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Jan 24, 2018

2018 Signs in the Sky: Prophecy and Israel as Fig Tree

Previously we have discussed the Solar Return 2018 of the State of Israel which involves the 70-year Biblical prophecy of the fig tree symbolism for Israel. This is my reason for posting the 2018 Return chart since the chart times 70 years since the creation of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948...1948 + 70 = 2018 and that's a mathematical fact.

Now I realize that few SO'W readers (if any!) believe in Biblical prophecy these days yet I feel a responsibility to caution such readers on that score. Although it is not an Astrology book per se, Adrian Gilbert's intriguing book Signs in the Sky: Astrological and Archaeological Evidence for the Birth of a New Age #ad provides certain information concerning Sun-Regulus, constellation Orion's importance in the final scheme as it rises over Jerusalem, and other 'signs' of the Tribulation and the last days.

One puzzling factor is Donald Trump's role in all of this with his Mars rising in Leo, but most significantly, Regulus rising with 'sun god' asteroid Apollo in his chart (Ascendant 29Leo). Curiously, Trump's progressed Sun is now @00Virgo, the current precessed position of royal Regulus. Unless his birth data is incorrect, Trump's chart factors seem part of the Prophecy yet I have much trouble with this due to his extreme lewdness and bigotry. Not that our Creator can't 'use' an imperfect human being for His ultimate purposes for there's rarely been any other kind on Earth! Yet in December 2017 when Trump announced the US embassy would be relocated to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv (in 2019, last I heard, preceded by multiple years of construction), it seemed to me more than a little prophetic in relation to the 70-year Prophecy. Karma on steroids?

Solar Eclipses of 2000 Repeat in 2018/19

Is someone manipulating these events on Earth to reflect the fig tree symbolism? Or are events a natural As Above So Below phenomena? In his book, Gilbert suggests year 2000 as possibly the start of The Tribulation which should be over (fulfilled) in 2018--when "the time is nigh". As of 2000, the Belt of Orion rises directly in the East with Mintaka slightly below the celestial equator and from Jerusalem, the Belt can be seen rising over the Mount of Olives. Other signs are listed including Summer Solstice 2000 (June 21). Certainly, the 'Nostradamus Eclipse' of August 11, 1999 may be seen as part of this--and we're under its influence again for it manifested as The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2018 in the 1 North Saros Series--conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Ascendant!

Now year 2000 as you may remember brought Solar Eclipses in the 1 South Series (the next 1 South occurs February 15, 2018), the 2 Old North Series (Trump's Prenatal Eclipse Series which repeats on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer amidst the Gemini Twins, Castor and Pollux), the 2 New North ('The Tower' Eclipse occurring again on August 11, 2018 @19Leo), and the 2 South on Christmas Day 2000 @4Capricorn (the degree of transit Saturn as I type today). 2 South won't repeat until January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn, and of course Saturn rules Capricorn which is also related to the State of Israel, and to Palestine (though usually as a pair -- Saturn and Uranus; Israel's natal chart may be viewed as Palestine's natal chart as well).

So! In ancient times the Sun-Regulus link evoked the heavy responsibility of acting as God's regent and this is my trouble--seeing Uranian snake oil salesman Donald Trump as a man capable of handling such a weighty task on behalf of Heaven and Earth. For to me, the self-styled "old fashioned playboy" seems the epitome of imperfection and is apparently uninterested in heavenly things--his treasure is on Earth and he acts proud of his faith-in-the-temporary attitude at the exclusion of the Eternal. Yet the Sun-Regulus tradition enjoyed by ancient Egyptian pharoahs and centuries of past kings spawned the idea of rule by 'divine right' which doesn't seem too off-the-mark for Mr. Trump to use with his narcissistic mentality--to his own advantage.

