Apr 26, 2011

Of YODS, Quincunxes, and Prince William's Royal Wedding

As part of her blog's ongoing aspect series on quincunxes (150 degrees), master astrologer Donna Cunningham has published an excellent analysis concerning YODS, quincunxes, and the April 29, 2011 Royal Wedding of the 'Eclipse Prince' William and Miss Kate Middleton.

Links to other Astrology articles on the happy couple and the Royal Wedding are included along with natal chart, YOD, and quincunx info on Britain's royal family members. Since YODs can indicate generational conditions or a 'family myth' passed down for decades if not for centuries, this generational influence may be why there are several involved in the British royal family's birth horoscopes. A YOD forms in the natal chart of the person who must deal with generational conditions or imbalances which apparently were not dealt with fully or properly by ancestors.

You know about family myths, right? Ex: in this family we don't abdicate the throne, for we must always do our duty... that sort of thing. Why, it simply isn't done! Then a crisis occurs, of course, when one family member does or doesn't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be in a particular family.

Plus, as you know, a YOD is sometimes called a Finger of God pattern indicating a special task or purpose, a turning point or crossroads, and/or a crisis which may affect the collective (depending on the stage one acts upon.)

Actually, YODs were first mentioned to me by Astrology expert, Erin Sullivan during a personal consultation because my natal chart contains one - if you don't mind using an angle, that is: Pluto/MC = Sun.

One then assumes that the MC (Career; Public Standing) is the place in my natal chart where YOD energies are embroiled along with the Sun and Pluto house positions and the houses where they rule. Aspects to all planets and points involved give further information about this difficult energy pattern.

Well, the ceremony is this Friday, and who doesn't love a romantic wedding?

So if you missed my previous article detailing Prince William and Kate's Wedding Day Astrology Report (with wedding horoscope shown), you are hereby cordially invited to check out their Earth/Water Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces blend of partnership energies!

And you may be surprised to discover which British royal was born with the same Sun-Moon blend...
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