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Oct 26, 2009

ABA Convention protests and the Saturn/Pluto Square

"We're not here to cause trouble - we're here because we are in trouble." So begins this video of the weekend's protests at the American Bankers Association in Chicago, Illinois, the ABA. Or as we have every right to think of them based on their actions: the American Bankrobbers Association.

1,000 protesters were involved and they are expecting over 5,000 people to arrive in Chicago by Tuesday, Oct 27, to join in protesting Wall Street bankers taking our tax money and using it to give themselves massive bonuses and lobby Washington against meaningful financial reform.

Last evening I was studying the *astrology chart of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, signed by George Bush on July 30, 2002 @ 10:28 am edt in Washington, with the Sun 7Leo15 conjunct Bush's natal Ascendant, and Mars 10Leo52 conjunct his natal Mercury/Pluto conj in 1st house of Self.

Mercury/Pluto = tr Mars: indefatigable; an ability to master great tasks; sharp criticism; a desire to attack others; a blackmailer; grasping a situation quickly, rightly or wrongly, and taking confident and persuasive action; attacking an issue without reservation. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(Midpoint pictures may operate in an any-all-or-none fashion - here Bush's natal midpoint is being triggered by transiting Mars. You be the decider if it applies to the issue at hand.)

As I said, I was studying the signing chart last evening and am copying/pasting the post I began then. You can see the mood I was in after feeling an inconvenient compulsion to read about the smokescreen legislation of Sarbanes-Oxley and George Bush. And this, after celebrating a radiant 4-year-old's birthday. What a come-down.

The SOX bill was supposedly going to improve the financial system and take significant steps to penalize fraud, but with deceptive, veiling - fraudulent - Neptune 9AQ39 Rx in 5th house of Gambling and Risk-Taking - and opposing the Sun-Mars conjunction affecting Bush's natal chart, it's easy to see what a baseless belief that was. 'Smokescreen' is a Neptunian word par excellence and the fraud was baked into the bill itself.

From my post of last evening:

Hold on to your Green Stamps, Myrtle, Bush is signin' somethin' again...or he did, on July 30, 2002 at 10:28 am edt at the usual scene of the crime, the White House.

A kitten's yarnball of complexity, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was eagerly put into play by erstwhile politicians, and yet according to Ron Paul, was unnecessary and costly to US businesses. Plus, Fedheader Alan Greenspan praised it which is enough to cause a gut reaction against it for me, and we can't say that SOX has put on the breaks of fraud's jalopy in US financial markets, can we?

Here you may read Bush's pie-in-the-sky signing statement and one must wonder if the bill was one of those under the table you-follow-the-law-cos-I-won't affairs Bush was so fond of and famous for. He liked to pick and choose which points his chain-yankers agreed with in the bills he signed, you remember.

Financial wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney wasn't on hand for the signing, oddly enough. Perhaps he had big-time insider trading to do and couldn't break away from the game.


That's as far as I got with last night's post until today when I find the video of the weekend protesters doing the right thing on behalf of their fellow American taxpayers across our bankrupted-by-the-power-elite land.

My heart is with them in Chicago yet my body must remain in Georgia! Collectively, Saturn is squaring Pluto, and Bush's boots are kicked back on the front porch of new-world-orderism while giving the occasional speech for mega-bucks. His recent speeches given in Canada have been attracting protesters, too. Good.

When Saturn squares Pluto there is a defensive stance against social responsibility which can be seen in the above video as bankers refuse to listen much less come clean. Under this aspect such responsibility is seen as an obstacle rather than an opportunity.

Extremes are resorted to in order to get out of being held accountable, such as tossing out protesters and writing/backing sorry legislations - which, if they have any teeth at all will only be loop holed by the wealthy - so this square between two planets concerned with control and change is undergirding a lot of what's going on in the collective, including the protests.

Saturn/Pluto squares are times when superiors will not tolerate underlings' attempts to grasp control, and we see the impatience and resentment of a we're-fed-up protest by the people. Status and security are prime motivators for those in control and yes, they are feeling threatened by the opposition to their fulfilment of every wish to dominate others and to gather all resources within their Midas caves of greed.

So perhaps the poster child of the Saturn/Pluto square and its anti-societal effects can here be named: Wall Street wheeler-dealer Dick Cheney, who was born with the aspect in his natal chart. And the aspect kind of summarizes his freakish VP governing style, doesn't it?


Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, July 30 @ 10:28 am edt, DC: ASC 28Vir24 (Saturn there in recent days); MC (The Goal) 28Gem11 (Sabian Symbol for '28Vir' - "A Bald-headed Man Who Has Seized Power"; The Goal? '28Gem' - "A Man Declared Bankrupt" - that'd be us and corporations avoiding social responsibilities like pensions, etc.)

