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May 26, 2012

Of Robber Barons, Romney, and Campaign 2012

"A corporation has no rights except those given it by law. It can exercise no power except that conferred upon it by the people through legislation, and the people should be as free to withhold as to give, public interest and not private advantage being the end in view."

-William Jennings Bryan in his address to the Ohio 1912 Constitutional Convention

May 10, 2012 was the 126th anniversary of the Corporations Are People sleight-of-hand which has forced its tricky thumb upon the scales of justice ever since. Click for a few astro-notes concerning the day, May 10, 1886, and a brief explanation of how things went askew against all common sense.

Interesting that the illustrious Bryan made his remarks on the true nature of corporations in 1912, 26 years after the Big Ruse was purposefully put in place through the enthusiastic collusion of railroad titans of the day, aka, Robber Barons, and for good reason.

The Ohio Constitutional Convention of 1912 was all about progressives wanting to rid Ohio's government of corruption and to quite an extent they succeeded though women's right to vote and equality for all races were progressions too far. These days, we have regressives calling themselves 'Republicans' wanting to roll back those rights which is doubly backwards since the first instance--the whackadoodle notion that "corporations are people, my friend" is what should be rolled back instead.

In case you haven't signed yet, here's a link to Senator Bernie Sanders' effort to Overturn Citizens United, the SCOTUS decision of January 2010 which brazenly gives the Corporate Leviathan even more "legal" power to devour We the People for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But unlike in 1886, no court clerk's 'error' was needed to shaft us on the sly.

And below you see the natal horoscope of the Robber Barons with my usual scribbles added. This chart is also known as the Generation of Materialism natal chart (Ed Meece), and here's how I complained about the Pluto/Chiron oppressors in February 2008. Of late, JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon has proven his lack of societal merit, I'd say--he kind of made himself into a poster child for the ravages of corporate inbreeding when it's allowed to flourish under its own hubris way past when corporate charters should expire as originally intended.

New Moon April 28, 1881 10:24:47 am UT London, England; Hour Mercury; final dispositor: Venus; chart-ruler Sun applies to a trine with Uranus in 2nd house of Money, a conjunction with deceptive Neptune (5A32 = 1886!), and a conjunction with evaluating Venus, also in her sign of monied Taurus; US natal Saturn in Libra is at the Foundation of the horoscope--and making it all 'legal'.

Please click image to enlarge and you'll see that this New Moon of the Robber Barons clocks in at 8Tau14--'9Tau' = "A Christmas Tree Decorated"; it's primarily a 10th house chart which well describes those for whom worldly power and wealth are more important than anything or anyone. The New Moon occurred around a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the societal planets with Jupiter represnting expansion, growth, and investment, and Saturn its opposite: contraction, restriction, and control. In conjunction and maturely directed, their energies can bring much wordly success.

And naturally, I don't have to mention the abundance of Taurean energy here since greed, possessiveness, and intolerance are The Bull's shadow traits (just ask The Bull on Wall Street.) Even Pluto and Chiron, the Plutocracy duo, are near one another in Taurus and in our time, met in Great Conjunction on December 30, 1999 at '12Sag' = "A Flag Turned Into an Eagle That Crows" (MEJ) conjunct US natal Ascendant. And after the attacks of 9/11/01, the American eagle crowed and can't seem to stop.

And now, what's become a golden oldie from the stump of the Romney Campaign of 2012--you love it, you know you do!

Oct 6, 2009

Ron Paul speaks on returning to a Gold Standard

Here are some of Ron Paul's ideas about returning the US to a gold standard and repealing legal tender laws which force us to use worthless paper money.

In his conversation with Fox News, Dr. Paul mentions a bit of siver-gold history, a debate still raging after all these years, for as you may remember, presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan framed the gold-silver issues well and famously in his Cross of Gold speech at the 1896 DNC convention. (Some Astrology involved, but post also contains a link to Bryan's Cross of Gold text which you can read with your own eyes. Plus, he made a recording of his speech later on because it was so popular with the American people.)

So for a little history on the gold standard vs worthless money debate (and Congress' delegating the creation and issuance of our money to privateers like the Federal Reserve Bank against the US Constitution, as Paul notes), Bryan's speech is a great place to start.


And I just thought of two more players who should be noted. Here's what President Woodrow Wilson said after he created the Fed with a flourish of his pen; plus, the post contains a link to Andrew Jackson info, the president who fought against central banks and their throttle hold on the US government.

Sep 30, 2008

The Cross of Gold: text link from DNC 1896

We may be tempted to think that today's current money crisis is somehow new or unprecedented in America or in the wider world.

