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Dec 3, 2009

Winter Solstice 2009 - Washington, DC

Chart shown: Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2009 @ 12:46:35 pm est: Sun 00Cap00:00 in 9th house conjunct Pluto 2Cap56; Hour of Mercury 19Cap51 conj NN 21Cap11 in 10th house; ASC 16Ari39 with asteroid *Minerva rising 16:14; chart-ruler Mars 19Leo41 Rx in 5th house; Mars applies to semi-square (0A30) Saturn 4Lib11 in 6th house, and sesqui-square Pluto (1A45); Mc (The Goal) @ 9Cap13 with '10Cap' = "An Albatross Feeding from the Hand of a Sailor."

Or the hand of a US Marine. Note: this analysis of the Solstice chart is deeply involved with Afhanistan, so avoid reading, if you're looking for Sun celebrations.

Moon 27AQ05 in 11th house with Chiron 22AQ34-Neptune 24AQ18-Jupiter 24:22, so the Solstice occurs the same day as the 3rd and last Great Conj 2009 of Jupiter/Neptune, the speculator pair of grand schemers and bubble-inflators. Jupiter rules 9th and 12th houses, Neptune's Pisces is on 12th cusp of Self-Undoing, Karma, and Behind-the-Scenes Activities (including the political kind of secret deals and deceptions...rebellious Uranus 22Pis52 which may indicate, among other things, sudden and shocking - Uranus - hospital - 12th h - infections or epidemics - Pisces; plus, water disasters are possible.)

As you see, 2009's Winter Solstice occurs 10 minutes prior to America's Moon Return ('Sibly' Moon 27AQ10) which occurs in Washington DC @ 12:56:23 pm est. Moon or Lunar Returns give info on the daily tempo of life and describe changing circumstances; our responses to stimuli may also be gleaned from a Lunar Return chart, and this Moon Return is important as the last of 2009 and because it occurs the day of the Winter Solstice, a celestial event which relates to Global Events (Cardinal Cross: 00Cap/00Can; 00Ari/00Lib.)

Mundanely this close timing intimately relates the Solstice 2009 chart to the America people (Moon), and of course, Moon = home, security, and nurturing issues as well. President Obama's war escalation has been framed in similar fashion as Bush's - as integral to protecting the homeland and the American people. Personally I don't believe this for I think our boots on their holy sands rile up opponents as it kills civilians, so if Washington and its string-pullers wish to create more chaos and sustain perpetual war, they're on the right war path for that agenda.

Interestingly on that theme, warrior Mars @ '20Leo' has a Sabian Symbol of note: "American Indians Perform a Majestic Ritual to the Sun" with Sun 00Cap00 being the leader or leadership in a Mundane chart, and Mars representing the military and police forces.

Sun conj Pluto and vengeful Venus 24Sag56 in 9th house of Foreign Lands and Long-Distance Travel relates to large-scale war efforts; 8th cusp of Shared Resources, Debt, Transformations, and Death has 22Sco52 upon it so is ruled by Mars and co-ruled, if you will, by powerful saboteur, assassin, and wealthy god of the Underworld, Pluto.

You see marked a midpoint picture at Mc where it easily manifests since chart angles are areas of outward expression:

Sun/Mercury = Mc: successful communications; ego awareness help one's plans work and stand up to the test; communicating effectively and clearly to enhance world standing/public status; clarifying goals and the plans for their achievement; standing by one's convictions; businessmen; intellectual workers. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

As you see, I've also penned in asteroid Cupido (The Family; Corporatism) and Ceres 00Sag22 (security issues) in a Mundane chart) in 8th house, with Ceres @ '1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" - the degree of Venus during the president's escalation announcement at West Point the evening of Dec 1.

4th house, the Basis of the Matter, contains the July 21/22, 2009 Solar Eclipse of 'system failures; reforms and new methods needed' @ a critical 29th degree: 29Can27, ruled by the Moon...crises at home. Since the president's message on Dec 1, we've seen political hacks and shills making political hay of his decision with some Republicans supporting the idea of sending 30,000 US men and women abroad - which justifies their previous rush to war with Bush and Cheney leading the charge, as Rs hope.

The president called his war escalation a 'new approach' in his Dec 1 address...'new methods needed' so I again think of Karzai's corrupt government - but is his any more corrupt than ours?

