Aug 17, 2009

Merely a Lull in 'A Furious Storm'?

Is President Obama's rosy glow of an early economic upswing for real?

Or is it merely a lull in the eye of the financial hurricane?

Opposite America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is an Illumination Point, an unconscious point that may be worth considering in this financial crisis. And since Pluto is Rx in our nation's natal chart (July 4, 1776), I'm using the 'rounding down' method.

Each degree is linked to what's come before and what degree's symbol comes after - a process of evolution, so more than one degree may be looked at for information, including those degrees that square, trine, etc, the point/degree you're considering. The Symbols are often used in rectification work, for some paint such an accurate picture that they bring a chart into precise focus (when an exact time isn't known, for horoscope calculations hinge upon knowing the hour/minute/second of a person's, entity's, or event's moment of beginning.)

In the case of the current financial crisis, I am inspired today by the archetypal use in current news stories and presidential statements of the word, storm, and people's loss of their homes all across America, no matter the cause. Loss of employment seems the most prevalent cause to me for mortgage payments depend upon having adequate income. Duh.

Yet even wildfire evacuations apply, especially if it's you and yours who suddenly have no pillows for your heads tonight.

And of course, there's Pluto's connection to The Underworld, including crime syndication; plus, he's also the Dragon Guarding the Treasure, the spy, assassin, and saboteur. Our country has been saboteured, don't you think? But is America down for the final count?

As evidenced in Astrology by Pluto's laborious traversal of the early degrees of structured Capricorn in opposition to America's natal planets in Cancer - Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and later on, Mercury - Pluto's 'secret hand' guise is guiding the financial show as 'he' heads toward our nation's eventual Pluto Return. Are we witnessing US leaders and foreign investors in conflict with one another - or in partnership working against We-The-People?

These questions are part of the reasons I keep grousing that secret manipulators engineered 2008's econo-crash which only crescendoed was a long time coming, due to the measured slowness and stealth of Pluto, who forever transforms...

A Little Illumination of US Pluto:

'27 Cancer'..."A Furious Storm Rages Through a Residential Canyon" = INTENSIFICATION...a pyramiding reality on the side of external circumstances, or of violence and terror as divine in their capacity for uplifting man out of his aplomb and demanding some manifestation of his inner ideals and enduring values.

Here is indomitable integrity of everything to be taken as of consequence in its own right, shown in the energy with which it preserves itself. Nature ever dramatizes man's unleashed powers, or his ability to rise in supremacy over each momentary crisis.

positive expression: an enlistment of every resource in life for a heightened expression of self;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: fatuous enjoyment of turmoil.

(My italics for 'pyramiding reality' as in 'pyramid of power' and Ponzi schemes; Symbol from SolarFire software; analysis from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. See sidebar for book in Amazon Slideshow.)

"Rise in supremacy"? But didn't America do that already? Then I'm guessing that the goal of world financial collapse is just that - to delete American supremacy from the planet's files.

And you thought we were bad.


For more on the Symbols, visit Sabian, website of world-traveling Australian astrologer Lynda Hill.
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