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Aug 22, 2009

Financial Astrology 2009 - 2010: Saturn, Jupiter-Neptune

Master Financial Astrologer Ray Merriman has an article on Saturn's Realities and Jupiter/Neptune Hopes that takes us from 2009 into 2010.

Since financial cycles and astrological cycles may be understood in tandem and one used as a magnifying glass to read the other, I recommend Mr. Merriman's article to you, especially since the current media attention seems focused more on Jupiter/Neptune's dreams and grand schemes than on Saturnian practicalities and realism.

2009, year of the Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune. This speculating and possibly religious pair's third and final conjunction will be on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18, conj US natal Moon (the people.) Shall I type out the midpoint picture this forms one more time? Okay.

Jup/Nep = US n Moon: an emotional swoon; going with the wind; dreaminess deceives; becoming involved in speculation (I know - we've been doing that for years, that's a big part of the problem - sheeple to the slaughter); little sense of reality (engrossing new films and TV shows help divert us; plus, power politics played in front of the cameras); losing oneself in plans; instability; wastefulness. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

2009 is also the year of transiting Saturn's late August-early September visit to America's Neptune in Virgo, sign of Health, Work, and Service (which includes our police and military forces.) This is the 'grim reality' transit - but everything Saturn *changes, for change he does, is necessary for owning up to truth, and for lessoning us into compliance with the way things really are.

"All good things must come to an end," was undoubtedly dictated by Saturn, old Cronos Mercury, **The Scribe.

But Washington, Wall Street and the gold-encrusted world banks are fighting having their culpabilities and weaknesses exposed, as Saturn always insists upon. Destructuring, transformative Pluto the saboteur is Rx again and in the first degree of Saturn-ruled Capricorn which adds to a general sense of doom, and that fated, karmic reaping-what-we-sow vibe.

Thing is, it was mainly the uppercrust who sowed sorriness, and the common folk are doing the reaping of the power elite's frauds and faulty thinking.

The good news is that Saturn-to-Neptune has the magical ability to bring dreams (Neptune) into Saturnian reality and form, so my wish is that it's Saturn the Grizzly Wizard coming along to create new jobs and opportunities which are more stable and long lasting than any dream we have previously imagined.

Our American character's Neptunian dreams and ideals are of a practical Virgoan nature, after all.

I don't think a decent job (Saturn) is too much to expect (Neptune)!


*One of the caps Saturn wears is The Time Keeper. He doesn't wear it jauntily either, but he does keep a stopwatch in his hand.

**Mercury/Saturn is 'the signature of the professional writer' as Noel Tyl informed me when consulting on my natal chart a few years back. jc


DD said...

Financial Astrology 2009-2010: Saturn, Jupiter-Neptune.

Will this time period, around Dec. 21, 2009 be a great time to slide through a health bill?

I think healthcare reform is critical, I'm just distrustful of the current bill.

Any thoughts?
Donna D

Jude Cowell said...

Yes thanks, Donna, Dec is a possibility for passing reform but 'Dec 21' may be too close to holidays to be a 'bingo' - i must ck Congress' schedule...

Of course the Jup/Nep vibe is 'in the air' all around us/them so we'll see.

How annoying that Congress is spendthrifty for wars and for Wall St, but not so loose with a dime for our medicals for which our tax dollars are in short supply, they say.

And after hearing the Fresh Air interview today with TR Reid (i think it's 'TR') about his family living in 3 different countries and their health care while there, we may all wish we were in Canada before Congress gets through...

i say: Lower the Medicare sign-up age, at the very least! jc

DD said...

Lowering the Medicare age would help a lot, but we still need care for the crowd at the bottom of the heap.

I read the Merriman article and it was very enlightening!
Kind of puts everything into perspective. His definition of Saturn was helpful for me because I have Leo Saturn/Pluto conj in the 12th square Scorpio Sun/Jup conj in the 3rd.

I wrestled with that combo for many years.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, and it seemed to speed up my upload on this Stars Over Washington site.
I've been trying to upload all day and kept getting locked up.

Have a good Tuesday!