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Jun 21, 2013

Experts run the world with theories as 2007 Jupiter-Pluto conjunction triggered

Since the New Millennium, we've seen 'experts' running the world via their long held pet theories which have had no history of success. With this weekend's Full Moon @2Cap09--a 'supermoon' (Nolle) because it is closer to Earth than any Full Moon will be until August 2014--its bright light is precisely what their purposefully inept theories that have debilitating consequences for the masses need:

Here are a few rays of illuminating moonlight: Experts now run the world using their theories. What if they fail, and we lose confidence in them? for your consideration.

And since master astrologer Richard Nolle coined the term 'supermoon' to describe a perigee Moon, you may wish to check out his forecasts for the June 23, 2013 Full Moon and more.

June 2013's Downer DOW and the Fed's Jupiter-Pluto

As for the stock market's plunge this week, my schedule overflowed with real world events and I wasn't able to make time for an article on financial matters. So I'll briefly mention what I noticed about the week's Fed announcement by Ben Bernanke and the NYSE reaction (which won't be comprehensive at all but here goes...)

Besides today's Summer Solstice 2013 triggering the Cardinal World Points (Sun to 00Can00:00, when important events manifest), the Sun-Jupiter conjunction of the week at 28Gem+ (a degree of Bankruptcy in the Sabian Symbols, as noted in a previous post) opposed the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto @28Sag23 on December 11, 2007, also a day of a Fed announcement.

The Jupiter-Pluto pair (big bankers, plutocrats exploiting the masses, organizers of large projects, professors of law, pursuers of fanatical aims, speculators and squanderers, influential criminal elements, extreme depletion of resources) conjoined within 15 minutes of Mr. Bernanke's public remarks that day and of course the coming Bush Depression-Financial Collapse of 2008 was in the wind in December 2007 had many only realized it.

My point is that this week's Sun-Jupiter conjunction was something of a double whammy for the beginning of the current Jupiter-Pluto cycle for Sun and Jupiter both opposed 2007's banking Jupiter and wealth manipulator, power-mad Pluto.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Jupiter denotes an unfavorable time for religious and political activities (Obama in Europe and at the G8 Summit in Ireland this week has been called disappointing) and people may be all show with little substance (don't get me started on "amateur hour" in Congress+ this week!)

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Jupiter is a period when discontent with wealth or status is evident and discouraging comparisons (Speaker Boehner?) are made along with overblown efforts which impress no one.

2013 Sun oppo 2007 Pluto is not a good time for power plays, it's impossible when investigating to get to the bottom of situations, and ego-bruising conditions may abound for those in power.

2013 Jupiter oppo 2007 Pluto denotes a period of gross mismanagement, overrating conditions or people is a hazard that will cause regret, and contests of wills occur involving financial matters including taxes (IRS), debt, insurance (Affordable Care Act?), and inheritances.

Well, not much jolliness for our Full Moon weekend in June with these transits, is there? But of course as with all matters, Astrology brings to the table what no other system of analysis can bring: the element of Time so that we are assured that, after all, This Too Will Pass.


Astro-Note: there's another reason for my busy-ness this week: tomorrow a comprehensive 'Stars Over Washington Report' will be made available for electronic delivery, its topic: America's Solar Return 2013. The SR Report is 'good for' a year and I hope you'll consider ordering yourself a copy of this PDF report, suitable for printing! Watch this blog and my Twitter feed for details.

Wishing you all a Happy Weekend! Jude

Sep 13, 2012

9.13.12 The Fed announces under Thor's Hammer

A horosocope set for September 13, 2012 at 2:15 pm edt (the Fed's usual announcement hour after meetings) in Washington DC shows a planetary pattern called 'Thor's Hammer' or 'Fist of God' involving the difficult, ongoing Uranus-Pluto square aimed at the Moon 21Leo23 in 8th house of Shared Resources and Transformation. Since the Moon signifies The People in Mundane Astrology and this Moon position basically opposes US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People), I assume Thor's Hammer is aimed at the American people. Which may not be a bad thing considering.

If the Fed announces quantitative easing #3 in order to "shore up" EU conditions --the euro is getting a boost today, I hear--and if they prop up mortgage-backed securities in the US in order to aid our still-languishing housing market, the US economy may actually show more improvement than it lately has. Then I could gladly file today's Fed announcement of plans for future growth in SO'W's Whoopee! Department.

And with Jupiter now @15Gem40 and soon in process of a retrograde period, the Great Benefic has and will conjoin the Fed's natal Saturn 13Gem21 Rx indicating some lifting of restrictions and burdens. Of course, you know that transit Pluto in early Capricorn the last two years has conjoined the Fed's natal Sun 1Cap17 while simultaneously opposing the Fed's natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx creating a titanic and global struggle for power and control. We see hints of this in the ongoing problems in the European Community (EU) which adversely affects the economy across the pond (US) and its tentacled connection to our financial system from the City of London and other financial capitals of international banking houses which rule governments more fully than most people care to admit.

The Fed's natal Mars-Neptune conjunction in Cancer (both planets Rx) actually opposes US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx which forms a midpoint picture--Mars-Neptune = Pluto: tendency to cause damage brutally to others or to suffer likewise (Ebertin) which relates to the Fed's origins in secret in November 1910 (Jekyll Island, GA) and its aftermath as the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank became law on December 23, 1913--shoved through Congress though most legislators had already left Washington for the hoildays. A secretive bunch of banking cabalists are they.

And by the way: today's Sun (@21Vir21 at 2:15 pm) conjoins Fixed Star Denebola: 'to go against society' which also relates to a doltish US Congress set to pass a stop-gap measure this afternoon to keep the government funded for another 6 months. Joy. But that's if they can put aside playing Politics along enough with America now under threat of another credit downgrade, thanks mostly to a jackassian GOP.

As for the Fed, QE3 may or may not make much difference to their shaping of a "stronger" US economy. (" " from Bernanke's statement after their recent Jackson Hole WY cabal--his statement was not recorded but partially quoted on NPR. For more info see today's Fed Stimulus Expected, But Remedy May Not Be Right from NPR--note that 'remedy' = Chiron now in compassionate if confused, deceptive Pisces!

Now if you're interested, here's the data I used to set up Fed's natal horoscope:

December 23, 1913 12:07:10 pm est (Sun @MC, Pluto @IC) Capitol Building Washington DC; as you see, in 2013 the Fed will be 100 years old. That's a century of throttling of the US government by a private group of international banking houses for they are the varmints who set up the entity and so happily forced America under the thumb of a global Central Bank--at last, a coup for Alexander Hamilton! And that with the collusion of most of the US Congress of 1913, and with the help of Presidents Taft (1910) and Wilson (1913.)

Also in 2013, the Fed's second round of Chiron Returns begin and it's a three-fer (natal Chiron 10Pis56) which are exact on:

1. May 24, 2013; 2. Sep 14, 2013 3. Jan 21, 2014. Perhaps by then we'll know and understand their truest and deepest Quest.


Blog Note: Though I haven't time to post horoscopes concerning the ongoing crises in Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, my deepest condolences go to those who are personally suffering the devastating losses incurred by what seem to be coordinated terrorist acts mounted undercover of the understandable outcry of Muslims 'thanks' to the release of an Arabic translation of an inflammatory, amateurish film debasing their prophet Mohammed. Very bad form, mysterious 'film maker' in hiding. You, in a word, suck. jc

Astro-Note: the Sabian Symbol for today's Sun degree '22Virgo' = "A Flag at Half-Mast in Front of a Public Building" as ordered by President Obama ('Sun') in honor of America's loss of embassy personnel in Libya.

Sep 8, 2012

Quantitative Easing Explained (video) w Jupiter-Neptune

The Fed's 'Quantitative Easing' of Inflationary Jupiter-Neptune

by Jude Cowell w Video by Omid Malekan

If you've visited SO'W before you know this dissenting American blogger has done quite a bit of grousing over Fed actions and its shady beginnings, and no less so now. Even just yesterday I blogged about the planetary imprint or signature which seals its meanings and themes into the Obama administration and which will affect his legacy as president (Jan 20, 2009 until noon of January 21, 2013.)

