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Jan 5, 2012

New Years Day 2012: dead body @ Queen Elizabeth's estate

New Year 2012 Murder in the UK: Who Will Question the Queen?

by Jude Cowell

On New Years Day 2012, mayhem was discovered--a woman's dead body turned up in the woodlands in or near the grounds of Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate where the royals partied over the weekend to welcome New Year 2012.

Since hunting and horse-riding are favorite royal pursuits at Sandringham perhaps *Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for the Sun on January 1st--the Solar Return date for 2012 to the horoscope of modern UK's founding on Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am -1:00 (historical record) will apply as the UK's 211th birthday is imprinted by a mysterious (last I heard--perhaps more will come out) death of a female, as it's been reported (see article links, below.)

Carelli gives what I believe is a quite-applicable symbol for '11 Capricorn', the rounded-up degree of the UK's natal Sun--and of the Sun's degree on the day the remains were found:

"A king wearing the crown and seated on the throne receives an envelope from a messenger or an ambassador."

"A minor feature of this influence is fondness for horsemanship," says Carelli, along with mention of secrecy, reserve, worldly wisdom, cunning, diplomacy and, "--if need be, double-dealing." Well, yes. Monarchy and Politics can be a lethal combo at times, can't it?

Carelli adds that '11Cap' is the degree of equidistance (his Sun/Moon midpoint) of Lloyd George who was, among other things, Britain's senior representative in Paris at the Treaty of Versailles negotiations and signing.

Queen Elizabeth II

Comparing the natal and progressed charts of Queen Elizabeth II (as rep for the UK itself) with a horoscope set for Sandringham Norfolk, 12 am on January 1, 2012, there are astro-links galore all of which I do not have time to detail for you here.

There are, however, indications of passion (Venus/Mars) on the scene (in the New Years Day 2012 chart) and unhealthy romantic attachments, or, deceiving or a deceptive woman (tr Venus opposite QEII's natal Neptune), no-win situations and people dropping in unannounced (tr Venus opposite her n Moon in partying Leo), and potentials for danger, disastrous encounters, disrupted gatherings (tr Mars opposite n Uranus) or even violence. (See QEII's natal Sun degree, just below.)

And with tr Saturn opposing her natal Sun these days, any failure to live up to past promises comes back to haunt her now. And of course, these transits probably apply somewhere in her experience whether she knows about the mysterious body or not. Its discovery in proximity to the Royal Family's Sandringham estate may be only a coincidence.

(Interestingly, the Queen's natal Sun 00Tau12 was recently conjoined by Jupiter's Direct Station on Dec 25, 2011 @ 00Tau22, with '00-1Tau' being 'degrees of violence', according to how aggressively Adolf Hitler acted every time his natal Sun at that degree was triggered during his salad days--'Hitler's trigger degree" which relates to actions based on ego concerns.)

Yet the Queen's war time experiences may be all that is denoted by her having natal Sun in the 00-1 Tau range though we may wish to note her family's true origins in Germany (the 'Windsor' family name only goes back to 1917.)

Applause Applause!

Plus, Queen E's natal Moon--the reigning need, says Noel Tyl--is in Leo 12:07--indicating one born with a bottomless pit in the approval-applause-appreciation department, plus, as you know, royal Leo is the 'natural ruler' sign which is ruled by the Sun...ego.

My guess is that all the royal pageantry in her life suits the lady's emotional needs as seen by how Elizabeth took to her sudden turn at rulership like a hungry duck on a junebug intent on satisfying its reigning need for sustenance.

Surprising Surmising?

Did an old love return to haunt one of the royals? Was the departed lady a guard or an agent on the castle's or the government's payroll? Or a messenger? (a la '11Cap' noted above.) Well, the January 1, 2012 chart set for Sandringham @ 12:00 am shows transit Moon in Taurus precisely opposite Elizabeth's natal Saturn in powerful Scorpio at Midheaven (Sco)--Saturn @ natal MC = a monarch.

Will someone's authority, security, stability, or the status quo (Saturn) be challenged (opposition) by a woman, by The People, or by media curiosity (Moon = women; the populace; publicity) as the Moon reflects her natal and ruling Saturn posited at the very pinnacle (MC = Goal; Aspiration; Public Status; Career, across the 4/10 'security' axis. Her Nibs possesses an Angular Saturn expressing facets of mature authority--functioning authoritatively--on the world stage) as shown in her natal horoscope and issuing from her inner psyche and Saturn's gift of longevity has merited Queen Elizabeth II her celebratory Jubilee.

