are said to indicate that the US public is now swayed by the recent brutal beheadings of two American journalists by ISIS-ISIL-IS militants. Will you support providing more US funds for waging costly wars if it means that more American children go to bed hungry at night? Well, you know how austerely Republicans behave when it comes to marching off to fight the enemy out there vs feeding the hungry, extending unemployment benefits, and repairing our infrastructure at home. We the People pay and languish while they and their cronies fatten stock portfolios and simper around on cushy salaries and pensions.

So if you wish to read or re-read Leuren Moret's article Planet Earth as Weapon and Target I do recommend it considering that the certainty of Permanent War can no longer be denied nor can our 'war economy'. Professor Moret includes such topics as: Samuel Russell and the China Opium War (which fattened the fortunes of several top American families and funded wars and revolutions), the Illuminati (a Uranus-Neptune Age of Reason pair full of so-called Enlightenment, a code word for Luciferianism--jc), Weather Modification, and more concerning many of their tactics to attain World Domination (NWO.) Just look at what they're doing and are about to do again to the Middle East!

Plus, you'll find a handy dandy definition of the NWO's political philosophy: Zionism + Fascism = neo-conservatism That's our tiresomely psychopathic 'neo-cons' such as Dick Cheney and the gang of robbers. Shh-h! Don't look now but I think President Obama is in on the Great Plan, whether willingly or not for it may have involved 'an offer he couldn't refuse'...for 'the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise'.

Mar 4, 2006

Leo Strauss Sep 20, 1899

Here's the sunrise chart for Leo Strauss, father and instigator of neoconservatism.

Will post more on the morrow concerning this Chiron/Uranus system-busting guy, but 'til then, you may wish to read an excellent essay on his esoteric/exoteric self here:

Essay on Strauss by Edward Skidelsky

OK, it's Sunday, and here're the Jones and the Rudhyar versions of the Sabian Symbol for Strauss' Sun position:

"28Vir" = "A bald-headed man who has seized power."

Keynote: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged.

Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structure of society. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL--divine, executively human, or Satanic. #

MEJ describes "28Vir" as DOMINANCE...

Positive: accomplishment through a completeness of self-mastery and a rigid control of others. (And that's the positive!)

Neg/shadow side: a sadistic sophistication. #

And since the *Moon was in Aries all through the 24 hours of Sep 30 1899, we see this personality blend:

Sun Vir/Moon Aries: intellectual precision and curiosity; scholarly; pragmatically diligent; self-centered; committed workaholic; bossy; detached; sharp tongue; doesn't suffer fools gladly; sense of humor.

Greatest Weaknesses: scathingly critical; a verbose know-it-all: overly cerebral and emotionally detached.

Image: A jolly, rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses, and kindly good humor. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

And yes, Strauss shares this Sun/Moon combo natally with Dick Cheney. Perhaps they can toast each other in Hades.

You have noticed, I'm sure, that Strauss has a major pile-up in idealistic Sagittarius--Uranus conjunct Chiron, and a wide conj of Chiron with Saturn.

If you wish, read my previous post on the Chiron/Uranus combo: Stars Over Washington: Chiron/Uranus Types in Government

This trio of Chiron snugged between Saturn and Uranus is interesting also because Chiron is the 'bridge' between Saturn (which was considered the outermost planet until the discovery of rebel Uranus in 1781--hence its connection to the American Revolution, etc), and Uranus, the first of the Transpersonal or Generational planets. Uranus therefore has particular significance in America's chart/s.

So you could say that Sat/Uran = Chiron, and describes the tension of Saturn's control/restriction vs the rebellious, disruptive freedom and independence of Uranus, the Awakener, and Chiron's transcending abilities.

(Sat/Ura = tension; the urge for freedom; willpower; and violent people, according to Reinhold Ebertin's "The Combination of Stellar Influences".)

Saturn: the past, Uranus: the future, and with Chiron as the Key or Bridge, we see a bringing together of the two principles by way of Chiron transformation--and of course Chiron is the Christ archetype in the chart...the Alpha and the Omega--the past and the future blended with Chiron's "be here now" effect.

And although Strauss' Sat/Ura conjunction has a 13 degree orb, it seems applicable:

Original genius with ideas arrived at intuitively, Saturn conj Uranus gives the realism of Saturn and the originality of Uranus to the nature, plus a serious interest in mathematical studies, science, and the occult, including Astrology.
(Brings to mind Strauss' esoteric/exoteric philosophy, as does the Symbol for his Moon's sunrise degree, see below.)

There is use of systematic, math-oriented methods to make new discoveries and breakthroughs. The new (Uranus) builds upon the solid foundation of the old (Saturn.)

But the square (blockage) from Mercury (thinking; communication) results in obstinacy and autocratic attitudes. And a Virgoan Mercury generally indicates a primary interest in ideas that have a practical application for financial success and status.

Plus there's a T-square with Mercury as focal point--

Saturn/Pluto (a magician or an adept, or on another level, cruelty, violence, and war) = Mercury: the desire to solve difficult problems (doesn't seem to occur to Straussians that they ARE a difficult problem); thoroughness; taciturnity; doing research work.

And so our society's current infestation by the "elite" has much in common with this man's autocratic attitudes which he seems to have passed on successfully, yet the funny thing is, *Moon in Aries = "I AM the people" (!) and it's the same Moon placement as that other revolutionary everyone loves to hate--Robespierre...who was fond of saying just that.

Psychopaths get all kinds of odd ideas, don't they? But the "Reign of Terror" rearing its ugly head in the new millenium isn't just odd, it's tragic...once again.

Now for the sunrise degree of his Moon (Moon = the reigning need), which relates, I believe, to his esoteric/exoteric way of thinking:

(DR)"7 Aries" = "A man successfully expressing himself in two realms at once."

Keynote: The first realization of the dual nature of man and the possibilities it implies. LIVING TWO SEPARATE LIVES.

MEJ's version gives the same picture, but keyword, PROFICIENCY, speaks of the many interpenetrating realms of reality, and of a capacity for a complete control of events by shifting from one to another focus of emphasis whenever it proves convenient or expedient. #

Hmph. Sounds like the class all our current politicians have passed with flying colors...but they're sure not red, white, and blue.

3.5.06 11:26 am est