Yet William Jennings Bryan, in his address to the Democratic National Convention of 1896, covered many issues which may resound to our current issues such as: "gold Republicans" vs "silver Democrats" and the coining and issuing of money by private individuals (such as the Fed.)

Siding with Thomas Jefferson on the coining and issuing of money being a function of government, Bryan stated that, "banks ought to go out of the governing business."

If the Bush-Cheney-Bernanke-Paulson scheme passes, banks will BE the governing business.

And you know what that adds up to: corporatism + state = fascism. Simple formula, a long time coming.

When he delivered his address, 'Cross of Gold' which denounced the gold standard, Bryan was a young Nebraska congressman who had been chosen as the Democratic party's presidential nominee. His speech mesmerized the convention and Bryan thereafter became a spokesman and devotee of silver. Not all Democrats agreed on the issue, but that's a post for another day.

Yet Bryan and his party members were defeated at least partially due to their silver promotion and the economic crisis of their day. Then, as now, it was the economy, stupid.

Between a major economic depression and the rise of Populism, William McKinley and the gold Republicans were able to carry the 1896 election; Republican control of the White House and both houses of Congress in 1897 serve in hindsight to mark the end of the *Gilded Age, even as the descendants of "the idle holders of idle wealth" whom Bryan railed against so eloquently in 1896 continue to play the trickle-down card upon the working masses to our present-day detriment.

Cross of Gold by William Jennings Bryan, 1896.

*Gilded Age is what is usually referred to on this blog as the Generation of Materialism, marked astrologically by the Great Conjunction Neptune and Pluto, 1892.

You may wish to read Senator Bernie Sanders' statement on the vicious class warfare being waged upon America's middle class (compliments of Pluto-Chiron plutocracy) which is included in a post of mine from January 13, 2008, Plutocrats: Middle Class Warfare going dandily, for the effects of their viciousness have become, with current market meltdowns, socializing of private debts, and naked power grabbing, impossible to hide or ignore.


W. J. Bryan details from: 'America Interpreted Vol II: since 1865' by R.Woods and W. Gatewood.

Sep 8, 2008

1898 speech echoes 2008 campaign issues

One-hundred-ten years ago, on Dec 5, 1898 William Jennings Bryan delivered a message which reverberates into the 2008 presidential campaign - its issues, jingoisms, and propaganda-touting.

As you know, orators of the past were expected to speak for quite some time - a speech resembling today's 'sound bites' would have been considered a complete flop and a huge disappointment to entertainment-starved audiences everywhere.

The speech I've dug up for you, 'Imperialism', touches upon many topics of current value, not the least of which is a Republican house of representatives who complied with President McKinley's request for the authority to increase our standing army to 100,000.

Bryan called a large standing army, "not only a pecuniary burden to the people," but much more: "it is ever a menace to a Republican form of government."

Today we should recognize these things by well-worn experience, and yet the GOP still has its way in the realm of war profiteering and expansionist policies a la 2008.

Bryan paraphrases Abe Lincoln in his speech, "In 1859 Lincoln said that the Republican party believed in the man and the dollar, but that in case of a conflict it believed in the man before the dollar."

My, some things have changed, haven't they? Unless you're one of the elect few, that is - the cream of the one-world-government crop.

1898 (the decade when the Robber Baron class got its claws into every pie) and Bryan almost wholly could have been speaking of the 2008 presidential campaign when he said:

"Against us are arrayed a comparatively small but politically and powerful number who really profit by Republican policies; but with them are associated a large number who, because of their attachment to their party name, are giving their support to doctrines antagonistic to the former teachings of their own party."

Bryan goes on to discuss, among other things: the gold standard, the greenback, imperialism in the Philippines and Cuba, the paralyzing influence of imperialism, and then gives the four principle arguments advanced by those who enter upon a defense of imperialism.

He then identifies to whom each argument is addressed ('addresst'):

1. the nation's pride
2. the nation's pocketbook
3. the church member
4. the partisan

If any of this sounds familiar, it's because they're using the same tactics in the 21st century! If it works, why change, right?

So is America caught in a loop of self-destruction she can't break out of? Is she too dizzy to see she's being duped yet again?

Now I know that a vote in November may bring little improvement if you vote for the Dems. But if you vote for the Republicans you can be certain of encouraging the cynical imperialists who have been misdirecting our nation for a over a century.

What's it to be?

Change? Hope? Or simply the audacity and hubris of nation-rotting, Republic-destroying imperialism?


Thanks go to a great resource, American Rhetoric!