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Feb 8, 2024

Modern Humanity's Feb 2024 Mars Return

by Jude Cowell

Today a post to show this evening's Mars Return to the Modern Humanity Horoscope which is based on the third of three Great Neptune-Pluto Conjunctions @7Gem41/42. The Neptune-Pluto Cycle is of such duration, 492/3 years, that their Conjunction is *it* for you and me, dear reader.

To view the Horoscope of Modern Humanity symbolized by the Total Solar Eclipse we rode in on (the 2 Old North of April 26, 1892 @7Tau05 recently visited by transit Jupiter: issues of morality and ethics), check out E. Alan Meece's book, Horoscope For the New Millennium (#ad) if you haven't. Note that on Facebook he's known as Eric Meece.

Mars exalted in Saturn-ruled Capricorn indicates potentials for 'a sense of reality, sober deliberations, efficient use and direction of energy, the will to succeed, independence, and working zeal, but also for 'over-estimation of self, defiance, egoism, and obstinacy' (R. Ebertin).

Transit Pluto conjunct Mars suggests a period of increased stamina and determination for some folks, but can also denote intense competition, aggression, anger, secrecy, use of force and persuasion, and/or acts of revenge. This is a highly karmic transit and also points toward weapons of war and war itself.

And so a new cycle of activity begins this evening via Modern Humanity's Mars and its Sabian Symbol for 27 Capricorn: "A Mountain Pilgrimage," quite the esoteric hint if we consider the mountain/pyramid images on the dollar bill and on America's Great Seal. For details concerning "27Capricorn" (conjunct US 1776 Pluto where transit Pluto has recently stomped) see The American Revolution's Mountain Pilgrimage.

Now here's a bi-wheel with tonight's Mars Return, a two-year cycle, surrounding the 1892 Neptune-Pluto Horoscope:

A related post: The New Millennium in Year 2024 which shows the January 1, 2001 chart and its Secondary Progressed New Moon of May 4, 2024 @4AQ36.

In closing, there's an important consideration which suggests a cosmic time link between today's events and actors, and the Robber Baron generation of the 1890s:

Neptune Conjunct Pluto 3 times: 1. August 2, 1891 @8Gem38; 2. November 5 1891 @8Gem19; 3. April 30, 1892 @7Gem42 (the above horoscope) with the Neptune-Pluto duo representing Underworld Crime Syndicates, often known as organized crime and mobsterism. My suspicion is that their 1891/92 conjunctions in early Gemini landing upon US 1776 Uranus spotlights today's crop of zealots, rebels, secessionists, and anarchists of the Maga persuasion - scofflaws who break laws with abandon and resent any attempts to hold them accountable.

Mar 7, 2017

The Modern Humanity Horoscope and Mr. Trump

Pictured below is the previously published Horoscope of Modern Humanity with scribbles intact if you care to enlarge the image. Modern Humanity's 'birth' time is based on two cosmic factors: the exact moment of the Total Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1892 and the third of three Great Conjunctions of generational planets Neptune and Pluto. Solar Eclipses are not rare, of course, but the cycle of Neptune and Pluto is approximately 492 years in length. And it is rare that an eclipse occurred so close to a Great Conjunction of outer planets!

So here are we 'moderns' in all our bullish, gold-loving Taurean splendor:

The 1892 Total Solar Eclipse @7Tau05 suggests the greed embedded within humanity (Taurus is possessive, greedy, and intolerant on its worst days but it is a sign of Growth). In the chart, you see that the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (which perfected as near as can be told on April 30, 1892) occurred @7Gemini+ which conjoined US natal Uranus (July 4, 1776 Uranus @8Gem55 = freedom, independence, war and revolution!) and that gives us a midpoint picture worth considering (below) yet that isn't why I re-post this horoscope today.

The reason for today's shout-out to Modern Humanity (for which the Great Cosmic Clock restarted during the oligarchic Robber Baron age of exploiters whose biological and ideological descendants continue to plunder the world as I type) is that the hugely Jupiterian-Uranian Mr. Trump has an interesting time link to the 1892 Neptune-Pluto conjunction--and he's something of a 'robber baron' himself with criminal associations of the mobster kind, elements that are also in the Underworld realms of Neptune-Pluto.

Mr. Trump's Prenatal Eclipse (PE), which manifested on May 30, 1946 @8Gem48 in the 2 Old North series, is also his Syzygy Moon since it was the last lunation prior to his birth on June 14, 1946. His PE effects are strong and reveal a prevailing lunar influence which adds to his problematic Moon-South Node conjunction opposing his Sun-North Node conjunction. Yes, his relationships are definitely affected and separations may occur with 2 Old North--and separations may occur with disruptive Uranus, the planet that leads the pack in Mr. Trump's natal chart. And as you know, eclipses are called 'wild cards of the Universe' since their effects (if any!) are completely unpredictable. However, they do tend to uncover inconvenient secrets with fair regularity and we may depend upon their 'themes' to give us a hint of general trends 'running in the background' of society.

Actually, the Uranian Tweeter IS a wild card in a very leaky White House!

Plus, he has other time links to this chart such as evaluating Venus (venal and retaliatory at times) which loves luxury (like gilded NY apartments), and @22Gemini in 1892, Venus falls into the midst of Mr. Trump's quirky Uranus-NN-Sun trio in his 10th house of Career and Public Status. There are other time links between Trump's natal planets and the 1892 chart and I'm certain you can find them if you wish.

Meanwhile, back in April of 1892, the Solar Eclipse @7Tau05 was also of the 2 Old North persuasion and my feeling is that 2 Old North themes of separation, ending of unions, rifts, schisms, and bad news concerning relationships describe the tendencies of Modern Humanity and are emphasized in 2017 with time links because someone thought putting Donald Trump in the White House (and all the other Trumps) was a great idea.

