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Jul 30, 2010

Rep Anthony Weiner's Rant in the House (video)

Oh you just know I have to post this rant from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) from yesterday, right? He's calling out Republicans on blocking a bill that would provide free health care for those affected by the toxins of 9/11/01 and his performance gives new oomph and verve to my assertion that it's all Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink!

Actually, Weiner's asertion that the Republicans' objection to the bill on 'procedural grounds' is to give each other cover makes the point as well - anyway, check out this brief video if you've managed to miss it thus far - Weiner wasn't whining, he was yelling. Me likee.

It also illustrates that the continuing 'anything to make Obama fail' ploy of a frustrated, voted-from-the-White-House GOP isn't serving the American people well unless you're a frustrated GOPer yourself - then you may think it's peachy the way things are (not) going.

Well, if you are (and are for unknown reasons reading this populist, common good blog) then I sarcastically thank you for 8 years of Bush-Cheney and the neocon-Zionist wars that have bankrupted our nation and brought such grief and misery to the Middle East and to so many US soldiers and their families.

Bad show. Bad form. Bad politics.