Yet if Mr. Obama is re-elected, the Jupiter-Neptune combo of energies will continue in the background of his second term. Expansive Jupiter and merging Neptune will meet next in 2022 @23Pis59 conj NYSE's natal *MC 23Pis21); or, if another man is selected for Oval Office duty in 2012, Jupiter-Neptune will flavor events, plans, grand schemes, religious flowerings, and more with major associated events and circumstances timed by the pair's aspects to one another as they circle in their orbits--as seen from Earth. Either way, controlling the inflationary qualities of the pair won't be easy and may not be possible, even if that is the Fed's true motivation.

Happily I find that Omid Malekan has updated his video library since I visited so I chose two of my favorites concerning the Fed and "the Ben Bernank", as he's called therein. If clear explanations are your preference and Financial Collapse 2007/08 remains an issue for you and yours, check out the two videos and think of how secretive the what-became-known-as the Fed's planning session on Jekyll Island, Georgia was in 1910 and how the White House and the US Congress colluded with NY bankers and politicians to morph a utopian take-over fantasy into political and legal reality through the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank set up by an Act of Congress.

And of course for something that unpopular, the culprits sneakily pushed through the legislation on December 23, 1913 when Capitol Hill's Christmas recess had begun and many chambers, halls, and seats were empty of anyone who might've objected to forming a central bank a la Alexander Hamilton-style. For if we're talking Jupiter-Neptune, we're talking visionaries and scoundrels out for their main chance and successfully linking treasuries of the US with that of Britain (City of London) in spite of all the fighting and sacrifices our ancestors did to free us from the grip of the British Empire. Shams and Mystery Plays!

As the video reminds us, the Fed has been wrong about everything from the start and maintains plenty of air with which to blow things up: the Fed wants an inflated economy that continues giving Goldman-Sachs all advantages and leads to a global financial collapse when they're good'n'ready.

Guess it probably should go without saying that the New York Stock Exchange was formed (by a small group, again) on May 17, 1792 under the auspices of a previous Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Libra in 4th house, both retrograde in late degrees, a section of the Zodiac where Saturn has lumbered recently (on his way to Scorpio):

NYSE's Jupiter-Neptune = transit Saturn 2011/12: consequences issuing from false hopes; lack of confidence; pessimism; disappointments (Ebertin); possible self-delusion; breakdown of idealization (Tyl); any, all, or none may apply.

So as everyone freely admits, the NYSE is a rigged casino. And it's a natural law that Jupiterian-Neptunian bubbles must always go pop! Now. How to shoehorn the varmints out?

*Jupiter-Neptune (2022) = natal MC (1792): visionaries; spendthrifts; speculators; fortune-hunters; philanthropists; squanderers; damage through thoughtlessness; political conflicts (Ebertin); over-indulgences of all kinds (Tyl.) Sounds mighty familiar, hmm?

Jun 8, 2012

We Meet Again: Sen Bernie Sanders w Fed's Ben Bernanke (video 6.7.12)

On June 7, 2012, my favorite senator, Vermont's Bernie Sanders, lightly yet pointedly grilled Fedhead Ben Bernanke and their exchange included cooperation on foxes such as JP Morgan's Jamie Dimon guarding the US henhouse and banks too big for America's own good. Well, I truly hope improvement for the American people comes from Senator Sanders' proposed legislation yet I have my doubts:

One of the mentions from Mr. Bernanke was that Congress set up the Federal Reserve System with big bankers sitting on its board. (That was a bit disengenuous of him but read on.) Well, as a token improvement perhaps Jamie Dimon's tenure on the board may be in question after the recent fiasco (said to have been executed by a trader they call The London Whale--see below) but the big wigs in the Fed's earliest days, both bankers and politicians (as Bernanke obliquely referenced) knew precisely what they were doing--in complete secrecy--and it was on behalf of foreign banks and bankers whose spawn today retain control of the US government by way of a central banking system whose octopal tentacles stretch directly across The Pond to the City of London, a financial entity unto itself.

Now on the night of November 22, 1910, a sealed railway car with shades drawn left a Hoboken NJ train station for an undisclosed location carrying Senator Nelson Aldrich, German banker Paul Warburg, agents of J. P. Morgan, and other wealthy luminaries intent on completing a secret mission. For two weeks they holed up at a private reserve allegedly on a 'duck hunting' jaunt which, as we now know, hunted only total control of America's money and credit, ostensibly in response to the financial Panic of 1907 though the group's lucrative purview has lasted far into the future. Inclusion in the "Jekyll Island Club" was by inheritance with intermarriage an obvious necessity.

The result of their high-handed perfidy, and with transiting Neptune Rx in late Cancer opposing US natal Pluto Rx in late Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business and giving our nation an eroded power vibe) was that on *December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve Act in the form of a European-directed central banking system was forced upon the American people and it's been bubbles, busts, and rich-get-richer fraud ever since. Hence the pyramid (scheme) with its all-seeing eye of tracking that they placed on 'our' paper money which they print whenever it suits their manipulative purposes.

So after the engineered Collapse of 2008--so similar to the Panic of 1907--does anyone (even the erstwhile Senator Bernie Sanders) honestly believe that control of the US financial henhouse in 2012 will be willingly and graciously shared with citizens serving on the Federal Reserve Board? Will this wimpy yet rigid Congress stand up to the Fed's overarching control? Or is the above exchange merely Politcal Theater meant to soothe the masses who have every right to throw all the bums out?

Recommended reading: Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The London Connection by Eustace Mullins; Kindle version available.

*Federal Reserve Act: December 23, 1913 reveals the organization or syndicate to be Sun in Capricorn-Moon in Scorpio, a shrewd blend that combines the ambitious (and perhaps satanic) mountain goat with the Scorpionic Eagle indicating that the Fed's goals, beliefs, values, and vision are shared obsessions among their exclusive members. But government-run and Congress-led they definitely are not.

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Apr 30, 2012

May 5, 2012: Scorpio Full Moon w 00Cap Rising

Astro-Notes on the May 5, 2012 Full Moon @ 16Sco01

by Jude Cowell

Do you know that the May 5, 2012 Full Moon is called "Wesak" and as such celebrates Buddha's birth and enlightenment? For more info, please allow expert astrologer Dipali Desai to fill you in on that and more concerning the May 5 Full Moon which happens to manifest on Cinco de Mayo.

Plus, the May Full Moon falling in early Spring makes it the Flower Moon of 2012 so this lunation is simply full of meaning on many levels, isn't it?

One level is within the realm of Political Astrology and when the lunation horoscope is set for Washington DC, we find controlling Saturn 24Lib40 Rx (the Old Man, Task Bringer, Lesson Teacher, and the planet I often use to signify the Democratic Party which is older than the Republican Party though both their natal horoscopes contain Saturnian themes and traits, of course--and sometimes they switch roles between Jupiter's expansion and Saturn's restriction. In a phrase (politically speaking), checks and balances, the way the US government was meant to work.)

Now with Midheaven indicating the WHY? Point of any chart (or, 'The Goal'), we may expect issues of control, restriction, and delay to predominate, and for the Democratic Party to continue to be under attack by the GOP during this Campaign 2012 year. And of course, the May 5 Full Moon is the culmination-fulfillment stage of something begun at the last New Moon two weeks ago (April 21, 2012 @ 1Tau35, 3:18 am edt in DC, with NN '5Sag' at MC, and mid-Aquarius rising.)

Additionally, 10th H Saturn, its own house, is exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice (another 'balance' reference)--and with US natal Saturn in mid-Libra--we think of ongoing SCOTUS cases and the Justices veering to The Right (5 of them at the least) which is proving disastrous for our tattered democracy, what there is left of it.