That's due to the fact that she has never stinted on doing her duty though this much of Saturn's coldness may be difficult in personal relationships with children feeling the adult's icy personality most deeply in many cases.

Year 2012 minus 12 years = Year 2000

Then there's royal Jupiter's recent station on Elizabeth's natal Sun spotlighting a time when one mustn't get carried away with one's own self importance and self-indulgence may be prominent (a New Years Eve party extraordinaire?); plus, Jupiter-to-natal- Sun marks a period when an endeavor begun twelve years before must either move forward expansively, or come to an end.

Now two chart factors that 'pop out' at me in Elizabeth's Secondary Progressions is Sec ASC = Sec Saturn/Pluto: being placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (ex: a dead body turning up on one's property especially when one values one's privacy and security so very very much); separation; mourning and bereavement.

Additionally, Sec ASC = Sec Venus/Mars (passion!): a lively expression of feelings. (Ebertin.)

Let's hope that for the Royal Family and their possible involvement in this mysterious event, that someone's emotional 'expression' wasn't lively enough to cause another's sad bereavement.

However the case may be, I am merely astrologizing here so how about a few early January links to The Guardian's more factual coverage of this remains in woodlands mystery?

For a lighter diversion, let's start with Jan 1, 2012 as artist David Hockney to be awarded the Order of Merit--he who Once Upon a Time refused to paint Elizabeth II or to accept a knighthood;

Jan 2: the Queen's "best diamonds" to go on display in honor of her 50-year jubilee--longer than Maggie Thatcher's reign who had natal Saturn--also in Scorpio--rising and conjunct Ronald Reagan's natal Jupiter in mid-Scorpio;

Jan 3: Sandringham murder inquiry launched after body discovered;

Jan 4: DNA being checked against that of missing women of foreign origins.

So far, I have not found mention of how long the woman's remains were around and we'll see as the year proceeds whether this news will be only a blip on the screen of royal info control--or, if Britain's royal family members know absolutely nothing about the matter.

Or some explanation in between.

Oops! There is one more factor I shall note: a Sabian Symbol that is activated in the Queen's current Progressions:

Sec ASC '27Gemini' = "A Gypsy Coming Out of the Forest Gazes at Far Cities"...or, perhaps gazing from the woodlands at a far castle?

UPDATE 10:49 pm est: adding video of a recent police presser:


*Source: The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac by Adriano Carelli.

Sep 17, 2010

Pope to UK: Moon triggers July 2010 Solar Eclipse

Just a brief heads-up on the Astrology of the current visit to the UK by Pope Benedict whose presence in London today is visible in the horoscope (click image to enlarge) by Pluto 2Cap48 (the pope) and North Node 9Cap00 (encounters; meetings; the public) pointing directly at the UK's natal Ic 9Cap20 (Home) and UK natal Sun 10Cap11 (highlighted in blue.) Today's Moon 19Cap42 at noon BST, London, opposes or stimulates the degree of the July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse 19Can24 in the 12 South Series (successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness - Brady.)

Previously I had posted that the July 2010 Solar Eclipse would 'eclipse' the UK's natal Moon (the people) in the most visible of houses in the UK chart, the 10th. Now I know how.

Plus, today's Mercury 6Vir55 and, at noon, the Midheaven, are snugged between Vatican II's powerful and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, therefore...

n Uranus/Pluto = tr Mercury: intense thought activity; a restless, indefatigable worker; creative activity; inventive, resourceful people; a constant occupation with new things and plans. (Ebertin.)

n Uranus/Pluto = tr Mc: aspirations for innovations and reforms; mobility; the instant grasp and exploitation of every situation.

Today has its own midpoint picture which I believe is quite apt concerning the papal see part of it written on the right side of the chart and highlighted in yellow...

Mars/Mc = Saturn: disadvantages through exaggerated zeal; actions resulting in failure; suffering harm or damage; the act of separation (didn't Britain solve that one ages ago? Perhaps not. jc); inhibitions. (Ebertin.)

And though the recent Cardinal T-Squares and Cross are not within orb, two of their midpoint pictures are formed today nonetheless (and will close ranks again once Jupiter and Uranus re-move forward into Aries, a Cardinal sign)...both point to Pluto, the Pope, so I will type them once again...

Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto: potential for a total reversal of plans already made; extreme life changes; intense business activity; transforming futuristic ideas into reality.

