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Dec 2, 2007

Bush irony strikes Putin--no scratch reported

With transit *Jupiter conjunct Putin's natal Mars and tr Neptune conj his natal NN (the public), Vladimir Putin's party has "won" the elections in Russia.

And George Bush has mildly called for investigation into election "irregularities" in Russia which is not as surprising as it is ironic. After all, where does Bush think he'd be without election irregularities (and a complicit Supreme Court)?

As I've mentioned here before--cheating isn't "winning"'s stealing.

When election irregularities really needed investigating in the US, Bush stayed mum for all the obvious he dares to comment on Putin's situation which is sure to bring him understandable--if mock--scorn from Putin concerning our own election "process" which has turned against the populace like a piqued dictator on a rampage.

The Holier-Than-Thou Theater is tres dramatic, is it not?

And the win-at-any-cost Machiavellians among us would be comedically entertaining if they weren't totally vile and psychotic.

*Jupiter to Mars: a fortunate period if overestimation of abilities is avoided; luxury consciousness prominent; on the winning team. Or in this case, on the cheating team which passes for winning in today's political world.

Neptune to North Node: inspired use of illusion or deception in dealing with the public (who sees what they want to see!)

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Anonymous said...

Between that and the Rove article in the Washington Post, my head just exploded.