How the Zionists of Israel (who may be ignoring the 70-year Prophecy for all I know!) will use Trump as a tool for their own purposes remains to be seen as 2018 hurdles along toward 2019 and the fulfillment of Time for he and his announcement concerning Jerusalem have already played a role in the fig tree symbolism which according to Scripture culminates in 2018 and which Mayan Prophecy says ends with a cataclysm..

Related Posts include the Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 conjunct Trump's natal Pluto in Leo, the We The People Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018, and May 2018: Trump's New Moon, Manafort's Trial, and Uranus into Taurus-and all three events cosmic and earthly occur very near the Solar Return 2018 of Israel.

Jan 12, 2018

There Is No Right or Wrong Political Ideology - Kevin Estes

There Is No Right Or Wrong Political Ideology

by Kevin Estes

In this blog (Kevin's Left Wing Astrology), it is proven that liberalism and conservatism are astrological complexes. Liberalism in the natal chart is indicated by aspects to Neptune, the South Node, the sign of Pisces, and the 12th house from Venus (economics) and the Moon (culture), and conservatism in the natal chart is indicated by aspects to the North Node, 4th house, and the signs of Taurus (economics) and Cancer (culture) from Venus (economics) and the Moon (culture). This means that people simply can't help but believe these ideologies are the truth.

So, why all the division?

To be fair, while most people know their Sun sign, they don't know anything else, and even then, most people with knowledge of astrology still don't know this. And it's pretty well documented that the main sources of division, the media, religion, and the government, are controlled by the "deep state", also known as the Illuminati. It's no coincidence that the culture wars have increased and the Democratic and Republican parties have gotten more extreme the last 10 years, when people have been waking up to the truth in droves. It's perfectly plausible that the Illuminati has instructed both parties to be more extreme in order to divide the population further, as there are way more of us than them.

The Israel/Jewish Connection

Every Congressional Candidate, in order to receive campaign funding, must sign a pledge to support Israel. How is this significant? Zionist Jews are at the top of the Illuminati pyramid. Judaism is the official religion of Israel. The Rothschild family are Zionist Jews. Could the culture wars be a result of this pledge to support Israel, in order to keep the masses from uniting as one? It's highly likely. If you don't support the Illuminati, no funding for you. In this blog, most of our elected officials have the "Aggressive Pallas" pattern, meaning Pallas and its ruler in aspect to Pluto and the South Node, as well as hard aspects to Jupiter. Aggressive Pallas aspects have a connection to corruption, racism, and forcing your views on others.

How to reverse this division? Simple. Realize that everyone is different. Also realize that political ideologies are in your birth chart, which makes it pointless for someone else to try and change it, and that liberalism and conservatism are neither right or wrong. For this to happen, astrology would have to be mainstream knowledge. In 2023, Pluto goes into Aquarius for the first time, and goes into Aquarius for good in 2024. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is said to rule astrology, so the mainstreaming of astrology is a big possibility in the Pluto in Aquarius era. The sooner we put aside our differences and unite as one against our oppressors, the easier it will be to reclaim our country.

Link to the Israel pledge revealing: Cynthia McKinney Drops Bombshell...

Thanks for your millennial insights, Kevin!

Now here's one of Kevin's previous, related posts--a favorite of mine which concerns Left Brain-Right Brain Politics. And here is Kevin's astro-political analysis of freshly minted Senator Tina Smith who replaced Minnesota Senator Al Franken last week on Capitol Hill.

Visit Kevin's Left Wing Astrology for a variety of posts and political analyses written from his millennial point of view.

Dec 12, 2017

At What Point is Enough Enough? - Surviving the Matrix

The following message was posted to YouTube on December 8, 2017 and it's episode 316 in the Surviving the Matrix series via American Voice Radio:

A pertinent question from Max Igan. You'll find a variety of his Surviving the Matrix presentations, podcasts, and more at The Crowhouse.

