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Jul 21, 2009

Astrology of Health Care Reform: 1994 vs 2009

Following my own thread of interest from my previous post on surveillance of the eye of Horus and Health Care Reform, I was lead to a page in Alan Meece's book, Horoscope For the New Millennium, which states that, "On Jan 11, 1994, virtually all of the planets aligned with a New Moon in conservative Capricorn. It fell in the 6th house (Health; Work; Service) in Washington, representing Clinton's massive effort to reform health care that year."(paperback, p. 245.)

Meece continues, "It failed due to pressure by the health care insurance industry, and served only to rally the 'opposition to big government' led by talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, whose birthday is January 11. In November 1994 (right after a Solar Eclipse), Republicans took control of Congress in a surprise victory, and genuine reform was over--at least for the moment.

The New Moon of January 11, 1994 seemed to shake up the world in other ways: six days later a huge earthquake struck Los Angeles, leading to the largest relief effort in US history (6h house.)" Largest up to that time, of course.

The 1994 stellium in Capricorn included: Mars, Venus, Neptune, Moon, Sun, Uranus, and Mercury...woo! Missing are the societal planets, Jupiter (Sco) and Saturn (AQ), and transpersonal Pluto (Scorpio.) If you'd like to set up this chart, the New Moon 21Cap30:51 was exact over the Capitol Building at 6:10:20 pm est with asteroid, Hygeia (health), conjunct the transiting midpoint of the plutocratic pair of oppression and corporatism, Pluto/Chiron.

Apparently, Hygeia was hidden away in Pluto/Chiron's back pocket!

Pluto relates to surgery, of course, and Chiron, associated with health through its 'wounded healer' fame, is in 2nd house of Values, Self-Worth, Money and Earning Ability, and is Rx at 8Vir56. The Sabian Symbol for '9Vir' is: "A Man Making a Futuristic Drawing" and one supposes that he did, for it's 2009 and America still have no health plan that makes treatment affordable and available to all her citizens.

Then when I Googled 'January 11, 1994' this turned up on the Superhighway Summit of Jan 11, 1994, held at UCLA, presided over by then-VP Al Gore, and shown live on C-SPAN.

Lily Tomlin's Ernestine character made a surprise cameo at the summit and was assured by Mr. Gore of the coming ease and availability of the 'information superhighway' for all Americans. That America's web and internet development falls far behind many countries of the world in these matters is now well-known, but in 1994, all seemed possible and was easily promised.

Except, as it turned out, health care reform for Americans, who are forced by an imperialist government to spend all our tax monies, not for our own needs or care, but on policing the world through perpetual wars that have bankrupted our nation.

Now lest you think I'm deluded by the 'R vs D' nonsense on the health care reform issue (or on any other), I assure you I am sufficiently suspicious of DC politicians to envision Clinton and the Dems of 1994 as only pretending to work for massive improvements while protecting the insurance and med industries, and using the GOP take-over of Congress as a shield to hide its own lack of support for health care reform.

Then, as now, Democrats take money from health industries, too, and who knows which stocks are held in whose portfolios?

But that's Pluto/Chiron for you: class warfare of the power elite vs the common man and woman.

As for the elite, we'll see if 2009 and President Obama's current health care initiatives turn out to be more of same as in 1994 - and the proof will be in the ultimate results for the health care of the American people.

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