Angular and Able to Act: 4/10 axis = Mercury/Saturn

Opposite Saturn is Mercury 24Ari51 conjunct IC (End of the Matter; The Drain; Real Estate: Homeland; Security v Public Status) showing Mercury/Saturn themes (serious business; dishonest people; philosophers-thinkers-planners) to those concerns and bringing in the influences of Mars 6Vir23 in 8th house and Pluto 9Cap24 Rx in 1st house; Pluto rising = major events out-of-personal-control?; Cap is ruled by Saturn, as you know, and Virgo is ruled by Mercury--Mars conjoins President Obama's natal Pluto in Virgo, as we've discussed previously (a karmic task to fulfill? issues of revenge, jealousy, big projects? weapons of war? nuclear issues? zealotry? any or all?)

What's Rising? Pluto Rx--and US natal Pluto

ASC 00Cap35, a World Point of Manifestation, and one corner of the very active Cardinal Cross so 00Cap35 'fingers' the May 5, 2012 Full Moon as being more significant for America than Spring flowers blooming. This degree recalls Pluto's entry into Capricorn in early 2008 when tr Jupiter was in process of opposing our nation's natal planets in Cancer (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun)--just as Pluto was readying to do so, but more slowly. Financial and political concerns in the US were being opposed by tremendous powers in high (low, hidden, foreign) places--and still are, with US n Sun yet to be fully opposed (13Can/Cap = critical-crisis degrees); then later US n Mercury Rx @ '25Can' ("A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power") will be up against wealthy, powerful Pluto of the Underworld but not until about 2017 (using a 5-degree orb.) As I'm sure you've noticed or read elsewhere, year 2020 looks to be a doozy in the making, for this and other astrological, political, and societal reasons.)

Jupiter and Pluto Met Secretly and Schmoozed Over Big Fat Plans

Pluto entered Capricorn only weeks after the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto on December 11, 2007 @ 28Sag24 as the plutocrat-banker-wheeler-dealer duo met for a champaign toast on the very afternoon of a regular meeting of the Federal Reserve Bank of America--and within mintues of Fedhead Ben Bernanke walking to the microphone and delivering their royalist message to an in-process-of-being-heisted-from American people. Recession in the US began in December 2007 and times when the systemic cracks and fraudster robberies could no longer be kept hidden from the public with the full force of Jupiter-Pluto exploding in December 2008 near the very end of the Bush presidency.

Do you know I remain in a major snit of miffdom over their Big Heist? Because I do. Their historial bubble-bust pattern is clear. Yet if President Obama had done a lot more for Main Street and for struggling homeowners, I'd feel quite differently even though Politics is only Theater, dahlink, meant for public consumption, with the real deals happening behind the shadowy curtain. Actually, the June 5-6, 2012 Venus Transit may time a similar scenario when unusual or unsuspected alliances are formed or re-committed to--or are broken off. Watch for 'musical chairs' among national leaders as the Summer season nears--and odd or strange happenings with little if any explanation given for them.

So! Saturn as the May 5 Full Moon's chart-ruler does make one major applying aspect in the horoscope, a trine with evaluating Venus 22Gem21, in 6th house (DC) and conjoining US natal Mars, a time when desires are enhanced.

Now if only the desires of the American people carried an appropriate amount of weight with Washington politicians, the servants (6th H) we've sent there to do The People's business and bidding! Yet the 6th H also relates to military service and with the Mercury/IC degrees as they are (22--25 Aries), I always think of the natal MC of George W. Bush. And you know what quagmires he and his globalist pals got us into from January 2001 to January 2009.

Okay, that's almost enough Political Astrology chatting for today. Here's an illustration for what I hope is a very lovely and healing Full Moon for you and yours in Mars-ruled/Pluto-sub-ruled Scorpio, sign of secrets, but also of regeneration:

Flower Moon 2012; to view more pencil art mosey to my Jude Cowell Art Shop at Zazzle for merchandise like pillows and wall posters, Secret Moon Art for gallery views, or even Cosmic Persona Designs...if you're daring enough and over age 17.

Now here are the "Images for Integration" for the Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend of the May 5, 2012 Full Moon--intense, successful, and celebrated:

"Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld...A celebrated surgeon amasses a fortune...A successful businessman probes the mysteries of life." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Any of these sound like public figures past or present?

Well, Sun Tau-Moon Sco is shared natally by Prince Charles, Michael Dukakis, Erwin Rommel, Michael Crichton, Clifford Irving, and two former US presidents: plutonic Harry Truman, and Warren G. Harding who informed us in previously difficult times that,

"Our country needs not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration."

No matter how Mr. Harding may have meant his prescription then (and politicians always seem to have a default script running in their backgrounds!), to me his sentiments certainly apply to the current kittens-in-string condition of the United States of America--compliments of our elitist political class, SCOTUS, and the banking behemoths who direct, and own, them all.

Sep 20, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protests: Corralling the Bull (video)

It's been a busy couple of weeks here and since I'm feeling remiss for not blogging about the Occupy Wall Street protests that have been going on since Saturday September 17 in Zuccotti Park, NYC, here are two video reports on the situation.

It makes me proud to say that several hundred+ Americans are acting on their principles and though it's become quite novel these days for justice to triumph in America, it's way past time that the Bailouts of Big Banks become Jailouts.

Arrests and police brutality accompanied their peaceful demonstrations...and NY police 'corralled the Wall Street Bull'--to protect the statue from peaceful protestors, Americans to whom the sculptor Di Modica dedicated the beastly statue when it was installed in the middle of Broad Street on December 15, 1989!

How tragic that no one in authority has corralled the financial crooks of Wall Street to protect us from their bull.

And how interesting that the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the Bull's installation on December 15, 1989 is the 9 New South which repeated @ 19Virgo (not too far from US natal Neptune 22Vir25--Virgo, sign of Work and Employment) on *September 11, 2007 and is one background factor that timed the subprime mess leading to Financial Crash 2008.

9 New South = 'long term worries, paperwork, or communications issues are brought to the surface; a worrying piece of news arrives which may feel fated or karmic; responsibilities with paperwork come home to roost'. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Oh, and another thing: 9 New South is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of Fedhead Ben Bernanke and since eclipses are 'wild cards' of the Universe--able to change conditions in a flash--he might have been waiting patiently for that solar card to be laid on Wall Street's table.


*Horoscope shown; post is sans edits. jc

Aug 17, 2011

Why Obama, the GOP, and the US Gov won't lift a finger to help our nation stay a nation

So Many Questions, One Big Fat Answer

by Jude Cowell

Why doesn't President Obama get tough with Republicans? Why aren't Wall Street banksters in prison? Why are so few companies hiring? Why is the Supreme Court acting like royal monarchists? Why can't foreclosed home mortgages be redeemed and families kept in their homes? Why are our war vets sleeping under bridges? And why did the dog bark at midnight?

The people's list of puzzling questions seems endless and most Americans feel that little of consequence has been or is being done to really improve our financial condition and jobs market since Financial Collapse 2008 which blew up officially on September 15, 2008: because no one believable is answering them.

If you want a sincere answer, New Dawn Magazine has published perhaps the best explanation of the long-devised goal of a World Government that I've yet to find, and perhaps you may agree.

Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government lays things out in easy-reading detail including what's going on now with a fracturing European Union (as Nostradamus predicted) and Germany's stubborn refusal to provide financial aid to the EU's poorer nations (which are in process of being enveloped while Middle Eastern 'rogue nations' have been poised to take their falls, too. Future puppets wait in the wings.)

History a Process

If you were around in the late 1990s, perhaps you noticed that the Soviet Bloc 'fell' just as the EU was being implemented (1999) and Putin became the Soviet darling. Although it was murky at the start, the EU now shows itself to be a proto-World Government struggling--or dramatizing--their own demise as its Nation-States mull over returning to their traditional currencies...all part of the World Government script.

Now if you've read this blog before this moment, you've noted my use of the term 'New World Order' ('NWO') or 'one-world-government' which are all the same entity and agenda...World Government. Very few politicians on the public stage are not part of the agenda though they only know the part of the plan in which they collude--the old 'need to know' ploy is used because it works. The more secretly they can act, the more efficiently things go--for the manipulators, that is.

