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Oct 13, 2014

An Astro-Peek at America's Nov 4, 2014 Midterms

A Few Horoscope Factors in Effect on November 4, 2014: Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

With all the deceit and illusion on display in the horoscope/s of the 2014 Midterm Elections and considering my cramped schedule these days I have hesitated to type much on the topic of November 4th Midterms other than that the Astrology looks in favor of the Democratic President's party especially with Venus, planet of attraction, in the same sign of Scorpio as the Sun (leadership.)

Yet caution must be advised since the usual dirty tricks will also be in force such as gerrymandering, ballot box tampering, voter list suppression, and voting machine shenanigans, and other political ploys, plus, campaign ad fibs which those whose policies are not in the best interests of the American people, the US government (and its continued sovereignty), and our business interests have no qualms whatsoever about implementing against democracy. This is the 'might makes right' 'win at any cost' crowd of plutocrats with which Washington DC, my former city of residence, is now infested (see my blog's description underneath its title, above. Written in 2005, I wasn't joking then and I'm not joking now.)

For my study of November 4, 2014 elections, I set up three charts for Washington DC: 12:00 am EST, 12:29 pm EST (Moon conjunct Uranus Rx @13Ari26 in 2nd house), and 11:59 pm EST, we find the Locomotive pattern with Jupiter @20Leo as lead planet: the high-powered executive, The General, the Commander-in-Chief, or, the ruthless corporate hack, shill, or CEO, marching us toward World War III. Even religious leaders are suspect in my opinion for there's a "religious leaders who crave political power" vibe to the day along with an excitable Moon-Uranus tone of anxiety as fearful Pluto @11Cap lurks near an out-of-bounds Mars (OOBs) which ranges from 6--8 Capricorn--exalted there yet off on his own doing who-knows-what: sabotage? arson? terrorist acts? Possibly for there may be foreigners entering the country for no good reason, possibly prior to November 4th as Republicans are already using fear in campaign ads to justify what they hope is a good enough reason to say, Vote Republican. Yet with testy Mars OOBs, homegrown terrorists and political operatives cannot be ruled out, nor can fugitives on the loose.

And let's remember that the shabbily botched response to the first case of ebola in the US occurred in Texas under the cost-cutting tutelage of a Republican governor, Rick Perry, and other austerity measures touted by the GOP could hardly be expected to improve public health concerns in the US as we face contagions of various kinds and hospitals close in states where Medicaid was not expanded. It's called 'public health' and supporting it helps protect everyone.

Now we must flip the political conflict coin for on the Democratic side we have an inflated Treasury as part of the picture...deceit, illusion, religious leaders hankering for power, inflated currency are described by Jupiter quindecile Neptune (R. Reeves.) Plus, America's natal Neptune @22Virgo is apex planet of a *midpoint between voting Mercury, planet of reporters, traders, and young people, and corporate Jupiter which creates an atmosphere of 'putting too much faith in poorly explained or confusing theories' and use of 'erroneous thinking', some of which has been resurrected in honor of winning elections at any price--the Machiavellian model in use for centuries now by the political class and their arrogant enablers.

(Note that the attacks of 9/11/01 and the Great Bush-Cheney Heist, aka, Financial Crash 2008, which occurred on the GOP's 8-year watch is what they wish we'd forget. I do not forget. Do you?)

The November 4th horoscope/s also show feminine influences and minority group involvement which reflect the fact that a large turn-out by each group would surely favor Democrats. Yes indeedy. However, Independent candidates now en vogue are not left out of the astrological picture for Sun inconjunct Uranus denotes a picture of an independent type of leader, rebels, and original thinkers but also those who fear compromise (or who use fear or shock to support their goals), and/or those who hide strong feelings behind mild exteriors.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Aries is a zealous, workaholic, moody, and pugnacious combination and is in effect the entire 24 hours of November 4, 2014 which imprints it upon Midterms 2014--in fact, at 11:59 pm EST, the Moon conjoins US natal Chiron with its Sabian Symbol, "A Pugilist Enters the Ring" which may on one level have to do with run-offs in certain states, my home state of Georgia included (Nunn v Perdue.)

This forceful Sun Sco-Moon Aries blend is shared natally by St. Augustine, Charles H. Dow, and Bill Gates, and has two interesting 'Images for Integration':

"A crusader fights for her vision of truth...A dedicated scientist pioneers new frontiers of knowledge." (Charles & Suzi Harvey, Sun Sign-Moon Sign.)

Now I doubt the second image could possibly refer to any Republican candidate since their "I am not a scientist' talking point of idiocy has gone gray around the muzzle with overuse!

