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Oct 19, 2011

Oops! 1912 cartoon warned against creating the Fed

Here's a blast from the past, a 1912 cartoon warning against the banker-supported Aldrich Plan which opened the gate for the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, a central bank such as President Andrew Jackson was so determined to root out of the American system for he recognized them for the illuminized government take-over artists they were.

As you know, the Bankers' Panic of 1907 was used as the justification (cover) for setting up a central bank the likes of which have orchestrated financial booms, bubbles, busts, and crashes ever since. Click the link to view a 1907 photo of Wall Street at Federal Hall--it favors current Occupy Wall Street gatherings.

Pluto/Chiron = plutocrats, their agents, and other oppressors

In America then as now, when you set your eye on inhabiting the Oval Office, you must play ball with the big boys of the Pluto/Chiron persuasion. In fact, in the January 20, 2009 Inauguration Horsocope, the transiting midpoint of Pluto and Chiron sits precsely upon the MC, the Goal/Aspiration point of the chart.

Later on, after you accept Pluto/Chiron's abundant gifts for doing their bidding, you may suffer a measure of remorse for accepting their backing for the piper's tune becomes shriller than promised, the dance more frantic, and the required task more distasteful than initially expected.

Here's what Freemason Woodrow Wilson said after he'd allowed America to be snookered into creating a royalist, plutonian, oligarchic Federal Reserve Bank, a private enterprise that runs the US government yet is not a federal institution at all.

Related links:

Stop IMF Bailouts (includes a petition for on-hook US taxpayers)
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Democracy Now!
Thom Hartmann

Plus, here's an article which lists banking industry contributions to 2012 candidates which shows Mitt Romney in the lead amongst big bankers: The Big Wall Street Banks Are Already Trying to Buy the 2012 Election.

Then I'd say global bankers have achieved their take-over goal quite handily like an octopus squeezing the life out of its prey while our complicit presidents look on.


In spite of all anyone can do, a new political limerick has been published so if you wish a quick peek Mitt Romney 2012 awaits you! jc

Nov 21, 2009

Astrology of the Nov 21, 2009 Health Reform vote

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Tonight on Capitol Hill a procedural vote is scheduled for 8:00 pm est on the Health Care Reform Bill of Senator Harry Reid. My previous post cites an afternoon NPR Breaking News alert that Dem Senator Blanche Lincoln will be voting with her party thus giving them the elusive 60 votes needed to avoid a Republican filibuster.

Formal debate on the bill can begin after the Thanksgiving break if Dems get 60 votes, says C-SPAN.

Now I'm of two minds on the whole subject of this bill due to the tiresome 'unintended consequences' that so many congressional bills cause and lacking trust in my overly aggressive government, I believe most of the 'unintended' results are actually intended. But maybe that's just me - or FDR, who said, "In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."

So let's take a brief peek at tonight's horoscope set up for: Nov 21, 2009 8:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington, DC to see how things may get on during this Saturn Hour of control and authority:

ASC 17Can04 making the 7th house Moon 28Cap56 (conjunct US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx) the chart-ruler. Applying aspects to the Moon are indicators of the proceedings as they move forward this evening.

Sun sextile Moon (0A56); Moon trine Saturn (3A21) with Saturn the planet of the Democratic Party in Mundane Astrology; Sun 29Sco51 conjuncts 2009's Inaugural Moon 29:45 and Sun = leadership in a mundane charts. This times a promise of health care (insurance!) reform which the Obama administration made to the American people. Remember the president said that our economic woes are based on a health care system and its costs being out of control. (Just paraphrasing him there. That Reid's bill will repair the cost situation is a risk.)

Moon also sextiles (60 degr, an aspect of opportunity - and 60 votes needed!) Mc (The Goal Point; Mc 29Pis04 at 8 pm) very closely - 0A08.