Oct 5, 2015

Senator (now VP) Joe Biden on Shalom TV: "I Am a Zionist" - clip

Found at last! For years the location of this 2-minute-39-second clip of an interview with VP Joe Biden concerning Zionism (he's one of them, he assures us), Iraq, and Israel eluded me. Here it is, uploaded in April 2007 by Shalom TV:

You know, these guys and gals (sometimes known as 'world leaders') are spending a huge amount of their time, effort, and taxpayer money (and pretend fiat money) trying to speedily fulfill Bible if the God of All Creation is in need of their arrogant, anti-societal meddling.

Actually there are several types of Zionism. And from August 2010, here's a post on Zionism and the Natal Chart of Israel. You may also wish to check out a few Astro-Notes on VP Joe Biden if you're daring.

Mar 15, 2015

Mar 16, 2015 12 am: US hits debt ceiling with Sun Pisc-Moon Cap vibes

Yes, at midnight tonight it's debt ceiling time again and the US Congress has been privileged to set such a limit since 1939. The limitation doesn't mean more budget-busting spending, it means satisfying obligations the US government has already taken on and neglecting these burdens is what led to America's credit downgrade in 2011, finagled mainly by anti-Obama Republicans in Congress.

Therefore, unless Congress changes its tune, the US treasury can't satisfy creditors as of March 16, 2015--the very date of the final (of 7 total) exact Cardinal Squares between revolutionary Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries and powerful wealth-hoarder Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. In the Eastern Time Zone, the Uranus-Pluto squares perfects at 10:54 pm.

And with dissolving, fraudulent Neptune now strong in its own sign of Pisces, the undermining of the US system of government insinuates on under the speculator-spendthrift pair of Jupiter-Neptune ruling and co-ruling murky, often deceptive Pisces.

The conscious-unconscious vibes of the debt ceiling situation of the moment are Sun Pisces-Moon Capricorn, a practical Water-Earth combo of energies that is shared natally by Freemason George Washington who advised us to, "Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad company."

Hopefully, the current blend's practicality concerning the March 2015 debt ceiling issue will be victorious over the zealous anarchists in Congress who apparently care little or nothing for America's reputation or credit-worthiness. Now if only such anti-government 'bad company' could be removed from Capitol Hill and take their billionaire social tinkerers and National Zionists with them!

Related: Types of Zionism, one of the many Pluto-Chiron -isms of oppression, exploitation, and primal violence. You'll note that transiting Pluto and Chiron, the Plutocracy pair, last met in Great Conjunction in November 1999 as one of civilization's cosmic 'ushers' into the New Millennium. Their conjunction in Sagittarius hit America's natal Ascendant in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm 'Sibly' horoscope and soon the trumped up 'war on terror' began.

Also on topic is a previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse and Washington DC's neglected burdens.

Mar 4, 2015

Neptune-Pluto-Saturn: Netanyahu Addresses the US Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a 19-year history of beating American war drums against Iran. Yesterday, he addressed a Joint Session of Congress and did just that in what some pundits call an unprecedented act.

Netanyahu also addressed the US Congress in 2011 and on July 10, 1996 during Bill Clinton's presidency as mentioned here at The Intercept. He stated in 1996 that "time is running out...we have to act," which was echoed in yesterday's message concerning Iran's potential development of a nuclear bomb.

A Few Brief Astro-Notes

Benjamin Netanyahu's address on July 10, 1996 falls under the auspices of a 16 South Solar Eclipse Series which manifested @28Aries on April 17, 1996. 16S themes include dealing with issues of wasted energy especially in groups, and misdirected motivation. No real action should be taken, cautions Bernadette Brady in her book Predictive Astrology. This series last manifested on April 29, 2014 @9Taurus and began on September 21, 1653 @29Virgo.

