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Oct 9, 2009

Obama's Potential Peaciness to be rewarded 10/9/09

President Obama has such potential to act peacefully in the world that he is to be awarded a big giant Prize for potential in Oslo on December 10, 2009.

By Dec 10, asteroid Cupido (The Family; Corporatism; Brethren; Art) will be @ 5Sag45 which 'pre-conjuncts' the Ascendant of today's announcement (ASC = the announcement itself) of how humbled he is as he speaks from the Rose Garden (Venus' flower, the rose; the US was 'born' during a Venus Hour - 3Can06 - in America's 'Sibly' natal chart - 5:10 pm LMT.) Getting by with a little help from his wealth-heeled friends? Don't 'they' all?

At 11:16 am edt, White House, the president began his remarks, ending at 11:22 am. No planets changed houses during the 6 minutes; the Hour remained Jupiter's @ 17AQ11 Rx...the first moment Jupiter 'turns' direct according to my SolarFire software is on Oct 13 @ 12:34:18 am edt (we've discussed this before so let's move along.)

At 11:16 am edt in the Rose Garden, ASC 4Sag17; Mc 19Vir29; Obama's natal Moon at DESC 4Gem17 with transiting Terpsichore 4Gem34 (the orchestrator.)

Moon quindecile Uranus = the trendsetter (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

Transiting Toro (the power of boundless strength; capacity to use and control power - George and Bloch; strong will and potential power struggles - Dobbyns) is at Midheaven (Mc = The Goal; the Aspiration.)

And you know that tr Mars 26Can23 is still within orb of the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse that's helping to break down systems and uncover new ideas and methods (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

North Node (NN), a point of destined encounters is conjunct tr Pluto/Chiron midpoint (plutocrats; resource plunderers); Neptune/Pluto is within orb of the Nodal axis, still, and signifies Robber Barons, oil and energy titans, resource miners -- the Generation of Materialism ushered in by the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto is the 7/8/9 Gemini, where Pan ('panic'; a trickster element related to the most ancient archetype of the zodiac, Capricorn's mergoat - those little gold-hoarding satanists) now romps along with MIDAS himself, today at 8Gem39 Rx.

In today's charts this would be their spawn, of course, since the originals like Morgan, Carnegie, Gould, Astor, and their ilk, are resting in wait of their celestial rewards.

There's an interesting picture concerning Mars 26Can23 in 8th house because Mars approaches opposition to the Nep/Pluto midpoint...

Nep/Pluto = Mars: used a tool for other people's interests; succumbing to external powers; being used a medium. (The Nep/Pluto midpoint of combined energies can have a metaphysical flavor to it, an air of mysticism, and this is occurring under the ongoing Mystic Rectangle pattern between Venus, Saturn, NN, Mars, and Uranus - this pattern's keywords: practical mysticism.)

(Some folks might say it's pretty darn mystical how Barack Obama has received this honor for what others wish he would do. What are the chances the self-serving Pentagon would stand for peace breaking out worldwide?)

Mercury is passing Saturn (27Vir42) now after being conjunct a while ('sober thinking; serious meetings'), but this morning both are apex planets in a T-Square formation formed by the applying opposition of Moon 23Gem53/57 to Pluto 00Cap52, a World Point suitable for world class awards and recognition. Moon/Pluto = publicity and PR; fanatical zeal; striving for objectives; expressive emotionalism.

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: far-reaching plans; the pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the gift of wielding a powerful influence upon the larger public through speeches or writings (today Sun and Moon are in Disseminating phase, a time to get out the info and persuasive propaganda, if you have any.)

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: constraint; the pressure to regroup forces and plan anew. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Today's Mercury (the writer, messenger, announcer, or orator) at a crisis 29th degree (29Vir18) conjoins Mr. Obama's Secondary Progressed Sun 29Vir09 (angular when set for Wash DC - his Sec Ic 1Lib37; and US natal Mc 00Lib53 in Sibly chart.)

His Sec Moon is now at 00Pis05 conj Sec Chiron 3Pis04, making his perceptual shields wide open and he's...seducible. Or, impressionable, if you prefer.

00Pis33 is the degree of America's Pre-Natal Eclipse, the 12 South Series whose keywords are: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries; things at first seem worse, then clear.' This is important because of whose Sec Moon is triggering the US' PE - the president's.

Well, you know that there are more factors of intrigue in today's 'Back Out of Copenhagen, Triumph in Oslo' charts, including Mr. Obama's natal Mars at his TV performance's end at 11:22 am...Mc 21Vir07, a degree that brings along US natal Neptune, the 'rock star' connection the masses have with Barack Obama, especially in America where a veil has been heavily thrown over Pres. Obama's actions (of a Virgoan nature. He's busy at work, but doing what exactly?)

Yes, a persistent Art muse now calls my name and both Zazzle and Cafe Press Art Shops are whispering for new content, so I must say farewell to Astrology in spite of this invigorating if propagandistic revelation of Mr. Obama's Potential Peaciness.

And as George Stephanopoulos talking-headed afterwards, " - he had to strike the humble note"...and on sending more US troops to Afghanistan, Steph prophecied that with the receipt of a PEACE Prize, the president might send more "to prove he isn't bowing to public opinion."

A 'democratically elected' president of the US of A bowing to public opinion? Pshaw! It's not as if America struts around touting her avowed aims for World Peace (at the end of a gun, but you are required to ignore the soldier behind the curtain.)

Besides, everyone now realizes that the US has learned how to demon-cratically select NWO shills whose main job is to catapult the propaganda, as George the Smaller so elegantly disclosed out loud.

Then one supposes the awards committee isn't wasting its own cred by bestowing honor upon one who will bomb to bring peace and bring more war to the world.

Oh wait. That's become how the 'peace' game is played.

My bad.


As Gandhi, said to be one of President Obama's role models, famously informed us,

"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path."

My italics, the president's much-touted mission.

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Candela said...

I remember Gorbachev getting the Peace Price in 1990, and noting on my diary: "Probably the next decision he'll make is to send the tanks to the Baltic States". And he did, only a couple of months later, but with a lot less devastating effects for the Baltic indepencies everybody feared. If a 14-year-old girl could come to such an acute observation just by watching the news from the Baltic States, I seriously doubt the Nobel Commitee - leading academics and diplomats of their country - hadn't thought of that. So, although Gorbachev had, actually, helped ending the Gold War, his prize definitely was premptive, aimed to sustain his effords as Soviet Union was about to collapse.

That said, I don't think that the Nobel Committee is some kind of a NWO publishity department. Their choices make a perfect sense to anyone knowing anything about the Scandinavian societies (if one can lump them together, since there are subtle differences...), and how the elites (usually guys next door) act in them. I generally speaking find the NWO theories kind of naive. I just see stupidity as a far more convincing explanation to horrible things happening in the World than some kind of a James Bondesque Evil World Domination plan, because the people on some kind of a power trip(political, economical etc.) seldom are the smartest ones around. And the opposite.