Oct 27, 2009

New World Order? Hush your mouth!

Since I never watch or hear Don Imus (not a fan), I don't know who the guy next to him is, but it's plain that they're trying to stop Bo Dietl from talking about the New World Order agenda which includes (it is said) voiding the US Constitution.

Yet I wish Mr. Dietl had skipped the subject of climate change here because it riles people up all by itself. Still it's almost amusing to witness Mr. Imus so obviously anxious to interfere with NWO talk by interupting his frequent guest, Mr. Dietl, and by tossing silly remarks to make 'fun' of a very serious subject.

As if mainstream media aren't in the pocket of the social engineers, the chaos-creators - those power elites who want us to think it's all malarkey only meant to be ridiculed by shills like Don Imus.

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