Of course, the vote will probably not begin precisely at 8:00 pm; at 8:09 pm, Moon reaches *29Cap00 - a critical or crisis degree as is the Sun's 29Sco); at 10:10 pm, Moon will enter Aquarius, 00AQ00, which conjuncts the US Inaugural Sun (president) degree but also 2009 Inaugural Mercury Rx which described so well President Obama's second Oath-taking due to Chief Justice Roberts' mess-up. Mercury - oaths and votes; Rx = do-overs.

This indicates to me that the president's imperative to pass health insurance legislation has a good chance to be forwarded this evening with the vote at 8:00 pm.

However, if Lincoln and Louisiana's Mary Landrieu change their minds later on, the bill could be in trouble.

Mercury 9Sag19 in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling indicates the ladies' concern over their own future political prospects; Mercury conjs Royal Star Antares ('anti-Aries, or anti-Mars') with contentious Mars 15Leo03 in 2nd house of Money and Values. '15Leo' is the Lion's Point degree and one of the Dark Moons (w'mat2 @ 15Leo29)) conjuncts Mars indicating that something is being hidden about Mars' position or by Mars himself. (Mars = males between the ages of 25 to 35, give or take a year or so.)

Mars opposite Jupiter 19AQ43 in 8th house of Big Money and Transformations) which means the instigator also opposes Mr. Obama's natal ASC. Chiron and Neptune 23AQ47 are posited in 8th house as well showing the inflationary pair of speculators (Jup/Nep) readying for their 3rd and final Great Conjunction of 2009 on Dec 21.

As you know, their conj occurs again on the US natal Moon (Sibly chart) so we have a midpoint picture to consider with 'grand schemes' Jupiter/Neptune as given here previously, and blending Tyl, Ebertin, and Munkasey's interpretations....

Jup/Nep = n Moon: going with the wind; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; becoming involved in speculation, instability, wastefulness; uncertainty about what is real and what is not.

If you, lone reader, have been feeling this way lately, you are not alone!

Well, I meant to cover tonight's T-Squares, one of which has Pluto (1Cap54 in 6th house of Health) as its apex planet in a Cardinal T-Square once the Mc hits 00Ari00, but if I keep typing it will soon be 8:00 pm!

This apex Pluto, planet of secret control, is a loner who refuses to share his power - he doesn't 'play well' with the other planets (actors) and has a chip on his shoulder which makes compromise impossible within his intensely driven goals.

Pluto's only aspects in this chart are: square Saturn (0S22); semi-sq Venus (0S41); sesqui-sq Mars (1A53); and a separating square to the Midheaven. In short, Mr. Pluto isn't happy and yet he is at apex of the Sun/Moon midpoint (29Sag24), so we have...

Sun/Moon = Pluto: increased opportunities for personal and social contributions to be recognizes more universally; important secrets that help achievement. (Munkasey.) Noel Tyl says, "critical time of development."

Also of note: a **Cardinal T-Square indicates concentrated focus being applied toward major here-and-now goals; looking before leaping is necessary for there may be unintended consequences.

It's those unintended consequences I fret about for the American people even if tonight's vote reaches the magic number of 60, and a reform bill eventually becomes reality. White House Reality isn't the same as Common Good Reality!

Finally, in a previous post on the health care/insurance reform subject I stated the possibility that the bill's passage may be timed on, or soon after, the Dec 21 hook-up of grandly spirited (if overblown) Jupiter/Neptune, the speculators.

We'll soon know, won't we?


* Moon to '30Cap' a degree which Dane Rudhyar gives as, "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs." 'Keynote: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power. EXECUTIVE POWER.'

Rudhyar goes on to mention business and politics, 'inner Government' and an 'occult Hierarchy' or 'White Lodge' which for me points directly toward the White House and Freemasonic America. Beware deep Pluto's desire for control of DNA stats for everyone. The plutonian Aryan superiority complex continues - underground.

**Cardinal T-Square/apex Pluto details from Dynamics in Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney.

If you like Political Cat Limericks A Kitten Called Palin is now published at Lim's Limericks as a further attempt on my part to aggravate aggravated Palin minions and operatives. Sure it's a measly attempt, but I'm only the typist there, not the poet. We must blame Mr. A. Cat for that!

