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Jul 20, 2007

Quake welcomes Beckhams to CA

An Oakland quake hitting "shortly after" 4:40 am pdt jolted people awake this morning.

Here you see the chart showing the usual culprits--angular planets, esp Uranus, planet of sudden occurences and disruption, in water sign, Pisces.

Mercury in Cancer (water sign) is angular and rising, and several of the midpoints relate to separation and to attraction...just the tension needed for an earthquake to occur. There's also a "Finger of God" formation (which I neglected to mark on the chart) the base of which is the Moon/Mercury square pointing accusingly at Neptune.

With the third and final exact opposition between Saturn (earth; continental plates; form) and Neptune (dissolution; ocean; water; rifts) separating but still within orb, the Sabian Symbol for Mars' degree (and this was a Mars Hour, btw) may be instructive:

"19Tau": "A new continent rises out of the ocean."

The brutal, forceful Mars/Pluto midpoint has been pointing to NN (North Node) in recent days as we've watched the tiffs and rifts in Washington continue to play out...

Mars/Pluto = NN: extreme force; superhuman power.

And since we obviously have no superheroes in Washington, superhuman power better describes an earthquake--or perhaps David Beckham's prowess with a soccer ball and the super (major!) paycheck that goes with it.

But after watching Victoria's "major" TV show last evening and her reaction to the possibility of California earthquakes, Posh may be packing now!


Twilight said...

"Posh may be packing now".....Tee hee...and we'll be so sad to see her go :-P

Jude Cowell said...

;o) yet I have no desire to try CA for myself for that very reason!!
A cowardly Georgian am I.

Of course GA had a quake about 4 years ago which woke up some light sleepers from their slumbers...