Well, according to the Great Cosmic Clock and the phenomenon of cosmic time links, the idea may have been timely in a sense but for the sake of America as a sovereign and welcoming nation with a decent though flawed reputation in the world, the flaws, rifts, and separations are piling up by the minute--and an non-mandated Trump White House is definitely not a great idea. However, it does disrupt the progressive course we were on...


Midpoint potentials for Neptune-Pluto = US natal Uranus (and Donald Trump's PE degree): impersonal attitudes toward destructive or antisocial activities; going to extremes with drugs (Munkasey) - and drug policies, Mr. Sessions? jc; possibly aberrant behavior; adventurous ego thrust; making waves to get to shore; disruption to gain recognition; courage (Tyl); peculiar discoveries (Ebertin).

Further Reading: Astro-Notes on the Capulus of Donald Trump; Donald Trump's Natal Chart w/ Mike Pence's Planets; The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017.

Jul 15, 2016

How to Rein In the Robber Barons Again - clip (w/ Taurus)

Ah yes, the Robber Barons, their greedy spawn, and favorite plutocratic game: oppression and exploitation of the people. Thom Hartmann reports:

Actually, the robber baron class has its own natal chart, the Generation of Materialism horoscope of 1881 with Sun and Moon guessed it...Taurus. Like the bull of Wall Street and the golden calf they worship.

Aug 1, 2015

What Did Rachel Carson Discover? "Silent Spring" - C-SPAN interview

Quite a while back I published the natal horoscope of Rachel Carson with a few details and here it is as previously displayed:

Curiously, Carson's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series is the 17 South and prior to her birth, 17S manifested @22Cap56. I say curiously because 17S happens to be the Series we are now in since the Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 is in effect until at least September when a new eclipse occurs @20Vir10 in the 18 North Series. As you know, 29Pis27 conjoins the Aries Point (00Ari00:00) of World Manifestation, Prominence, Recognition, and Fame but the 29th degree of any sign is a critical-crisis degree. And actually, I believe the 17S eclipse remains in effect for the year until Spring Equinox 2016 in tandem with the Aries Ingress 2015 horoscope.

(An eclipse near the Saturnian South Node of the Moon indicates that energy rushes out of the chart, not in, as with a Jupiterian North Node eclipse.)

In addition, the March 2015 eclipse conjoins Carson's natal Ascendant and in my estimation describes the desperate condition of planet Earth now that Robber Barons and their plundering descendants (both biological and ideological) have pillaged so many of our planet's resources, then refused to take responsibility for the messes they leave behind--or will leave behind with the carnage ongoing. No one can say that Rachel Carson didn't warn us.

So now we're being warned yet again via the 2015 Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse at crisis point...

Silent Spring!

For more details on Rachel Carson and her natal chart, read my original post here.

Apr 20, 2015

Horoscope: Modern Humanity

A natal horoscope for Modern Humanity (our era) may be timed by the Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1892 during the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto in Gemini. The chart is published here on SO'W for anyone's future reference such as transits and progressions that affect its natal planets, angles, and other house cusps; some US natal placements are penned around the chart:

Hour of Mercury Rx in 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies; Cardinal/Earth strong; Angular. Tech genius Uranus rises in 1st house signifying such advances as Smartphones while conjoining US Progressed Saturn Rx @3Scorpio. Chart-ruler Venus @22Gem31 is posited in the 9th house of Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Lands and Long-Distance Travel and makes two applying Ptolemaic (major) aspects:

First, Venus squares Saturn Rx @24Vir00 in the 12th house of Politics, Large Institutions, Back Rooms, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Enemies which denotes regrets over lack of money, wishes that once achieved may be disappointing, and neglect of burdens and responsibilities. Imitations of 'the real thing' may be prevalent and worry, anxieties, and obsessions too often permeates thinking particularly in relation to legal matters, relationships, and of course, finances. A preference for isolation and solitude may be noted and an antisocial quality is emphasized.

The only-planet-out-of-bounds condition of Venus, planet of relationships, romance, money, and evaluation, increases the isolation vibes of the horoscope and the general condition of humanity. You may wish to check out What If Being Single Weren't Stigmatized? and Marriage Not Included: The New American Dream?

Next, Venus inconjuncts the 4th house Mars @24Cap57 which further emphasizes relationships and romance (or the lack thereof). Venus also conjoins US natal Mars (desire for comfort and luxury) though in Business and Politics, it signifies the Venus-Mars duo's spirit of competition along with gaining satisfaction from fighting and from an exhibition of recklessness (as seen on TV?) (Munkasey). And of course, Mars (males) is in the 4th house of Domestic Scene which hints strongly at domestic disputes. Battles in Foreign Lands (I'm typing as an American, of course, since I am one) are also implicated by Venus and US natal Mars in 9th house--religious battles hardly describes the ongoing, centuries-long East vs West contest that now threatens all of civilization.

Another factor of interest is that the Solar Eclipse @7Tau05 conjoins a midpoint so we have this picture: Mercury-NN = Sun = Moon. The Mercury-NN (North Node, a point of encounter and destiny) involves mixed potentials for: new corridors of transportation, inefficient transportation methods, coordinated joint efforts, theft of material or information, and/or smuggling or other unlawful activities that use transportation systems.

Mercury-NN also relates to the Media, discussions and conferences, and joint plans. With Sun and Moon there we see potentials for the enhancement of communications, a focus on the importance of messages, details meant for the general public, locating people to gather information (GPS; NSA surveillance, etc), reactions about how others use information or data, using associates to research and/or disseminate info, intellectual associations, a desire to tell other people our troubles and to share thoughts and ideas (Munkasey; Ebertin). Naturally, tech advances and social networking come to mind.

