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Dec 20, 2015

Interest Groups: Crash Course Government and Politics #42 - clip (w Venus)

An elucidating presentation! And now...this:

2016 Astrology and Politics: Valuable Venus Tells a Story

Our Bribery Capital, Washington DC (my former city of residence) has been called many things since 1776. Here's a post that is possibly related to the 'interest groups' topic above. Or maybe not:

Washington DC: a 'New Rome'? (includes two horoscopes: FDR's 1933 Inauguration--and his 1937 Inauguration after he switched the date from early March (Sun @13Pisces: "An Ancient Sword, Used in Many Battles, Is Displayed in a Museum") to January 20th (Sun @01AQ as it is now: "An Old Adobe Mission in California.") (Sabian Symbols: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Of course so far, the presidential Oath of Office is marked on our national calendar every four years (twice in 8 years for two-termers) so obviously America's Inaugural schedule is based on the 8-year Venus Cycle. Of course, 5 and 40 are numbers of Venus as well (5 x 8 = 40) and they and other numbers hold deep significance within symbolism, esotericism, mysticism, numerology, Scriptures, mythology, astrology, kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, etc. Actually, speaking of government and politics, in a previous post on the Venus Cycle and US Presidential Election 2016, we discussed how sparkling Venus as Evening Star on November 8, 2016 provides clues to the identity of the next occupant of the White House (though there have been a couple of exceptions to the Evening Star rule over the years.)

And so it remains to be seen whether a lady like Hillary Clinton (rather than a man) or a Democratic Socialist such as Senator Bernie Sanders are different enough from the current White House occupant to fulfill 'the other' requirement of Venus in November 2016 or whether the goddess planet will graciously nod toward a rival political party--the Republicans--to satisfy her notion of an Oval Office mouthpiece, with 'Oval' a Venusian shape and the White House 'Rose' Garden a not-so-hidden nod to Venus whose favorite flower is the rose.