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Apr 18, 2009

Naomi Klein's new Obama lexicon: are you hopesick?

Here's Barack Obama in 2008 campaign mode.

But the 'campaign high' couldn't last and Pres. Obama has yet to pass the fabled '100 days' of his term in office which is only part of the marvel that he's already disappointed many people on multiple issues.

Of course there are several astrological factors involved in the situation for Astrology, like the life on Earth it describes, is complex and multi-layered. And I am about to mention a couple of them unless you stop reading here.

The Inauguration 2009 chart shows a very stressed out Moon (the people; the public) at a critical/crisis point of 29 degrees. (29 degr of any sign is a critical degree as the body there impatiently strains toward the next sign, and one is 'at the end of his/her rope' relating to the sign placement, which in this case is Scorpio.)

The next sign after the Inaugural Moon's 2009 position in Scorpio, sign of big business and creditors, is the happy-go-lucky Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius! Jolly, expansive Jupiter likes to dream big - and that we were anxious to do.

Yes, we-the-people were in trouble and feelin' the pain of others' past political mistakes, financial frauds, and other corruptions by Jan 20, 2009...and a new face was talking the heady language of help-on-the-way. (See photo above.)

And we could say that the people's impatience, tamped down though Mr. Obama tried to make it, is part of the problem now as supporters morph into early flip-floppers and become some of the president's bitterest critics because magic has not been created with a quick wave of a conjurer's wand. Yes, when you lose your job and your family's livelihood, it's extremely easy to succumb to bitterness.

Meanwhile the planet of magic, Neptune, 22Vir25 in America's natal chart (9th house in the oft-used Sibly chart), continues to undergo the cold water of realism with grim-faced Saturn coming to call, a Saturn-to-natal-Neptune transit not exact until late August (2009.)

Right away, most astrologers know that more hopesickness, as Ms. Klein aptly terms it, is waiting to pounce upon wary and unwary Obama supporters and opponents alike.

And with US Neptune conjunct Mr. Obama's natal Mars (to the degree: 22Vir+), we know that the Saturn-to-natal-Mars transit for him is providing a lot of hard work (Mars-Saturn) on his list of actions to take (Mars) which are inhibited by realistic considerations (Saturn.) We also know that we-the-people's ideals, dreams, and hopes (Neptune, in Virgo, sign of work, jobs, and health) have been out of proportion to what one man can reasonably (Saturn) accomplish (Mars.)

Yes, wherever Neptune is positioned in a chart there may be inspiration but also self-delusions, illusions, and deception. That's why Saturn's visit there can seem a cold bucket of grim reality's water. And no matter who had moved into the Oval Office in Jan 2009, America would be experiencing this transit and this quality of reaction.

Yet it seems harder with Pres. Obama because our hopes are set so very high for populist solutions, both practical and inspired.

'Don't get your hopes up too high' is good advice, and 'the bigger they are, they harder they fall' is a good descriptor of what's going on post-inauguration with Obama hopesickness but click above and let Naomi Klein explain her new lexicon for BHO disappointment, if you will, as some people have entered the 'buyers' remorse' phase while others are arriving there soon.

Personally I'm waiting for jobs (Virgo) to be created (Saturn = form and manifestation on the earthly plane) to ease the people's pain before I give up entirely on the mortal shoulders of this one man. Job creation would be a most welcome and positive expression of Saturn-to-Neptune-in-Virgo since Saturn can stabilize what he touches as well.

Yet the fact that Saturn-Neptune together can make for secret government, deceptive government, communism, socialism, and other such unpalatable things for America's usual menu, is even more important than pig-in-poke disappointment, for a New World Economic Order may require America to kowtow to a global boss which most probably won't be the US at the top of the power heap.

Or if it is, we won't recognize the old girl as we be pine for our Lady Liberty.

So how involved and culpable President Barack Obama is in the enabling of a one-world-government agenda - which requires the breaking down of our nation - remains to be seen in full but my sense is that that will be an even greater disappointment to the American people (assuming BHO completes his term in office. Or even if he doesn't.)

His role in such plans, if indeed they succeed, will be bitter fodder for years to come as our Neptunian campaign-promise-gullibility is once again exposed to the light of Saturnian realism. His natal Mars conjunct US natal Neptune shows that our expectations (Neptune) of what Mr. Obama can do (Mars) has clouded (Neptune) our perceptions of his actions (Mars.)

But as Naomi Klein mentions in her article, realism is a good thing.

For no one can solve problems until they're acknowledged and identified - and we need lesson-bringer Saturn's magic wand of clear assessment to help us with this tremendous task.

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