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May 12, 2007

DC's Whistleblowers Week + Hookergate too

Not sure what I'd do without my friend, Alex D'Atria at Astrology Communications Media who has given me some great links concerning the May 13-19 Whistleblowers Week in Washington aka "WWW."

It's to be the largest gaggle of nonprofit whistleblower organizations, groups, and individuals ever assembled on Capitol Hill in US history...attracted to Washington by the dirty-dealing administration of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

The Week's schedule includes testimony, discussion panels, workshops, a film night, and a book signing and is meant to highlight our country's need for Congress to pass stronger protection for whistleblowers everywhere.

The Congressional Tribunal takes place Tuesday, May 15, from 9 am to noon (I'll post on this time frame Sunday afternoon if all goes as planned.)

Dailykos has Deep Harm's column Scandals set to explode next week on Capitol Hill and you may wish to visit the Make It Safe Campaign as has a full schedule of events.

DC Hookergate:

Then there's the 'DC Madam' Palfrey's customer list which many have tried to suppress and keep hidden but customer Dick Cheney's name just keeps being bandied about from when he lived part-time in McLean, VA, and was prez and CEO of Halliburton...and was quite the frisky fellow, they say.

Read about it (in spite of all Bush and Cheney can do to stop ya) at Wayne Madsen Report where you'll find mention not only of Palfrey's employee Brandy Britton's supposed suicide (how many women have ever used hanging as a method for suicide?) but also the murder of Asst US Atty Jonathan Luna, Dec 4, 2003, in a Pennsylvania creek. Not the Wassa-whatchamacallit, I assume. That would make George Washington squirm in his grave with Masonic fervor.

This scandal's tentacles reach deep, m'peops, and threatens to engulf this administration bwo the firing of US Atty for Maryland Thomas DiBragio who was considered "too aggressive"--and he was working on the Palfrey case, quelle surprise.

Seems the DiBragio firing and Luna's murder eliminated the threat that the ritzy GOP "stalwarts" who frequented the DC/Baltimore prostitution ring would be safe from exposure prior to the 2004 presidential election.

So for 2004 we got the same old pig with the bright red lipstick which now is wearing very thin...but at least it matches his hoof-nail polish...Madam Palfrey says that's very important, y'know.

Well, I do hope Whistleblowers Week amounts to something positive for America--but it will have to be after the puss of this administration is expelled from the scar that festers on Capitol Hill's a*s.

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