Jul 27, 2008

An Elegant Kitten Barack

A new political cat limerick has now been published at Lim's Limericks for I sense that you've been wondering when the bad poetry muse would show up concerning Obama's overseas presidentiness tour, right? ;p

Jun 4, 2008

Limericking Obama

Why limerick yesterday's apparent delegate winner of the Dem primary race? And you have every right to ask.

Well, I'm only the typist over at Lim's Limericks but if you'd care to slink over you'll find a new political limerick from Mr.A.Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation (and whose whereabouts remain unknown so don't even ask.)

Plus, you'll see a photo of the infamous Lim doing what he does so well and so often.

So why fight it? Prez Cat Takes Montana! may be your destiny so please have your best rhymery groans handy!

Feb 28, 2008

Hot off the paw: Cat from McCain

Cat from McCain has just been published at Lim's Limericks where felines have political opinions of their own--and usually in limerick form.

Can there be truth in bad poetry? Can limericks unshield political claws and paws? Lim says, yes. Plus, we may as well make fun of them--they make fun of us all the time.

Jan 3, 2008

Is Daniel Webster in Iowa tonight?

"...There is no nation on earth powerful enough to accomplish our overthrow...

Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing."

Daniel Webster, June 1, 1837

Thanks for above quote to: Information Clearing House

Hopefully Daniel may rest easy tonight for Iowans are not of that ilk as they make our First Decisions this evening. Yet "dupes of designing men" has become the definition of politics, that system of organized hatreds.

And on a lighter note, here is a little political cat rhymery in honor of the occasion, with prediction thrown in...compliments of Lim the Cat!

'Iowa' as meowed by Lim the Cat

Dec 26, 2007

my year of blogging dangerously

Blogging in 2007 has brought everything from electronic tagging to frisky hackers to a few of my favorite posts. Not favorites because of my writing or lack thereof, but because of the subjects themselves blended with Astrology's ability to look under the hood.

In no particular order, here's my Top Seven List ranging from Political Astrology to a snarlyrhyme about a certain politician whose deeds bring cries for Impeachment upon his bald pate:

Spotlight on Mercury: John Edwards (has link to Spotlight on Mercury: Barack Obama--hope to add candidates to this Mercury series in the next week or so, schedule willing.)

Sept 11 2007 Solar Eclipse chart with details--special for its date and Sun's degree from 9/11.

Eugene Debs still speaks convincingly (Debs' life and times remind me of the old film on TV yesterday, Meet John Doe (1941) where Gary Cooper's character begins as the pawn of the Hearst-esque robber baron media and ends by giving them what-for. Yay. Now where's my 2007 John Doe Club?)

America's Winter Solstice 2007 (this post-with-chart is good until Dec 2008--a year's shelf life--and has the Winter Solstice 2006 chart along with a link to Dec 11's Great Conjunction of Jupiter conjunct Pluto post.)

America's 2007 Solar Return (details and comments with link to chart's image published on one of my Gather Pages.)

Using the Moon in Electional Astrology (published at Jude's Threshold--not about political elections but about choosing propitious times to begin things.)

And then-n-n? a few snarlyrhymes were written this year and my fave might have to be Ode to Cheney for its impeachy flavor.

News, whatever that means: my favorite info sources in 2007--again in no particular order--continue to be:

NPR, The August Review, and Huffington Post, with fave political blog: George Washington's Blog for quite obvious reasons (contains much 9/11 info.)

So as 2007 closes up its tattered suitcase, my hope for 2008 is that people like Mike Gravel, with his refreshing honesty, will find themselves ruling the roost in Washington. I know...fat chance, as the pocket lining of Capitol Hill's fatcats continues apace, America's commerical and residential real estate goes to the highest foreign bidder, and the imperialist empire's military industrial complex bankrupts America down to her last penny.

Well, thanks for moseying down memory lane with me, Lone Reader, and wishing a Happy New Year to waylaid America and to the rest of the disappointed World

This blog written, as always, in honor of and hope for:

Nov 2, 2007

limming Turkey

Though on a secret mission far away, former agent to our nation, Mr.A.Cat has sent us a dispatch containing a new political limerick, Kittens from Turkey to which I have added a smidge of art, Cat in a Very Green Chair.

