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Dec 10, 2021

The Democratic Party and the Summit for Democracy

by Jude Cowell

December 10, 2021

On October 14, 2014 I published the 1801 Democratic Party Horoscope for "future reference" (sans details; data based on the Papers of Thomas Jefferson). On the image I penned its Sun-Moon blend, "Sun AQ-Moon Aries = 'self + society" which to me suggests the less selfish focus of most if not all Democrats as opposed to the greedy, self-serving GOP. Yet as you know, there are multiple versions of horoscopes online for the Democratic Party and one that expert astrologer Jessica Adams has written about is the January 8, 1828 Portsmouth, New Hampshire chart which is, she writes, the time "the Democrats were born." Why, there's even a Democratic Party Horoscope set for 1792!

Then in similar fashion, Horoscopes for Republican Party's founding are at least as varied and thus, confusing, although the chart for March 20, 1854 6:30 pm LMT, Ripon, WI is a favorite of many with Sun conjunct Aries Point and Moon in Sagittarius. Well, perhaps Sacred Geometry being "a thing" during America's founding era as an esoteric part of Freemasonry, the confusion over which founding horoscopes for either political party are correct could be purposeful. Meanwhile, erstwhile astrologers with political leanings trudge onward.

With the Biden Agenda is a Democratic Saturn in Play?

So basically, this pre-weekend post includes a reminder that, at least for those who use the February 17, 1801 Democratic Party Horoscope, the "The Tower Eclipse" of 2018 with its 'collapse and rebuild' themes eclipsed the natal Saturn of the Democratic Party. And now in 2021 we have President Biden's "Build Back Better" agenda and legislation which seems to me necessary results of the cosmic and earthly energies that We The People are now mired within (like kittens in string!) and, like the mythical phoenix, must rise from. So my thought is that perhaps the eclipse of the Democrats' 1801 Saturn, planet of government, authority, austerity, responsibility, authenticity, consolidation, and laws, marked the required rebuilding as being a task for a Democratic president to manage, particularly since Republicans always overspend like drunken sailors when in control of government resources, then leave the messes they create for the next Democrat in the White House to repair. And of course, considering President Biden's advanced age, he's in the Saturnian phase of life of the senex, or, the old man) - and wisdom and experience are both favored words of old man Saturn.

But Astrological Saturn Also Stands for Obstacles and Delays

Meanwhile, wealthy plutocrats and their political handmaidens on-the-take (whether Rs or Ds) constantly gaslight the American people via A Flag That Turns Into an Eagle That Crows" with faked patriotism and a sinister brand of nationalism if the 'economic royalists' deign to show any patriotism at all - and if democracy's nemesis, Rupert Murdoch, allows it.

Yet despite all this, one of my fondest hopes for my country as 2021 draws to a close is that President Biden's global Summit for Democracy, in progress as I type (Dec 9 and 10, 2021), will become a major part of our national renewal as it highlights corrective solutions to the current Democracy vs Fascism/NeoNazism stalemate especially since difficult Solar Eclipses from 1932 and 1933 will soon repeat in 2022 and 2023. The purpose of the Summit is billed as, "to set forth an affirmative agenda for democratic renewal." To the ears of this Child of the Revolution, it sounds excellent!

And we should note that word is, the uninvited Russia and China are most unhappy that the Summit is being held at all. In fact, China has already caused trouble by somehow forcing Pakistan not to attend!

Jul 30, 2021

Demeter and Ceres grace the City of Washington DC

A drawing of Ceres and Pallas (Demeter and Persephone) by Jude Cowell

Nurturing Ceres/Demeter: the Corn Goddess of the District of Columbia

Friday July 30, 2021: For many Americans, current events transpiring within the District's city limits are head-scratchers now more than ever after four years of Tr*mp, so it seems to me that a study of the founding of Washington DC can gain the curious seeker a more complete understanding of DC's environs and the good and bad actors within, political and otherwise. If one has the time that is!

So although it's only one resource for such specialized study, within the pages of Alan Butler's Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets website lurk many intriguing factoids of a Freemasonic-Sacred Geometry nature concerning the esoteric founding of our nation's capital, the whys and the wherefores. Author Alan Butler published an accompanying book as well: City of the Goddess: the Freemasons, the Sacred Feminine, and the Secret Beneath the Seat of Power in Washington DC (2011) #ad.