So knowing that transiting Neptune now floats through its own murky sign of Pisces (which is also a sign of war) and nears US natal Ceres and our Pluto-Chiron midpoint (Plutocracy; oppression; racism; Zionism...), it's informative that on July 10, 1996, Neptune had reached late Capricorn (sign of government, law, business, and structure) and conjoined US natal Pluto, karmic planet of power, control, death, transformation, and atomic energy. Also note that 1996 is the year that US natal Saturn turned retrograde by progression in early Scorpio--no longer in its sign of exaltation, Libra, as in 1776--and in 2015 our nation's authority remains in Rx condition indicating issues of weakness vs strength.

Neptune = lies, fraud, or...inspiration

Neptune to Pluto times a period when power is dissolved by subtle means such as treachery and poison, and can favor those with a religious message and/or with psychic power. Did Netanyahu 'poison the well' of the Capitol Building by rallying a US president to wage war on enemies of Israel? Some would say Yes. I would say that his Political Theater performances of 1996, 2011, and 2015 provide the American and global public with futuristic scenes of the Zionist-led global government they wish to set up in Jerusalem.

Does this particular Christian want Israel destroyed? Of course not. Should Christians be worried? Yes, as should Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists for such totalitarian secular regime changers care less than nothing for religion of any kind. They'll have all religions at war with one another before their draconian Utopian vision of global governance is realized and no allegiance will be allowed but to the 'new world order'.

"War is a racket." - General Smedley Butler

Related reading: Zionism and the Natal Chart of Israel (horoscope shown) where you'll see Israel's 10th house Saturn-Pluto conjunction of brutality now expanded (Netanyahu hopes) by transit Jupiter in Leo. Expansion plans begin to move ahead soon once Jupiter's Direct Station occurs on April 8, 2015.


Video of Netanyahu's 1996 Address to Congress may be viewed in the C-SPAN Video Library and the 1996/2015 echo chamber is quite amazing. Or if you missed it, check out last evening's The Daily Show where Jon Stewart helpfully points out the similarities and the undermining nature (Neptune) of Netanyahu's and Boehner's political machinations.

