Oct 27, 2008

Obama's Chiron in Pisces + the Nep-Pluto septile

Some folk are calling this 2008 presidential race 'gilded' but see if you agree.

Today I'm grieving for Jennifer Hudson and her family and I know both readers of this blog are saddened by this family tragedy.

Here in Georgia the weather is chill and damp today so we're staying as snug as bugs may be expected to stay.

Hearing of Barack Obama's speech in Canton, Ohio today puts me in mind of the famous anti-war speech so well-delivered several moons ago by Eugene V. Debs.

And here I've exerpted from his advice for you if you go to Washington so heed before you leave for Washington Town. The city's parallel is most particular, y'know, and there are more mountain goats than you can shake a stick at there.

So between speeches by Debs and the stellar Cross of Gold speech by William Jennings Bryan is where I find myself plopped this day while pondering why Senator Obama chose Canton in which to speak, or perhaps I should say....preach.

Natally Barack Obama has Chiron in Watery Pisces, sign of the collective, sign of compassion (not the manufactured kind), sign of sacrifice, and sign of fishes everywhere.

Pisces can be the preacher but many generals have been born under the sign of the fish (which may seem odd at first.)

And since Chiron travels between the orbits of Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future), Chiron is the "be here now" figure, the Alpha and Omega and the All in between.

Chiron is experiential because of his catalyst nature, his morphing ability learned from sky god, Uranus, while his perfect/imperfect form is from Saturn. Plato's Ideal Form - the synthesis of Saturn and Uranus, is an idea more perfect in imagination.

Chiron is the 'learn by doing' focus in our charts and so is the expression of the Ideal in earthly form, upon the Cross of Matter.

Heaven brought to Earth, and whose Sabian Symbol at discovery, '4Taurus' is: "A Rainbow's Pot of Gold."

This symbolism echoes within Bryan's Cross of Gold speech which superimposes the strain against mankind on to a cross of cruxifixion by materialistic greed's physicality and frigidity of feeling for one's fellow man.

This precise speech garnered Bryan the Democratic Party's nomination for president although he had not been the nominee before the DNC took place.

But you see, WJB held the audience spellbound. A silver-tongued Democrat of the populist persuasion is difficult to ignore.

The supplied audio of his Cross of Gold speech (which I heard part of last week on NPR) was recorded some years after that night at the DNC. Unfortunately, no recording of his speech's actual DNC delivery exists...but eye-witness reports fill out the picture along with the text.

Then it was silver Democrats vs gold Republicans. Is it still?

The 1890s are an interesting era to study, don't you think?

After all, it's the descendants of the Generation of Materialism, the Gilded Age crowd, the Industrialists and Bankers, that are bedeviling us now as transiting MIDAS Rx plays about the 7 - 8 Gemini area which are the Great Conjunction degrees of Neptune and Pluto, the planets of the Gilded Age because their time clock was 'punched' at their conjunction.

Once again, the degrees and dates of our current Neptune-Pluto cycle:

1. August 2, 1891 8Gem38 Direct
2. November 5, 1881 8Gem19 Rx
3. Apr 30, 1882 7Gem42 Direct

Neptune - oil, gas, oceans, liquids, beverages, drugs, negative escapism, confusions, deceptions, the masses, veils, subterfuges, spirituality, merging, inspired creativity, the Divine Source;

Pluto - hidden places such as caves, tunnels, graves, sepulchres, pipes, plumbing, spies, detectives, investigators, publishers, assassins, saboteurs, a secret hand, the power-behind-the-throne, ruler of Hades, transformation, regeneration, death, the dragon who guards the riches, rapist, abductor, the pope, the puppetmaster/s.

And with Neptune and Pluto's angular relatoinship now moving in and out of septile aspect (51 degr 26 mins) the collective is having that 'fated' 'karmic' feeling/intuition deja-vu-ing once again.


Karma: Neptune-Pluto septile has a few notes on the septile, Neptune-Pluto, and the 7th Harmonic, or
'H7' as I tend to write it...that fated feeling.

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