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Nov 8, 2009

House passes Health Bill with Hygeia rising

Last evening at 11:07 pm est when the required 218 votes clocked in on the House as shown on C-SPAN, I was watching an animated chart of the scene. When Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the 15-minute vote had passed the bill, it was 11:15 pm.

At 11:15 pm est in the Capitol Building, 15Leo21 - the Heart of the Lion - was on the Ascendant with rising asteroid Hygeia 20Leo31, an appropriate picture of the proceedings. Eagle Point (15Leo) rising, transiting Saturn at a World Point of prominence 00Lib59 (just gone into 2nd house) conjunct US natal Mc in our 'Sibly' chart.

And at 11:07 pm President Obama's natal Sun was rising indicating a definite point scored for him. Saturn (the Democrats) continues his sit-in upon US natal Mc in the 'Sibly' chart - legislative (Saturn) success at the pinnacle (Mc) for the Dems - but hold on, Myrtle, there's that nasty square from transiting Pluto to consider.

Yet helpfully, string-pulling power-broker Pluto is making an applying aspect of opportunity with Lady Venus, a sextile (60 degr), so it's all good...for now.

Chart-ruler Sun 15Sco53 (the Eagle Point) has voting Mercury 17Sco37 nearby in 4th house. Mars 10Leo12 has just arisen and hides in 12th house (the lone Republican who voted for the bill?) Mars is loosely opposing Jupiter 18AQ17 on the Desc; Jupiter is finally off his Direct Station degree of Oct 14 (17AQ10.)

Since changing direction, Jupiterian issues have moved forward - ideals, expansion, and money.

This forms a T-Square of Mars/Jupiter pointing to an apex Sun...

Mars/Jup = Sun: organizational talent; leadership; success; resolving to correct errors of judgment; receiving respect; strong determination about life's objectives. (Munkasey; Tyl.)

Now this T-square indicates a waning (separating) square to the Sun (the lone Republican's blockage to bill's passage removed?) and an applying/waxing square from Jupiter, the planet that represents the GOP in a national chart. The Senate (Jup) has its role to play in stymieing positive reform on behalf of the American people, and at 2A23, it should be in the first part of the upcoming week that we hear of it - beginning on Monday, Nov 9 and probably bright and early, too.

And of course with moneybags Jupiter, costs will be all important. I can imagine that some senators are chomping at the bit to begin making their undermining statements and promoting more confusions for the Neptunian cameras. They must be furiously finalizing their talking points this very Sunday so they'll be loaded for donkey come time to spout.

In fact, the Aquarian trio traveling in tandem these days, Jupiter, Chiron (the healer), and Neptune are all squaring the Sun and Mercury in last evening's chart by sign if not degree, along with tr *Pandora whose action is expansive in similar fashion to Jupiter's abundane which can soon become over-abundance with Pandora's influence.

Moon (the people) is in 12th house @ 26Can23 but passed beyond the separative South Node. Perhpas we-the-people weren't paying as much attention as we might have been (12th house, the house of Hospitals) to last evening's vote. Venus has just entered Scorpio, sign of surgeries and big business...which brings me to my main beef about the 'House passes Health Bill' situation of Nov 7:

The Sun arose on Nov 7, 2009 with a Fixed Star that relates to social reforms and social justice...Zuben Eschemali which has a twin Star, Zuben Elgenubi.

Z. Eschemali's interest in social reform is the more mercenary side of the picture with highly idealistic changes being made for personal gain with strong power motives. (Brady's Fixed Stars.) Z. Elgenubi's influence would indicate selflessness (but we are talking about self-serving politicians, after all.)

Z. Eschemali is the Beta Star of Libra, Z. Elgenubi is the Alpha Star. Here we have the Beta Star active, the mercenary side of the deal.

Uranus 22Pis56 Rx is in 8th house of Debt, Insurance, Credit, Shared Resources, Transformation, Death, so disruption and the unexpected may be expected concerning this legislation particularly with money matters.

Yet quirky, progressive Uranus trines the House bill's Sun (7A03) and Mercury (5A19) and federal funding for abortion may be the Death matter shown in the chart, waiting for the Senate to take it up. Last evening's Sun/Mercury/Uranus trines may show the Ds working out terms on abortion funding with the Vatican.

With tr Neptune conjunct US natal Moon these days, not much is as it seems, and of course Neptune is associated with mass media and propaganda as well as representing the masses, aka the collective. But it's for certain that Neptunian loss, theft, and veiling of true motives are part of the environment now...especially in the Capitol Hill corridors of power.

And I do think that Astrology has just uncovered Capitol Hillers' motives of the Zuben Eschemali kind.


*The Pandora/Jupiter pair has been covered in an excellent article in Dell Horoscope Magazine in 2004 by Julie Demboski and if you have copies from 2004 about the place, Julie's article is well worth looking up for Pandora/Jupiter don't observe boundaries very carefully, if at all. In the case of Capitol Hill, just get the Fed to print more money and spend it beyond all reason.


DD said...

Oh Jude, you are a brilliant orator.
You should have your own radio show, really. You captured all my hope and misgivings brilliantly in the "House passes Health Bill with Hygeia rising." The whole health reform bill has gone way beyond my understanding. I don't have a clue what will really happen if it passes. It's one of those hold-your-now, jump-in-the-water moments for me.
I'll tell you what I think as I'm dying. If I live that long.