Additionally, I again mention that an Aries Moon is the "I AM the People" indicator so my hope is that more voters turn out at polling booths on November 4th than anti-democratic politicians are expecting even with all their dirty tricks meant to sway outcomes.

Background influences include the Lunar Eclipse of October 8, 2014 (@15Ari05 conjunct unpredictable Uranus Rx) and the Solar Eclipse of October 23, 2014 @00Sco24 which are in effect for our 2014 Midterms with their strong Mars-Pluto (Scorpio) and Mars (Aries) vibes of power, conflict, war, and infection. Plus, some of their input hints at aggression being used against the populace as We the People continue in protest/activist mode. If you want to glance at the Oct 8th and Oct 23rd horoscopes set for Washington DC, why not scroll down a little and type 'Eclipses' into the Search field of this blog's sidebar?

*See Michael Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

May 6, 2014

Brunei Jan 1, 1984--and John Oliver on America (video)

Perhaps you watched HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver this past Sunday (5.4.14 11:00 pm EDT) and his comedic report about the country of Brunei and its super-wealthy Sultan. As you know, Mr. Oliver subbed for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show all last summer when Jon was off making a film. Now HBO would undoubtedly take offence if I embedded a video of the Brunei report, so I won't but below is a performance by John Oliver--delivered in Montreal--concerning America, with Brunei's natal details following.

If you remember, the Sultan of Brunei, an oil-rich nation, is often seen at the toniest of places including the White House (the country's Sharia Law notwithstanding) and he was the dude who in 1996 threw a lavish 2-week-long party and invited Michael Jackson to perform. The Sultan, as John Oliver notes in his Brunei report, did not attend the concert.

Now if you wish to set up Brunei's natal horoscope you'll find that transit Pluto (of oil and pipeline fame) has entered 4th house and conjoined first, Mercury, then natal Sun @9Cap24. There's a lot going on behind the scenes in Brunei so invisible Pluto must feel right at home.

You'll also see that natal Mars @24Lib29, the first natal planet to rise in the chart--followed by Pluto @1Sco47--is in process of a national Mars Return on these dates indicating a new cycle of activity: February 6, 2014; March 24, 2014 (Rx); and upcoming is July 15, 2014.

From Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, we learn that Brunei, formerly a British Protected State, received full independence on January 1, 1984 at 00:00 CCT. ASC 4Lib39; MC 4Can04 (Goals); Sun (leadership) 9Cap24; Moon (the people) 9Sag50 conjunct Fixed Star Antares, 3rd house; Mercury 8Cap35 Rx; Venus 29Sco30, a critical degree, 2nd house; Mars 24Lib29; Jupiter 25Sag50, in its own sign, 3rd house; Saturn 13Sco55 in 2nd house and recently having its Return as well; Uranus 11Sag07, 3rd house (and conjoining Brunei's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series degree of 11Sag46 in the 3 South Series of 'traumatic transformation and endings' (Brady); Neptune, also associated with oil is @25Sag20 in 3rd house and forming a conjunction of the speculation, wastrel, spendthrift, gambling, fraudulent pair, Jupiter-Neptune. First house Pluto @1Sco47, as noted, rises with hotheaded Mars, and is posited at the NWO natal Sun degree of October 24, 1993: 1Sco19.

Yes, Presidents Clinton, George W, and Obama have had sit-down photo ops and private conversations with the Sultan of Brunei, a country that advertises itself as quite a treasure-filled vacation spot if you're interested!

But before you depart, let's consider the Images for Integration of Brunei's Sun Cap-MoonSag personality blend to the portrait: "In his spare time, a High Court Judge takes up the serious hobby of gambling at horse races...A bank clerk plans a world cruise." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Bon Voyage!

Jun 4, 2011

Police smash cell phones w our Rights in Miami FL 6.4.11

Now taking a brief break from creating something new today in honor of World Drawing Day 2011 and found a news item that leaves me speechless concerning this fast-forming police state we once called America.

Sounds like their HoSec/Blackwater/Special Forces type of training is paying off for the power elite whose army they be. Or at least a point is being made as with the Jefferson Memorial dance-offs and the resulting over-reactive draconian arrests while the statue of Thomas Jefferson looked on.

So you think you can dance in America? How dare you! Not on the military industrial complex's watch, you can't.

Because as you know, global thugs and plutocrats of the oppressive, primally violent Pluto-Chiron persuasion ain't playin'. Why should they when the midpoint picture energies within the ongoing Saturn/Uranus = Pluto T-Square are still very much in force?