World Capitals Will Be...Transformed

Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfort, Strasbourg, Washington DC (Military center, of course), London, Rome, Jerusalem--all figure into the dissolution of the Nation-State now in progress. And if you don't know this, perhaps you can feel it: their plan is that the USA must be collapsed because no one country can be allowed power concentrated in one place when dispersed, de-centralized power is what the Global Power Elite have envisioned for centuries, such good little 'Utopians' all.

Lurking Somewhere in Astrology...

So with transit Uranus now in Mars-ruled Aries until 2018/19, the revolutionary Utopians have plenty of time in which to fully implement their agenda of world domination with other planets (actors) and dynamic planetary patterns aiding and abetting by aspect, off and on by transit.

In fact, if you use the 'Sibly' version of America's *natal horoscope with its 00Ari53 IC (4th cusp of Home, Domestic Scene, Homeland; AP = a World Point of Manifestation), Utopians have entered the Foundation of our national structure more deeply than since the last time Uranus reached Aries Point (AP) in 1927/28 (see below for dates and a few events that may seem similar to today's happenings. Pluto was in the sign opposite to its current one, Capricorn indicating that plutonian masters were With America then--conjoining, not challenging our natal Venus, Sun, Jupiter trio in Cancer--but now wealthy stealthy Pluto opposes the US trio. Plus, Mr. Organized Crime is within orb of conjoining Britain's natal Sun--and London is the intended Financial center of the World Government.)

Yes, quirky, explosive, political operative Uranus in US natal 4th house--which can act earlier or later than the transit promises--introduces unstable conditions, temporary arrangements, and circumstances over which people who once did, have no control. Unanticipated events and unusually odd people may appear as independence concerns vie with traditional responsibilities. Things begin and end abruptly and family ties change, often due to unexpected crises. Chaos is on the Uranian menu, sorry to say, and strikes, riots, and protests are on the upswing.

If this 4th house info sounds familiar to you, you may have just verified the correct American natal horoscope! But be that as it may, the above linked article is a must-read for those who wish a fuller understanding for Why President Obama and others are not 'helping' our financial circumstances any more efficiently or quickly than heretofore.

Also implicated are the Uranian weirdos who used the word "default" during the staged 'debt ceiling-default crisis' we were 'treated' to in July--morning, noon, and night until August 2, 2011 when the staged 'crisis' was allegedly 'averted' (Whew! we were expected to say in trembling unison as the media beat its importance into our noggins. Personally I said, Political Theater--puh! create a crisis then pretend to 'solve' it, but that's just how I am. Seriously, my church clued me in to the World Government agenda over 30 years ago but I was hoping the totalitarians would hold off until I'm history, chicken that I am. To paraphrase Scripture concerning the latter days: 'No one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast'. You doubt? Then you must not be watching the news much these days! Don't blame you actually. Their plan reeks of starkness.)

So! All this to say that the New Dawn Magazine article is highly recommended for an overview of what's really going on and why nothing is being improved as we-the-people would expect so please do pass it around if you may. For in sharing the info you may be doing some sand-headed ostrich a favor--and maybe the coming Holograms of Fakery won't be such a big surprise, and more of us will know exactly who to blame for the false flag ops now being planned to keep us in line. These are operations designed to make the MSM-touted World Government seem to be the only entity big enough to 'deal' with such massive problems--some we've seen (environmental disasters, terrorist plots and schemes, credit crunch, etc), and some are being tweaked right now for unleashing at the moment the Global Power Elite decrees it will have the most effect on psyches and notions of decent futures.

Theirs is an interlocking, interfacing, complex and holistic matrix which is tactically flexible but strategically and rigidly unbending with the prospect of collapsing the US dollar and undermining the Euro as European countries potentially separate from the EU turning up every day in the news like a steady drumbeat.

Therefore, if this agenda to crash America and other nations is even remotely true, it makes them all traitors. Not just Ben Fedhead Bernanke.

And even, possibly, the anti-Bernanke candidate, preacher Rick Perry.


*Sibly horoscope for America: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising and a 10th house 'fallen from grace' Saturn if responsibilities aren't honored and authenticity isn't upheld.

The Last Time Uranus Conjoined US natal IC and Burst into 4th House

1. April 16, 1927
2. Oct 9, 1927
3. Feb 5, 1928

A few Events of 1927 which may resemble those of 2010/2011:

In US, Herbert Hoover is elected president (heard of comparisons between Hoover and Obama lately?); the Irish parliament decrees revolutionary societies treasonable; Allied military control of Germany ends; in Portugal a revolt erupts against military dictatorship (now it's financial dictatorship); diplomatic relations are broken off between China and the USSR; Hitler publishes volume 2 of Mein Kampf; exciting (Uranus) archaeological discoveries are made at the site of the ancient Babylonian city of Ur of the Chaldees (like Uranus!); Werner Heisenberg regales the world with his Uncertainty Principle--how Uranian of him.

Then Came 1928:

Stalin introduces the first Five Year Plan for a state-driven economy; borrowed money is used to buy shares on the NYSE (wish we could walk that back); in the US the first African-American congressman of the 20th century is elected, Oscar De Priest,
the French franc is devalued; and in Paris, 65 countries sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounced "war as an instrument of national policy."

Click to read the Pact and the names of the signators. Here's its lofty, now very lamentable, beginning:

"Deeply sensible of their solemn duty to promote the welfare of mankind;..." How soon they forget.

When was the last time you heard a US politician tout the "welfare of mankind"?

In closing, here's a blast from a more distant American past:

"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God's service when it is violating all His laws."

John Adams

Aug 9, 2011

The Fed speaks w Mercury/Neptune opposed 8.9.11

Ben Bernanke speaks @ 2:15 pm edt after Fed meeting Aug 9, 2011

by Jude Cowell

When the Fed's Ben Bernanke is scheduled to speak today in Washington DC at 2:15 pm edt, rising is money/big business sign Scorpio (21:40), Midheaven 2Vir38 is ruled by Mercury Rx 29Leo19 conjunct MC from 9th house and conjoining Royal Fixed Star Regulus (now @ 00Vir00), keywords: success if revenge is avoided.

Opposite the 29th-degreed (critical; crisis) Mercury is nebulous Neptune 29AQ53 Rx conjunct Chiron 3Pis00 Rx, not a stable 'base' (IC 2Pis38, ruled and co-ruled by speculators Jupiter/Neptune; 4th H = Real Estate, the millstone round our necks) so his remarks or ideas may not carry much weight. Also just entered into 4th H sizzles Uranus 4Ari12 Rx (Uranus in Aries = Utopians) conjoining the 2:15 pm chart's Part of Fortune 3Ari31.

With Mercury retrograde, Mr. Bernanke repeats what's been said before and/or reconsiders his and the board of governors' views and plans--their meeting's purpose, one assumes. As the planet of Communications, Announcements, Speeches, Trade, Commerce, and Decisions, trickster Mercury's Rx Neptunian condition may not help in the confidence department even though that is just what global markets need most at the moment.

And with a Mercury/Neptune opposition across the Home/Security--Public Status/Career axis (4/10), plans are confusing, deceptive, and/or illusory. Mr. Bernanke's thoughts and remarks may be inspired, yes--or delusionary, and most people agree that the Fed folk have few if any arrows left in their quiver for jiggling things into a more positive direction. The Fed's real plans may be veiled (big surprise!)

(Or, if you're like me, you believe our economic condition since 2008 has been engineered on purpose for what Utopians think is a 'greater cause'--a New World Order. But that topic is beyond the scope of today's article. If you're interested, scroll down a bit and type a term into this blog's Search Bar.)

Of course, the Fed could buy up more securities to create liquidity, something the money-printing Jupiter/Pluto pair of large project managers and big bankers may prefer--Jupiter and Pluto now trine one another yet are separating (4S25) in materialistic earth signs (Tau/Cap.)

As you know, liquidity is a province of the bubbly, spendthrifty Jupiter/Neptune duo--NYSE was born with a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in late Libra. Perhaps the Jupiter/Pluto-esque Fed will de-quiver the securities-buy-up arrow and set it flying high into Jupiter/Neptune's grand scheme territory in spite of inflation worries.