Plus, Republicans and their enablers have to love it, one supposes, that more massive war expenses make changes at home on behalf of the American people quite impossible financially, and I'm not convinced that Health Insurance Reform won't collapse for lack of funding; operatives are working on assuring that debacle now. (Pres. Obama, like others before him, is following the lead of his neocon Zionist pals and has chosen endless war over the American people's dire needs at home - if you tire of reading me say that, you may imagine how tired I am of typing it because they're perpetrating it as I type.)

Another factor that relates to war escalation in the Winter Solstice 2009 chart is the Mercury/NN conj in 10th house. Mercury 19Cap51 is on the degree of the first Great Conj of Uranus/Neptune of Feb 2, 1993 which occurred two more times in **1993: Aug 20 and Oct 24.

The Oct 24, 1993 Uran/Nep conj is the one I use to time the more public ramping up of the New World Order agenda and its natal chart; Uran/Nep Oct 24 @ 18Cap33 with '18Cap' being the "The Union Jack Flies from a British Warship" degree which has the POLITICAL POWER flavor (Marc Edmund Jones) with its 'smug and strong-armed paternalism' which is precisely what America should stop arrogantly forcing upon the Middle East - irrespective of oil and gas supplies. (I recently wondered aloud if 'insurgents' in the region are actually fighting against the New World Order - the Great Satan they say America is - a remark for which I expected to receive critiques on this blog. I didn't, so perhaps no one noticed.)

Yet the symbol for Mars as noted above relates to Sun/will worship as practiced by NWO/imperialist types, imo. "What thou wilt" and all that marlarkey that supposedly puts certain people above the common laws of the masses and natural laws of the Universe - in their own minds, that is. It's having the political power to implement their madness that now bedevils the world, while the Eye of Horus atop the pyramid of power printed on US money tells a centuries-old tale of world domination visions and total surveillance which we know is being used to snoop upon us all.

So! The Mercury Rx Station on or about Dec 26 @ 21Cap45 will conj the 2009 Solstice NN indicating meetings, of course, but there's more according to Michael Munkasey's excellent book Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets; paraphrasing Mr. Munkasey...

Mercury/NN in politics and business: creating new corridors for transportation; enabling business to ship or transport merchandise; well-thought-out and coordinated joint efforts; using transportation facilities for smuggling or unlawful means; theft of material or information on transportation capabilities or policies; ineffective efforts to coordinate transportation options.

Mercury = young people, too, so I'm reading this as relating to shipping troops off to war, and to spies and theft of such info; smuggling may be somehow indicated as well so we may expect possible deceptions concerning troop-equipment-weapons numbers along with who-knows-what-else flowing through smuggling routes. And of course a Winter Solstice chart relates to many things on many levels simultaneously (besides war escalation) since Astrology always describes the multitude of complex layers of life on Earth.

My point is that in relation to Washington's war escalation, Mercury's Rx Station on or about Dec 26, its Direct Station @ 5Cap35 on or about Jan 15, 2010 (day of the next Solar Eclipse 12N @ 25Cap01, conj US Inaugural Midheavens - including Jan 20, 2009's - and a bunch of other powerful midpoints such as the imperialistic, plutocratic Pluto/Chiron 2009 - and conj the Mc of the 1973 natal chart of Aghanistan), plus, the day Mercury leaves its shadow period, on or about Feb 4/5, 2010 @ 21Cap45, will describe the stop-go process of troop transports to Afghanistan.

And perhaps it describes the stop-loss deployment of our overburdened, already-served-thanks soldiers who will be grossly and unfairly affected by Pres. Obama's dancing the war path dance which the Pentagon and other Jupiter/Neptune speculators love so well.

If you click to view the NWO chart above, look for the 22Sco+ degree of Mercury conj 8th cusp of the 2009 Winter Solstice chart shown above, and notice the degree of Saturn and 2nd cusp of Money and Values in 1993: conjunct Jup/Neptune's current 24AQ is the midpoint picture formed:

Jup/Nep = tr Saturn: possible self-delusion; pessimism; a breakdown of idealization; combining the real with the unreal in activities; feeling abandoned by one's luck; lack of self-confidence; experiencing the consequences issuing from false hopes; plans which come to nothing; disappointemnts; losses. (Tyl; Munkasey; Ebertin.)