Oct 31, 2011

Illuminati Protocols, then Midas and Pan show up

Video: Anonymous Explains the Illuminati Protocols The following presentation contains what may be a few controversial statements and as one blogger I cannot vouch for all that is asserted. Yet much of the information tallies with my research last year for an article in the November 2010 edition of Julie Demboski's Eclipse E-Zine (now an excellent Newsletter) titled, American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun. In my attempt to meld Astrology with American History for a bit of insight into how, why, and when America's ship of state changed course so drastically (as it seems to many of us), the gist is that in November 1905, America's progressed Jupiter symbolically performed a Station Retrograde, seeming to stand still on its Secondary Progressed degree, and the periods of actual time on either side of the date of this change of ideological and financial direction to a more inwardly focused level, marks a significant time frame of important events that I highlight here for further study. Have at it, if you may! You'll find the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank of the US and more. Neocons, Intriguers...and My, How Time Doth Flee Yes, we Americans do tend to forget the recent past very easily (traits of butterfly Gemini--natal sign of US Mars and Uranus--and foggy Neptune, in Mercury-ruled Virgo on July 4, 1776.) Perhaps this post may spur someone to follow up on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a long-standing, mysterious, and notorious piece of propaganda and--well, see what you think. Some sources say it's a vicious forgery (pdf of text.) And I've read that The Protocols first turned up in France in the late 1890s so you know what Great Conjunction that identifies as a mover-and-shaker in this matter--the two that together make up what astrologer E. Alan Meece has presented as the Horoscope of Modern Humanity which is timed by the beginning of the current Neptune/Pluto cycle on the dates listed here: Neptune conjunct Pluto: 1. August 2, 1891 @ 8Gem38 2. November 5, 1891 @ 8Gem19 3. April 20, 1892 @ 7Gem42 In the 1890s, the Robber Baron Era (aka, the Gilded Age), three titanic Great Conjunctions occurred upon US natal Uranus 8Gem55, planet of Technology and Progress, so we're looking at a series of formations of a Historical Midpoint Picture between planetary titans. In Mundane Astrology, I usually look at planets in horoscopes as archetypal (and sometimes particular) actors, plus, quirky genius Uranus operates as America's 'totem' planet of Freedom, Independence, and Equality:
1891/92's Neptune/Pluto = US n Uranus: rebellion against artificial pursuits; impersonal attitudes toward antisocial activities; unusual means for changing reality; unusual, mystical, or supernatural experiences; peculiar discoveries; adventurous ego-thrust; making waves to reach the shore; possibly aberrant behavior. (Munkasey; Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply.)
And you know which objects now travel within the 8-10 degree range of Gemini, right? Midas and Pan--the gold-hoarders of the world hanging around with the satanic goat of mendes folk. Symbolically speaking, of course. The following video contains an explanation of the Illuminati Protocols which were first published for public consumption in 1905, the year that America's Progressed Jupiter performed its Station Retrograde and stopped moving in Direct motion. Was there a synchronicity at work between the US government and Illuminati agents? Perhaps so. And the position of US Progressed Jupiter in 2011? Still Rx and in mid-Cancer which conjoins the natal Ascendant degree in the Horoscope of the Pentagon, America's 5-pointed Death Star now serving as the military-enforcement arm for the Illuminati's New World Order agenda. Midas, Pan, Jupiter (Jove or Zeus!), the three outer, transpersonal planets of The Sky, The Sea, The Underworld--Astrology provides us with powerful archetypes for describing powerful arch deceivers as they play their roles on the World Stage! ~:~ *The Pentagon: April 29, 1942 10:30 am ewt Washington DC, historical record; a dual midpoint picture involves the Pentagon's feisty Mars @ 2Can02, the testosterone-driven planet of war and conflict which goes badly awry when he's ill-used and his energy misdirected and mismanaged: 1. Saturn/Pluto = Mars: brutal efforts to start a new order (Tyl); ruthlessness; brutality; activating plans for much destruction or upheaval; continuing restraint on activities that adulterate, contaminate, or poison (nuclear, uranium, anthrax, bird flu, etc--'restraint'? oh dear); a need to use power in order to continue activities. 2. Uranus/Pluto = Mars: fanaticism; coercion; the mania of destruction; the stage of bending or breaking; purposefully loud, disruptive activities that make others uncomfortable (torture? bombing?); headstrong and demanding when forcing ideas or plans. Both pictures contain indications of torture, among other psychotic behaviors which, considering the natural law of karma--reaping what is sown (as mentioned by Anonymous in the video)--portends ill for those who ruthlessly visit brutality and upheaval upon others. And the US government pretends to do it all in the name of We The People!

Jun 28, 2011

Amazing Facts about Michele Bachmann

Must the Evangelical Right Shove Bachmann into the White House?

by Jude Cowell

Apparently that's their plan, if we let 'em. But today I have learned more amazing facts than is good for one person about ring wing candidate, Tea Party opportunist, and Christian Right promoter Michele Bachmann so I thought: why keep the craziness all to myself? Since I have a blog where I recently posted briefly concerning her natal horoscope while looking for that certain 'out-there' quality that some people think the Oral Roberts University law student possesses, why not share the linky love?

Because it isn't as if the MSM are covering much more than her gaffes and good-for-a-guffaw historical revisionism, is it? At least not yet though perhaps you've already noticed that the crazy train has arrived at the station right on time.

Some examples of what I'm finding:

Today's edition of Democracy Now! has Amy Goodman's informative interview with *Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast and Karl Bremer whose award-winning blog Ripple in Stillwater (the town where Rep. Bachmann currently lives) recounts her career exploits and dubious connection with a money laundering cocaine dealer who's about to go on trial for participation in a major Ponzi scheme, her falsehoods about profiting from farm subsidies, ethics violations, and more.

