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Jan 5, 2008

The trouble with an out-of-bounds Mars

The Earth's orbit as viewed from the Sun is called the ecliptic and when a planet goes beyond 23 degrees 28 minutes in either north or south declination, that planet is said to be outside the boundaries of the ecliptic, or out-of-bounds (oobs.)

In astrological terms, the energies of a planet when oobs tend to act in an exaggerated fashion and its effects may be extraordinarily distorted.

With Mars' archetype as the god of war, an oobs Mars engages in violent events, extreme aggression, and incendiary acts. Then we see such things manifest as world leaders assassinated, arson perpetrated, bombs planted and triggered, and vicious disagreements wherever we turn--and our news sources are filled with them.

And fighting Mars understandably represents military forces--the soldier and the mercenary.

In a natal chart, Mars represents determination and drive, energy,'s desire nature. Natally an oobs Mars indicates unusual drive toward self-expression and self-preservation. Other chart factors such as sign, house placement, and aspect influence an oobs Mars either positively or negatively.

The more negative expression may be a violent or sociopathic temperament, while a positive use of Mars' energies could be someone who becomes a famed explorer, an astronaut, or an Olympic athlete--physical exploits beyond the ordinary.

When I look at "political" or national charts, I consider all the planets as archetypal actors in a play. Mars (a male between 25 to 35 years old, give or take a year; the activist; the instigator or the one who disagrees, etc) has his role to play, while Jupiter (the judge, lawyer, guru, professor, preacher, priest, thespian, rich man, Republican, etc) has his well-rehearsed part in the theatrical performance as well.

Sun in a national chart is the leader, as we know, Mercury is the messenger, scribe, young person, trader, orator, and so on.

An oobs planet in these charts may be considered as not acting in concert with the rest of the chart's energies (performers in the production.)

So when the world finds violent events and actions in the news day after day, we may be fairly certain (even without consulting an astrology chart) that testy, incendiary Mars, the activist, is out-of-bounds and raging beyond control against society once again...and that we are sure to receive something of a break from the pain and horror when crude Mars finally rejoins the panoply of the reasonable universe.

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