Dec 4, 2009

Text link to President Obama's war escalation speech of 12.1.09; US progr'd Pluto

Here is a link the President Obama's war escalation announcement of Dec 1, 2009 in West Point, NY which I attempted to translate from astrologese into English, if you're interested (horoscope chart included.)

In my real world I've had time this week to speak to friends and several people of my acquaintance and so far we all agree: sending 30,000 US soldiers (or however many it will really be) is a very bad, if not insane, idea which will ultimately do America more harm than good.

And promoting Bush's past justifications only makes Mr. Obama's culpability more obvious and saddening. Of course, BHO did sign on to carry water for the plutocratic oligarchy, didn't he?

Now as a daughter of the revolution myself, I shall type once again the Sabian Symbol of the difficult Solar Eclipse degree now affecting the world @ '30Cancer' may agree that it's quite apt; from *July 21/22, 2009's 11 South Series at a 29th 'crisis' degree (29Can27), and rounding up:

"A Daughter of the American Revolution" = INHERITANCE...

positive expression: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: the ultimate betrayal of self hood by a false assumption of superiority.

Then there's the Illumination Point, the opposite degree, which fills out the picture and is the current degree of America's Secondary Progressed PLUTO in the year 2009:

'30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference" = OPPORTUNITY...

pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

Normally I don't like to interpret Sabian Symbols here in close relationship to the subject of my post since everyone should be free to associate the symbolic word pictures as they wish according to their own insights and opinions. But considering the seriousness of the president's actions as he jumps on the ruin-and-bankrupt-America-by-war bandwagon, I shall sassily do so now. You don't have to agree, I'm just telling you how the Solar Eclipse influence seems to me to be affecting us at this important juncture, this crossroads where we're taking, imo, the wrong turn.

The American people have inherited a tendency to 'solve' things by going to war once our emotions have been played upon for a 'cause.' This is a hold-over from revolutionary times. Our military forces have been ably organized and trained - anti-constitutional though they may be as a 'standing army' - and are the best in the world, of which we may be justly proud.

Yet arrogance has crept into our national psyche with our plutocratic leadership egging it on with ideas and dreams of 'Manifest Destiny' as if we have a right above all others to expand into the world - into the territories of others. You know the history of the US government vs Native Americans, so I don't have to mention its tragedies and sorrows.

Our first overseas invasion - of innocent HAWAII, for cryin' out loud - was inspired by Robber Barons' visions of sugary profits which I've written about previously; you may view the chart with details of the Jan 16, 1893 coup, if you wish. You'll see the Sun was conjunct US natal Pluto 27Cap33. Sun-to-Pluto is a transit of formidable aggression and strong will with power issues highlighted. Needless to say, Hawaii didn't stand a chance.

Besides that, 'assumptions of superiority' are against what America generally describes as its 'Christian' heritage, because all people are unique yet equal before God's Throne and we each have a true condition before God - not how we think of ourselves or what anyone else believes about us, but what He knows we are.

And His is the only opinion that matters in the end - not spins from dictators calling other dictators 'evil' or objectifying entire races of peoples in order to 'justify' taking their lands and resources, or otherwise oppressing them. (Dropping bombs upon them I would include in this category which, of course, brings in a little old Commandment against killing.)

And so Americans are induced to betray themselves by falsely assuming that the Universe allows us actions which are somehow above the rest of Earth's inhabitants as we do if reaping what we sow - the law of karma - only applies to others, not to us.

Astrologically, America is said to be highly influenced by freedom-loving, chaos-bringing Uranus, discovered by William Herschel in 1781 - between the American and French Revolutions (both of which were started by Rothschildian machinations and other world domination types who use chaos situations they engineer as game changers when it suits their notions and NWO whims.)

'30 Cap':

Then we come to the Illumination Point conjunct US Sec PLUTO in Capricorn; Pluto, a signature on one level of the 'secret hand' that directed our nation's founding, and I believe, still directs in secret conferences with goals of their own which are against America-as-we-know-it's best interests. Thus, they high-handedly expand the Pentagon's war machine in spite of the majority's wishes.

These plutocrats are the ivory-towered power elite of the shadow government (Neptune/Saturn) who had to sign off on Barack Obama as president or he wouldn't be in the White House. He plays our 'propaganda-catapulter-in-chief' whose oration attempt on the evening of Dec 1, 2009 is considered by many to be unconvincing rhetoric. It was definitely not his most uplifting orating performance, but look at the sorry material he had to work with. And look how empty his assurance of when our troops would leave - made for the American public's benefit, as well as for others'.

So ramping up war in the Middle East to control the region's lucrative resources is an opportunity for Pentagon big dogs to justify their jobs, keep the US military industrial complex and private contractors in business, and follow the world domination script of the ruling plutocracy. And of course, other political concerns are at work as well.

But you know - it's primarily their selfishly crass and morbid 'exploitation of others' that grips my heart most sadly.


*11S Series: 'systems fail; sudden reforms, new ideas and methods are needed; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

'30 Can'/'30Cap' from The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

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DD said...

I have the sense that Obama's date-choice statement for withdrawal of troops is a device to throw off some enemies. New strategies seem to be engaged - along with propoganda to public for behind-the-scenes military engagement.

Oddly, since I am against sending more troops, ongoing war, etc., I feel some positive movement is at hand help all countries. Maybe that is just wishful thinking.

Keep up the excellent work!