Then there's Mother Jones' Michele Bachmann: Greatest Hits, a list of her wackier statements and spouted misconceptions, a not-to-be-missed regaling of her unusual remarks worth reviewing before you decide to vote for Bachmann's brand of out-there, zealous, steam-rolling political and social reforms. (Be careful what you wish for!)

Quite a pile-up of amazing facts for someone who just announced her candidacy for president on Monday June 27, 2011...aka, yesterday!


*Yep! Ronald Reagan may be rolling over in his grave as the power of the Evangelical Right rears its double heads again in American Politics (after a period of hibernation.) On topic is Michelle Goldberg's latest book Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism which I haven't read (just heard of it for the first time today during her Democracy Now! interview) but to me it sounds like Pluto/Chiron's Zionism of violent zealotry focused on the setting up of a one-world-government seat of power in Jerusalem.

For further reading on such topics also try Political Astrology 2010 ~ 2012 by Alex D'Atria.

In Washington DC

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 29, 2011, President Obama will hold a suddenly announced news conference on his refusal to seek congressional approval for actions in Libya (which has been made out to be 'the story' by the MSM so perhaps it's been set up that way as cover for US interference in yet another Middle Eastern country), and on the performance of the US economy, or the lack thereof.

Blog Note: if all goes well here on Wednesday morning and there are no further thunderstorm interruptions, I'll be posting on the president's news conference through the lens of Astrology; plus, my recent column on the US Solar Return 2011 horoscope will be completed as a fresh post, or simply added to my original entry. For as you may imagine from current events, America's Solar Return 2011 is quite a doozy so please stay tuned if you can. jc

Mar 16, 2011

The Iron Wall (video link) -- of Zionist colonization

The Iron Wall (Video link)

"Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population - behind The Iron Wall, which the native population cannot breach."

Vladimir Jabotinsky 1923

Click to read details and view a 57-minute video on this important topic; naturally, the tense duo of Saturn (tectonic plates; soil; earth; constriction) and Uranus (splitting; breaking; loosening) are implicated and are associated in Mundane Astrology with the Middle East particularly Israel and Palestine. The duo's last Great Conjunction/s occurred three times through 1988 - under Ronald Reagan's watch though his deputies may have been minding the national store while the Gipper snoozed; Saturn and Uranus conjoined forces in the near-final three degrees of Sagittarius 27-28-29 rather near Galactic Center. 29 degrees of any sign, as you know, is often in critical or crisis mode and the planet prepares to move into new territory, the next sign.

We felt the Saturn/Uranus opposition in the November 2009 presidential election and again in 2010 across the Virgo-Pisces axis. Nowadays, with Capitol Hill's traditionalism v radicalism, plus riots, protests, strikes, rebellions, overthrows, stepdowns, bombings, disenfranchisement, earthquakes, volcanoes, and nuclear catastrophes, we groan under their brittle 165-degree quindecile relationship indicating 'disruption of governing systems' and 'defiance of law and order.'

Guess that also applies in the spiritual realm to natural law and order.


For more details on the compulsive-obsessive aspect The Quindecile, allow Ricki Reeves to explain.

Aug 25, 2010

Zionism and the natal chart of Israel

Zionism has been called out as racism and colonialism and I find myself having to agree these days. That one race has to suffer to exalt another hardly seems to me the basis of the original movement as founded by Theodor Herzl.

Now don't get me wrong: growing up in a family where the principles of the Protestant Bible were top of the list, the scriptural admonition to 'Pray for the peace of Israel' is something I've always taken very seriously, especially in these late days, but it would be easier to do if warring, oppressive Zionists weren't in charge.

Plus, if you've read this blog more than once, you may be aware of my fairly constant use of the astrological pair of -isms of all sorts: Chiron and Pluto, which, when working together (in aspect or as midpoint which combines their energies) indicates oppression, primal violence, disenfranchisement, Zionism, fascism, totalitarianism, nationalism, capitalism, communism, racism, ageism...well, the list of what man willingly uses to harm his fellow man is quite endless, isn't it?