I'm not sure why but I feel my death is near at hand. I feel I missed the train on my potential, transformation, connection to this life, but reading your blogs keep me tethered.

Thanks, dd
ps. Indesign training on pcs starts in earnest at 8 a.m. tomorrow. That also feels like a leaping moment.

Anonymous said...


Duse said...

What's interesting about this chart, Jude, is that Neptune rules the 8th House of Shared Assets, Taxes, Debt, etc and so forth.

Right off the bat there's an unhealthy element of delusion, spin, dishonesty and dreaming when it comes to paying for this, sure to be a major issue when Saturn revisits Virgo, the sign ruling the chart's 2nd House.

I trust the American People, taking refuge with their nagging fears and worries in the 12th, are aware of the burden this will be and the adjustments necessary to bring it to fruition with the Moon's quincunx to this House's Ruler Neptune.

If this legislation is built on quicksand and intended more for show or to prop up falling poll numbers with a "win", Saturn will smack it down and then restructure it this Spring.

With Neptune currently shacking up with Jupiter and Chiron, one can almost expect a GREAT deal of spin (Jupiter) detailing how this will be a healing moment for our Country's health care (Chiron) all hiding the true facts about the shared burden this will come to be (8th House).

But what happens when Jupiter races through the party, gets bored and leaves for Pisces in January? Jupiter Victories rarely stick.

For that you look to Saturn who's saddled with quincunxes and squares and a semi-sextile with flirtatious, fast-moving Venus. Yeah, he has that sextile with the Moon, but, as with most things with the Moon, it's fleeting and hard to grasp.

But that Mars in Leo demanded action. Now. And it wasn't a quiet action behind the scenes. Oh no. It was a very public barnstorming of the Capitol to twist arms which had already been expertly twisted into safe submission by Pelosi.

It was grandstanding.

In light of the applying t-square Mars makes with Sun/Mercury and Jupiter, it appears as if this decision to "grandstand" was somehow difficult or a challenge. A quiet (12th House) puncturing of one's pride or confidence (Mars opp Jupiter) followed by the necessity to communicate and charm (square Sun/Mercury).

Did those on-the-fence Members of Congress demand the President (Saturn) grovel a bit (semi-sextile to Venus)? And did this President, in support of something he values (Saturn in the 2nd), have to come to Capitol Hill on somewhat bended knee (Saturn square Pluto aka Authority meeting Power) to find common ground albeit, in the 12th House, behind closed doors?

With Neptune in an applying quincunx with Saturn, this "hard adjustment" wouldn't surprise me. Nor would the "smile through gritted teeth" of Saturn in Libra semi-sextile Venus in Scorpio.

I also find it interesting that Venus, indicating the relationships incurred and agreements forged to get these votes, is approaching an opposition to the Midheaven, the Legislation's public face.

Will questions arise next week about the cost of this and what was agreed to or left behind as Venus hits this opposition exactly and Mercury and the Sun both move forward to square Neptune while Mars inches toward his Sun/Mercury and Jupiter t-square?

And don't forget, Jude. This vote was taken during a Moon Void of Course. This ain't gonna stick.

With Saturn ruling the 6th House of Daily Duties and Co-workers as well as Health, this will continue to be a long, arduous process fraught with delays and backtracking. Saturn will insist this be done right and won't mind delaying it, Midterms be damned.

But Saturn's relationship with the Venus-ruled Midheaven is a quincunx, that hard adjustment (again!) indicative in the "need to work for that extra-support" semi-sextile Saturn and Venus are already in.

Add to that the separating square Mars makes with the MC and the path to public acceptance won't be as easy as first thought.

Interesting chart, but it still comes down to Moon Void of Course and Neptune ruling Our Money and Debt.

I suspect this vote will soon be forgotten and hardly the Watershed Moment of Leadership the WH was hoping -- in fact, is desperate! -- for.

clymela said...

WOW thank you for this column. I was fascinated and informed and I read the entire column without getting up to do something else.
Eric Francis has does a take off on the anti-abortion part of the bill referring to the Pluto oppose Moon as an attack on women and I do agree. We know for a fact that when the wife,daughters, girlfriends of these pro-life men turn up pregnant at uncomfortable times their pregnancy is "managed". As I said somewhere else-no Jesus bastards there.

Jude Cowell said...

Excellent detailed analysis, Duse, thank you!

DD, thanks for the compliment- radio is my favorite actually. 'Hope and misgivings'? Now why didn't i think of that to sum things up easily? ;p

Bad Glue, i share your frown in solidarity...

Clymela, thank you and for the heads-up on Eric Francis' column, will check it out.

i agree w/ you: let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The holier-than-thous always seem to have read the Bible oh-so-selectively - enough to cover their own patooties which can certainly use a good covering.

The one that gets me is that we are counseled that we are indeed our brothers' keepers. Most of the religious-politicals give that one a very wide pass when it comes to devoting US taxpayers' money to their own needs with things such as social safety nets - but when the billions are for more war (aka, war profiteering and conquest) they'll spend till the cows come home. Diverting our money toward their profitmaking efforts is called Theft around here. Embezzlement comes to mind.

Yet 'hypocrites' isn't a srong enough word for most Washington politicians and for the good ole boys who make up their network/s while waiting for crumbs to trickle down from the pig troughs on Capitol Hill.

Yes, i'm a little miffed at them just now. Perhaps i will regain my temper after my allergies clear up some. My dose is stuffed. jude

libramoon said...

on re: voc Moon in chart of bill passage