The transiting Pluto/Chiron midpoint has reached US natal South Node (SN) @ '6AQ" this year. And that is the position of Neptune (spirituality; mysticism; Divine Source; veils; potential for deception) when the Prophet Muhammad created the world religion of Islam (symbolized by Neptune, planet of oil), and where in the Zodiac nebulous Neptune languished over the world's head on the morning of September 11, 2001. The separative SN is a point showing past behaviors of a neurotic kind.

As a process describing part of a select few's long-term agenda (for they too know the power of Astrology for timing purposes), society now has manipulating, destructuring Pluto in Capricorn (ruled by restrictive Saturn and representing government, law, and business) grasping every controlling puppet string of we-the-trussed as Mr. Underworld lumbers along and eventually reaches his position of July 4, 1776 @ 27Cap33...'28Cap' = "A Large Aviary," a degree given in DeVore's Encyclopedia as: the Exaltation of Mars.

Zealous Mars/Pluto = the Pentagon, the military industrial complex, powerful weapons and those who use or sell them, an overbearing military force, and the strong-arm policing that is on the rise in America.

Apr 5, 2010

Pluto Rx Station @ 5Cap25 April 6, 2010

Update April 7, 2010: Funk Astrology has an informative article on the Pluto Rx Station which contains links to various astrologers' views on the subject (including this post, but skip it because you're already here.)

Original SO'W post starts now:

The first minute that Pluto enters retrograde condition is on the evening of April 6, 2010 @ 10:34 pm edt, 5 Cap25. Of course, Mr. Underworld, the saboteur with the invisible helmet, is actually stationing on that degree/minute already, with its rather mysterious Sabian Symbol...

'6Cap' = "A Dark Archway and Ten Logs at the Bottom"...THOROUGHNESS...

positive expression: high competence in the interpretation of life's purposes or unusual persistence in employing its ramifying potentials effectively;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: fear of experience and bondage to mystery.

That's from Marc Edmund Jones yet perhaps Dane Rudhyar's analysis fits Washington politics and the new-economic-order type of plutonian puppetmaster even better...

'6Cap' = "Ten Logs Lie under an Archway Leading to Darker Woods"...

'Keynote: the need to complete any undertaking before seeking entrance to whatever is to be found beyond'. Rudyar goes on...

"Number 10 is a symbol of completion; it symbolizes even more the revelation of a new series of activities just ahead. Yet unless the concluded series is brought to some degree of fulfillment, nothing truly significant is likely to be accomplished by a restless reaching out toward the as-yet unknown. Number 10 is a symbol of germination, but the seed (Number 9) must have matured well. No natural process can be accelerated safely beyond certain limits."

(That last has me looking askance at You, Large Hadron Collider. jc)

(This symbol) "establishes a foundation for what will follow. Here man reaches a THRESHOLD on which he may have to pause in order to safeguard his further advance."

Well, Pluto now pauses in what astrologers call a 'station' which occurs when a planet changes to Direct or Rx motion. And the symbol for the degree Pluto will next return to in his backward motion ('5Cap') speaks of warpaths and the 'spirit of conquest'.

At the White House, April 6, 2010, 10:34 pm edt, the rising degree 23Sco21 is ruled by warrior and instigator Mars, and co-ruled, if you will, by Mr. Underworld himself. So when we look for applying aspects of either planet in the Rx Station chart, we find only one: Mars inconjunct Pluto (1A07) with Mars 4Leo18 in 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Higher Education, Higher Mind, Long-Distance Travel, and Jurisprudence, and Pluto 5Cap25 Rx in 2nd house of Money, Resources, Earning Ability, and Values.

By itself, Mars-in-9th-house signifies conflicts in spiritual matters and/or severe educational disruptions; here Mars is having trouble 'adjusting' to Pluto in 2nd house of Money - Pluto's Rx Station represents a 'pause'.

For America, this may relate to the Obama administration's overhauling of student loan programs, the continuation of campus riots and protests, and could very well emphasize wars (Mars) in Foreign Lands (9th house) - where, imho, the wealth of the American people is being funneled toward bankruptcy. (We are bankrupt, actually.)

The aspect Mars inconjunct Pluto, (150 degr, aka a quincunx) has a workhorse mentality with a compulsion to take on more responsibilities than it should - depleted energy is the result. This is an aspect of self-persecution! It's the 'so much to do, so little time' aspect. A bad-tempered arrogance is evident (but when is it not in Washington?) and efficient management of time is difficult under the rays of a crisis-promoting Mars/Pluto inconjunct. (paraphrasing Rob Pelletier.)