Meanwhile, I'm quite certain that many dear readers of SO'W have previously checked into the Eleusinian Mysteries which is what the Mythology of Demeter, Persephone, and Hades (Pluto) are all about. (Rather creepily, America's first-ever Pluto Return/s will occur all through 2022.) So basically I'm saying that many or most of the Masonic founders of America and of Washington DC were of a pagan persuasion and, classically educated, were familiar with the Mysteries of ancient Greece. Then at some point in time, the religious rites at Eleusis had migrated to Rome where 'corn goddess' Demeter was called Ceres, and Persephone was known as Prosperpina. And as you know, the reunion of mother and daughter began the first spring and explained the archetypal concept of death and rebirth, a prominent theme in Freemasonry (and in Christianity but we're talking paganism) and one that no one born upon the Earth can escape. Even now, we can find Virgo and the sign's wheat sheafs of Ceres-Demeter represented in various images and Zodiacs all over the District. And significantly, the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787 was a tribute to the pagan Demeter Mystery rites held annually in Greece on the 17th of September.

Thereby, the signing of the US Constitution can be said to represent the death of the US as a colony and its birth as an independent nation - or, as a symbol of the death of tyranny and the birth of liberty! So in our era we find our Constitution under siege by anti-democratic, unAmerican actors, both foreign and domestic, attempting with all their might to substitute tyranny in place of liberty - in America of all places.

What a rotten exchange that would be!

In closing, here's a word or two about Corn, the matrix of life:

"From the corn we learn to live, we learn the life that is ours. By grinding the corn we learn the footsteps of life." — Sharon Naranjo-Garcia, Santa Clara Pueblo.

And for more info about such topics, there's a YouTube video (14m 35s) which may interest some readers: An Overview of the Eleusinian Mysteries (Terence McKenna). Plus, for a related SO'W post (although it may not seem to be!) check out Is Washington DC the 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says Yes!

Sep 18, 2019

Sept 18, 2019: 226 Years Ago the Capitol Cornerstone Laid

After yesterday's circus theatrics and stonewalling before the House Judiciary Committee one is tempted to wonder if the United States Capitol Building remains standing on Capitol Hill where George Washington put it. Well, though its foundation may be somewhat shaken, it still stands even as the power of Congress over a rebellious Executive Branch is in question. For after all, the temple-like building is all of 226 years old if we count its genesis from the Laying of the Cornerstone by Freemason George Washington and his brothers in Masonic ceremony (bros from Lodges No.22 Virginia and No.9 Maryland). Their solemn procession gathered in Alexandria at 10:00 am LMT, crossed the river, and must have reached Jenkins Heights (aka, Jenkins Hill) around lunch time or thereabouts, give or take.

The symbolic founding horoscope I use for the US Capitol Building is set for 10:53 am LMT September 18, 1793 when expansive, freedom-loving, protective Jupiter @27Scorpio peeked over the horizon; The Sun, Mercury, and North Node were in Virgo which is typically a prominent sign in any horoscope dealing with the founding of Washington DC and is highly important in Freemasonry symbolism with its wheat shaft, the goddess/Virgin, and 'widow's son' implications along with Ceres, an asteroid of nurturing that is sometimes used to represent democracy. Yes, there are goddess archetypes galore across Washington DC, Zodiacs and horoscopes, too.

Actually, in December 2017 I posted on the Laying of the US Capitol Cornerstone with a little Astrology added for good measure (see The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason for more details). Or as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the others must have called it, Sacred Geometry.

So here's wishing a Happy 226th Anniversary, US Capitol Building! But in future, please figure out a way for your proceedings to do without the infiltrators and saboteurs currently undermining your very foundation.


Your friend,

A Child of the Revolution.

Dec 2, 2017

In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington

Have you ever visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia? Its basic design or shape is 'obelisk' and it is intended to evoke the famous Lighthouse at Alexandria Egypt, a factoid that ties right in with the Freemasonry so revered by General Washington, Master of Alexandria Lodge #22. As you know, the Lighthouse at Alexandria is one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Such symbols hint of the possible involvement of other secret societies though those of today may be newly invented or are offshoots of older organizations. As we all have noticed, whatever virtuous character these networks think they possess they may not and most Americans realize this when considering how America's Ship of State has been helmed through the years--in misguided, perverted directions, no longer under the inspiration of America's original founding principles.

And as Thomas Jefferson said of George Washington, "The moderation and virtue of a single character probably prevented this revolution from being closed, as most others have been, by a subversion of the liberty it was intended to establish."

Admirable! And yet the power-grabbing egomaniacs in the White House and frequenting its environs today have no intention of following the George Washington model of leadership, or of heeding his warning for the future. With perverted consciences, they pursue ravenously all they desire while the sabotage of our country goes flagrantly on, our freedoms unjustly looted away. Thinking the American People divided beyond repair, their brazenness increases and yet a reckoning is coming. How long will biological and philosophical descendants of the American Revolution allow the dismantling of our nation before stopping in its tracks the sabotage by the infiltrators?

