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Nov 1, 2007

NYSE plunge, Bernanke, and Eclipses

Stocks are plunging on oil, credit worries while the transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint (cruelty; hard work; loss) is still within orb of Fed head Ben Bernanke's natal Mars/Neptune conjunction.

Saturn/Pluto = Mars: assault; ruthlessness; violence; fighting battles to keep things going; a gun with a cork in its barrel; enormous undercurrents of frustration. (midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Saturn/Pluto = Neptune: being doubted; not being seen for who one really is; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear. (PROMIS software scares me, too.)

Another thing that's fearful is that our now-in-effect Solar Eclipse--the one on Sept 11, 2007--falls into Bernanke's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, personalizing it for him within its 18.6 year cycle.

And of course having a natal Mars-Neptune conj indicates one who has conflicts between the impulse to act (Mars) and the willingness to accept responsibility for actions taken (Neptune's undermining effect.)

Yes, there's a lot of that going around Washington, isn't there? Bernanke can't clearly see the burden of guilt and there's a tendency to ignore reality! Bubbles everywhere. Except for one thing--'the elite' know full well what they're doing to America. Others don't always cooperate as they wish, but the rich have "options" the rest of us don't have, so to them it's all good.

Here are some previous Fed-Bernanke-NYSE posts:

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And be sure to visit, if you haven't, Patrick Wood's excellent The August Review where the good fight for America's sake is being fought.

With Bernanke's natal Sun/Jupiter ($) opposition, the Fed head is prone to taking risks and is afraid of competition--he tends to takes great chances when he should be more careful. There's self-deception with Sun oppo Jupiter and others sense it...

...not that the Bush administration couldn't use such a tool.

The undermining of America rolls along and the failure of the US dollar is part of the game, m'peops! "Performer of a mystery play" ("6AQ") is the US natal South Node--aka the 'Medina degree' (Neptune's position when Mohammed entered Medina--the beginning of Islam. Old connections came to call on 9/11/01.)

So read as much as you can about PROMIS software, backdoors, and the selling of the PROMIS software to bin Laden.

In fact, From the Wilderness is a good resource for that sort of info.

It isn't pretty (and connects the Bush-Clinton juggernaut as previously mentioned with the underworld, BCCI, the worldwide terroist network, etc) but we must face reality if any improvements are to be expected and if We-the-American-People have any hope of taking back our government from the radical fascists who now plague and control it.

Their dismantling of the Constitution was/is a must meant to neutralize the people's power--with terror-fighting the excuse, and fear as propaganda's ploy.

And please please forget the R vs D crap (pardon my French)--the divide-and-conquer ploy of selfish war-profiteers who have lied us into war once again and brought the world such misery and woe.

So--is PROMIS' ability to manipulate financial markets in play within today's volatility? How could it not be? I believe that the Y2K smokescreen was part of the game as well.

1999: ahhh, I remember it well:

You don't want an oilman in the White House, said I...but others had different ideas.

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