Nov 18, 2009

Fort Hood, Neptune Direct, and America's Pluto

Astrology Mundo has an excellent post by Monica Starr on the Fort Hood shootings and Neptune's Station Direct of November 4.

Monica had left a comment under my post on Neptune's change of direction where she envisioned 'mass sorrow' due to Neptune's Station being so near the US natal Moon, and sadly, she was on-the-mark with the Fort Hood shootings.

Excellent insights from Monica yet I suspect she agrees with me that sometimes you just don't want to be right.

Yes, we-the-people are having Neptune to US Moon (the people), Saturn to US Neptune (ideals, hopes, dreams) - and Pluto in an ongoing opposition to US natal Venus in preparation for opposing US natal Jupiter, Sun, and eventually, Mercury Rx which stimulates the US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition.

No time to rant on secret hand Pluto's actions now, but if you'll read my previous post from a few minutes ago, you'll find a link to an article on George Soros, Russia, and Freemasonry which excerpts a book on the subject of Freemasonry's history in Russia and includes enlightenment on Freemasonic America's culpabilities.

You may freely relate the information to the financial 'meltdown' of 2008 which is also described by Neptune to US Moon and the frauds (Neptune) now being perpetrated against the American people (Moon.)

One thing that must be added though is a quote from Jeff Green's book Pluto (Vol I; 1996) concerning America's natal Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, sign of government, business, and law:

'One a national level it is interesting to remember that Pluto is in Capricorn in the US chart. The day will come when the United States will "fall from grace." One day it will not be the world power that it is today; it will be one nation among many. This will force a restructuring of the national Soul so that a new collective self-image can evolve. The national sense of security linked with being a world power will have to change as a result of this evolutionary necessity.' (paperback, p. 192.)

My theory is that since Freemasonry has used Sacred Geometry (Astrology) since day one, they understand these principles very well and have always used the tool of Astrology to time their events of chaos, revolution, coups, and massacres, and for instructive insights on how to gain what they want - world government - by using the ancient art as their satanic guide rather than as the Great Mathematician intended - As above, So Below for the good of mankind, not for its subjugation by politically inspired psychopaths.

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Funkstar said...

If this "fall from grace" is linked to natal Pluto, then the last solar eclipse has set things in motion. Because that eclipse at 29can27 was the longest for the rest of our lives, it's influence should last well into next year. It was exactly conjunct the USA P.Fortune using my preferred technique of precession, but even without that it was still conjunct the P.Fortune/Vertex and opposite Pluto.

Now it was also quincunx natal Moon, meaning transiting Saturn makes it a Yod. So the eclipse degree is very important for the USA. When transiting Mars hit that degree, Obama signed the big aid package for Pakistan (2 days later the Pakistani's launched the campaign against the Taliban).

Will have to check out that Freemasonry Link, sounds most intriguing.