Also rising--on the ASC, in fact, at 2:15 pm--is the depressive Moon/Saturn midpoint which also indicates: awareness of ambition, direction, strategy (Tyl); thus a midpoint picture is formed: Moon/Saturn = ASC: a reserved self-presentation; a strong need for emotional control. That's our Ben.

Soon to rise is the difficult Saturn/Pluto midpoint 24Sco09--with ASC = an environment giving the impression of silent power or continuing influence (Ben hopes); concentrating on important matters; assessment of how to work with those who have power or influence; sadness. Well, everyone is feeling sad these days unless their incomes fall into the top 2%.

Now money planet Jupiter is in bullish Taurus (9:39) in Cadent 6th H indicating financial preparations (and military spending weakening our employment investments), and it's interesting that Jupiter is in greedy Taurus as world markets plummet. Someone is making tons of money! Jupiter's Station Rx on August 30, 2011 @ 10Tau20 indicates a retrenching of some kind in financial matters (and possibly in faith and ideological concepts, too.)

So what about the 2nd H of Money, here ruled by bullish Jupiter, co-ruler of the 4th H of Real Estate? North Node (NN @ 22Sag11) and powerful, secretive Pluto 5Cap14 Rx snug around the Moon 28Sag41 creating a very descriptive midpoint picture of what's going on with the populace (Moon):

Pluto/NN = Moon: inhibitions in development; reaching for the big picture; ambition, or there is too much fear to take action.

Perhaps you've noticed in the news lately the word "balance"? NN conjoins Fixed Star Ras Alhague, keywords: a desire to create balance or to heal. NN = future direction, the path and you don't need Astrology to know that balance is what's required. My common good politics tell me that addressing the financial inequality gap in the US is what this indicates, yet it's precisely what the power elite seem determined to avoid--and their intransigence is triggering the Uranus/Pluto square into riots, strikes, protests, and revolution.

Opposite 2nd H in another money house, the 8th, lurks out-of-bounds Mars 4Can15 and since he is OOBs, I have no idea what he's up to, do you? Mayhem cannot be ruled out for we see his feiry actions in the Uk now. Mars rules disruptive Uranus in Aries, and the 5th H of Gambling and Risk-Taking (5th cusp 4Ari30), and is chart-ruler through Scorpio rising--see below for his applying aspects which tell how Bernanke's remarks will proceed.

Ongoing is the oft-mentioned picture still in force: Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: imagination v reality; coming down to earth with a bump; sudden recognition of a difficult situation.

Plus, Mars/Pluto = Uranus: sudden calamities of great consequence (the stock market plummet included and violent riots in the UK--jc); cruelty, violence, brutality; dangerous sense of attack; a chip on one's shoulder; fight first, talk later.

In 9th H of Philosophy and Foreign Lands are Sun 16Leo49 and evaluating Venus 14Leo58 yet they are intercepted in 9th H which describes the few options for action available for ego-expansion and goals. Venus rules 6th H (Tau) and 11th H of Groups, Associations, Hopes/Wishes with Saturn posited there @ 13Lib03--poised for the third of three conjunctions with US natal Saturn (14:48) on August 28, 2011, a key date in the current American tableaux as our accountability chickens come home to roost and previous slackness surfaces to be dealt with--positively or negatively. Saturn does sextile (60 degr; opportunity) Venus but the aspect is separating.

The Beginning Is in the Ending

There are more factors worth mentioning but 2:15 pm nears so I'll close with what I should have begun with--the applying aspects of chart-ruler/s (Mars, and also Pluto, if you prefer.)


1. opposes co-ruler Pluto across the 2/8--not so good a portent, 0A59--the initial response to Mr. Bernanke's remarks may be stalemate and disagreement; a major power play is described.

2. semi-squares Sun, a minor yet irritating relationship (2A25.)

3. opposes Moon (5A34)--wait till we-the-people get a load of what his remarks indicate--anger, annoyance, provocation.

(Another midpoint picture may fill out the scene: Moon/Pluto = Mars: too much energy not knowing where to go (or money going into gold?); frustration and anger; an intense emotional crisis. (This is only temporary, dear investors--calm down, stop whining, and step up!))

Pluto makes no other applying aspects in the chart other than the Mars/Pluto opposition and his overbearing conjunction with the Moon. The Moon/Pluto pair indicates exaggerated new plans, zeal, and/or upheavals. Zealous Mars/Pluto = excessive effort, extreme force, and/or persuasion, control, brutality.

Pluto/NN = common destiny of a large mass of people--not good, imho, with the people sandwiched between this 'connections or encounters (NN) with the powerful (Pluto.)'

This horoscope indicates to me that today's announcement concerning our nation's current economic condition and what the Fed may do next will require quite a performance from Mr. Bernanke if it's not to cause markets to react negatively.

And we-the-people are already frustrated and angry with the greedy power elite who seem determined to crash the US and global economies while gutting our valuable social safety net--today's tension-filled, emotionally volatile Moon/Uranus square shows that the American people feel we are not being given an even break in the "shared sacrifices" department--because we're not.

Well, I'm glad I'm not Fedhead today. Not that I'd ever have wanted to be a wonk for the NWO. My bet is placed squarely upon we-the-people who are now Awakening!

For more on Ben Bernanke, here's a non-edited post written in February 2006 upon the occasion of his very first 'Fedhead shout-out'.


Midpoint pictures and planetary combos: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none of the mdpt pictures may apply.

Progressives of note: Center for American Progress and Thom Hartmann, my main go-to guy.

Jun 22, 2011

Obama on Troop Withdrawals: Sun/Pluto = Uranus (6.22.11)

Astrology of a Presidential Speech June 22, 2011

by Jude Cowell

At 8:00 pm edt tonight, President Obama addresses the nation concerning the beginning of his promised withdrawal of US troops from foreign sands and occupied lands. In remembrance of Colin Powell's unheeded admonition of 2003, "we broke it" but we can't fix it, and now our nation is broken, too. Part of someone's plan all along? I believe so though naturally you are welcome to disagree with this tiny little blogging gnat with a common good viewpoint.

Looking at the horoscope for June 22, 2011 8:00 pm edt in Washington DC, the North Node (NN = encounters; meetings; contacts; future direction) @ 23Sag23 is rising and points us toward the Lunar Eclipse @ 24Sag23 of June 15, 2011.

In the Lunar Eclipse post, I mention financial disclosures and other potential revelations from this Jupiter-ruled eclipse so it's interesting to note that Fed Head Ben Bernanke is to make a statement around 2:00 pm edt today (ASC 10Lib55 w Saturn 10Lib31 rising: "11Lib" = "A Professor Peering Over His Glasses"; Mercury 12Can28 at MC 12Can27 with US natal Sun at MC, too...see below for Mercury to US n Sun implications.)

NN conjunct Ascendant indicates one with an ability to shape the personality to fit social trends (see Neptune/MC = ASC, below); the conjunction favors popularity yet may also lead to superficiality with actions based on the lowest common denominator of popularly accepted behavior rather than on fundamental convictions (Sakoian, The Astrologer's Handbook.)

As President Obama Orates

Tonight at 8:00 pm edt, another chart factor is prominent as noted in the title of this post: a dynamic T-Square pattern between the Sun/Pluto opposition pointing toward an apex Uranus (behaving radically in Mars-ruled Aries, and posited in 6th house of Military and Police Service; Moon 25Pis50 approaches disruptive Uranus 4Ari27 in 3rd H of Communications; emotional suffering is denoted by Moon in Pisces and the families of our soldiers can attest to that - it's a 10-year war with no end in sight. Psychotic!

A power-filled midpoint picture is formed by the T-Square participants:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself (or for America? jc); sudden obsession with gaining more power and control; surprising suspicion of basic power; new individual perspectives; rebellion.

Joining this picture as apex planet is America's natal Saturn 14Lib48, so we have:

Sun/Pluto = n Saturn: ruthless overcoming of obstacles; separation by a Higher Power; physical impediments; imprisonment.

(Mdpt pics are from Ebertin, Munkasey, and/or Tyl; as always any, all, or none may apply.)

Is God's Fist Shaking?

