Dec 19, 2009

Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009: chart w/ details

Chart shown: Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009 @ 2:12:34 pm est, White House, Washington DC, USA.

Moon 10Can15 in 2nd house opposite Sun 10Cap15 in 8th house; emphasized: 2/8 (values; money; resources; financial system) and 4/10 (security; domestic scene; public status; career) polarity; Hour of Mars suitable for aggression, daring, boldness, and initiation of strong-willed actions, yet being overly impulsive is counter-productive.

Ending 2009 with a Lunar Eclipse that is considered a 'blue' Full Moon is on our immediate menu of celestial events reflecting activities upon the Earth.

And Sky and Telescope has an informative article on the facts and myths of Blue Moons, if you wish some background on this phenomenon which concerns the fairly rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within a particular month, so 'December 31' just squeaks this one under the Blue Moon wire and the lunation happens to be a Moon (Lunar) Eclipse, too.

In blue you see marked a massive Cardinal 'triple' T-Square with apex Saturn as its energy outlet in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling; Children, Romance, and Creative Projects reside in 5th house as well, but perhaps 'Romance' may be safely disregarded in this Eclipse chart set for a White House with imperialist aims.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx (delays, setbacks, frustrations; legislative gridlocks) @ 19Cap12 in 9th house but soon will be in 8th house; Mercury's applying aspects give details about this Moon Ecl chart as it relates to Washington, DC...

1. Mercury inconjunct Mars (0A21) = adjustments needed; distorted info; bitter complaints when those served are unappreciative;
2. Mercury opposes Moon (8A57); and conjs Sun (8:57)...

Mercury oppo Moon = distortion between feelings and thinking; emotional responses make compromises difficult. (Washington politicians like to keep we-the-people emotional, irrational, and divided for it serves their purposes well.)

Mercury conj Sun = extremely subjective opinions may be forced upon others; opinions of others are dismissed or irritatingly ignored; haste to be first in everything; ego-centered; quick decisions may be premature; opinions may have to be retracted later due to not getting all the facts; easy communications.

Transit Mercury and tr NN will be meeting several times in the next few weeks (due to Mercury's Rx period) for negotiations and signing of agreements and contracts. That agreements will be honored is another matter with a Rx Mercury on the case.

On the chart is a notation that this Mercury is conj the Great Conjunction degree of Uranus/Neptune, a signature for the New World Order (1993.) Uran/Nept = tr Mercury: the mind plays tricks; needing a more practical orientation; metaphysical research; artificial intelligence processes, ideas, and thoughts; sudden inspirations concerning plans in development; application of insight into new information or engineering techniques.

Don't Funk with My Moon Eclipse

Dec 31's Full Moon is involved in a midpoint picture with 'fighting spirit' Mars/ASC:

Mars/ASC = Moon: anger; provocative behavior; quarrels; temper tantrums; indecision; consoling others who have inner conflicts; an energetic or argumentative female (or, in a national chart, Moon - the people or the public.)

Sun 10Cap15 is featured in a midpoint picture, too:

Mercury/Pluto = Sun: persuasion, suggestion, propaganda; championing an idea or attitude that prevails; a keen observer; vision or circumspection; a desire to gain recognition; determination to use force to obtain information; enhanced authority or prestige among people who control important info or news; communication skill. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sounds like on one level the president and the media are propagandizing an angered populace, doesn't it? (Sun = the leader in a national or mundane chart.) But that can't be news, right? This Lunar Ecl will affect his handling of power and responsibility as revealed by the light of the last Full Moon of 2009.

At the top of the chart, I've written Celeste Teal's title for this Moon Eclipse: 'Burdens and Sorrows' from her book, Eclipses. She lists *countries that will be affected by each eclipse, and prime on the list for Dec 31, 2009 is the **UK (n Sun 10Cap11 conjunct n IC 9Cap20. Plus, UK n Moon 19Can26 will be eclipsed by the July 11, 2010 Solar Ecl @ 19Can24 in the 12S Series: 'successful outcomes to long-term illnesses or worries; issues at first seem worse, then suddenly clear.' Brady's Predictive Astrology.) And the NWO proceeds?

