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Mar 29, 2015

Horoscope: Libra Lunar Eclipse April 4, 2015

As you see a horoscope for the April 4, 2015 Total Lunar Eclipse @14Lib24 has been set for Washington DC, the capital and representative for the United States of America, and eclipses US natal Saturn.

Full Moon = relationships, awareness, culmination, fulfillment; this Lunar Eclipse conjoins US natal Saturn; two sensitive points are highlighted: 14-15 Aries and Libra

by Jude Cowell

During an Hour of Jupiter, this Full Moon's perfection occurs at 8:05:32 am edt with Sun @14Ari24 in 12th house of such things as the Unconscious, Politics, Karma, Back Room Deals, and Large Institutions such as hospitals and zoos. We might suspect the halls of the US Congress to be located here as well. A 6th house Full Moon reflects fulfillment, culmination, awareness, and/or relationship issues concerning 6th house matters such as Health, our Daily Rounds and Schedules, Military, Police, and other types of Service--perhaps even the Secret Service which protects the president but has been on the hot seat of slackness and scandal of late. Another personnel shake-up plus a system review may be spotlighted by the light of this Full Moon for they certainly seem due.

Note that there are six 'super moons' (as termed by Richard Nolle) in 2015 with the super moon of September 28th a Lunar Eclipse at 5 Aries.

And with the April 4th Full Moon conjoining US natal Saturn (14Lib48) we may expect the fulfillment-culmination-awareness-relationship emphasis to fall upon lawmakers in Congress, the Justice System, and other institutions of a legal nature with themes of authority, responsibility, seniority, maturity, accountability, and the status quo. Of course, with karmic Saturn's tendency toward reaping what was sown, some element of loss may enter the picture as well. Plus, as with all eclipses, secrets may come to light. And with the Venus-Mars midpoint rising, the revelations could be from the realms of diplomacy, romantic liasons, or marital affairs.

Now a strong first house Venus @21Tau36 (in Taurus, one of its two signs of rulership) is chart-ruler yet makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart which casts our focus upon the planet's house and sign position since there is no mitigating input or interference from other planets (actors). A hint of dissatisfaction and inconstancy may be attached to 'lady' Venus in money-loving Taurus (sign of The Bull) who was anciently known as a goddess and called by many names all the way back to Babylon and Nimrod's wife, Semiramis.

(I mention what may seem to be an off-topic subject because the Utopian path America has been plopped upon toward the implementation of global government is never far away from my frets on this website and elsewhere--and it grumps me up every time I think about the criminality and cruelty of their plans. For those with eyes to see, the WTC attacks of 9.11.01 were a major signpost on the global government road and a symbol for the demolition of the old Tower of Babel morphed into the new ('World' Trade Center). and of course, the Tower of Babel was humankind's first-ever corporation--now global corporatists are constructing a new order 'built upon ruins' of the old via secret trade pacts such as the TPP which make sovereignty of nations a thing of the past and a clean environment an antiquated idea.)

So Venus is chart-ruler and also rules the Full Moon in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice and of balance and fairness. In addition, Venus rules or disposits the 12th house Mars and their midpoint conjoins the Ascendant which gives a flavor of diplomacy to the the Full Moon horoscope (set for Washington DC) and to the highlighted events that occur on or around April 4, 2015 until at least the next New Moon on April 18, 2015 in late Aries; romance is also in the spotlight.

A prominent chart factor is the Cardinal T-Square formed by the Sun-Moon opposition which points toward the 9th house Pluto @15Cap30. As you know, the 9th house relates to Foreign Lands and Foreigners, Philosophy, Religion, Legalities, Higher Education, and the Higher Mind. The apex planet of a T-Square can direct the energies of the T-Square and impact the tone of the entire chart and when in Cardinal signs, here-and-now goals are emphasized. And since Pluto tends to work at subliminal levels and Venus makes no applying aspects, Pluto calls the Full Moon tune with radical Uranus near the Sun (leadership) adding disruptive sparks from behind the scenes.

This planetary pattern with Pluto apex may denote poor planning as a vulnerability yet sudden changes will occur, planned or not.