Back later--this will be a blogging weekend and I can't wait to catch up on reading my favorite blogs!

Aug 13, 2007

Something of a Rovian Farewell

Is your cat psychic? Lim's Limericks thinks so while Pluto continues hanging about and transforming Mr. Rove's Chiron.

Limerick UPDATE: Mr.A.Cat has dissed Rove yet again with another hardhitting limerick...okay, it's a limerick about a hardhitter.


Jul 12, 2007

Miers and the fires

Did you miss Mr.A.Cat's rhyme concerning Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor?

Then slink on over to Lim's Limericks for a generous bowl that's much fuller than was subpoena-ignoring Harriet's chair on Capitol Hill today!

Jun 4, 2007

surrounded by enemies?

Lynn Hayes at the excellent Astro-Dynamics has posted a perfect quote for our times from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow which makes a point that anyone with a conscience easily undertands.

That's a great Thought for the Day (the year and for the Millenium) Lynn, thanks!

Yet it's the conscience-free psychopaths who plague the world. And they don't give a hoot about emotional intelligence which they also lack.

And did you know that Mr.A. Cat wrote a fresh political limerick this morning? It's called Bossy Kitten's Lament and he penned it before he heard of Georgia's George W. Bush Avenue!

May 13, 2007

The Neocons' Perfect Storm blows in

Geoffrey Wheatcroft has an interesting article in The Guardian detailing the demise of the Neocon's grand scheme now collapsing all around their sorry ears-- and unfortunately around everyone else's as well.

You can read it bwo of the excellent Information Clearing House:

This Perfect Storm Will Finally Detroy the Neocon Project includes some analysis of Tony Blair's poodle tenure.

Two questions:

If Blair has been Bush's poodle, what was the Queen?

Millions of people dead and maimed and it was just a project?

Then you may wish to read about Gordon Brown's reverence for Robert Kennedy and his attempt to latch onto the K-Myth (seems typical these days that it would be a myth, doesn't it?) in an article by John Pilger --who was there at RFK's assassination and has a more, shall we say...realistic view of the man.

The Kennedy Myth Rises Again details how it was when McCarthy-admirer and counsel RFK was running for prez and was just as cynical and ruthless as the next politician.

And one more thing: 6 new verses of limericking now available at Lim's Limericks if you're curious about Mr.A.Cat's views on some of our current crop of prez candidates...such as they are...myths not included.

Apr 27, 2007

Tenet's tell-something book released

When George Slam-Dunk Tenet "resigned" a while back, I said, oh good, maybe he'll write a readable book. And so the worm turns.

But it remains to be seen whether his scribbles will amount to an outing of the crims and merely justifying his own duplicities--or coming clean with the goods and embracing the realities which challenge this administration so dearly for our nation's sake.

You may wish to get former agent Mr.A.Cat's take on the situation at Lim's Limericks for now--and I'll be back in a while with a SO'W post on the upcoming Full Moon of May 2...and how it affects the White House's natal chart...

Apr 22, 2007

a starry eye on Newt

Today Newt Gingrich was on tv spouting his usual rational sounding political maneuverings. Since his birth info is in dispute with birth time unverified, no chart for you. But some details are still possible such as his Sun/Moon personality blend.

Born June 17, 1943 in Harrisburg, PA, the Moon was in Sagittarius the whole 24-hour period so let's look at the Images for Sun Gemini/Moon Sag:

The Pied Piper leads his merry band of youths to the amphitheater on the hill for an afternoon of music lessons, philosophical teachings, and baseball...A young man goes abroad to attend university and becomes a foreign correspondent. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzy Harvey.)

The italics are mine...the Hill? It sounds like the staged patriotic songfest on the Capitol steps when they coup'd the House. Perhaps that measley performance for the cameras was Newt's idea. A bunch of singin' whiffenpoufs?