Here's George Washington in Masonic apron now leading the Masonic ceremony that laid the Capitol Building cornerstone (or, possibly the first foundation stone instead because he's standing in a trench) on September 18, 1793 with transit Saturn conjunct Washington's natal Ascendant (18Tau28 = '19Taurus': "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean") and Washington's natal Uranus @10Sag03 rising ('11Sag': "In the Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns in A Container Shaped Like a Human Body") a few minutes 'after mid-day':

For more astro-notes on George Washington and his era check out these related posts:

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The Stars Over Washington DC.

*Timing of this ceremony from The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason.

Dec 17, 2016

How The Magic Works - Max Igan episode 277

Dec 16, 2016 Max Igan Surviving the Matrix episode 277 American Voice Radio: Natural Law, secret codes and symbols, the control grid, magic, and more:

Visit The Crowhouse.

Support The Crowhouse.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

Dec 20, 2015

Interest Groups: Crash Course Government and Politics #42 - clip (w Venus)

An elucidating presentation! And now...this:

2016 Astrology and Politics: Valuable Venus Tells a Story

Our Bribery Capital, Washington DC (my former city of residence) has been called many things since 1776. Here's a post that is possibly related to the 'interest groups' topic above. Or maybe not:

Washington DC: a 'New Rome'? (includes two horoscopes: FDR's 1933 Inauguration--and his 1937 Inauguration after he switched the date from early March (Sun @13Pisces: "An Ancient Sword, Used in Many Battles, Is Displayed in a Museum") to January 20th (Sun @01AQ as it is now: "An Old Adobe Mission in California.") (Sabian Symbols: An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.)

Of course so far, the presidential Oath of Office is marked on our national calendar every four years (twice in 8 years for two-termers) so obviously America's Inaugural schedule is based on the 8-year Venus Cycle. Of course, 5 and 40 are numbers of Venus as well (5 x 8 = 40) and they and other numbers hold deep significance within symbolism, esotericism, mysticism, numerology, Scriptures, mythology, astrology, kabbalah, Sacred Geometry, etc. Actually, speaking of government and politics, in a previous post on the Venus Cycle and US Presidential Election 2016, we discussed how sparkling Venus as Evening Star on November 8, 2016 provides clues to the identity of the next occupant of the White House (though there have been a couple of exceptions to the Evening Star rule over the years.)

And so it remains to be seen whether a lady like Hillary Clinton (rather than a man) or a Democratic Socialist such as Senator Bernie Sanders are different enough from the current White House occupant to fulfill 'the other' requirement of Venus in November 2016 or whether the goddess planet will graciously nod toward a rival political party--the Republicans--to satisfy her notion of an Oval Office mouthpiece, with 'Oval' a Venusian shape and the White House 'Rose' Garden a not-so-hidden nod to Venus whose favorite flower is the rose.

Sep 9, 2015

Sacred Geometry Explained - video (and: DC's Chamber of Secrets)

As many of you know, Washington DC, the place most of the horoscopes published on Stars Over Washington are set for, was built based on universal measurements used by our Creator. Though Sacred Geometry is usually credited in the West to Freemasonry it is actually 'older than the hills' and dates back as far as our imaginations stretch and beyond. The megalithic measuring system was employed by the designers and builders of Washington just as with henges and other ancient buildings, monuments, and standing stones.

Parts 1 and 2 (unless removed for some reason):

For more information on such topics as the Megalithic System of Measurements (based on the 366-degree circle) visit Washington DC's Chamber of Secrets.

Oct 10, 2012

Ancient Knowledge (video) (and Sacred Geometry)

Almost 26 minutes long is this partial presentation (Part One) which includes topics such as Consciousness and Sacred Geometry:

Visit Forbidden Knowledge TV for videos concerning more topics than a happy dog has wags!

Jun 30, 2012

Full Moon 7.3.12 inspires video embed of Mysterious Structures

The Entire Sign of Capricorn a Mystical Labyrinth

by Jude Cowell

On July 3, 2012 a Full Moon occurs at 12Cap14 at 2:52 pm edt (Washington DC), the day prior to America's Independence Day 2012. Using the rounding-up method to determine degrees, the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon of July 3rd is '13Cap' = "A Fire Worshiper" which relates to how man knows he must "--demonstrate his ultimate independence of his circumstances or else surrender his own potentialities forever. Here is ideality brought to the point of miracle. The keyword is MAGIC. When positive, the degree is extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation of self and the consummation of its ambitions; negative: consistent overestimation of personal capacity."

