Sep 11, 2009

A Saturn/Neptune quincunx and Financial Crisis 2008

In July 2009 I made an attempt to relate the cycle of Saturn and Neptune to the 2007-2008 financial crisis, and to my own general misgivings about the original and current forms of our US government.

And Saturn's 'cold water' end-of-August conjunction with US natal Neptune @ 22Virgo25, the 'grim reality' transit, has added to the general feelings of gloom in the collective. Reality is having to be faced, and it had better be! If only we could get all our Washington politicians to come clean so we could deal, right?

Well, the quincunx (inconjunct), an aspect of 150 degrees, is difficult to deal with at the best of times, which financially we may say these are not. Saturn is form, Neptune is formlessness, and their inconjunct adds to the diffulties as the irreconcilable must be reconciled.

Yet fulfilling social obligations and/or doing social work for the common good are two of the aspect's most positive manifestations, so with today being the 8th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it's most apt that a drive is on for the newly established 911 Day of Service and Remembrance. This links 9/11 with the 2003 Iraq War response (misguided though it may have been) when Saturn and Neptune were last inconjunct (2003/04.)

That today's Sept 11 observances in Pennsylvania, New York, and DC fall just hours prior to the perfecting of another Saturn/Neptune quincunx seems synchronistically appropriate, doesn't it?

And most fortuitously for both of us, a brilliant article has been published concerning the transiting Saturn/Neptune quincunx and its part in our economic woes, just in time for the aspect's perfection tomorrow, Sept 12, 2009, with Saturn in Virgo, Neptune in Aquarius.

So if you check it out now, you'll be all set just in time!


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