Another planetary pattern is a Fist of God formed when two or more planets are squared (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles) and both are sesquisquare (135 degr, an irritant yet dynamic) a third planet/s. Here the 'Fist' is being shaken at MC (The Goal: Aspirations; Public Status) which @ 14Lib58, has US natal Saturn upon it - and America is in the midst of a Saturn Return (when chickens of accountability tend to come home to roost every 28 years or so; as we've seen, the Vietnam War lessons of Saturn have not been learned by lying, war-profiteering Vulcans.) The third and final conjunction to our national Saturn occurs on August 28, 2011.

The Fist of God configuraton also creates midpoint pictures and involves the confused, misdirected, or deceptive motivations and actions of a Mars/Neptune square (a natal echo of the US horoscope 1776):

Mars/Neptune = MC: hopelessness; failures; a state of weakness (ya think? jc); discontent feelings of inferiority (we're not accustomed to those, are we? our government has driven us to it - jc); a lack of energy; success in pushing or prodding ideas upon others; one's own world prevails (ah, the unrealistic White House and Pentagon bubbles of world-government Utopian ideology! jc); integrating messages from dreams in order to overcome anger or fear.

Mars/Neptune = n Saturn: persevering in spite of fear; being taken advantage of; a sense of futility; blockage of anger toward those who avoid reality.

Planet of Communications and Oration, Mercury 12Can59 is in 7th H and now transits US natal Sun (leadership) indicating a couple of days when ego and personal goals are highlighted and there's a strong identification with ideas which then provide a more aggressive, dramatic forum in which to express them. Ideas of others may be appropriated and presented as one's own to create something unique. (Personally, I don't care who gets the credit: Bring Our Troops Home Now and stop exporting terror across the globe. You Utopian idiots have bitten off even more than you can chew.)

Rising: the WHAT? Point of Any Horoscope

ASC 23SAg59 has the Neptune/MC midpoint upon it along with the transiting NN and this forms two midpoint pictures which relate directly with the president's speech and performance this evening:

Neptune/MC = NN: sharing of bad intentions with others; unpleasant associations; bad company; finding others who share the vision; people listen to your dreams of the future.

Neptune/MC = ASC: acting and pretending; pursuit of wrong objectives; uncertainty; insecurity; enhanced need to discuss dreams and visions; settings which allow dreams of the future; strong mental focus on plans for a future direction.

Now with expansive Jupiter as chart-ruler, applying aspects of the Great Benefic tell how things will proceed from tonight's presentation delivered during a disseminating phase (putting out the info and propaganda) of the Moon (publicity.)

In order, Jupiter's applying aspects are:

1. sextile Chiron: seeking opportunities for self-expression and having a forum for advancing an approach to transformation; 'bully pulpit' broadcasting is a perfect vehicle and Jupiter is in bullish Taurus @ '4Tau' = "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

2. sextile Sun 00Can59: puts best foot forward in communications with optimism and confidence (the 'acting and pretending' mentioned above? jc); this Jupiter is well-armed with information, aka, 'an ideas person'; imposing one's priorities leads to success.

3. trine Pluto 6Cap21 Rx: personal influence or control expand - or the impression of having such is successfully conjured; greater understanding of how to gain control is possible; motivation is for social change and others are stimulated toward supporting these efforts; access is given to privileged information.

Altogether, the broadcast (Jupiter's realm) of President Obama's remarks should be successful on some level yet the American people (and people of other nations who prefer harmony and life to war and destruction) may not be much persuaded with relational Venus conjoining South Node, a separative and Saturnian point, so that others (us) are busy or indisposed. And Venus, here ruling Jupiter, relates to money and evaluations - even some congress members now admit we can no longer afford to wage three wars, one of the biggest duhs ever seen in modern times.

(Confession: since the wars' beginnings, I've been completely indisposed to the entire one-world-domination misadventure of the US government overseas and unhappily predicted in The Fray at Slate Magazine years go that Bush-Cheney would lead the US into bankruptcy. Sometimes you just want to be wrong. However, most replies from fellow Fraysters included, 'America is too rich to ever go bankrupt' My thought is that it's taking a combination of outside and inside forces to affect it so the global power elite may fulfill their Great Plan for America to 'build anew upon ruins'.)

So with tonight's presidential speech beginning with wealthy Pluto in 1st house, we may expect unseen, unforeseen, and tremendously powerful forces to influence issues no matter what President Obama says he 'wants' or intends to do. These forces now oppose the Sun (5A07) which will soon reach its 1776 position in America's natal chart (or charts, set for July 4, 1776 with Sun 13Cancer+.)

Then 'Independence Day 2011' will arrive on July 4th with another post soon published here displaying America's Solar Return 2011 Horoscope in which the Sun/Pluto opposition will be angular across the 4/10 security/public status axis and a more exact 'power struggle' opposition of tr Pluto v. America's natal Jupiter 5Can56 will tell the tale of what's being perpetrated by shadowy international figures determined to dismantle (after looting) our nation.

Feb 12, 2011

Ron Paul: US to blame for chaos in Egypt (video)

If you've ever read this blog before you may be aware that this dissenting American's distrust of the US government runs deep as it does for many people. Yet I did think that news of the US (and UK) instigation of the popular revolts in Egypt (Tunisia, Yemen, Algeria, etc) would take at least a few days to come to light after yesterday's ouster of Mubarak.

But theories are surfacing already as International Forecaster's Bob Chapman very ably explains. Beware: the article contains his Bernanke/QE2 insights, and an interview with Rep. Ron Paul on such topics is included as well.

Mr. Chapman also mentions that Hosni Mubarak is still in charge, a potential I feared even as I celebrated yesterday with the good people of Egypt!

As you know, in this world, all is not always as it seems.

For those atop the pyramid of power have secretive ways of insuring win-win situations for themselves which they insist necessitate more and more loss-loss for the rest of us...just as old win-at-any-coster and political theorist *Machiavelli recommended!

*Post includes Nicolo Machiavelli's birth data and natal chart details.

Feb 11, 2011

End the Fed campaign: Bernanke isn't crying (video)

Today a previous post of mine concerning Fedhead Ben Bernanke received a comment with a heads-up to an End the Fed campaign - that all of us write End the Fed across the pyramid with its all-seeing eye on the capstone - upon all our US bills (assuming you have a few.)

And draft Rep. Ron Paul (whose Audit the Fed efforts seem to be gaining support these days) for a presidential run in 2012.

My curiosity was spurred to follow the link provided in the comment and I discovered this video which made me chuckle so here it is for you, if you wish a view and a listen to its tune!

Nov 13, 2010

The Fed's 'quantitative easing' made simple (video)

The Fed's wrong streak continues with even the high-stakes G-20 Summit nations agreeing that another round of 'quantitative easing' in the US is a bad economic idea - unless collapsing the global economy is your ultimate goal, Mr. Bernanke.

Why, many people (like myself) see the Fed's culpable clawprints on every financial bubble and collapse in history. Guess the Federal Reserve Bank's natal Sun/Pluto opposition foreshadows its future (now?) realignment which such an opposition promises as they vie for more power with the defensive-when-challenged energy of a Sun/Pluto opposition.

Many thanks to Alex D'Atria for sending along this excellent and instructive video. jc


Well, for both of you keeping up with the Fed's natal chart (Dec 23, 1913), its natal Sun/Pluto opposition (using '12:07:10 pm est' Capitol Building: 1Cap18/00Can05 Rx) has been under fire from transiting Pluto in early Capricorn - on one hand, conjoining the Fed's natal Sun, on the other hand, Pluto opposing natal Pluto which describes the grand proportions of one power locking into a no-compromise struggle with another power - with the rest of us and our budgets caught in the middle.

Pluto to natal Sun shows the recent ploys of the Fed to gain more power and control though the 'no-compromise struggle' of tr Pluto in Cap seems to be interfering with those plans. One thing is certain: where powerful, subversive Pluto lurks and catalyzes, complete transformation will be the ultimate result.

And now, here's a limerick I published in September 2008 concerning
Mr. Bernanke
; the post contains a link to a news article of the day in which the IMF was threatening to peruse the Fed's books...wonder what happened to that little endeavor? Is it Pluto perusing Pluto?