Now in Campaign 2012, we are being encouraged--or propagandized, depending on your political viewpoint--by President Obama to move in a Forward direction, or, as some say, to Lean Forward. Then let's do so now with the July 3rd Full Moon and consider the next degree's symbol--'14Cap', for it is after all the Illumination Point of America's natal Sun degree @14Cancer (Sun = the leader) which will be triggered on July 4th at America's 236th birthday--a ritual of sorts:

'14Cap' = "An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved in Granite" relates to "--the ability of man to capitalize on opportunities thus brought to focus in himself and his world at large again and again. Here is an absoluteness of self as it proceeds to express itself with a true conviction, and a completeness of its achievement as it acts with the over-all perspective of which it is capable. The keyword is FOUNDATION. When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing all things into a pattern of convenience and thereupon precipitating an inevitability of desired results; negative: meaningless limitation."

(Source: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones born Oct 1, 1888 8:37 am St. Louis, MO: ASC 10Sco08, Sun 8Lib50, Moon 16Leo34, Mercury 3Sco01, Venus 00Sco50, Mars 14Sag15, Jupiter 3Sag08, Saturn 17Leo14, Uranus 17Lib04, Neptune 2Gem08 Rx, Pluto 5Gem44 Rx, 3rd cusp = '12Cap'; as given by the author himself.)

And so, having '14Cap' prominent in my own natal chart, I hereby embed the following 43-minute video from which was sent along by the excellent Forbidden Knowledge TV and illuminates all manner of ancient bas-reliefs, megaliths, henges of stone, and other mysteriously built monuments and observatories, as well as constellations such as Cygnus the Swan (or, The Vulture in some cultures.)

But this blogging Capricorn of a Saturnian Astrology persuasion isn't an 'alien-UFO' sort of gal so the video is presented in a spirit of entertainment for our July 4th holiday yet is meant also for those with archaeological interests, or even those with an artistic eye!

Now when the narrator goes into the "did aliens build it?" mode, that's when I feel expected to "strain at a gnat and swallow a camel" to paraphrase Scripture. For it seems much more likely to me that the mathematical principles--natural laws--which undergird our Universe and the architectural forms with which great structures were built in ancient eras--pyramids being a prime example--were discovered and understood by various cultures throughout history, or, as is probably the case--the knowledge of which were passed down through generations and this is how great structures such as cathedrals and henges were constructed in many spots all over the globe.

Why, the 'Sacred Geometry' of Freemasonry (aka, the Architecture of the Universe) is a perfect example of this passing down of information which provides mankind with the templates for understanding and utilizing universal principles as set forth by The Great Mathematician, our Creator.

Just look at the architecture of Washington DC and think of all the Founding Fathers who are known to have been Freemasons. If the Capitol Building and other structures in The District (with their domes topped by artful representations of goddess Venus as Isis, Freedom, Columba, Innana, etc) aren't Masonic 'temples', I'll lunch upon this keyboard...

Okay, I'll hush for now...enjoy!

Q: Did you know there's a Labyrinth Society? Neither did I.

Sep 11, 2011

'10,000 Famous Freemasons' has many names you'll recognize

Sometimes here on Stars Over Washington I add links to very interesting tidbits in this blog's sidebar without shouting out their addition in a post.

However, the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11/01 has inspired me to post a link to a site which has a digital copy of a 1957 book by William R. Denslow entitled 10,000 Famous Freemasons and telling you about it.

So even if you don't care to peruse the alphabetized list for names of famous politicians, presidents, Supreme Court Justices, Kings, Queens, and other notables, you may wish to check out the book's Foreward written by none other than one of our many Freemason presidents, Harry S. Truman.

Plus, if you dare to click you'll be greeted with an image displaying several signatures (autographs!) of folks such as Benjamin Franklin,
John Hancock, and others whose names you'll recognize--some may surprise you!

But this is dusty old stuff, eh?

As with a District of Columbia studded with tomb-like buildings constructed on principles of Sacred Geometry (thanks to our Great Mathematician!)--the Capitol Building in Washington comes first to mind--this list of 10,000 names is a good resource for those investigating History yet who wish to unearth deeper informational layers rather than accepting the veneer that most historians tend to toss over their narratives. The more superficial tossing makes true understanding of past events, both consequences and causes, difficult if not impossible to determine though many researchers continually try.

Yes, names of past Masons are fairly easy to discover, even for the merely curious. But a list of our modern day crop of them now serving in Washington DC tends to be shrouded in secrecy from the average sleuth, and reporters seldom mention such hidden, overarching affiliations (which a percentage of journalists take oaths to as well.)

Well, given the destructive wind that a hijacked America has been heading into (probably timed by the take-over of the US government by The Federal Reserve Bank, circa 1913), I'd hide my name, too, if I were a member of a secret society that was itself hijacked centuries ago by an Illuminati determined to gain total world control, with America acting as its military branch.