That's why I was interested to find an article asserting that America should oppose Zionism - not Israel, of course - but those who helm the ship of state in Tel Aviv and force their version of Zionism into position as master of Israel's fate. (Edit Nov 8, 2023: the website is no longer available.)

Why, it's as if warhawk neocons coup'd the White House and reared their heads at the Pentagon in 2000...oh wait a minute. They did. And America suffered the attacks of 9/11/01 immediately thereafter which some believe was a false flag op to rally the US into yet another war. Which it did. And the State of Israel is one of the main suspects in that little conspiracy theory. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Then there's Joe Biden, our gaffe-prone, publicly avowed 'Zionist', who is currently installed as US VP now and continues the same endless war policy which is part of a decades-long process being implemented toward total control. And it took a silver-tongued promoter of 'Change in America' to effect a smooth transition, not of US foreign policy (as we've seen), but of the series of mouthpieces in the White House - Mr. Obama, who is now ensconced with global banksters snugged round the fancy, historical Resolute desk in the Oval Office.

Well, gotta motor for now so I'm posting Israel's national chart from May 14, 1948 (details from historical record.) Around the edges I've penned US planetary placements which have many contacts to Israel's natal planets such as US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition at Israel's MC/IC axis. The chart can be later discussed here if anyone is interested or has comments to offer; Israel's major midpoints are included if they conjoin a planet.

You'll note the Fist of God pattern between the Pluto/NN square at the pattern's base to apex Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius, its own sign, which gives inspiration and enthusiasm but which can lead to zealotry within one's ideology.

Indications from the midpoint picture between Pluto, NN, and Jupiter are noted bottom left with the nation's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series (4N) bottom right; Pre-Natal Eclipse info is from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Please click image to enlarge.

Progressing this chart to today's date gives a '12Sag' Ascendant which conjoins US natal ASC (Sibly chart) and is where Pluto and Chiron's Great Conjunction of December 30, 1999 occurred. Its Sabian Symbol is, I believe, most telling for the New Millennium's 'New World Order' agenda of globalists everywhere:

"A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows."

In his book An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar gives this degree the following Keynote: "The spiritualization and promotion of great symbols of a New Age by minds sensitive to its precursory manifestations."

'New Age' indeed.

Oct 4, 2009

Iran-Contra videos + Solar Eclipse of constitutional crisis 2011

This link to 8 videos shows participants and players of the time (1988) speaking on the Iran-Contra Affair - including Ronald Reagan himself. Not having had time to watch all 8 videos yet, I wanted to publish the videos' link here for you and for my own easy-locating convenience.

If you're too young to have been around for, or aware of, the Reagan administration's Iran-Contra Scandal, it is highly recommended that you play catch-up before America's shadow government bombs nuclear facilities in Iran - especially if you care whether the US Constitution is followed and honored in Washington DC.

For even if such acts of war were ever warranted anywhere in the world, how could bombing facilities containing nuclear material EVER be a sane idea?

(See previous post on Zionism for hints on who might be just insane enough.)

Well, there is one Saros Series of Solar Eclipses that has a 'constitutional crisis' flavor - the 13 South Series, which will manifest in timely fashion on June 1, 2011 @ '11Gemini' conjunct US natal *Descendant, the Angle of Partnerships, Legal Affairs including pacts and agreements, and Open Enemies.

With our Constitution under serious attack for years now, will its 'pact' with the American people be irrevocably broken as timed by the 13 South Eclipse? This would indicate much danger to our system of government - already a factor - during the second half of 2011 in particular.

That this bodes ill for America and for the Obama administration, I have few doubts, especially with 2009's worrisome void-of-course Inaugural Moon at crisis degree, an indication that little about Barack Obama's presidency will turn out as expected, if it turns out at all. Whether that means only the peoples' expectations being unsatisfied or the administration's plans going awry remains to be seen...perhaps both on various levels if special interest lobbyists and Mr. Obama's opponents have anything to do with it.