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: concealing changes to activities; ending extreme practices which have hindered progress (like child abuse? church pews and coffers are quite empty - jc); rigid inflexibility replaces adaptation.

Now if you've enlarged the chart, you've spied the religious Jupiter/Chiron conjunction of the Vatican at its natal Ic, in Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes and symbol of Christ (as is Chiron); today at noon in London, tr Neptune (the Divine Source; the Spirit) conjoining Chiron (as they've been for what seems like ages now) conjoins the Vatican's natal Ic as well. Jupiter tends more toward codified religion while Neptune is the spiritual realm of the Divine.

(So if you tend toward thinking that Vatican II represents the Divine Source, you'd probably best skip the personal and Protestant opinions added after the ~:~ break below. You can thank me later. ;p)

When you consider the horoscope of Vatican II (data from historical record) the many facets of 'the lady' appear to light up the whole shebang. Here's a partial list with the sign Virgo ('the virgin') prominent: Sun 19Lib30 conjunct asteroid Lilith conjunct vestal virgin Vesta, keeper of the eternal flame (which always puts me in mind of the Illuminati since one of their primary signatures is Uranus/Neptune, the duo of 'enlightenment' and 'illumination'); natal ASC = Venus/Neptune: a peculiar disposition regarding love; revealing in love ideals; possibly a libertine image.

Mary worship is, of course, a given here. Devotion (Neptune) to a lady (Venus.)

Yet there's another midpoint that sits upon the Vatican's natal ASC...

Saturn/Uranus = ASC: the fate of standing alone in the world; mourning and bereavement; focus on forces for change which had been abruptly halted due to traditional influences; public attitudes about the institution of change concerning traditional procedures. (Munkasey.)

(I suspect the last two relate to Vatican II vs Vatican I and some church members' dislike of Vatican II...Saturn's old vs Uranus' new, plus Saturn/Uranus is a signature for the Middle East which includes Jerusalem where, it is said, global one-world-government types want to set up their earthly kingdom in order to boss around the entire planet. Talk about a zero sum game!)

On Another Note

Well, here's a delightful article by Kathryn Cassidy about the Pope's UK visit along with details on September 21, 2010's Jupiter/Uranus opposition to the Sun, and the final of three Great Conjunctions @ 28Pis43. You'll also find a list with links on current Jupiter/Uranus breakthroughs as well, and some very interesting ones, I might add.

Kathryn relates the papal sojourn to the UK with the final of three Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions this Sunday, September 19, with Jupiter (the Pope) meeting the protests of radical Uranus in Pisces, also a sign of the masses. Child abuse in the Catholic Church is the primary trigger for protests and criticism, of course, and this particular Pope has some history of 'marking 'em up and sending 'em on' (an Ab Fab reference), if I understand the matter correctly. This seems to be how church authorities protect their bad apple priests (no matter how many barrels of them you must hide by relocating them to other parishes.)

For years it was all very hush-hush, you know. Until the lawsuits started.


Now to me it seems very cheeky of a Pope surrounded by such controversy to arrive with lectures for the British people on anything but then I don't see pedophile priests, bishops, cardinals, or the popes who apologize for them as doing God's work. If that's a critical flaw in me honed by a lifetime of Protestantism, so be it.

The Ten Commandments

Besides, I refuse to forget how centuries ago, the Catholic Church sassily deleted the Commandment against not worshiping graven images, then bethought themselves to split Do Not Covet into two so as to keep the original Ten. Even the Roman Empire morphed into the Catholic Church couldn't have sold a 'Nine Commandments' version of God's Law, aka, The Decalogue (how embarrassing that would have been since 9 just can't be 10!) so one can almost sympathize with their predicament on that score (if one were inclined to. But I'm being facetious on that score.)

After all, there were statues 'crying' tears of blood to promote, candles and incense to light, indulgences to sell, inquisitions to mount, and rote prayers to instill, right? Graven images were on their minds.

Whew! The Pope's visit to my olde home countrie is rousing my anti-vatican bias, isn't it? (Not the parishioners, just the hierarchy.) And there must be pros and cons to be said for how the Brits are receiving his majesty in all his finery on the outside meant to inspire reverence and awe, even among those of a secular persuasion. Bosh! It's what's on the inside of a religious leader that should inspire reverence. By their fruits ye shall know them, and this bunch abuses children like satanic freaks, then tries to cover it up with weak apologies and court settlements that admit no guilt.

So whatever transpires inside the sovereign state of the Vatican (some say Satanism) is what Queen Elizabeth now publicly puts her stamp of approval upon as she kisses the Pope's ring in Britain, a nation with child abuse issues of its own.