Sep 10, 2010

Global Banking Reform as Basel III meets 9.12.10

This Sunday in Basel, Switzerland, global titans meet to complete their agenda for new banking requirements which they deem are made necessary by the engineered Financial Collapse of 2008. The meeting occurs 'under the radar' for most of us, hence this posting peep-eye.

Sunday's conclave, Basel III is meant to establish, among other things, the amounts that banks must set aside for future crises and will perhaps provide substance to America's recent financial reform effort, the Dodd-Frank bill and its murky lack of particulars...devil in the details, etc. Guess the devil will be attending Basel III to help set the details.

Now you know that Mercury will still be retrograde in Virgo on Sunday, right? Virgo is good with details but a Rx Mercury, planet of meetings and negotiations, may indicate that this is not their last meeting - or, more likely, that this is another in a series of meetings where they will re-view and re-consider banking rules of a new financial order (which some call a New World Order.)

Either way, the rules they're discussing are meant for a long, drawn out implementation due to political considerations.

Fed head Ben Bernanke will be leading the US team at Basel III - which reminds me of the current position of the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (corporate titans and Robber Barons) @ '30 Capricorn'...

"A Secret Business Conference"...OPPORTUNITY...

positive expression: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

You don't say! Global bankers rankly exploiting other people? P-shaw!

Why, I fondly remember Ben Bernanke's first-ever shout-out as Fed head way back in February 2006...good times?

Dec 22, 2009

TIME interview with coverboy Bernanke

Here is a link to Time Magazine's extended interview with Ben Bernanke who says he doesn't think the monetary policy of the Fed merits any blame in the 2008 financial collapse.

Whaa-a-a? Then Bernanke and Greenspin apparently drink from the same heady brew in the secret chambers of hallowed financial wizards.

Financial effects from the attacks of 9/11 ripple still with subsequent low interest rates to plump up our economy looking like a ploy, a wizard's trick to impress Osama bin Laden...see, that didn't hurt one bit!

Sep 21, 2009

Jupiter/Neptune, Bernanke, and the Alt-A resets: 2009 - 2013

Update 9.21.09 6:10 pm edt: found an article which relates to my earlier entry below:

The Economy Is A Lie, Too

By Paul Craig Roberts

Americans cannot get any truth out of their government about anything, the economy included. Americans are being driven into the ground economically,with one million school children now homeless, while Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke announces the recession is over.

My original post begins here:

Economic Duplicity: Recession and Record Profits notes an interview on CBS' 60 Minutes broadcast on December 14, 2008, with investment fund manager, Whitney Tilson, which I viewed myself, and you may have seen it, too.

In the interview, Mr. Tilson predicted that the 2007/08 subprime collapse was the halfway mark of the real estate bubble. This is the sort of collapse you get when Jupiter's expansion and money connections combine with watery Neptune's merging and deceptive tendencies for a Great Conjunction of bubble-esque proportions. For when financial experts use the term 'liquidity in markets' they are primarily describing the Jupiter/Neptune pair. When the Fed prints excessive amounts of dollars to 'flood the market,' think Jupiter/Neptune.

(Got abundant (Jup) rainfall (Nep) as we have now in Georgia? Jupiter/Neptune, with wounding Chiron adding problems to the deluge.)

So, as Mr. Tilson said, the second half is yet to come with loan resets in the Alt-A mortgage category, "around 2010 and will continue until about the year 2013." The above-linked article marvels at Ben Bernanke's recent optimism (Jup) of Sept 15, 2009: the recession is "very likely over"!!!

Does he know something we don't know? A new, contrived war to stimulate our military-based economy? After all, the current out-of-this-world corporate profits in a 'jobless recovery' defies his optimism, imho. But one supposes he felt a need (or received a directive memo) to say it on TV for the benefit (profits) of Wall Street.

Well, as I've groused repeatedly here and elsewhere, the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction has marked the year 2009 with its inflationary, grand-scheme flights of fancy and a bubble of speculation and liquidity issues extraordinaire.

And the 3rd/final of their 3 conjunctions will occur on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18...just prior to 2010.

All three Jup/Nep conjs manifest upon the US natal Moon in the Sibly chart (5:10 pm LMT - US Moon 27AQ10) with the Moon representing the American people. We are being zoomed, folks, by speculators on all sides. Spendthrifts and squanderers are under every rock and propagandizing from corporate board rooms and political offices nationwide - from across the globe, actually.

Mr. Tilson's Alt-A reset prediction into 2010+ parallels the Dec 21, 2009 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune since their combined influence will do the same...affect the economy into 2010 and beyond, because any conj marks only the beginning of a cycle, with major 'crises in action' coming near the first square (90 degrees), the stand-off or awareness phase at their opposition, with the closing square as the 'crisis in consciousness' stage. A cycle, whose effects don't stop with the conjunction. So what else is bubbling on the financial hob?

2010 is the year of another Great Conjunction - Jupiter/Uranus, the 'breakthroughs, lucky chances, new inventions, adventures' combo which you may read much more about in astrologer Anne Whitaker's excellent book, Jupiter Meets Uranus.

For this cycle, Jupiter and Uranus first meet on June 8, 2010 @ World Point, 00Ari18, with global implications; their next conj is on Sept 19, 2012 @ 28Pis43; 3rd and final hook-up Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis02. Anne's book gives a broad view of their possibilities and I highly recommend it to you for its broad historical overview.

So when we look back at the last few years of market bubbles, monopoly take-overs of oil and other industries, and deceptive speculations of all kinds (including Ponzi schemes), we note that Jupiter and Neptune's last Great Conjunction occurred only one time, on January 9, 1997. Think of the market bubbles of the years 1997 to 2000, the Y2K scam, and Bill Clinton taking his second oath of office on January 20, 1997, and we have a picture of greed, fraud, and bubbly thinking that won't quit.

"Free" trade, my patootie!

And it hasn't quit, it's just manifesting at a new degree. The 'old degree' in Jan 1997 was 27Cap09, conjunct US natal Pluto, planet of the secret hand and power plays. And thus we may consider a midpoint picture with natal Pluto for 1997 and remember that 2009's conj on US Moon, and 1997's conj on US Pluto, have propaganda factors built right in: Moon/Pluto - control of, and propagandizing of, The People or the public. (Pluto is sometimes referred to as The Publisher.)

Jupiter/Neptune = US n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; far-reaching speculations; a major loss.

As you know, US natal Pluto always turns up at Midheaven (the goal point in any chart) on January 20 of each US presidential inauguration (including the one of 2009 for Barack Obama, I hasten to add.)

Jup/Nep = US Inaugural Mc: a speculator; fortune-hunter; a spendthrift or squanderer; harm or damage through thoughtlessness; a visionary; potential for all kinds of self-indulgence. (Tyl; Ebertin.) (As with all mdpt pics, any, all, or none may apply.)

Harm through 'thoughtlessness' is seldom if ever the case with politicians, however: "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." - John F. Kennedy.

So with Jupiter's expansion tendencies affecting the two outer planets which are closely associated with the New World Order (Uranus and Neptune - sometimes referred to by its promoters as the 'new world economic order') - in 2009, 2010, and 2011+, I am starting to see why these years have been written of as being critical to secret string-puller Pluto's plans for global domination.

Why, 'he' even had 'himself' removed from our solar system's official pantheon of planets, in part so that astrologers would quit harping on, and paying attention to, his secret plans in their mundane charts!

Bwa ha ha, it didn't work. Those pesky astrologers!


More reading: Saturn/Uranus opposition exact again Sept 15, 2009.

Aug 25, 2009

Astrology of Bernanke renomination 8.25.09

Here is the text of President Obama's in-the-bag renomination of Ben Bernanke to remain at the helm of NY's Federal Reserve Bank.

Taking a break from vacationing with the family unit, the president began speaking at 8:55 am edt (Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts); he and Mr. Bernanke completed their mission at 9:01 am edt.

Wish I had time to post the start/end charts of today's announcement, but I don't.