Curiously, the Solar Eclipse @7Taurus conjoins fixed star Schedir (alpha Cassiopeia; demonic power), The Queen, which implies a nod to the super-wealthy British monarchy. The eclipse is in the 2 Old North Saros Series with themes of personal relationships (more Venus-Mars battle-of-the-sexes vibes), unfortunate news, separations, partings, and glumness though results may turn out more positively than they first appeared (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Also notable is the inconjunct (quincunx) between the two societal planets, Jupiter and Saturn from 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (Military, Police, Civil, etc). Of course, Saturn is in Virgo, the sign of Work of a Dedicated Variety and here it's working behind the scenes or in isolation. Jupiter plays many roles suitable for the planet of increase and expansion and wears the hat of The General when wars are waged. Their inconjunct signifies adjustments that need to be made between the principles of expansion and Saturnian restriction along with feelings of being burdened by responsibilities, neglecting duties, and guilt for past indiscretions and bitterness over binding restrictions. A need for moderation in all things such as diet and a healthy focus on exercise is highlighted by the Jupiter-Saturn inconjunct.

And since US natal Saturn (14Lib48) is rising in this chart (which emphasizes America's natal Sun-Saturn square on the Angles) we find that the tradition of political checks and balances that our nation has always touted to the world is on the modern menu and is being neglected and undermined on several levels--and tossed into the dustbin of history, if certain anti-government, anti-democratic politicians and their billionaire backers have their way.

And then there's starry Sirius at the top of the chart (MC 13Can46; The Goal) conjoined by US natal Sun (July 4, 1776; the president) and asteroid Panacea (illusions of cures). Has our cult-of-personality presidency been meant to calm and distract the public concerning America's true and ultimate goal of establishing a Global Government based on Zionism?

Well, in relation to Politics, Sirius (the mundane becoming sacred) one one level is a symbol of Venusian goddess worship (as America's Founding Fathers well knew and practiced in various ways--see the stars and architecture of Washington DC for clues--the District is simply lousy with horoscopes, Zodiacs, the sign Virgo, and symbols of Venus, Isis, Ceres) and with the mystical pair of Neptune and Pluto in the 8th house of The Occult (aka The Hidden, or Metaphysical Studies and Practices) we may expect a myriad of mysteries to continue along with research into them (#rabbitholes of distraction!)

The North Node (future direction) in Venus-ruled Taurus (the 'Bull of Wall Street') is in 8th house (Corporatism; Big Money; Insurance; Inheritance, Legacies) as well, with the separative SN in the 2nd house of the National Treasury (a great loss of US funds and resources trade deals, out-shoring of US jobs, corporate tax avoidance, the Great Heist and Bail-Outs of 2008, etc). Plus, in 8th house we see the drug use/trafficking and Organized Crime Syndicate tendencies of Neptune-Pluto whose Great Conjunction/s also identify the Era of the Robber Barons, and the environment-destroying mining for resources such as oil and gas.

Well, to me it all sounds much like a description of our 'modern world' doesn't it? And yet, there's nothing new under the sun...


For more info concerning the Horoscope for Modern Humanity, you may wish to see Alan Meece's book, Horoscope for the New Millennium.

Mar 25, 2011

Triangle Factory Fire: same Solar Eclipse Series as 9/11/01

Having to be out of town most of the day today there was no time to scribble on, scan, save, and publish a horoscope of NYC's awful March 25, 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, aka, the Triangle Factory Fire, or, the Haymarket Fire, in which a total of 146 people - women and a few men - perished, many of whom were young immigrants.

If you wish to set up the chart, I suggest using 4:00 pm or thereabouts for that seems to have been the time when they were about to knock off from their grueling work in horrid conditions and go home on a Saturday afternoon. And perhaps some of them must have understood that Saturday is the Sabbath, a Day of Rest from work.

But exits turned to dust in their hearts and it was hard to tell which way to escape due to smoke, heat, and fear.

Oh yes - and the doors were locked.

Did some of the ladies realize in a flash that this was retaliation? Was it? Asteroid Tisiphone (retaliation) was traversing the degree and sign of 4Ari20 and conjoined the Sun 4:06 (conj 8th cusp 2Ari47.)

(Update 6.6.11: tr Uranus now traverses 4-5 Aries of the Tropical Zodiac, off and on. Original post continues here...)

And there's a Finger of God pattern, a YOD. Well, actually two YODs indicating a crossroads, special task or purpose, and/or crisis that has formed at that moment in time. Yet both YODs point toward the Ascendant 8Vir47 and both involve speedy Mercury, planet of young people, communication, writers, reporters, journalists, bloggers, news, orators, speakers & speeches, ideas, plans, pacts, demands especially when paired with Mars (sextile 0S45), trade, commerce (a garment factory), the senses, hands & arms, and other mercurial energies and interests of the human race.

Mercury as Actor also plays a role on the World Stage as the Trickster at the Crossroads who makes his/her entrance during times when small actions can bring big consequences and our unconscious motivations may undermine or trip us up. The so-called Freudian Slip comes under this category as well. More about the horoscope later for I plan to publish it this weekend with 9/11/01 placements round the outside. Eclipses will be included.

Many of those lost in March 1911 had been demonstrators in 1909 and 1910 and had gained publicity for their efforts demanding better working conditions. And you probably know that FDR's to-be Secretary of Labor, Frances Perkins, was on the sidewalk that day and witnessed the event, so reminiscent of the World Trade Center destruction the morning of September 11, 2001...a perfect autumnal Tuesday morning, if I recall.

People jumped from windows to their deaths in both cases.

NYC 1911 & 2011: Differences and Similarities

A basic difference between the two events is that the Triangle Factory Fire gave greater force to the progressive movements of the early 1900s and educated by example the larger population that harsh working conditions had to be improved: shorter work hours, higher wages, a child labor law, better (less inhumane) working environments, and unions for collective bargaining, among other things, resulted.