So are you able-bodied and unemployed for long? Guess you're tempted to join the US military, a very successful Employment Program the US government promotes in films, tv shows, in games, schools, and more--wherever the propaganda boot fits, our young people are expected to wear it.

Check out Source Code for a not-so-subtle hint: serve your country even after death! This film (which I did like, btw) manages to tout military service and the fear of terrorism occurring on US soil simultaneously.

Bravo!...I guess...

Concerning One of Those 10,000 Freemasons

So whose bio was I researching when I came upon the book? That of Thaddeus Kosciuszko, hero of the American Revolution, Freemason (he's on the list of 10,000), and bosom buddy of Thomas Jefferson, Freemason and Illuminati agent.

You remember that it was master engineer Kosciuszko who bolstered our forts during the American Revolution and it was his plans that were sold to the British by Benedict Arnold.

On the topic of America's reputed 'turning' from a higher course to a lower one of perpetual war, I sometimes I wonder: did the attacks of 9/11 mark a symbolic switch of America's Great Seal from obverse to the reverse side with its (Illuminati) Eye of Surveillance on top the 13-step pyramid or power?

Related posts include Signposts on the NWO Highway and here's a post detailing the collapse of Lehman Brothers--in 1984--and the list of which organizations sit on each rung of the 13-Step Pyramid of Power.

'13' is a big number in occultism, as you know. Our original 13 colonies, 13 steps of power, the 13th Amendment, Ophiuchus the 13th constellation, etc. And yes, I now sit typing from within the 13th Colony of Georgia. And you know that the number '13' is said to be a signature of the Illuminati and Freemasonry, right?

Meanwhile there may be a ray of illumination to be found in the Sabian Symbol for the '14 Sagittarius' degree because of its word picture:

"The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx" (Dane Rudhyar.)

"Keynote: The enduring power of occult knowledge and of its quasi-divine Custodians, "Seed-men" of a previous cycle of existence.

The belief in an Original Tradition based on the perfect knowledge of the archetypal principles and forms which underlie all manifestations of life on earth (and by extension in the cosmos) is deeply rooted in man's consciousness. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx are witnesses to such a Tradition, especially for the Western world. The symbol implies that such an archetypal knowledge remains the foundation upon which men's minds can still build solid and valid formulations, as new evolutionary developments are pending."

Essentially, this "points to the greatness of a Soul's past achievements and the value of trying to reevoke this past. What is revealed in THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL ANCESTRY." (all DR, his emphases, from An Astrological Mandala.)

Ancestry? Ancestor and hero worship?

Well, with 'The Sphinx' we know as Thomas Jefferson intimately involved in the founding of this nation and his cosmic studies well known (if not his secret society connections), the centuries-long campaign which the US government has maintained to make certain that Mr. Jefferson remains for posterity a "quasi-divine" "Seed-man" (and a secretive holder of occult--hidden--knowledge such as the Bruton Vault info which he apparently suppressed), it may be easier to understand the degree's Egyptian flavor in light of the Sabian Symbol's babylonish implications.

Plus, the architecture of the Jefferson Memorial has that certain dusty musty Masonic look about it, don't you agree?


Blog Notes: you may wish to check this blog's sidebar for other links to Freemason and presidential info (such as both Roosevelts), the Illuminati, Thomas Jefferson, etc., or type a few words into the Search Bar provided by Google. Of course, then Google will make googley eyes at you from atop the pyramid of their power...

And Blogger for the second day in a row is 'disappearing' parts of my post as I type/save so hopefully all of this effort will publiah with its links and text intact. jc


Update 9.12.11 7:46 pm edt: did you know that George Washington's Inaugural throne (April 30, 1789 Federal Hall on Wall Street, NYC) was decorated with a Rising Sun symbol? Or should I say 'is' decorated? Wonder who sits upon the booger now for its seems the Sun is setting.

Reminds me of the Sabian Symbol for '16 Aries'..."Brownies Dancing in the Setting Sun"...which isn't as bad as it first sounds if we-the-people believe there's a better way than that of the Jackassians of Washington DC:


positive expression: simple good fortune together with unlimited opportunity as the direct fruitage of effort;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: delusions of adequacy with a complete inability to act in real self-interest.
(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; except for the 'unconscious/shadow side' part--I added that.)

Our frustration is no excuse for inaction! jc

Apr 9, 2011

Glenn Beck's Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?

by Jude Cowell

April 8, 2011: Prison Planet reports on soon-departing propagandist Glenn Beck wearing emblems of secret societies: Freemasonry, and Skull and Bones.