This represents Jupiter-to-Saturn and Neptune-to-Saturn transits to the NWO natal chart, made stronger by the Jup/Nept conj:

Jup-to-Sat = getting rid of restrictions; burdens are partially eased; long-term efforts and hard work are rewarded; governement authorities find the status quo advantageous. (War!)

Nep-to-Sat: circumstances inspire new approaches to handling authority; traditions and structures previously adopted begin to disintegrate; ideals positively or negatively affect those in authority and government which impacts the lives of the masses.

'New approaches to handling authority' reminds me of Mr. Obama's taking his time, having ten meetings of his war council before announcing what must have been a foregone conclusion to enlarge the activities of the US war machine.

Synchronistically, the Oct 24, 1993 Uran/Nep conj (NWO natal chart) occurred near a US Moon Return, too - and under the harsh rays of a cruel Saturn-Pluto square as we now labor!

In summation: NWO plans require more war; America acts as the world's police force; President Obama follows the NWO script after deceitfully campaigning as a candidate intending US troop-withdrawal, not war escalation, as if he didn't know the score - and he wouldn't have been installed in the White House without the power elite's okay after making secret deals with the NWO devils of perpetual war and chaos.

The labels 'Democrat' or 'Republican' make no difference to the implementation of the NWO agenda except as a handy tool for keeping we-the-people divided and conquered. WE have the more potent power but rarely ever use it. We Must Unite!

Imo, the president put off announcing his war intentions as a political ploy in a transparent attempt at pacifying his pacifist supporters...Mr. Thoughtful.

So how are you liking the Obama presidency so far?


*Minerva's keyphrase: to be accomplished; in mundane charts I tend to relate Minerva to the Hegel Society's Journal, the Owl of Minerva. Here's a link to the homepage of their Journal.

**A few issues from the year 1993 may return to the surface of 2009/2010 esp with Mercury Rx/Direct Stations affecting the Winter Solstice 2009 North Node and passing over the 1993 Great Conjunction of Uranus/Neptune, a pair that Munkasey gives as:

subversion using a new method of acquiring information; movements which diminish the authority of a nation's leadership or police force (US? Afghanistan?); changes in political and social structures due to new ideals and dreams of the future; groups which form to exploit oil or chmical resources.

Master astrologer Marjorie Orr mentions major events of 1993 (Saturn/Pluto square; Uran/Nep conj) in her book The Astrological History of the World:

EU's single market debuts and 7 months later the Exchange Rate Mechanism almost collapses; disputes in Bosnia-Herzogovina; Yeltsin suspends the Russian parliament and declares a state of emergency when 'rebels' take over the parliament building (rebels fighting against the NWO?); Fermat's Last Theorem is solved at last - quelle relief! he posed it under the 17th century Uranus/Neptune conj (and history cyclically repeats); the first photos of individual atoms are published; Pres. Clinton bombs Baghdad, and Janet Reno forcefully 'overdoes it' at the Siege of Waco, Texas.

Ms. Orr's interpretation of the Uranus/Neptune combo: 'inspired changes and disruptive chaos simultaneously.'


Update 7:55 pm est: if you wish, read details of Winter Solstice 2009's Sun Cap-Moon AQ @ my WordPress blog.


Anonymous said...

ith you. I am soooo disappointed in this president that i voted for. It is business as usual in W. DC with the middle class going down the toilet.

clymela said...

I haven't given up yet and I feel hopeful looking at the chart you have drawn up for the winter solstice.
The Mars oppose Neptune and Jupiter seems so creative to me and I don't see Venus as vengeful here but rather wanting to work with Neptune and Jupiter and able to get Mars percolating. Even cranky, judgemental Saturn has a biquintile to the moon indicating ,seems to me, that "we" will seek a more creative approach to our karma. These are hard sad times but at least at the beginning of winter it seems that we want to pull together; and, don't forget that the ugly ones are only about 20% of the population but the Media Fat Cats want us to believe that they are coming to destroy us.

clymela said...

Oh!! perhaps I am too optimistic- I had not yet become conscious of Bernanke's words that the government needs to do away with Social Security and Medicare because that is where the money is. Of course making those with earnings above $82,000 pay FICA on all their earnings would generate huge Social Security money and just plain raising taxes will work too.
I may soon show the "vengeful little Venus". I don't know who Obama plans to see "pulling together" but it sure is not Bernanke and Clymela.