But at the end of 2009, we remain under the difficult rays of the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27, with its 'systems fail'; new ideas and methods are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' flavor...the Dec 31 Moon Eclipse is a yearly 'bookend' to the last Solar Eclipse of July although August 5, 2009 saw another Lunar Ecl @ 13AQ43; Teal's title for it: 'Humanitarian Deeds'...Pres. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?. The August Lunar Ecl occurred opposite his natal Sun 13Leo so he received the honor but under much carping as to why.

Now the chart's Cardinal T-Squares which you see marked in blue all depend upon the opposing/squaring Blue Moon for their dynamic tension and all midpoints formed have controlling Saturn as apex. This is an executive and organizational Saturn ready to act in Cardinal mode yet frustrated when things don't proceed quickly enough. He has major here-and-now objectives which echo what we've been hearing out of Washington - especially since Jan 20, 2009.

Ambition is the overwhelming motivation of an apex Saturn in a Cardinal T-SQ; he protects himself from vulnerability by controlling others and likes to micro-manage the plans he has initiated; he works in a regulator capacity and is always on-guard and reserved (as in, Federal Reserve? Or a court/judging position = Libra's Scales of Justice. US natal Saturn is in Libra where it is Exalted; this position of tr Saturn is part of the ongoing Saturn-to-n-MC transit we're experiencing in our 'Sibly' chart with US n MC 00Lib53...Rxs give us a chance to get things 'right.')

Actually this Saturn's 'frustration' has already reminded me of Pres. Obama's remarks in Copenhagen on Dec 18 when his frustration at a lack of progress (toward world domination dressed up as 'climate change') ruffled his usually calm waters ever so slightly as he spoke. (Text link to his Dec 18 address in provided in my previous post on the Copenhagen Summit.) We may be seeing more of such behavior from the president and others in the news for the power elite has been patient for decades but now their 2011/2012 target dates are looming large.

Figuring that you, lone reader, can look up the ***midpoint pictures with Saturn as apex (focal) planet (see below), I shall focus instead on the meaning of an apex Saturn in Cardinal T-SQ from Bil Tierney's excellent book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Outer restrictions frustrate and make anxious this apex Saturn whenever he pushes too hard for immediate achievement of his goals; the T-SQ enables him to directly confront challenges until he successfully defeats the opposition (in Congress? we-the-masses?); his executive talents demand total supervision of his plans and he resents anyone who dares stand in his way; use of resources to achieve his concrete goals can be abusive.

This apex Saturn rules and commands with an iron fist.

And this reluctant Saturnian astrologer assumes that his velvet glove is fast becoming optional.


Update: Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for '5Lib' is now posted.

*Some natal charts of countries and entities affected by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Ecl as given by Celeste Teal: Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, UK, Japan, Palestine, Russia, NYC, and the UN.

**UK natal chart: Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am LMT London, England, source: The Circle Book of Charts (AFA 1991); ASC 7Lib10; MC 9Can20; UK's Sun and MC emphasized by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse.

***Midpoint pics: Sun/Moon = Saturn; Moon/Venus = Saturn; Moon/Pluto = Saturn.


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Hello ma'am! Excellent investigating as always... i wanted to bring to your attention an article i read on Noel Tyl's website. It describes the 2010 cosmic weather for the US, Iran, and Israel. Tyl is uncharacteristically bleak [in this case, realistic] in his assessment of the charts at hand, especially that of President Obama. Anyhow, here's the link : - i would say enjoy, but there's nothing at hand to enjoy here, just more "uplifting" info. Regardless, best regards for the holidays madam :D


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Great Jed, thanks! and I do declare, I shall now check out Noel's article! ;p