Of course, another reading of a VOC Moon is that things proceed without interference, as did the attacks of 9/11 and the VOC Moon at '28Gemini,' a degree of bankruptcy. I'd say that VOC Moon has yielded much fruit for the wealthiest classes, wouldn't you?

So after watching SNL's opening skit last evening with 'Barack Obama' checking off a list of promised 'to-dos' that he hasn't accomplished in his 9 months in the Oval Office, I could feel that 29Sco45 Inaugural Moon hanging over America - in place of the Aries Harvest Moon. An Inaugural chart is good for as long as the presidential term it describes lasts.

Now you may remember that Michael Tsarion makes several points about the true nature of the US Constitution and the Founders' intentions at TarotScopes in case you missed it (I gave you his article's link back in May, lone reader; it's worth reviewing if only to cause thinking to occur, even without complete agreement with Mr. Tsarion's alternate views.)

Yet I, an Independent, must speak up for a Democratic president just as I did when Bill Clinton first took office: even if he (they) actually want to do positive things on behalf of the American people and the working class, there are those in Washington DC who will do anything to interfere however they can.

Does it seem to you that as far as the Obama adminstration is concerned, this is precisely what is happening once again to the people's business as the issues of the common good fall by the partisan, Zionist, NWO, world domination wayside?


*Descendant in the US 'Sibly' natal chart is 12Gem13; 13S Solar Eclipse info from Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Apr 26, 2009

A difference between Zionism and racism? video

What is the Difference Between Zionism and Racism? Video

BBC reporter for Newsnight, Jeremy Paxman grills the UK ambassador.


Astrologically, if we ask the Pluto-Chiron duo, very little difference since both are oppressive -isms...please see previous post of April 26 on the IMF protesters' arrests in Washington.

Aug 25, 2008

Biden video: I'm a Zionist

In Case You Missed It Joe Biden: I am a Zionist

2 Minute Video

US Senator Joe Biden, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination,speaks with Shalom TV CEO Mark S. Golub on Israel and Jewish-related issues in this exclusive interview... you see, Biden is not only a credit card company shill against the American people's best interests, he holds the Zionist card's chaotic societal tinkering and highminded idealism in his globalist hand. Gravitas for Obama indeed.

Yes, Pluto/Chiron is on the march with -ISMs by the score! By Inauguration Day 2009, transiting Pluto/Chiron = Inaugural Midheaven (the goal) at noon in Washington, along with US natal Pluto on display as it's been since Inaugurations were switched to Jan 20 in 1937 (on FDR's watch) so we've been seen (MC) as the world's policeman, oppression complimentary.

Prior to 1937, Inaugural MC fell at 8Pisces+ which showed the world the US natal Ceres (the mother - the Statue of Liberty's nurturance of the weary; security issues) as did America's NATAL Pluto/Chiron there a theme here?

Foreigners are no longer as welcome to our shores, are they? We're full-up, amigos.

You know actually I neglected to mention in earlier posts today about this week's Moon passing the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint which indicates a meeting with those who are described by Saturn/Uranus - Israelis (and Palestinians, too) and relating particularly to the D-Party politics (natal chart.)

I figured this was significant in an Israeli-American sense, but had such a list of midpoints to give you, I started the Convention's 'Moon clock' with 22Gem56 at sunrise Monday - and the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint is 20Gem30.

Is this Biden and his much-touted foreign policy experience reflected in the light of an out of bounds Moon?

Anyway, here's the midpoint picture created which may or not apply:

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: a sudden desire to liberate oneself from emotional stress; emotional courage emerges under duress; changes for freedom; possible separation from females.

Well, I'm a female about to separate from these issues for today, because this is the most time I will have to blurb on the Dem Convention at one sitting until later in the week.

This grumps me up because they're delivering to us such grand political theater, dahlink!