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Apr 30, 2011

NATO missile kills Gadhafi's son 4.30.11

It's April 30, 2011 and a news alert has arrived:

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Libya Says NATO Missile Strike Kills Gadhafi's Son

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi survived a NATO missile strike Saturday that killed his youngest son, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, and three grandchildren and wounded friends and relatives, Libya's spokesman said.

Read more at NPR.

Aug 29, 2008

McCain VP pick revealed on 72nd birthday

This morning the VP cat was let out of John McCain's political strategy bag with the announcement of Alaska Gov Sara Palin as his running mate.

Today we remember Hurricane Katrina with New Orleans now under threat of another storm, perhaps by Monday. I want to send out best wishes to the people of this great American city for their safety and protection in the coming days.

That we're in stormy times no one would deny, yet McCain's VP choice seems to indicate harmony as this morning's Leo Moon triggered asteroid Cupido whose keywords include:

corporations and corporatism.

Since the Moon is often used to time events in Astrology, please click above link to check out today's Moon/Cupido significance.

So it's Happy 72nd Birthday to venerable Senator John McCain! Sara Palin may turn out to be quite a gift for the GOP ticket.

Here are some notes with natal chart image on John McCain, born Aug 29, 1936 which you'll find over at Jude's Threshold.

~:~ all apologies are due! my posts on Obama's acceptance speech at last evening's DNC have had to be put into Draft mode due to Astrology software glitches plus the loss of my most recent Draft (thanks to Blogger.) Time zones switched back and forth, my animated chart feature crashed twice, and the uncorrected Draft is what I mistakenly published. Mea culpa! Seems 3 naughty monkeys were after me. Hope they stay away today...

Jan 5, 2008

The trouble with an out-of-bounds Mars

The Earth's orbit as viewed from the Sun is called the ecliptic and when a planet goes beyond 23 degrees 28 minutes in either north or south declination, that planet is said to be outside the boundaries of the ecliptic, or out-of-bounds (oobs.)

In astrological terms, the energies of a planet when oobs tend to act in an exaggerated fashion and its effects may be extraordinarily distorted.

With Mars' archetype as the god of war, an oobs Mars engages in violent events, extreme aggression, and incendiary acts. Then we see such things manifest as world leaders assassinated, arson perpetrated, bombs planted and triggered, and vicious disagreements wherever we turn--and our news sources are filled with them.

And fighting Mars understandably represents military forces--the soldier and the mercenary.

In a natal chart, Mars represents determination and drive, energy,'s desire nature. Natally an oobs Mars indicates unusual drive toward self-expression and self-preservation. Other chart factors such as sign, house placement, and aspect influence an oobs Mars either positively or negatively.

The more negative expression may be a violent or sociopathic temperament, while a positive use of Mars' energies could be someone who becomes a famed explorer, an astronaut, or an Olympic athlete--physical exploits beyond the ordinary.

When I look at "political" or national charts, I consider all the planets as archetypal actors in a play. Mars (a male between 25 to 35 years old, give or take a year; the activist; the instigator or the one who disagrees, etc) has his role to play, while Jupiter (the judge, lawyer, guru, professor, preacher, priest, thespian, rich man, Republican, etc) has his well-rehearsed part in the theatrical performance as well.

Sun in a national chart is the leader, as we know, Mercury is the messenger, scribe, young person, trader, orator, and so on.

An oobs planet in these charts may be considered as not acting in concert with the rest of the chart's energies (performers in the production.)

So when the world finds violent events and actions in the news day after day, we may be fairly certain (even without consulting an astrology chart) that testy, incendiary Mars, the activist, is out-of-bounds and raging beyond control against society once again...and that we are sure to receive something of a break from the pain and horror when crude Mars finally rejoins the panoply of the reasonable universe.

Jul 4, 2007

America's Solar Return 2007

Here are a few July 4 headlines to mark America's 231st birthday today although the Sun actually returns to her natal degree July 5, 1:27 pm, Washington DC.) Beware: propaganda may be present in nebulous quantities:

Bush invites just a few to hear Independence Day war-promo speech and reads from a 1777 newspaper article about the 1777 celebration in Philadelphia--they "toasted democracy" back then--and since history repeats--so does Bush!

