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Sep 10, 2007

Sep 11 Eclipse began in 1917

The September 11 Eclipse Series (9 New South) began on July 19, 1917, as previously mentioned, and is actually the Initial Eclipse of the entire Series--which gives info on similar themes for each of its manifestations appr every 18-19 years...this time occurring on Sep 11, 2007...tomorrow.

I have no memory of General F.S. Maude, but here's the familiar assurance he gave to Baghdad way-y-y back in 1917...the more things change, the more they blah blah blah...

"Our armies do not come into your cities and lands as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators. Your wealth has been stripped of you by unjust men...The people of Baghdad shall flourish under institutions which are in consonance with their sacred laws."

--General F.S. Maude, commander of British forces in Iraq, 1917 (such a joker!)

The positions of the July 1917 Solar Eclipse are:

Sun/Moon 25Can51 (conj US n Mercury); Mercury 3Leo13; Venus 18Leo18 (her vengeful position on 9/11/01; also the Sun/Moon degree of the Mother of All Eclipses of Aug 11, 1999; Mars 23Gem54 (just beyond US natal Mars--US Mars Return on 9/11/07 = new two-year cycle of activity); Jupiter 3Gem48; Saturn 3Leo04 (conj Mercury: serious meetings; dampening news; commerce restricted);

Uranus 22AQ45 (being triggered by tr Neptune these days--Nep to Ura: confusion, disorientation, unrealistic expectations in society; ideals conflict with technical and economic issues);

Neptune 4Leo16, conj Mercury and Saturn--5Leo is the US n North Node = destined encounters); Pluto 4Can28, conj US n Venus--actually it's US n Venus/Jupiter midpoint = Pluto: gaining favor with the masses; and NN 9Cap49...Capricorn of law, business, and politics fame.

Midpoint pictures for the Initial Eclipse of 1917:

Venus/Pluto = Sun: creative thrusts; an unusual sense of form.

Venus/Pluto = Moon: enormous feelings of emotions from the depths of being.

Setting both Eclipse charts (1917 = 2007) for the Pentagon, we see that the 2007's Ascendant is bringing up (to our consciousness) the 7th house of 'partnerships; legal affairs; lawyers, consultants, mediators; rivals and competitors; open enemies' for our consideration.

And what I'm doing here is comparing the "liberating" events of 1917 with today's non-admirable quagmire. The 7th house's direction is Southwest.

>You know how I try not to complain over-much about the US natal chart such as it is (July 4, 1776: whatever version you like, aka the Declaration of Independence chart)...for after all, "modern" Astrology proffers that all charts are "good"...

...or as we might say around here, all charts are pertinent to the hapless creature born unto it with the time/place/date stamped upon the fresh child. No one else in the Universe was born where and when YOU WERE, Lone Reader...not unless another lady was on top or underneath your Ma and giving birth in tandem.

I think not.

So face are unique.

And so is America.

A More Applicable PE for America?

Personally I find the Solar Eclipse chart for Aug 14, 1776 to be especially relevant to our nation's founding, more so than the . Plus, I have read that the full signings had not taken place until August 2, 1776--and thus within the 2-week range of the eclipse.

The reason I suspect that this Eclipse is closely connected to America's beginnings and thus may be used in predictive work, is due to the meaning of its Series, the 13North (13N); this America's Founding Eclipse (PE) was also a strong, initial Eclipse (IE) in the 13North (13N) Series (Brady's Predictive Astrology):

Emphasis on groups and associations; ambitious energy is expended toward large group projects which require a separation or a breaking of already-existing bonds. Following the separation there is joint achievement.

Does this sound like America's first squall to you? Waahh-h-h-h-hhh h h..h...cloth diaper or plastic?

It even sounds like disruptive Uranian things of the day: rebellion; revolution; Franklin's electricity experiments; sudden events, emotional shocks and upheavals, bolts from the blue...but also creative genius--the sparkly touch of the muse from On High. With Uranus' higher vibratory influence on the sign, Aquarius, the Water-bearer, an Air sign of intellectual capacity and perhaps humanitarian outlook, AQ is thus associated with America who likes to boast that she gives the most. She promises a lot, doesn't she?

As you know, Uranus was discovered by William Herschel (with much help from his able sister) in 1781 and is often mentioned along with the Revolutions in America and in France. Discovery degree: 24Gem27..."25Gem": "A Man Trimming Palms"...ENHANCEMENT...

pos: an exceptional gift for bringing all things to an effective service in some special aspect of over-all achievement;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: an empty display of trivial excellencies...

(The Bush-Petraeus 'report'? Oops--my brain is in 1917 = 2007 mode. Our Neptunian/Plutonian energy titans have had 90 long years to betray and finagle their way onto someone's merde list in the Mid-East. This they have done well while meddling where they are not welcome, pontificating, thinking themselves to 'partition' land between tribal peoples! )

And the cycle of Saturn/Uranus and their upcoming opposition relate directly to the Middle East. Saturn = old systems and structures; tradition; the past; form, and Uranus = chaos; disruption; progress; the new; the ideal; the future. These two big guys first met up in 1988, the year of the first Palestinian intifada against Israel, and their cycle basically underpins the "War on Islamic Terroism."

(Saturn's and Uranus' first exact opposition in our time occurs on Nov 4, 2008...US election day. Old vs new, tradition vs the avant garde. Hillary and Obama? Gingrich and Paul? Massive breakdowns of voting equipment? More bridge and building demolishment? Mid-Eastern issues dominate? All I really know about our next annointed is that someone else decides who it will be based on their values, not mine...and that anyone who wants the job of US president needs a serious psychological evaluation, esp "at this juncture.")

1917's Sun/Moon 21Leo52, "22Leo" = "A carrier pigeon": ENLIGHTENMENT...

pos: a complete mastery of all things through the normal processes of thought;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a lack of simple good sense. #

As I said at the start, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

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