A direct line may be drawn to Frances Perkins as Labor Secretary acting as FDR's "moral conscience" and inspirationally touching New Deal programs and legislation such as Social Security Insurance - you know - generational social contract programs that actually help those in need the way we're supposed to do if we posses a moral conscience as a people (we-the-people with our natal Moon in Aquarius, sign of Humanity & humanitarianism; plus, '15 AQ' = the Angel Point. Is this what Abraham Lincoln referred to when he appealed to the 'angels of our better nature'? Moon in Aquarius!

Well, in 2011, it's too bad for our nation for the Democratic Party doesn't 'do' moral conscience any more. But I suppose that became quite impossible when they sold out to abortion promoters (aka, population control? Some say Planned Parenthood is of the same ilk) - and won't even debate the issue due to political correctness and self-interested fears of the almighty ballot box, crookedly counted as it may be.

Recommended: see March 25's Democracy Now! for excellent historical coverage along with news on observances in the US on this, the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Factory Fire. Amy Goodman's interview with author of The Woman Behind the New Deal: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and the Minimum Wage.

A basic similarity between the Triangle Factory Fire of March 25, 1911 and the attacks of 9/11 is a time link: they fall into the same Solar Eclipse Saros Series so we know that a similar general atmosphere was in force.

Actually, that's not precise: the Triangle Fire occurred during a 2 South Series Solar Eclipse which manifested on November 2, 1910 @ '9 Scorpio' and which has a 'joining groups' flavor; such group involvement seems to offer a great deal to new members and relates to humanitarian concerns, healing, or the arts.

This tallies with women and immigrants (often one and the same) joining unions or groups to fight for better working conditions (their participation in protests in 1909 and 1910, as stated above...'healing' and 'humanitarian'; perhaps 'the arts' may be seen as their sewing work though nothing feels creative or artsy under such cruel conditions.)

Now everyone knows that eclipses in any horoscope may act as 'wild cards' a little like the quirky, disruptive planet, Uranus. And like Uranus, eclipses may affect a chart early, on time, late, or never (usually two weeks before or after.) But if we use this tidbit of possibility to stretch our imaginations, we can say that it was also the next Solar Eclipse on April 28, 1911 which brought the situation to a head...the 3 North Series shared by the events of 9/11/01.

My guess is that no one who's ever seen a Tarot deck of cards has been able to miss the correlation between card #16 (The Tower: old, false values are destroyed, an image of people jumping from tower windows) and the Twin Towers on 9/11/01. (Note: I don't mean to forget the attack on the Pentagon or the deaths on the plane that went or was shot down in Pennsylvania when I only mention the WTC on 9/11. But the attacks in NYC fulfill 'The Tower' image only too perfectly and we're speaking of two events occurring in NYC.)

So what about the influence of 3N for 1911 and 2001? 'Over-excessive; main theme is news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans or activities are undertaken which can have positive outcomes if people don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

(Problematic since we got 'carried away' - to Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Libya.)

The bodies of the victims who threw themselves from the windows of the Triangle Factory building on March 25, 1911 (it was the 'Ash Building' I believe - weird) remained on the streets of New York for days so that their bodies could be identified and claimed, further adding to NYC's and the nation's collective trauma and melancholy.

(If there could have been a CNN in 1911, I'm certain they would've shown the horrible scene to the populace over and over times a bazillion. I believe the sharing of the transformational 13N Solar Eclipse Series pegs the two events as time links, as stated. Perhaps I'll publish the two horoscopes together within another post.)

Yet we may console ourselves as have others in decades past that some good came out of the carnage and suffering in 1911 with wage and hour improvements and a general feeling of good will toward others in society and hopes for a better future. That's not counting the era's billionaires, titans, and financiers of the Robber Baron class who were hanging on by their clawnails to the accustomed privilege of exploiting others at whim and by design.

Yes, America had a moral conscience once upon a time.

And 100 years after the Triangle Factory Fire, the longer we listen and follow along like puppies on the heels of the GOP (and their enabling Democrats) while parroting their every talking point in case one dollar of US tax money should feed a hungry child, the sooner the progressive social improvements of 100 years ago will fade like a labor mural on a state house wall when left too long in the revealing sun.


March 25, 2011: today more anti-union/anti-worker tricks and hoo-ha going on in Wisconsin.

And Thom Hartmann spoke of low income or out-of-work Americans now being sent to jail for non-payment of credit card debt: "It's official - Republicans have set our country back more than 100 years - to the 1800's - when the Robber Barons ruled and our politics were corrupted to the core."

Mar 6, 2011

Horoscope: Haymarket Riot 1886 = business v workers

Business Class v Working Class 1886: Seeds of 2011?

by Jude Cowell

With its 125th anniversary just passed, the Haymarket Riot (aka, the Haymarket Massacre) of May 4, 1886 in Haymarket Square, Chicago, Illinois shows an interesting natal horoscope which heralds today's business/government v workers/labor unions stand-offs in Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Beginning as a general strike on May 1 (the 110th anniversary date of Adam Weishaupt's formation of the Bavarian Society of the Illuminati on May 1, 1776), events escalated into the Chicago rally which exploded into violence when a pipe bomb was thrown at the police as they dispersed the crowd after the last orator spoke (around 10:30 pm.) The bomb was thrown by an "unknown person" as the above linked Wiki profile states, and controversy remains as to the proceedings and capabilities.

A prime theory is that this "unknown person" was an instigator not of the working class attending the rally, but was a government, special interest, and/or rival group's operative (8th house Mars in Virgo) tasked to turn the peaceful rally into a win for the business community which was not enthused by the rally's purpose: to educate the people on the merits of instituting an 8-hour work day in the US.