Or does she approve? Well, we know that US Presidents bow and kiss the holy ring as a sign of respect. My question is: does any representative of the Catholic Church deserve decent people's respect at all? (World leaders are amoral so they don't really count in today's grumpiness.) When thousands turn out to cheer a red-robed pontiff in Britain, this only feeds his imagined role as ruler of the entire world and swells his head. (As you know, red is the color of testosterone-driven Mars, the me-first planet.)

Well, you know that Nancy Pelosi has kissed Pope Benedict's ring with a very engaged looking George Bush looking on (click for photo) as did Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (of a previous pontiff, of course.)

And since the Pope's Ring of the Fisherman (it shows Peter fishing from a boat and is appropriate for Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Pisces, sign of the Two Fishes) is made of cast gold, one assumes that leaders and others who kiss it are bowing to King Gold - Mithras - as well.

The Roman Empire's military worshiped Mithras and 'papal bulls' still may be issued today., bulls, the bull statue on Wall Street, the Pope's Ring, papal bulls, bowing to kiss there a mysterious pattern here which is not so very mysterious when our eyes are opened wide?

Especially when we remember that on January 1, 2004, Pope John Paul II openly called for a New World Economic Order! (I kid you not - you can't make this stuff up. Well, you can but it's hardly necessary.)

Okay, this fussy Protestant will hush for now. And do enjoy your visit with the Pope, England. Better you than me, that's for sure.

Dec 19, 2009

Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009: chart w/ details

Chart shown: Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009 @ 2:12:34 pm est, White House, Washington DC, USA.

Moon 10Can15 in 2nd house opposite Sun 10Cap15 in 8th house; emphasized: 2/8 (values; money; resources; financial system) and 4/10 (security; domestic scene; public status; career) polarity; Hour of Mars suitable for aggression, daring, boldness, and initiation of strong-willed actions, yet being overly impulsive is counter-productive.

Ending 2009 with a Lunar Eclipse that is considered a 'blue' Full Moon is on our immediate menu of celestial events reflecting activities upon the Earth.

And Sky and Telescope has an informative article on the facts and myths of Blue Moons, if you wish some background on this phenomenon which concerns the fairly rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within a particular month, so 'December 31' just squeaks this one under the Blue Moon wire and the lunation happens to be a Moon (Lunar) Eclipse, too.

In blue you see marked a massive Cardinal 'triple' T-Square with apex Saturn as its energy outlet in 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling; Children, Romance, and Creative Projects reside in 5th house as well, but perhaps 'Romance' may be safely disregarded in this Eclipse chart set for a White House with imperialist aims.

Chart-ruler Mercury is Rx (delays, setbacks, frustrations; legislative gridlocks) @ 19Cap12 in 9th house but soon will be in 8th house; Mercury's applying aspects give details about this Moon Ecl chart as it relates to Washington, DC...

1. Mercury inconjunct Mars (0A21) = adjustments needed; distorted info; bitter complaints when those served are unappreciative;
2. Mercury opposes Moon (8A57); and conjs Sun (8:57)...

Mercury oppo Moon = distortion between feelings and thinking; emotional responses make compromises difficult. (Washington politicians like to keep we-the-people emotional, irrational, and divided for it serves their purposes well.)

Mercury conj Sun = extremely subjective opinions may be forced upon others; opinions of others are dismissed or irritatingly ignored; haste to be first in everything; ego-centered; quick decisions may be premature; opinions may have to be retracted later due to not getting all the facts; easy communications.

Transit Mercury and tr NN will be meeting several times in the next few weeks (due to Mercury's Rx period) for negotiations and signing of agreements and contracts. That agreements will be honored is another matter with a Rx Mercury on the case.

On the chart is a notation that this Mercury is conj the Great Conjunction degree of Uranus/Neptune, a signature for the New World Order (1993.) Uran/Nept = tr Mercury: the mind plays tricks; needing a more practical orientation; metaphysical research; artificial intelligence processes, ideas, and thoughts; sudden inspirations concerning plans in development; application of insight into new information or engineering techniques.

Don't Funk with My Moon Eclipse

Dec 31's Full Moon is involved in a midpoint picture with 'fighting spirit' Mars/ASC:

Mars/ASC = Moon: anger; provocative behavior; quarrels; temper tantrums; indecision; consoling others who have inner conflicts; an energetic or argumentative female (or, in a national chart, Moon - the people or the public.)

