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Dec 26, 2007

my year of blogging dangerously

Blogging in 2007 has brought everything from electronic tagging to frisky hackers to a few of my favorite posts. Not favorites because of my writing or lack thereof, but because of the subjects themselves blended with Astrology's ability to look under the hood.

In no particular order, here's my Top Seven List ranging from Political Astrology to a snarlyrhyme about a certain politician whose deeds bring cries for Impeachment upon his bald pate:

Spotlight on Mercury: John Edwards (has link to Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama--hope to add candidates to this Mercury series in the next week or so, schedule willing.)

Sept 11 2007 Solar Eclipse chart with details--special for its date and Sun's degree from 9/11.

Eugene Debs still speaks convincingly (Debs' life and times remind me of the old film on TV yesterday, Meet John Doe (1941) where Gary Cooper's character begins as the pawn of the Hearst-esque robber baron media and ends by giving them what-for. Yay. Now where's my 2007 John Doe Club?)

America's Winter Solstice 2007 (this post-with-chart is good until Dec 2008--a year's shelf life--and has the Winter Solstice 2006 chart along with a link to Dec 11's Great Conjunction of Jupiter conjunct Pluto post.)

America's 2007 Solar Return (details and comments with link to chart's image published on one of my Gather Pages.)

Using the Moon in Electional Astrology (published at Jude's Threshold--not about political elections but about choosing propitious times to begin things.)

And then-n-n? a few snarlyrhymes were written this year and my fave might have to be Ode to Cheney for its impeachy flavor.

News, whatever that means: my favorite info sources in 2007--again in no particular order--continue to be:

NPR, The August Review, and Huffington Post, with fave political blog: George Washington's Blog for quite obvious reasons (contains much 9/11 info.)

So as 2007 closes up its tattered suitcase, my hope for 2008 is that people like Mike Gravel, with his refreshing honesty, will find themselves ruling the roost in Washington. I know...fat chance, as the pocket lining of Capitol Hill's fatcats continues apace, America's commerical and residential real estate goes to the highest foreign bidder, and the imperialist empire's military industrial complex bankrupts America down to her last penny.

Well, thanks for moseying down memory lane with me, Lone Reader, and wishing a Happy New Year to waylaid America and to the rest of the disappointed World

This blog written, as always, in honor of and hope for:

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