Of the anarchists arrested, one was a Knight of the Knights of Labor, a rival organization of the group staging the rally, the American Federation of Labor (AFL) - although the Knights of Labor allegedly were for the 8-hour work day as well. Perhaps rivalry for members was part of a subversion tactic (the bomb) with the Knights' membership peaking in 1886 but plunging after the Haymarket Riot and subsequent trials, convictions, and executions.

Considering the Knights' Roman Catholic trappings, it's illuminating that the Sabian Symbol of the 29th crisis degree rising at 10:30 pm that night, '30Sag' = "The Pope Blessing the Faithful." For doing what, I wonder? This indicates Jupiter 26Vir32 Rx in 9th H as chart-ruler; ten seconds later, 00Cap00 arose nominating Saturn 4Can49 in 7th H of Partnerships as chart-ruler. Saturn is, of course, amidst US natal planets, Venus and Jupiter, with US n Sun nearby; outside the horoscope, I've penned in America's natal planets (highlighted in lavender.)

Jupiter's position shows that a recent transit by conjunction has occurred to US natal Neptune 22Vir25, a time of inspired ideas, actions, and enhanced imagination, yet it can ramp up fanaticism and paranoia; promotions of a cause, scandals, and bankruptcies may also be on the speculative Jupiter/Neptune menu. And this is happening near US natal Mc (00Lib53) with its outlet for the energy falling in the Career-Public Status department of the US chart.

Here are Saturn to US n Venus and US n Jupiter transits in progress. Saturn to n Venus sobers up the environment and shows how self-serving social gestures can be; creating more structure within relationships is the best way to use this energy toward greater stability and commitment (such as joining a union?)

Saturn to US n Jupiter is a time when economic growth is restricted and attitudes become more serious; for those who've gained wealth, it's time to be more philanthropic - to give back some of what has been given. (It's that time again in 2011 but over the years our legal system has successfully been eroded so that major financial titans and fraudsters are protected from facing their crimes rather than tried and convicted, and tax laws favor the rich; the current stand-offs with labor unions represent the rich class dunning the lower incomers with "austerity" measures while the wealthy themselves receive more tax breaks which only widens the income inequality gap even further. Yes, the fox has always guarded the US henhouse, but now he's foreclosed and put the chickens on the curb.

The US President at the time of the Haymarket Riot was Grover Cleveland, the only American president to serve two non-consecutive terms in the White House (March 4, 1885 and March 4, 1893, with Benjamin Harrison in between - inaugurated March 4, 1889.)

Following is an image of the Haymarket Riot's horoscope set for Chicago, IL on May 4, 1886 at 10:30 pm cst.

You'll note the Robber Baron duo of Neptune and Pluto snugged around the Moon (the people) and the midpoint of the plutocratic, primally violent, corporatist, and disenfranchising Pluto/Chiron pair conjoined with US natal Uranus 8Gem55 in the 6th H of Work, Service, and Health. Neptune and the Moon stimulate two difficult Fixed Stars, Algol and Capulus, stars of rage and violence.

Sun 14Tau35 actually conjoins the degree which now rises (ASC) at noon for US presidential inaugurations every four years though it didn't in 1886 since the ASC change for the Oath of Office (and thus, for whoever is about to act as president) occurred between FDR's 1933 and 1937 inaugurations - from early March to January 20 or 21st, if the 20th falls on a Sunday.

Please click to enlarge the horoscope and to read a few more notes on the conditions at the time of the bomb toss which triggered the Haymarket Riot. Your on-topic comments and opinions are always welcome.

Phase: New Moon 12:55 with Sygyzy Moon occurring the day before; Jupiter as chart-ruler applies to an Earthy trine with Neptune (1A41) indicating an ability to see restored order where others fear utter chaos, and social programs underway for developing productive potentials for the poor and working class.

With Saturn as chart-ruler, the separating (waning) square with rebel Uranus (0S41) shows a time of problems with authority figures and a need to break from the past in order to progress. The Saturn/Uranus cycle lasts approximately 45 years and we have been in the cycle's opposition stage lately though now the pair of brittleness are in a quindecile (165 degrees of obsession-compulsion) aspect indicating a drive to disrupt governing systems, break outdated concepts, and defy law and order. (Reeves.)

In 1886, the midpoint of Mars/Uranus, a riotous and explosive combination of energies, is 'masked' by US natal Neptune 22Vir25, in the sign of The Worker.

Tr Mars/Uranus = n Neptune: cunning and deceit; a low and mean way of acting; a desire to harm others; a person with bad intentions; rage and frenzy.

The 'rage and frenzy' came only after the bomb was lobbed at police for the rally was peaceful until then - typical of a set up with a planted instigator in the crowd acting to cause disrepute to the rally's cause.

Even Wisconsin's Gov. Scott Walker, during his bogus 'talk' with financial patron "David Koch" on the phone, admitted to the fake Koch that he had considered the time-worn political tactic of planting "troublemakers" in the crowd (in order disrupt proceedings and undermine the opposition.)

From 1886 to 2011, these political radicals and outlaws are so very very tiresome, aren't they?

Now let's close with the two Images for Integration for the double Earth Sun Taurus-Moon Taurus blend which is shared natally by none other than Karl Marx:

'A loving teacher resolves an angry dispute...A successful baker is surrounded by delighted children eating fresh bread rolls.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzy Harvey.)

And how about a famous quote from Marx since 'socialism' is such a commonly leveled charge these days and has been historically so whenever the rich fear losing a dime or two to the needy...

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

Marx was so full of it, y'know?

Jan 15, 2011

Thom Hartmann on the 'Party of No' (video)

For nine minutes progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann sums up the dynamics of the recent tragedy in Tucson and gives an historic overview of the conservative 'Party of No' beginning with President Obama's uplifting message about our nation and that of Sarah Palin and her ilk.