Well, hopefully by the end of this week my scanner will be repaired for I've not been able to scan and publish new charts (or new drawings!) for over a week now due to mischievous scanner gremlins.

Looking ahead, there are many more things to blog about including the proposed dates of Nov 8 - 11, 2010 as a period when a possible false flag op may occur on American shores and which some assert will put the attacks of 9/11 'in the shade'. (Thanks again for the heads-up, Mr. Smith!)

So if you, lone reader, have studied the horoscopes for this time period and have an interest in Mundane Astrology, please share, if you will. A big factor then will be Pluto Rx @ 3Cap+ conjunct the transiting North Node, the Head of the Dragon.

Therefore, the Dragon's Tail (SN) will be pointing to America's natal Venus in Cancer, our nation's chart-ruler if you use the Sibly version with '13Sag' rising (or the slightly earlier Rudhyar version.) This emphasizes the ongoing transit of Pluto opposing US natal Venus as our financial problems persist through the disastrous transformations of sabotaging forces. In fact, the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse may bring again the specter of total global financial collapse before the Eclipse's 6-month influence has faded.

Yes, the July 11 Solar Eclipse is in the same Series as America's Pre-Natal Eclipse (12 South), as we've discussed previously, so it's a 'biggie' for America: similar issues from the time of our nation's founding will resurface in order to be rehashed - and hopefully will be better dealt with on various levels. Plus, the Eclipse's crisis-ridden degree 19Can24 conjoins the UK's natal Moon.

The Pluto/NN Combination:

Besides 'powerful connections', Pluto/NN = sewage or waste disposal (including nuclear); agreements or treaties about reciprocal rights for data obtained through clandestine methods; violent criminals who enter the country secretly at any given opportunity; people who do not have the nation's or business community's best interests at heart; security or treaty breakdowns due to the actions of others.

Plus, November 2010's transiting conjunction of Pluto to NN is actually a Nodal Half Return to the chart of 9/11/01 - not comforting at all, is it?

That said, I leave you with the Fire-Earth blend of Sun Aries/Moon Capricorn energies in effect at the Rx Station of Pluto on the evening of April 6, 2010. If this happens to be your natal blend, here ya go, with my compliments...

This is the aggressive combo of a good organizer who is domineering, tough-minded, unstoppable, enthusiastic and forceful. It describes a pragmatic intellect...the boss and the winner with a too-blunt, businesslike manner, and an overpowering need to be recognized as 'tops'.

This blend's 'Images for Integration' are quite telling considering our topic of a Saturn-ruled Pluto now strengthened by Station Rx...and if you've ever read this blog before, you'll notice the 2nd Image in particular:

'A young soldier is rewarded by the King for exceptional bravery in the cause of freedom and individual human rights...Columbus discovers America, and a new world order is born.'

Under the rays of Pluto's Station Rx perhaps we all are feeling poised or 'paused' at the Edge of Petrified Forest and wondering what lies beyond...


Books used, but not harmed, in the writing of this post: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey; Planets in Aspect, Rob Pelletier; An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, and Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, by Michael Munkasey.

Jul 20, 2007

Quake welcomes Beckhams to CA

An Oakland quake hitting "shortly after" 4:40 am pdt jolted people awake this morning.

Here you see the chart showing the usual culprits--angular planets, esp Uranus, planet of sudden occurences and disruption, in water sign, Pisces.

Mercury in Cancer (water sign) is angular and rising, and several of the midpoints relate to separation and to attraction...just the tension needed for an earthquake to occur. There's also a "Finger of God" formation (which I neglected to mark on the chart) the base of which is the Moon/Mercury square pointing accusingly at Neptune.

With the third and final exact opposition between Saturn (earth; continental plates; form) and Neptune (dissolution; ocean; water; rifts) separating but still within orb, the Sabian Symbol for Mars' degree (and this was a Mars Hour, btw) may be instructive:

"19Tau": "A new continent rises out of the ocean."

The brutal, forceful Mars/Pluto midpoint has been pointing to NN (North Node) in recent days as we've watched the tiffs and rifts in Washington continue to play out...

Mars/Pluto = NN: extreme force; superhuman power.

And since we obviously have no superheroes in Washington, superhuman power better describes an earthquake--or perhaps David Beckham's prowess with a soccer ball and the super (major!) paycheck that goes with it.

But after watching Victoria's "major" TV show last evening and her reaction to the possibility of California earthquakes, Posh may be packing now!