Sun as noted above, Moon in 7th house @17Ari14, trining chart-tuler Mercury (signings, contracts, bills) @ 17Leo33 in 11th house. Mercury's only applying aspect is its trine to the Moon which opposes Bush's natal Chiron, Moon, Jupiter conjunction.

And moneybags Jupiter? Just barely into 10th house of Public Status - significantly positioned @ 29Can32, the degree of the Solar Eclipse cycle we're now in since the July 21, 2009 Eclipse - 'systems fail; new ideas and methods needed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The bankers (Jupiter) are part of the crew who want our financial system to fail. But you've noticed that by now, right?

12th house of backdoor deals contains values-oriented Venus 21Vir46 conjunct tr asteroid Cupido linked to corporatism; Venus is conjunct Fixed Star Denebola, keywords: to go against society; against the mainstream.

SOX signing data from the official White House website.


Anonymous said...

"Saturn/Pluto squares are times when superiors will not tolerate underlings' attempts to grasp control, and we see the impatience and resentment of a we're-fed-up protest by the people."

The Saturn-Pluto square is exact in right ascension on Nov 5 at 11:17 AM, EST, in Washington. From then through Nov 14 there are a slew of U.S. financially related charts that are gathered into its embrace. Will the current Congress deliver FOR the people or will the citizenry take it in the chops again? (Do you happen to have the chart for this session of Congress?)

Those charts and charts of some individuals who will get an up close and personal life experience around that time can be seen here:

But other countries of the world should not feel left out as the aspect will be prominent in charts of countries around the world. Those charts may be seen here:

Robert Nicewander

Jude Cowell said...

Robert, that's great info - thanks for the heads-up on the right ascension date, will check it out.

We're under the 'systems fail' Solar Eclipse rays for certain, aren't we?

For 'financials' i intended to relate the Sat/Plu square to its Great Conj of Nov 8, 1982 (Reagan!) @ 27Lib36 where tr Saturn will tromp in Sept 2012, but blogging time is brief since i 'do' art, too, thus Astrology must often be 2nd on my to-do list.

I have, however, written a fair amount on this blog about Reagan's signing of the Garn-St Germain Act which helped the current mess to occur: "I knew it was You, Reagan,"
wrote i.

Remember his statement at the signing? "I think we've hit the jackpot"? It was his Jupiter Return, too!

The 1st years of writing SO'W i kept up with charts of Congress' sessions but have given up the practice - so no, i don't have this session's chart. But with a new president it would be useful to have, i agree.

Thank you so much for providing links to your charts - will view them asap AND add your link!

Wishing you well, Jude

Anonymous said...

Thank you jude!

That is very interesting about Reagan and the conjunction in view of where we are now and the July eclipse.

I found the Congress "I do" at 2:21:30 PM, EST, Jan 6, 2009. Before that, I had guestimated 2:25 PM and done a chart for that time to compare to a transit chart for the square between Saturn and Pluto on Nov 5.

Transit Pluto within 1 minute of arc to natal, transit Saturn square natal Pluto within 1 minute of arc, Transit Moon conjunct Sibly Mars and transit Jupiter conjunct Congress' MC. The Jupiter station this month was within 7 minutes of arc of the correct MC for this Congress.

I have added the speculum to the folder in Photobucket.


Jude Cowell said...

Bob, you do fabulous and quick research!

If you ever want to write a guest post for SO'W do let me know!

And the time for this congressional session will be added to my files of charts - excellent, thanks.

Best contact is:

jude dot cowell at hotmail dot com

if you'd ever like to write an article or perhaps already have something that applies to this blog's theme.

i clicked your unique_astrology link but it gave me no blog - what's up? jc

Anonymous said...

Hey jude (groan)

I don't blog. Just have the account on PB to store images that i reference on lists, forums, etc. Really don't see how you who do blog find the time. Understand how your art work comes first - something has to pay the bills.

Am more of a researcher than in-depth astrologer and prognosticator but may come up with something to write about some day - who knows?

Another groaner - "The Shadow knows"


Jude Cowell said...

Well if you ever wish to write an article, let me know. Between research time, chart calculation and study, scan/save/post, compose (at keyboard - a bad habit of mine), plus political readings, etc, i never feel i do justice to most of the subjects here.

But i keep trying! jc

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude,

Doing some research to find what may have blunted the Saturn-Pluto aspects to all of those charts I noticed the declinations for that time and turned to a friend who is a Magi practitioner.

In her opinion, the declinations are indeed the answer according to Magi teachings.

Rushed right now. More later.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I found a graph for the stock market which shows the spurt that took place at the time of Reagan's signing of Garn-St Germain Act but don't know how to post it or send it to you.

Sorry if that info is available. I am rushed - up to my eyeballs in work.