The Party of No has quite a laundry list of obstructionism to its credit (debit) and I shudder to think what this nation would be like now if they'd always gotten their way through the decades. Thom mentions one of the more interesting eras, that of the Gilded Age of the Robber Barons. It's their biological and philosophical spawn who continue their heartless plunder across the globe now and threaten a complete rent in the social fabrics of America and every other nation. Their and the *Vatican's vision of a one-world-government drives us forward - yet backward - into totalitarian rule.

So with Monday January 17, 2011 being Martin Luther King Day, I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to what (imho) places the credit where it squarely belongs for whatever social progress our nation has managed to obtain against the forces of No.

A Goose-Step Down Memory Lane?

Remember that ridiculous GOP campaign slogan of recent days, compassionate conservatism? Compassionate?? Hilarious! We don't seem to hear about that little misnomer anymore which makes a lot of sense considering what John Boehner and the goose-steppers are about to try in Congress next week because they'd rather focus on undermining a Democratic (and democratically elected) president than to move forward on behalf of all the American people, not just their rich contributors and global bosses!


*It's been a while since I mentioned the Vatican here and since you, dear reader, may be a new visitor, I shall repeat what I've always said since further blogging on the Vatican and the Illuminati within it may become necessary at any moment: all through my life some of the most compassionate, kind, and practically helpful people I have known have been of the Catholic persuasion (even while I felt they'd been hoodwinked by their church hierarchy - as have most people in organized religious denominations.)

So if and when I grump against the Vatican on this blog or another, I do and will not refer to ordinary members of the Catholic Church, but to those in the uppermost rungs of power in Vatican City, that bastion of the New World Order and stronghold of priestly pedophilia. jc

Oct 9, 2009

Obama's Potential Peaciness to be rewarded 10/9/09

President Obama has such potential to act peacefully in the world that he is to be awarded a big giant Prize for potential in Oslo on December 10, 2009.

By Dec 10, asteroid Cupido (The Family; Corporatism; Brethren; Art) will be @ 5Sag45 which 'pre-conjuncts' the Ascendant of today's announcement (ASC = the announcement itself) of how humbled he is as he speaks from the Rose Garden (Venus' flower, the rose; the US was 'born' during a Venus Hour - 3Can06 - in America's 'Sibly' natal chart - 5:10 pm LMT.) Getting by with a little help from his wealth-heeled friends? Don't 'they' all?

At 11:16 am edt, White House, the president began his remarks, ending at 11:22 am. No planets changed houses during the 6 minutes; the Hour remained Jupiter's @ 17AQ11 Rx...the first moment Jupiter 'turns' direct according to my SolarFire software is on Oct 13 @ 12:34:18 am edt (we've discussed this before so let's move along.)

At 11:16 am edt in the Rose Garden, ASC 4Sag17; Mc 19Vir29; Obama's natal Moon at DESC 4Gem17 with transiting Terpsichore 4Gem34 (the orchestrator.)

Moon quindecile Uranus = the trendsetter (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

Transiting Toro (the power of boundless strength; capacity to use and control power - George and Bloch; strong will and potential power struggles - Dobbyns) is at Midheaven (Mc = The Goal; the Aspiration.)

And you know that tr Mars 26Can23 is still within orb of the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse that's helping to break down systems and uncover new ideas and methods (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

North Node (NN), a point of destined encounters is conjunct tr Pluto/Chiron midpoint (plutocrats; resource plunderers); Neptune/Pluto is within orb of the Nodal axis, still, and signifies Robber Barons, oil and energy titans, resource miners -- the Generation of Materialism ushered in by the Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto is the 7/8/9 Gemini, where Pan ('panic'; a trickster element related to the most ancient archetype of the zodiac, Capricorn's mergoat - those little gold-hoarding satanists) now romps along with MIDAS himself, today at 8Gem39 Rx.

In today's charts this would be their spawn, of course, since the originals like Morgan, Carnegie, Gould, Astor, and their ilk, are resting in wait of their celestial rewards.

There's an interesting picture concerning Mars 26Can23 in 8th house because Mars approaches opposition to the Nep/Pluto midpoint...

Nep/Pluto = Mars: used a tool for other people's interests; succumbing to external powers; being used a medium. (The Nep/Pluto midpoint of combined energies can have a metaphysical flavor to it, an air of mysticism, and this is occurring under the ongoing Mystic Rectangle pattern between Venus, Saturn, NN, Mars, and Uranus - this pattern's keywords: practical mysticism.)

(Some folks might say it's pretty darn mystical how Barack Obama has received this honor for what others wish he would do. What are the chances the self-serving Pentagon would stand for peace breaking out worldwide?)

Mercury is passing Saturn (27Vir42) now after being conjunct a while ('sober thinking; serious meetings'), but this morning both are apex planets in a T-Square formation formed by the applying opposition of Moon 23Gem53/57 to Pluto 00Cap52, a World Point suitable for world class awards and recognition. Moon/Pluto = publicity and PR; fanatical zeal; striving for objectives; expressive emotionalism.

Moon/Pluto = Mercury: far-reaching plans; the pursuit of comprehensive ideas with great zeal; the gift of wielding a powerful influence upon the larger public through speeches or writings (today Sun and Moon are in Disseminating phase, a time to get out the info and persuasive propaganda, if you have any.)

Moon/Pluto = Saturn: constraint; the pressure to regroup forces and plan anew. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

Today's Mercury (the writer, messenger, announcer, or orator) at a crisis 29th degree (29Vir18) conjoins Mr. Obama's Secondary Progressed Sun 29Vir09 (angular when set for Wash DC - his Sec Ic 1Lib37; and US natal Mc 00Lib53 in Sibly chart.)

His Sec Moon is now at 00Pis05 conj Sec Chiron 3Pis04, making his perceptual shields wide open and he's...seducible. Or, impressionable, if you prefer.