Perhaps it's only a side note but Senator Elizabeth Warren was born with a Sun-Uranus conjunction of originality and genius and this conjunction in Aries in the Full Moon chart is in the 12th house of Politics.

Now when wealthy, sneaky Pluto is apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square pattern a person or group is identified as ruthless, manipulative, and extremely willful toward goals with a one-track-minded deviousness. Here is a high powered executive who acts with a chip-on-shoulder attitude and no one is supposed to stand in his (her, their) way. Obviously with saboteur Pluto, even assassination is on the table for it's 'success at any cost'. Note that Pluto on its own (even without Jupiter, Sun, or Chiron) can signify plutocrats, oligarchs, titans, popes, and propagandists using Psychology; drug use and mind control are also in creepy Pluto's realm of oppression and manipulation.

And naturally for Pluto in 9th house you've thought of ISIS/ISIL and other opponents of the West, haven't you? Sabotage, violence, kidnapping, assassination, mysterious power and stolen wealth certainly apply.

Plus, if we substituted US natal Saturn for the Moon in a midpoint picture (Sun-Moon = Pluto) we get Moon-US Saturn = Pluto and someone being pressured to change their entire value system. POTUS perhaps? Giving back his Nobel Peace Prize seems more and more appropriate yet this picture may also relate to the US Congress Via Capitol Hill legislation and/or US recent indictments for receiving 'gifts' (bribes). As you know, Saturn demands accountability and the shouldering of responsibilities and duties, things that Congress most often receives low marks for these days.

However, there is a mitigating factor and that is the Thales planet of the Sun-Moon opposition--Jupiter Rx @12Leo37 which sextiles the Moon (the 'ray of hope' aspect--Oken) and trines the Sun creating a beneficial condition and opportunity for improvement, perhaps instigated by President Obama since Jupiter conjoins his natal Sun--but then there's the 12-year cycle because...

Jupiter the General, Politician, Banker, Professor, and Guru conjoins again President Obama's natal Sun @12Leo denoting that something begun about 12 years ago must be ramped up or discontinued all together. This has been discussed on SO'W in previous posts so I'll not bore you again for obviously wars we've waged in the Middle East are implicated by this Jupiterian transit to the natal Sun of America's commander-in-chief which now continues as neocons once again spread their war-profiteering slogans across American airwaves and beat their drums of war on behalf of the *Zionists who now rule the State of Israel. Is the Pentagon following Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, and the others--again? From whence plutonian pressure comes.

Another thing about optimistic Jupiter is that the planet's Direct Station occurs on April 8, 2015 (conjunct the president's natal Sun @12Leo35, as noted--we see how war and war costs in the Middle East are now and will be increased), and in early July, transit Jupiter passes its shadow (Rx) degree (22Leo37) and moves on toward Virgo as political, social-societal, religious, exploratory, scientific, and financial plans and investments proceed however they may.

Well, there's my DC-related analysis of the April 4, 2015 Full Moon in the political realm and I'm certain you can find other chart factors to spotlight.

Be sure to check out a comprehensive and more personal view of the April 4, 2015 Lunar Eclipse by astrologer Depali Desai.

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Jul 30, 2010

Rep Anthony Weiner's Rant in the House (video)

Oh you just know I have to post this rant from Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) from yesterday, right? He's calling out Republicans on blocking a bill that would provide free health care for those affected by the toxins of 9/11/01 and his performance gives new oomph and verve to my assertion that it's all Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink!

Actually, Weiner's asertion that the Republicans' objection to the bill on 'procedural grounds' is to give each other cover makes the point as well - anyway, check out this brief video if you've managed to miss it thus far - Weiner wasn't whining, he was yelling. Me likee.

It also illustrates that the continuing 'anything to make Obama fail' ploy of a frustrated, voted-from-the-White-House GOP isn't serving the American people well unless you're a frustrated GOPer yourself - then you may think it's peachy the way things are (not) going.

Well, if you are (and are for unknown reasons reading this populist, common good blog) then I sarcastically thank you for 8 years of Bush-Cheney and the neocon-Zionist wars that have bankrupted our nation and brought such grief and misery to the Middle East and to so many US soldiers and their families.

Bad show. Bad form. Bad politics.