Dec 2, 2009

From Drones and War comes a tiny Plea

Niobe, the grieving mother archetype says, Please Don't Bomb My Baby.

Niobe's Plea, drawing by Jude Cowell.


clymela said...

Oh!!! Thank you lovely woman for this beautiful offering.
Came over from another favorite site where most of the folk are living in another world where all is well and all is love and I had to run screaming from there. Some of these folk are waiting for the UFO's to land.
I am very grateful to come over here and find someone grounded in her body on this earth where babies die and so do their parents and siblings.

Jude Cowell said...

Clymela, thank you! Yes, i am torn by the law of karma (reaping what we sow, as i think of it) vs pretending things are all sweet and light in order to receive sweetness and light in return.

But with all that goes on in global politics and specifically DC politics, my 4 Cap planets say, face reality, even if it hurts and results in depressing posts.

So that's how i roll - this blog was begun in 2005 as a way to release my frustrations about governmental sorriness and the crime syndicates that infest every system you can think of.

And though i must succumb like everyone else to an arrogant world gov taking over everyone's lives, i don't have to like it. Imho, it isn't time for sweet lullabys (unless you have a child around, of course) it's time to yell out loud about crimes and injustices which most definitely includes bombing and maiming of the innocent.

And ixnay on the idea that if America does it, it's 'okay.'

It. Is. Not.


clymela said...

Love you dear one. Yes IT.IS.NOT. OKAY!!!!!!!!

Astroplethoramaman said...

Thank you for making the terror and grief visible.
I often wonder about the national and individual karma arising from raining death and destruction upon civilians from the sky. It's one thing to do so from a plane that has some degree of vulnerability from the ground, but it's another to "fly" a drone and launch a missile while in front of a screen on a distant continent -- then go home to the wife, kids and supper. And what's life really like for those people?