00Pis33 is the degree of America's Pre-Natal Eclipse, the 12 South Series whose keywords are: 'successful outcomes to long-term worries; things at first seem worse, then clear.' This is important because of whose Sec Moon is triggering the US' PE - the president's.

Well, you know that there are more factors of intrigue in today's 'Back Out of Copenhagen, Triumph in Oslo' charts, including Mr. Obama's natal Mars at his TV performance's end at 11:22 am...Mc 21Vir07, a degree that brings along US natal Neptune, the 'rock star' connection the masses have with Barack Obama, especially in America where a veil has been heavily thrown over Pres. Obama's actions (of a Virgoan nature. He's busy at work, but doing what exactly?)

Yes, a persistent Art muse now calls my name and both Zazzle and Cafe Press Art Shops are whispering for new content, so I must say farewell to Astrology in spite of this invigorating if propagandistic revelation of Mr. Obama's Potential Peaciness.

And as George Stephanopoulos talking-headed afterwards, " - he had to strike the humble note"...and on sending more US troops to Afghanistan, Steph prophecied that with the receipt of a PEACE Prize, the president might send more "to prove he isn't bowing to public opinion."

A 'democratically elected' president of the US of A bowing to public opinion? Pshaw! It's not as if America struts around touting her avowed aims for World Peace (at the end of a gun, but you are required to ignore the soldier behind the curtain.)

Besides, everyone now realizes that the US has learned how to demon-cratically select NWO shills whose main job is to catapult the propaganda, as George the Smaller so elegantly disclosed out loud.

Then one supposes the awards committee isn't wasting its own cred by bestowing honor upon one who will bomb to bring peace and bring more war to the world.

Oh wait. That's become how the 'peace' game is played.

My bad.


As Gandhi, said to be one of President Obama's role models, famously informed us,

"There is no path to peace. Peace is the path."

My italics, the president's much-touted mission.

Jan 14, 2009

And the Robber Barons ride again

Here is the natal horoscope for the Robber Barons, the *Generation of Materialism chart for the New Moon of April 28, 1881 from E. Alan Meece's Horoscope for the New Millennium. As you see, I posted this unmarked chart before chicken-scratch notations became my habit.

The planetary line-up in greedy Taurus shows the possessive, money-grubbing crowd in their resource-pilfering splendor. This New Moon followed a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets that relate on one level to money...Jupiter = expansion, Saturn = restriction, and their conjunctions time a new phase economically and politically (Jupiter = Rs, Saturn = Ds.)

These days we're under the sway of their May 28, 2000 hook-up at '23Taurus'..."A jewelry shop filled with the most magnificent jewels." Most US taxpayers would agree that Wall Street gentry and their Capitol Hill enablers have been helping themselves shamelessly to the jewelry shop's largess.

*Carlton Hayes coined the term Generation of Materialism.

Venus Rx conjunct nebulous Neptune represents materialism's corrosion and dissolution with the trend toward 'combination' economically, and we see now the re-turn toward monopolies and cartels ruling every roost and rigging each game. Yes, the robber barons are riding again.

Oily, collectivizing Neptune in Earthy, economy-minded Taurus is a signature for 'economic nationalism' which replaced the 'political nationalism' of Neptune in Aries.

Uranus in Virgo increased planning and bureaucracy and the trine between Uranus and Neptune (1880) marked their combination and cooperation with one another as business cartels reduced competition and regulation.

The Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, the beginning of a new cycle for these transpersonal forces (1993) in the 18 to 20 Capricorn range, is associated with the New World Order and its agenda for world governance...'18Cap'...POLITICAL POWER. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.) ~Click NWO link for more info.~

If you follow the links to the NWO natal chart you'll see the Ic - the Foundation of the chart (6Tau08) - is conjunct the above Robber Baron chart's New Moon degree.

So now, joy of joys, Robert Scheer says the Wall Street robber barons are riding again and I heartily agree.

In fact, they've never stopped.

From Timothy Geithner's questionable tax issues to Lawrence Summers' culpability in the current deregulation-fueled economic meltdown, I have to wonder why Obama dissed Wall Street out of Harvard yet embraces its denizens now. Lovey dovey!

Perhaps the answer lies in my previous complaint - that Barack Obama had to be cleared - and agree to play the game Wall Street's way - in order to get where he got campaign-wise and ultimately to be certified as president of the United States.

Note to Donna D: you asked what I'd like to see in the news for the Inauguration...that the millions of attendees come through safe, sound, and un-arrested, and that everyone serving in Obama's cabinet and on-staff reveal what organizations (secret and otherwise) they swear allegiance to or associate with, whether Jesuit, Freemason, Rotary Club, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Bilderberger, Trilateralist, Mossad, Zionist, fascist, or Other:________...take off your masks and let the American people know who you really serve and what your true goals for this nation are.

Nov 14, 2008

G20 Summit and the 2004 Venus Transit

There's a post of mine from June 2, 2007 with certain remarks on G8 Summits, especially including some notes on the June 2004 Summit held down the road from here on Sea Island, GA during 2004's rare Venus Transit.

In previous decades the beautiful Georgia Islands were one of the favored hang-outs of upper-crusters and Robber Barons, you know.

But if you should find yourself unfamiliar with Venus Transits, the post includes a few details on their astrological significance as well as its Sabian Symbol in 2004...

'18Gemini'..."Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd."

Marc Edmund Jones gives the positive expression of this degree as:

The effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives.

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a thorough dissipation of self hood through alien relationships.

Now the reason I mention all this is because my intuition about the 2004 Summit was then (and remains) that some sneaky doings were planned while Venus and the Sun tangoed together.

And the current economic meltdown could very well be part of these plans along with mid-August 2004's *parallel of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocratic pair whose links to -isms are well known in the world of Astrology...including fascism, racism, and corporatism which seem more and more to loom four years on.