Mr. Beck has gone on air sporting a Masonic patch with '1681' on it, an apparent reference to William Penn's founding of Philadelphia, as noted in the article. Freemasonry has always been well-ensconced there along with Sionist Rosicrucianism.

Now I know that many of our past and present representatives in Congress have been and are Freemasons as were many of our Founding Fathers. The US Capitol Building is one great big Masonic symbol frozen in architecture for those who have eyes to see. And who can miss the fact that 16th Street in DC is home of the Temple of Scottish Rite?

Even our exalted White House is actually a Masonic White Lodge whose cornerstone was laid by Masons on October 13, 1792 (and not on October 12th as most sources cite.) The brass cornerstone plate is still there. The October 13, 1792 ceremony is said to commemorate the first 'Friday the 13th' in honor of Oct 13, 1307, the day the King of France rid himself of the Knights Templar. Follow the link for more details.

Masonic Sacred Geometry: a Higher Practice of Astrology?

Nowadays, we may perhaps consider Washington DC to be a "New Rome" and most everyone is aware that the whole corporate venture called America was CEO'd by our first president George Washington, a Grand Master for whom our nation's capital city was named. Click to view him in one of his Masonic aprons, if you've missed it previously; historical and initiation details are included.

So what's up with Glenn Beck sassily sporting Freemasonry symbols in public and on air?

Has he perhaps said and shown too much of an Illuminati-hijacked agenda? Or is Beck's soon-departure from the FOX network on a daily basis merely a sign of his lessening influence among the masses on behalf of the one-world-government agenda?

You know the agenda I refer to: the one that is in process of ruining our nation, all other nations, our lives and health, and the future of our children...the Utopian agenda bent on creating chaos and a return of the Noble Savage - sans all institutionalized government and social systems.

Does any of this sound a mite familiar based on Washington DC's current antics meant to dismantle the US government, Medicare, and any other component of our social contract thereby leaving us to survive - or not - in the jungle? Is it population control writ large? Well, remember that our 'two-party' political system is an illusion to keep we-the-people divided, conquered, quiet, at each others' throats, and largely unaware of what they're really up to for they're all in on the plot together with a few *rare exceptions!


For further reading you may be interested in one of the books I often use as a source, Robert Hieronimus' Founding Fathers, Secret Societies which includes information on the decoding of the Great Seal, an integral part of the New Millennium plot.

*"rare exceptions"? Here I'm being generous since it's unfair to lump 100% of any group of people into one stereotyped category; it seems to me that politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, perhaps Ron Paul, and a couple of others are left in place primarily to give Congress more credibility than it deserves when it comes to supporting rather than undermining America. They play their parts. And yes, they win elections back home but elections can be rigged, as we've either direction. jc


The following video contains similar topics including number symbolism but if you're one who is easily unnerved, I ask that you avoid viewing it. jc

Oct 8, 2010

IMF meets as Venus Stations Rx Oct 8, 2010

The International Monetary Fund meets this weekend in Washington DC as planet Venus turns retrograde today, October 8, 2010 at 13Scorpio 13, a station retrograde.

As you see, the mystical number 13, important in Sacred Geometry (as Freemasonry tells us), is being emphasized here as the planet of evaluations and relationships is strengthened while seemingly standing still in the heavens. Erin Sullivan in her book Retrograde Planets says, "We might see Venus as the elegantiae arbiter, the arbiter of taste."

Sounds about right for the elitist bankers and titans meeting this weekend to ostensibly fulfill a basic function their organization was created to perform: to oversee the global financial system. Yet given the crooked way things are being run these days, one might wonder what they're really discussing. Will the proof be of a pudding consistency as the effects of their decisions lift all boats - or will they merely keep the globalists' yachts afloat while continuing to drown the rest of us? Show the world your brilliance, IMF! Surprise us with your practical concern for the common good before 'no one will be able to buy or sell'!

One thing they may need this weekend is their best intuitive functions working full steam, for the Sabian Symbol for '13Sco' is: "An Inventor Performs a Laboratory Experiment."

Keynote: The driving urge toward achievement, which is at the root of civilization.

ABILITY TO RELATE SEEMINGLY UNRELATED FACTS..."Intuition is as necessary to success as intellectual analysis." (An Astrological Mandala, Rudhyar.)

Well, this group of gents and dames are in possession of all the facts, I'd wager if I were a wagerer, so let's see what magic they can do to aid the financial conditions of their fellow man and woman. Yeah, right. (See what happens when I try to type something positive about people I don't respect because I suspect them of having darker motives?)

If we round up for Venus' degree to '14Sco' we get: "Telephone Linemen at Work Installing New Connections." Hmm. I'd like to see their guest list for this conference, wouldn't you?