Sun 10Cap15 is featured in a midpoint picture, too:

Mercury/Pluto = Sun: persuasion, suggestion, propaganda; championing an idea or attitude that prevails; a keen observer; vision or circumspection; a desire to gain recognition; determination to use force to obtain information; enhanced authority or prestige among people who control important info or news; communication skill. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sounds like on one level the president and the media are propagandizing an angered populace, doesn't it? (Sun = the leader in a national or mundane chart.) But that can't be news, right? This Lunar Ecl will affect his handling of power and responsibility as revealed by the light of the last Full Moon of 2009.

At the top of the chart, I've written Celeste Teal's title for this Moon Eclipse: 'Burdens and Sorrows' from her book, Eclipses. She lists *countries that will be affected by each eclipse, and prime on the list for Dec 31, 2009 is the **UK (n Sun 10Cap11 conjunct n IC 9Cap20. Plus, UK n Moon 19Can26 will be eclipsed by the July 11, 2010 Solar Ecl @ 19Can24 in the 12S Series: 'successful outcomes to long-term illnesses or worries; issues at first seem worse, then suddenly clear.' Brady's Predictive Astrology.) And the NWO proceeds?

But at the end of 2009, we remain under the difficult rays of the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse 29Can27, with its 'systems fail'; new ideas and methods are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' flavor...the Dec 31 Moon Eclipse is a yearly 'bookend' to the last Solar Eclipse of July although August 5, 2009 saw another Lunar Ecl @ 13AQ43; Teal's title for it: 'Humanitarian Deeds'...Pres. Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?. The August Lunar Ecl occurred opposite his natal Sun 13Leo so he received the honor but under much carping as to why.

Now the chart's Cardinal T-Squares which you see marked in blue all depend upon the opposing/squaring Blue Moon for their dynamic tension and all midpoints formed have controlling Saturn as apex. This is an executive and organizational Saturn ready to act in Cardinal mode yet frustrated when things don't proceed quickly enough. He has major here-and-now objectives which echo what we've been hearing out of Washington - especially since Jan 20, 2009.

Ambition is the overwhelming motivation of an apex Saturn in a Cardinal T-SQ; he protects himself from vulnerability by controlling others and likes to micro-manage the plans he has initiated; he works in a regulator capacity and is always on-guard and reserved (as in, Federal Reserve? Or a court/judging position = Libra's Scales of Justice. US natal Saturn is in Libra where it is Exalted; this position of tr Saturn is part of the ongoing Saturn-to-n-MC transit we're experiencing in our 'Sibly' chart with US n MC 00Lib53...Rxs give us a chance to get things 'right.')

Actually this Saturn's 'frustration' has already reminded me of Pres. Obama's remarks in Copenhagen on Dec 18 when his frustration at a lack of progress (toward world domination dressed up as 'climate change') ruffled his usually calm waters ever so slightly as he spoke. (Text link to his Dec 18 address in provided in my previous post on the Copenhagen Summit.) We may be seeing more of such behavior from the president and others in the news for the power elite has been patient for decades but now their 2011/2012 target dates are looming large.

Figuring that you, lone reader, can look up the ***midpoint pictures with Saturn as apex (focal) planet (see below), I shall focus instead on the meaning of an apex Saturn in Cardinal T-SQ from Bil Tierney's excellent book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis.

Outer restrictions frustrate and make anxious this apex Saturn whenever he pushes too hard for immediate achievement of his goals; the T-SQ enables him to directly confront challenges until he successfully defeats the opposition (in Congress? we-the-masses?); his executive talents demand total supervision of his plans and he resents anyone who dares stand in his way; use of resources to achieve his concrete goals can be abusive.

This apex Saturn rules and commands with an iron fist.

And this reluctant Saturnian astrologer assumes that his velvet glove is fast becoming optional.


Update: Adriano Carelli's degree symbol for '5Lib' is now posted.

*Some natal charts of countries and entities affected by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Ecl as given by Celeste Teal: Australia, Canada, Egypt, France, UK, Japan, Palestine, Russia, NYC, and the UN.

**UK natal chart: Jan 1, 1801 12:00 am LMT London, England, source: The Circle Book of Charts (AFA 1991); ASC 7Lib10; MC 9Can20; UK's Sun and MC emphasized by the Dec 31, 2009 Blue Moon Eclipse.

***Midpoint pics: Sun/Moon = Saturn; Moon/Venus = Saturn; Moon/Pluto = Saturn.