This Air-Fire Gem/Sag combo has several things to recommend it and tells of a flamboyant communicator who is an intellectual with a reverence for ancient learning (secret old manuscripts, anyone?)

There is an emotional immaturity which is, at least, spontaneous for this eternal scholar who is outspoken, loves traveling (restless), and is friendly but impatient.

He possesses a vivid imagination with huge heapings of optimism and quick wit. There is a tendency to talk too much and often indiscreetly (perhaps he isn't close-mouthed enough for White House intrigues!) and there is a need to know it all--and may seem to be a know-it-all.

Newt's (WHO would saddle an innocent infant with the name, Newt???) Sun/Moon blend is shared natally with such notables as: actor Douglas Faribanks, political activist Rennie Davis, Judy Garland, Barry Manilow, Guy Lombardo, Beverly Sills, and Prince Rainier of Monaco. It's also shared with philosopher/poet, Katherine Raine who wrote:

As a child I became a confirmed believer in the ancient gods simply because as between the reality of fact and the reality of myth, I chose myth...myth is the truth of fact, not fact the truth of myth.

Gingrich has stated that as a child he discovered books and "became big words." (I won't mention the big words I think he became if you won't.)

So if the GOP can figure out a way to make an end-run around Newt's romantic tangles and infidelities, do you think they'll run this nag in 2008?

He seems to break off relationships appr every 18-19 years which is in line with his Nodal Returns--or Half-Returns...which is not surprising to astrologers.

North Node = joining; associations, while South Node = separations; partings (if relationships are already weak, the Half-Return will usually time a break-up.)

His Prenatal Eclipse Series (PE), 17South, is one of "sudden success in group endeavors and relationships; good news" (Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.)

A Solar Eclipse last occurred in this Series on March 9, 1997 at "19Pisces."

Gingrich's natal Venus and Pluto in Leo (as has George Bush--both in Leo--ooh la la!) are connected to his PE as you might expect with all his lady loves and wives scattered about the place (I exaggerate--or do I?)

If you can take more of the Newt, you may want to read Mr.A.Cat's opinion at Lim's Limericks where you'll find a photo of a GOP kittycat pondering Newt's romantic intrigues which may albatrossedly plague him as he pushes forward--and turns up on our tvs--into 2008.

Apr 15, 2007

on power's pillow's silk

That's a line from A kitten's Head Lays Heavy Now which is a new rhyme just posted at Lim's Limericks, and between various power outages today, I'm posting this Shout-Out here and expecting you to check it out if you are up and running.

We've got high winds here--not of March, but of April--and they're causing havoc in the land, m'peops.

Be safe,


Apr 8, 2007

at Stars Over Washington

It's been a holiday week/weekend with out-of-town guests to host and enjoy around SO'W and its environs. Hope your Easter and Passover have been perfect and still.

No SO'W posting until Monday...but here's a tidbit from Lim's Limericks entitled,Beware: Kitten in a Speedo which was posted earlier today--but only because of a certain Cat's insistence on purrfection.

Apologies to the Speedo Company.

Feb 22, 2007

Rice limerick...but you'll be hungry later

Word: over at Lim's Limericks I've just typed up some new verses from Mr.A.Cat, agent formerly in service to our nation, and which concerns the diplomatic Condi Rice, if you're so inclined.

This lim is on the sassy side, so if you wear your political indoctrinations on your sleeve, avoid this limerick at all costs...really! In fact, avoid the entire blog for your own protection...

Feb 12, 2007

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, they say

Cheney Pushing for Iran Attack, Report Says 11 Feb 2007 Several senior members of the Bush administration are pushing for the United States to attack Iran, the British Guardian newspaper reported over the weekend. The report said that Bush had not yet decided on whether to move forward with the attack, but that Vice President [sic] Dick Cheney, among others, was strongly advocating such an attack in order to halt Iran's nuclear weapons development program.#

Here's my headline: Psycho-Freak Inspires Silly Limerick:

Beware of a cat name of Cheney
who wanted to bomb in Iraney
promoter of dread
he's lacking in cred
could anyone be more insaney?