Keynote: The need to establish tne channels of communication. THE WILL TO ASSOCIATE or COMPREHENSION. (DR.)

(Don't know about you, but whenever a planetary station is afoot, I tend to consider the station degree rounded up but especially the lower degree since it will soon be re-visited and may be the more salient symbol at the time of the station for the planet is in process of reaching the higher degree but doesn't quite reach it until it moves forward again - for Venus 2010, that's about November 18, then she moves out of her shadow - beyond 13Sco13 - in time for the crisis-degreed December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse which may affect world markets.)

On December 27, 1945 when the IMF was formally organized, a noon chart shows the Sun (leadership) at 5Cap36 where transiting Pluto, planet of secret power and manipulation, has been hanging about. Pluto to Sun transits indicate a time when self-awareness and the attainment of power and recognition are uppermost and more aggression may be shown or may be needed in order to accomplish goals. Some sort of ID transformation or a new start is indicated as well and I think it's interesting that progressing the IMF's noon chart gives the entity a Secondary New Moon on January 12, 2012 - the very beginning of a new 30-year cycle of activity; the IMF entered its Balsamic phase (the dark of the Moon when sneaky things may lurk about) in May 2008, the world's Financial Collapse year.

The IMF's North Node (NN) lies at 29Gem56 and will encounter (NN) the full energy of the December 21 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21; therefore, natal Venus 27Sag01 conjunct its SN will also feel the critical affects of the lunation.

In the natal horoscope (noon est, Washington DC, as stated), a correct hour is not needed for two midpoint pictures which are stamped upon the character of the IMF and involve the powerful and very wealthy Pluto, god of the Underworld. The first involves the Illuminati pair of energies, Uranus and Neptune:

Uranus/Neptune = Pluto (Rx @ 11Leo23): inspirations for ideas that can change the world; participation and support of the extreme destruction that's caused by disagreements; catastrophes; great losses.

Sun/Pluto = Jupiter (direct @ 24Libra17): successful striving for power; the urge to expand and acquire wealth; establishing one's position in the world; an idealistic desire to be number One; debasing of one's personal standards; creating a more complete set of standards and ethics. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Ethics! Now we're talkin'! But you know me: ethics that promote the best interests of all mankind, not just those of the select few, are the ones I respect most. And events and outcomes both near and future will tell us what the IMF has in store as they pull strings to adjust the global economy during this beautiful, Venus-infused weekend in Washington, DC.


For more details on the sacred number 13 (and 11 and 33, all associated with the founding of America and our nation's Great Seal, among other mystical things) check with Robert Howard.


Note to Whom It May Concern: Funneling money from foreign interests into American elections is a federal crime.

Jul 7, 2010

America's 'morning' natal chart - the Dobyns version

You know, the Library of Congress website states that "Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence in the morning of a bright, sunny, but cool Philadelphia day."

A bit poetic yet telling given how many versions of America's natal chart exists, and most of them set for the afternoon of July 4, 1776.

So today I break from my habit of using the 5:10 pm chart (Sibly) and find that the closest version I have in my files for an 'in the morning' chart is the one presented years ago by master astrologer Zip Dobyns. Here you see it displayed with a few of my markings upon the chart image (click to enlarge.)

Searching for factors that differ from the other US charts, the 10:36 am LMT version contains two *YODs: Mercury/Neptune = Moon (we-the-people), and Mercury/ASC = Moon (5th house.)

Naturally, the Mercury/ASC YOD disappears rather quickly but Luna stays within orb of the Mercury/Neptune YOD until 12:36 pm. Later afternoon charts such as the Sibly (5:10 pm LMT) do not contain the Mercury/Neptune YOD with apex Moon, so this may be a small chance to evaluate the Dobyns chart with a few indications presented here.

(Midpoint pictures are from Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply and are subject to stimulation by transits and progressions.)

Mercury/Neptune = Moon: intuitive thoughts bring confusion and questions; sympathy and receptivity; a misguided imagination (which may be self-induced, and/or induced from others who lie, cheat, and pepper us with constant propaganda -jc); ESP; personal impressions dominate thinking processes.

Mercury/ASC = Moon: projections of emotions to others; moody reactions when stimulated by certain people; judgments based on personal feelings or subjective assumptions; negotiations that concern women.

When transit Neptune recently 'came through' these degrees we experienced:

Mercury/ASC = tr Neptune: deception; fraud; falsehood; slander; being deceived or let down by others; thinking badly of others; laxity in how events are recorded; confusion about the motivations of others; open to deception; not knowing quite what to think about someone. (Actually, I'm not personally confused about certain people: they're crooks and swindlers.)