Kidnapped BBC Reporter Freed in Gaza which is my favorite news of the day so far!

Gore's Son Arrested on Drug Suspicion as the fragrance of marijunana wafted from the car window, Al III's bail was set to a mere $20,000 even with a bunch of Viocodins, Valiums, Xanaxes, and Adderall tabs on the menu. Guess it's who you know.

Putin Predicts Progress in US Relations (who didn't see that coming?)

Search for Sept 11 Remains to Continue (someone ought to be ashamed--six years!)

And there's a Solar Eclipse on Sept 11, 2007 in the 9 New South (18Virgo); this series tends to bring to the surface or the consciousness long-term worries about loved ones, health, or issues to do with paperwork or communications (those mysteriously missing emails, Karl?).

This eclipse series first manifested July 19, 1917 with Sun/Moon 25Can51, and Venus at 18Leo18--her degree on Sept 11, 2001, and the Solar Eclipse degree of Aug 11, 1999, the "Mother of All Eclipses" or aka The King of Alarm Eclipse of Nostradamus.

Bringing to the surface seems to already in progress as described in the article!

America's 2007 Solar Return Chart:

Here are the applying aspects of the Sun which describe how things will go in the next year for the initiatives, goals, and aspirations of our nation (and of her 'leader'):

1. Sun Quindecile (165 degr) Pluto (1A06): intense drive gains power and control; ruthless, manipulative, intimidating; purges old concepts; can possess strength of character; self-evaluation needed and beneficial (The Quindecile, Ricki Reeves.)

2. Sun inconjunct (150 degr) Chiron (1A18): total drive toward The Quest; rigidity about destiny hardens; the effect is like a loaded stick of dynamite (Chiron, Barbara Hand Clow.)

The Sun squares SR ASC (1A18; 14Lib37 so US natal Saturn is rising along with her natal Sun SQ Saturn--SR Sun is at MC, 2007 is a pivotal year for America with SR Sun conj an angle.)

Sun also is applying to MC (3A24), MC 16Can43 which links to the Pentagon's natal chart.

3. Sun trine (120 degr) Uranus (5A19): good fortune comes but may not be manipulated; some who seek more ego-satisfaction may advance; leadership, willpower, and career goals may prosper--but 'expect the unexpected.'

With America's natal Sun/Saturn square being in focus in the 2007 Solar Return chart we also find two asteroids rising as well with n Saturn (responsibility; restriction; control; accountability; the Old Man; authority figures) and these are:

Juno, the Wife, associated with legal relationships, wanting justice, fairness, and balance; restrictions (echoes Saturn); the abused/the abuser.

Tisiphone: retaliation.

The only midpoint picture becomes two when you substitute SR ASC for n Saturn:

NN/ASC = Pluto: strange or fated associations; power plays with others for personal advancement.

NN/ASC = n Saturn: oppression; suppression; separation or seclusion; conservatism; prevailing with wisdom and realism (that'd be refreshing coming from Washington, wouldn't it?)

There's a lot more I could say in the "speculation; wastefulness" areas for this Solar Return year but I'd be repeating myself since the beginning of this blog about the fleas and other crawly things of Washington. Attacked from without and within, America needs a lightening bug of truth to illumine her way in spite of all who wish her harm, and the maturity to stand up and make the changes which are now so obviously necessary.

Perhaps Saturn rising for 2007 will remind us of her natal ability for taking responsibility for past actions (planet Saturn would love that!) and our eternal youth image in the world (Gemini) might ripen to wiser maturity.

For abolishing a government not doing the People's will is our right...see this document and substitute Bush-Cheney for the king we railed against 231 years ago.

Seems an Ideal's dream of perfection is never done, is it?

Feb 20, 2007

BBC: Bush's Iran Attack Plans Revealed

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
20 February 2007

All links to articles as summarized below are available here:

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed 20 Feb 2007 US contingency plans for air strikes on Iran extend beyond nuclear sites and include most of the country's military infrastructure, the BBC has learned. It is understood that any such attack - if ordered - would target Iranian air bases, naval bases, missile facilities and command-and-control centres.