The charts have a few critical 29th degree planets, plus North Node 29Cap45, with South Node at the degree of the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse which I've mentioned many times before (29Can27 'systems fail; new methods are needed', etc etc.) Wonder what's really going on?

Mercury 29Vir44 has just arisen (8:55 am edt: ASC 5Lib36 with Sun/Moon midpoint upon it - 'friendship'); chart-ruler Venus 28Can39 is *oriental and nearing a 29th degr and conjunct SN and the July Eclipse degree along with transiting Hygeia, Apollo, and Vesta.

Out-of-bounds Mars 29Gem53 is within range of opposing Pluto 00Cap44 Rx; Mr. Bernanke has a natal midpoint that arose from 8:55 to 9:01 am edt @ 6Lib44...

Sun/Uranus = ASC: sudden experiences; new contacts; an excitable person.

This morning's Sun 2Vir28; Moon 9Sco41/45, with Moon triggering Mr. Bernanke's natal Pluto/NN midpoint ('powerful connections') in a very interesting and apt way...

Plu/NN = Moon: reaching for the big picture; making the big scene emotionally; ambition is magnified, or there is too much fear for any action.

The desire to increasing Fed authority comes to mind with this one.

At Midheaven for the 6 minutes of the announcement are America's Venus, Jupiter, and Sun in Cancer; Midas 8Gem43.

There are a few T-Square patterns, too...

Mars/Pluto = ASC: the fighter who dares the impossible; showing the hero image (they did. - jc)

Mars/Plu = Mercury: seeing is achieving; tenacious pursuit of plans (yep - jc); publicity; effective salesmanship; the desire to realize plans fanatically; nervous irritation.

Pluto/Mc = ASC: procurement of an important position and of recognition; a person of fame; being out in front of everyone

Plu/Mc = Mercury: a person with great powers of suggestion; a great mind; thinking big; recognition of intelligence; planning.

Transiting Saturn 22Vir08 is on-degree for US natal Neptune and Mr. Obama's natal Mars, so let's smoosh together the three planets and see what we get - in no special order, and remembering that things may act in an any-all-none fashion...

Mars/Neptune = Saturn: being taken advantage of; misdirected energy; reticence; persevering in spite of fear; a sense of futility; instability; unfortunate consequences as a result of a weak will; toxins; an epidemic.

Mars/Saturn = Neptune: insufficient power to tackle resistance or obstacles; weakening efforts; weak vitality; undermining through poison, gas, or an epidemic; loss; a mysterious death.

Saturn/Neptune = Mars: inactivity; lack of energy; preoccupations that can't be explained. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

Yes, I figured that would cheer ya up. An epidemic could certainly put a damper on the recovery we're supposed to be feeling any day now.

Or how about a natal asteroid of Mr. Bernanke's that was also rising this morning at 8:55 am edt?

That would be Persephone, keyword: transition; other levels of meaning include: separation anxiety; Lee Lehman says Persephone may indicate 'where skills are undeveloped' (hope not!), and we know who Persephone was forced to hang around with: Pluto of the Underworld, the same Pluto that guards the richest treasures.

Now as you may know, I tend to occasionally lapse into the use of degree symbols as collected by Adriano Carelli in his book, 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (published by the AFA 1977; my copy 1982), so I can't resist adding his symbols' word pictures for 5, 6, and 7 Libra, the rising degrees from 8:55 am to 9:01 am edt.

No explanations now, I'll just give you the symbols themselves for the ASC which is the WHAT? Point of a chart:

'5Lib' - "An albatross with glaring red beak and claws";
'6Lib' - "An old sapper busy digging";
'7Lib' - "Mary Magdalene at Christ's feet in the house of Pharisee Simon, who is scandalized by the sight." Wherefore I say unto thee, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much." Luke 7:47.


*Venus oriental: in Astrology, an 'oriental' planet is the last planet to rise before the Sun, here Venus. This indicates a career where one works with things of value, the work function is personalized somehow, and work evaluation is a welcome substitute for direct evaluation of one's person which might be hard to accept or believe. (Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology, Noel Tyl.)

Jul 22, 2009

Missing trillions of the Fed and the last quarter of 2007

Testifying on Capitol Hill yesterday, Fed head Ben Bernanke says he doesn't know which foreign banks received trillions of dollars from the US, but says the funds were dispersed beginning in the last quarter of 2007.

Let's see now, perhaps Astrology can jar Ben's memory...ah yes, what happened on Dec 11, 2007 at 2:34 pm est in Washington, a mere 19 minutes after the Fed announced an interest rate cut?

It was something BIG to do with plutocrats and very wealthy people and well-heeled bankers and those who manage large projects...oh yeah - the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto with critical degree '20 Capricorn' at Midheaven (The WHY? Point) and the midpoint of plutocratic Pluto/Chiron ruling over all from the top vantage point.

('20 Cancer' is also a critical degree, of course, and is at Ic. If you follow the link, click chart to enlarge for better viewing.)

Funny story though - along with Pluto/Chiron and Jupiter/Chiron at Mc that day was a signature of hidden identity and/or confused purpose: Sun/Neptune.

Sun/Neptune = Mc: emotional stress in the profession; weakness; impressionability; susceptibility.

And the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction itself? Snugged upon the 9th house of Foreign Lands, the names of which Mr. Bernanke cannot now recall.

As I and others have been saying for some time: audit the Fed!

Jun 25, 2009

Bernanke testifies 6.25.09 and Astrology takes note

With Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke testifying on Capitol Hill today, I've taken a meander down SO'W's Memory Lane for Bernanke posts and found 11 of them.

Here are two which will remind you, among other things, of the August 1, 2008 Solar Eclipse (10 South) which is the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of the New York Stock Exhange (into which the NYSE was born 1792) and thus is very telling for how things have proceeded within the US financial system since the current manufactured collapse:

NYSE and its Solar Eclipse Series 2008 was written before the financial collapse of summer 2008 and contains many details of a financial nature which Astrology describes quite well (I may not, but Astrology does.)

So if you're tempted to think that astrological cycles have nothing to do with financial cycles, perhaps it's time to change your mind!

Then there's Hylan, Bernanke, and the Fed which quotes past NY Mayor John Hylan concerning the "small group of banking houses" being the head of the "invisible government which like a giant octopus" has invaded local and federal governments of the US of A. Only in the New Millennium - more completely, as planned.

So check out these posts if you get a moment, and if you see Ben tell him this blogging gnat of an American said, hello there, we'd like our America back, please.

Mar 17, 2009

Ben Bernanke: firefighter or arsonist?

Economic propaganda is on the loose and distorting realities of the 'financial crisis' for the consumption of the American voter.


On a somewhat lighter note, a new limerick has been published in honor of the Jack Bauer character on 24: That Kitten Named Bauer - plus, you'll inadvertently view a photo of Princess Grace the Cat if you click the link to Lim's Limericks.

Feb 26, 2009

Ron Paul's economic remarks 2.23.09 video

Raw Story has it and if you missed it, you may wish to view the video of Rep.Ron Paul's statement prior to Ben Bernanke's panacea of Wednesday, Feb 25.

Rep. Paul once again reveals the naked truth about the US financial system as he hit the high notes with such Greatest Hits as: 'You Can't Re-Inflate the Bubble' and 'Credit Ain't Capital, Baby' plus, other hummable tunes.

But one of my favorite parts of this brief video comes at its end - the visible discomfiture of CNBC's chair-warmers wiggling and squirming in their seats as they realize that too-clear truth had (inadvertently) been told - and they had broadcasted it on air.

Excessive (Jupiter) liquidity (Neptune) reigns as Jupiter and Neptune, the speculator-wastrel pair of planets when working together on financial projects, meet up three times in 2009 with their first conjunction occurring on May 27.

All their meet-ups conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius, so once again I repeat myself ad nauseum with the midpoint picture that is formed throughout the year:

Jupiter-Neptune = Moon: little sense of reality; the tendency to lose oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, and wastefulness.

Though I sincerely hope that monitoring where the money goes by way of will actually prevent waste and fraud, still I am compelled to report to you the Astrology of the matter.