10:36 am LMT, Philadelphia, PA, July 4, 1776: Hour of Mercury (Rx); Venus, Mars, and Pluto are out-of-bounds as in our nation's other July 4 charts.

One large factor in favor of using this chart for America is our do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do Geminian Mars @ Midheaven. Native Americans identified our martian tendencies early on as the US government, its reps, and many settlers spoke with forked tongues in order to take what they wanted and expand into the world. Our tendency to reneg on agreements is indicated as well since Mercury (agreements, treaties, negotiations, trade, commerce, communications) rules Gemini.

As you know, Mars signifies the Armed Forces and Police of a nation, and in general, males between the ages of 25 - 35, give or take a year or two. The goal (Mc) of being global cop, invader and occupier, and a police state at home comes to mind especially when we consider how many citizens are now locked up in the massive US prison system. Even debtors' prisons have been revived in some states in spite of difficult financial conditions and our tattered social fabric.

That the US is an active force (Mars) on the world stage (Mc) is obvious but the awareness of its true meaning and our multiple (Gem) motivations (Mars) are often not well understood at home by most of us, partially due to purposeful governmental and media-enabled cover-ups and obfuscations.

Two midpoints oppose natal Mars, and one conjoins it: the Venus/Uranus combo of energies which is more than broken relationships; it's also erratic or extravagant with money which works on several levels, not the least of which is the Pentagon's outrageous war budget for 2010 which totals more than all other discretionary spending put together! (Enlarge chart to read its midpoint picture with Mars, lower left.)

Not listed on the chart:

Moon/Neptune oppo Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control; relying on feelings rather than observations; anger and rancor from others; protests.

Moon/ASC oppo Mars: energetic self-projection; temperamental change at the slightest sense of frustration; impatience when others interfere with procedures; moodiness.

America's Problematic Mars/Neptune Square So Very Angular: our confused, deceptive, and/or inspired motivations

Now as you see, nebulous Neptune rises in the Dobyns chart indicating a psychic flavor to the chart and perhaps the oft-accused mysticism of Freemasonry and other secret societies in control of the US. Escaping form life's harsh realities is a constant occupation and perhaps turning on a TV these days, you'll view a plastic wind-up doll in a TV ad extolling the (dubious) virtues of yet another chemical mood enhancer for that 'moodiness' we just listed above. The insecurity of Neptune makes our fabled search for 'security' in the world something of a wild goose chase since Neptune's realm is the spiritual, not the physical!

Obviously, Neptune's link with the masses, mass media, and Hollywood's silver screen are indicated (as well as oil and gas), along with a tendency to become sympathetic yet dispirited concerning the many depressing social, economic, and human rights violations in the world. We do tend to give others the benefit of the doubt (often too readily, imho) and we attract odd characters who can easily steer us wrong.

Blend in the only-in-the-Dobyns chart inconjunct between Moon and ASC and we have quite a picture of the American character...see what you think:

Moon inconj (150 degrees) ASC signifies us as a people so eager to show concern for others that we allow ourselves to give to those who don't deserve our efforts - they laugh at us behind our backs for our gullibility! (Of course, we also willingly give to those genuinely in need and this is not to be discounted - I'm simply attempting to make note of factors not present in other versions of the US natal chart.)

Moon inconj ASC makes us emotionally vulnerable to the problems of others yet it's difficult for us to discern the difference between those who really need our help and those who don't, a trait which has proven through the decades to be an expensive character weakness to indulge. And with many of our presidents being Freemasons, their understanding of the universal principles of Sacred Geometry has given them a reliable window on how to play us. (On one level, mega-bucks can be channeled and re-directed through charitable donations - it's not just been Al Qaeda doing it - the US government may have perfected the ruse!)

Yes, our leaders know that the American people are generous and willing volunteers. But unfortunately, 'Moon inconj ASC' describes a condition where our volunteer efforts undermine our health and compromise our well-being.

Recent examples are Gulf Coast clean-up crews and the 9/11 first-responders; I'm certain you can think of others.

Well, there are many other interesting factors to discuss from the US Dobyns chart and if you're interested, please leave a courteous comment or opinion with this post. For without your input, my time feels too obviously wasted as I type into the void and others laugh at me behind my back for being too willing to volunteer my services on behalf of my only nag in the race - the United States of America.


*YODs are triangular patterns with two or more planets in sextile (60 degr) at base and pointing to an apex planet (or planets); the pattern indicates a special task, crisis, or a turning point. Issuing a sassy Declaration of Independence from England definitely qualifies as all three, and health problems may also be indicated.

Some Moon/ASC details are from Rob Pelletier's excellent book Planets in Aspect; the rest are from old notes made long ago from various seminars. jc