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Jun 27, 2007

Capricorn Full Moon June 30

Friday's Full Moon 8Cap25 isn't a barrel of monkeys and I wonder if Apple used Astrology to choose the time for their iPhone launch (Electional Astrology.)

If so, it's because anything that you want publicity for should be unveiled a few hours before a Full Moon for maximum exposure. A lot is riding on the new $500--$600 iPhone.

There is a Hard Rectangle configuration involving the Full Moon which may be positive or negative but certainly indicates some adjustments are necessary to whatever occurs under its influence. Perhaps Apple choosing AT&T as the internet provider for the--perhaps many--times when your iPhone isn't in a hot zone may need adjusting as well as other features (there's the tiny little touch-screen keyboard for your phat phingers.)

This Full Moon is out-of-bounds (doing her own thing) which may bring astounding amounts of publicity (Moon...the public) so it'll be interesting to see if the iPhone fulfills its creators' hopes and dreams.

(However, the chart is set for the White House so as not to let Cheney or Bush off the Full-Moon hook. The Sun/Pluto midpoint is conjunct Cheney's n NN 2Lib 55, so we have Sun/Pluto = NN: meeting the powerful; fateful associations; separations; lack of adaptability. Check back in a day or two for some interesing tidbits on Cheney--he's got planetary stuff coming up.)

In Dynamics of Aspect Analysis Bil Tierney gives credit for naming the Hard Rectangle to Charles Jayne, and if you click to enlarge the chart you'll see the pattern highlighted and connecting Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Venus.

Venus and Neptune are now closely opposing one another (both 21 degrees) which describes a condition of illusion and idealism in relationship (and other Venus-ruled things such as money and values and ladies) and Sun and Moon are in Nodal Degree (fated.)

But there's that pesky Hard Rectangle which involves two sets of oppositions the ends of which are both semi-square (45 degr) and sesqui-square (135 degr) each other.

This pattern suggests that the oppostions are under more pressure to activate reconciliation because of the subtle indirect tensions from the minor aspects.

Harmony and balance will require a great application of will--or more antagonism could be sparked if this pattern is not well-managed. Tensions may give an extra dose of strength and purpose if all goes well.

(Gordon Brown is taking over the Labour Party in the UK under this influence--hope that works out well for the British people.)

The Full Moon's Sabian Symbol: "9Cap" is "An angel carrying a harp"...ATTUNEMENT (sounds like iTunes!)...

pos: a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence;

neg/shadow side: simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority.

Rx Mercury is conj US natal Jupiter indicating political activities and promotion of ideas so we'll have plenty of that as usual--and a Full Moon brings to light issues from the time of the New Moon (June 15.)

Jupiter has Rx'd back to 11Sag59, the degree of the Pluto/Chiron conjunction of Dec 30, 1999--an oppressive, plutocratic pairing which ushered in the New Millenium, and gave globalism a massive boost.

So Washington barrels along--with monkeys in tow, iPhones at ear, and wiggly red herrings in the media's net meant for our naive consumption. At least it'll be Friday.

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