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Jul 31, 2007

Gonzo's high noon 7.31.07

Looking at the chart for Washington today and the 'high noon' deadline Arlen Specter dramatically gave Alberto Gonzales to correct his testimony, it portends the usual defiance by Gonzo.

Like other Chiron/Uranus Types Alberto has trouble accepting the authority of others--except his own, of course.

At the noon point of the chart--the MC--is "20Can", a critical degree, which puts the opposite degree (20Cap, now gobbed up with the transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint, the Plutocracy duo) at the IC, the Basis or Foundation of the chart. The IC is the HOW? Point so we see the powers-that-be-behind-the-throne as the way he may hold onto his power for he's desperately trying to save what's left.

The previously mentioned Fixed T-square pattern pointing to apex (focal) Mars has another opposition to contend with (at noon)...

Depressive but ambitious Moon/Saturn = Mars: sense of real problems; difficulty getting off the ground except by strategically planned exertions.

At noon the ascending degree 17Lib38 brings the US sec progressed Mars into view-- our military, the war, and surveillance folk being behind much of this apparent scuffle with Gonzo and his attempted hospital strong-arming of Ashcroft...

"18Lib" = "Two men placed under arrest"...oh come on...only two from this crowd? (If the petty weeders were cleared out of US prisons so they could go home to their children, we'd have plenty of room for the politicians who really belong there.)

Amusingly enough, Mars is near the nasty Fixed Star, Algol, and nearing turbulent Capulus (to lose one's head; blindness; ruthless, decisive action), with Algol's keywords: ruthless destruction; consuming passion.

The Sun (8Leo05 at noon) arose with Fixed Star, Sirius, closely connected to the US natal chart. Sirius = a person who loves power; the fire of immortality; danger of pushing things too far, too fast (like Bush-Cheney into Iraq?)

Mars also is in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degress, QD) with Jupiter (Jup = R Party) so we have Mars QD Jupiter: driven by a thirst for more (power!); rushing to judgement; acting impulsively on beliefs and opinions; aggressive; erratic in financial matters; unpredictable; extremely competitive; takes on too many things at once.

The last is supported by Gonzales' current transit of Saturn (Sat = D Party, but on another level represents authority and accountability in general) to natal Pluto (power; manipulation; coping ability.) Saturn to Pluto brings a loss of control in situations which are simply too large to handle.

See my post midpoints affecting Al Gonzales for more transit info.

Since his birth time is unknown (if you discover it, please let me know!) I only know that his natal Moon is in sunrise (Aug 4, 1955) Moon 19AQ19. If born before sunrise, it's possible that Neptune's dissolving action has already been affecting his Moon...or it's doing so now, for this transit brings a lack of commitment from others, and mystery and confusion about one's background and past.

And since Neptune always has an element of loss or self-sacrifice to it, this transit could very well be part of his experience now (give it up, Al!) If he has physical complaints they will be difficult to diagnose, and if he has a home--and even weasels must live somewhere--there is danger of gas leaks or flooding.

Now let's consider the Sabian Symbol for contentious Mars today:

"A Spaniard serenading his senorita"...CONSTANCY...

pos: a continual reassurance by which the will of man coaxes the depths of his soul into experience;

neg/shadow side/unconscious: futile attempts to control life by empty blandishment.

Futile because it's too large to handle!

With chart-ruler Venus now Rx and weak in critical Virgo, her semi-square to noon's rising degree indicates a null outcome as far as the "high noon" ultimatum goes.

Yet other applying aspects of Venus and Mars, the Spaniard, show obstacles to an easy resolution of this thirsty-for-power mess our politicians have our government mired in.

And the John Roberts story has been a fine if temporary diversion.

Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.
Midpoint info: Tyl; Ebertin.

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