Oct 27, 2009

The Astrology chart of Amelia Earhart

As a child I read a biography of aviatrix extraordinaire Amelia Earhart and was fascinated with her but was left with a longing to know what happened on her ill-fated flight. Was she a spy? What island did she and her co-pilot land - or more probably crash - on?

Well, everyone wants to solve the mysteries of Amelia Earhart, right?

At the time I knew nothing about Astrology or what it can divulge so I'm delighted to recommend ace astrologer Julie Demboski's excellent article concerning Amelia. You'll find Earhart's natal chart and more on display along with Julie's thought provoking elucidations.

Well done, Julie!

And thank you for providing a link to a recent feature of my Dreamyfish Art botanical fish portraits in the international diving magazine X-RAY where you may download the entire mag for free or snag only my artist interview and fish portraits by downloading Section V in issue #32 (upper right corner)!

Update: just found the Amelia Earhart site with a recent article that her final resting place may have been found - the uninhabited island of Kiribati.

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