So polish your spectacles and grab your dissipated piggy bank, Polly, because Venus, Castor, and Pollux tonight may be a post meant for you!


*parallels operate as strong conjunctions and are used as timing devices...Chiron conjuncted Pluto on Dec 30, 1999 at '12Sag'..."A Flag That Turns into an Eagle That Crows"..conj US natal Ascendant (Sibly.) Their parallel followed over two days - smack in the middle of August, 2004.

Jun 14, 2008

the tyranny of vulgar plutocracy

"Of all forms of tyranny the least attractive and the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy." -John Pierpont Morgan

And old Astrology buff J.P. should know, shouldn't he?

Although part of the Generation of Materialism (Neptune-Pluto conj 1892), aka the plundering Robber Baron class, JP's quote gives a truthful glimpse into a reality we've come to live with: that plutocracy cares nothing for anybody but its own.

Here's a Page at my WordPress blog, Jude's Threshold, with Morgan's natal chart plus the transits for March 24, 2008 when markets were tumbling dice. Actually, imho, markets are always tumbling dice!

May 27, 2007

U.S. military interventions 1890--1999

This chart for the US invasion of Hawaii, with tr Sun at MC conj US n Pluto (power; transformation; death) is the one I use for the start of the US military's fascination with invading and overthrowing something. As you see, the invasion--the sugar-grab--occurred just after the third Great Conjunction of Neptune and Pluto of 1891-1892, defining the Generation of Materialism of the pillaging robber and energy barons who still hold the purse strings in their claws. (Once you gain by hook or crook you become the crook with the hook.) These days, Neptune and Pluto are at the septile phase of their Cycle, a karmic stage where what has been sown must be reaped. Now using the Invasion of Hawaii chart doesn't count battles with native peoples through the years although you'll find the battle of Wounded Knee (Chiron = wound; knee = Saturn) on this list: U.S. Military Interventions 1890-1999 which was sent to me by Alex D'Atria at Astrology Communications Media. This post's timing is 'off' this evening with Memorial Day being tomorrow--and I certainly don't intend to disrespect our valiant troops who follow at times in the dark due to plutocratic leadership--but I want to give some notes on this chart which relate to more current times. The Balsamic phase of the Sun and Moon is so often when the sneakiest things are perpetrated...hidden at the dark of the Moon. As I said, the US natal Pluto is being triggered by tr Sun--why I've used the midday chart. Here are the midpoint pictures for this pile-up at the Public Status/Career Point (MC = The Goal or Aspiration): Sun/Pluto = MC: striving for power and control; upset and change to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences; Sun/MC ("the Goal") = Pluto: violent attainment of one's aims; desire to take the lead by use of force; the realization of extraordinary and unusual plans; success; a tragic destiny; Pluto/MC = Sun: the desire for power and authority. The invasion occurred during the 2 South Solar Eclipse Series: 2S = great gains through involvement with unusual group endeavors. This Eclipse has also manifested in 1910, 1928, 1946, 1964, 1982, Dec 15, 2000 (4Cap14 conj the Pluto/Chiron midpoint in the invasion chart 1893.) It's so very often instructive to look at the Initial Eclipse in a Series for more info and this one began: Apr 17, 991 (OS), Sun/Moon 1Tau47 (opposite the NWO's n Sun, btw, 1993, when Uranus and Neptune had their Great Conjunction); Pluto/Chiron 4Cap26; Venus at Aries Point; NN 14Lib24, conj US n Saturn (authority; control)...(Predictive Astrology, Bernadette Brady.) Now which little future politicians were born during this Series thus having it as their Pre-natal Eclipse Series (PE)? At least three that I know of--and all three seem intent on never really going away: Woodrow Wilson, Ronald Reagan, and Hillary Clinton--fyi. Mars/Saturn: As you know, the harmful, destructive energy of the Mars/Saturn combo is one of the most difficult points in any chart. In the chart above, tr Mars/Saturn conjuncts US n Sun and opposes the Moon 14Cap04 (the Moon would have opposed US n Sun prior to noon that day, a culmination stage for national US ego issues--and perhaps a timing device for politicians who use Astrology--and let's not assume Reagan was the only one!): Mars/Saturn = Sun: the inability to meet all demands or to master all situations; death of members of the male population; physical threat; sense of loss; eking it out; Mars/Sat = Moon: feelings about losing something; death of members of the female population; depression; lack of courage; weakness of will. With Fixed Star Schedir rising, keyword: The Queen, I assume that the Sun represents the invaders while the Moon represents the population under invasion--and Hawaii's Queen who was toppled that day by the US military. The US sugar industry was so gratified! Now it's 2007 and the chess game continues with stalemates abounding...we know that a 'first' event chart may be used to define all subsequent events of the sort because everything is connected: past, present, and's all about cycles and stages, isn't it? In Astrology we constantly see it expressed that how a thing begins is how it ends. Or if you prefer, the end is in the beginning--unless something truly extraordinary happens. Since this is basically the same concept as reap what you sow, it would take a miracle to turn the ship of America around from her disasterous course so long ago embarked upon and which we're now seeing played out in the Middle East. Crusading and invading--but on both sides, not just the US's! Yet if you read the list of US invasions given above, you may rightly wonder what it would take to rock the boat without capsizing her entirely. My saddest feeling is that I long ago gave up the assumption (nurtured through my growing up in America) that the elite ruling class gives a hoot for sustaining America--because capsizing her is just what they signed on for and they have no intention of ever letting go the reins of power and wealth. That's why the most unpopular president in US history is still infesting our White House...and shoe-horning that cuss out the door would take a miracle. Update 9 pm: just found this from Information Clearing House: Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq about "regime change" being US foreign policy for over 110 years. That's what she said.