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Jan 12, 2010

And Why do they hate America, Mr. President?

More than once in the last year or so I've tried to relocate online Osama bin Laden's 'letter to America' with its list of things he and his fellow jihadists hold against my nation. Each time my ISP refused to allow me to follow the few links I uncovered.

Now Information Clearing House's Newsletter arrives with a link to the full text of it and as most of the world is aware, America's blind support of Israel with its military actions against Lebanon and Palestine are at the top of the list, if I'm reading it correctly, along with US invasions of the Middle East.

That, and the fight for total control of Jerusalem, of course.

So when veteran journalist Helen Thomas recently asked, Why? at the press conference for the 'Christmas Day/underwear bomber' incident and received no intelligent answer from President Obama (or his team), it sparked my interest again to re-read bin Laden's list of grievances. How rehearsed the administration's replies which don't actually 'answer' the question...Why?

Now you may take exception to my linking above to the 'letter' and that's okay for you. Yes, America being referred to as 'the great satan' or 'satanic' may be unsettling (unless you know our leaders show deference to such devilish gurus as Sun Myung Moon see them 'crowning' him on video! or share my view that the US Capitol Building is a Masonic Temple with who-knows-what sort of altar in the cellar (and if one is there, it is never for public viewing, of course.)

Be that as it may or may not be, I am frankly over-expired with Washington's terrorist mumbo jumbo as to why world religions are locked in a death struggle (spiral) - and yet oddly enough, the modern jihadist has no interest in their own immams whom they consider to be out of touch. Still, it seems to me that what bin Laden and his robots believe about us should matter to our leadership, and should be taken into account by Washington rather than delivering doublespeak non-answers that makes little, if any, sense, and only serve to continue the carnage.

The much-touted 'war on terror' is indeed one of the primary reasons our nation has been run into bankruptcy, or is teetering on the brink of it, depending on which propaganda you listen to. Yet if our leadership took into account that long-time US policies abroad (betrayals, bombs, assassinations, puppet despots, frauds, people-starving sanctions, etc) are what set off violence against America and her allies, you might reasonably think that our top dogs would want to stop the retaliation and endless cycle of brutality by tamping down their tendency toward...violence. Not so!

Why, it's almost as if an endless cycle of violence is just what the US (and Israel) want in order to 'justify' their own aggressions, wouldn't you? Psychopaths all, imo.

And if America (July 4, 1776) was founded on Illuminati (May 1, 1776) or other secret principles, you don't have to gaze far from the Capitol Building's rotunda and the crypt beneath it to see why bin Laden associates America with satan. Especially when we bomb the Holy Land that our leaders, religious and otherwise, say they revere so deeply. (Yuh. Right. Pass the ammo?)

Karma is a bi*ch

Even mighty America and hallowed Israel must come under the "by their fruits ye shall know them" axiom in spite of the constant, flimsy excuses spouted by Washington and Tel Aviv. What we send out we get back, in some form or another, and often worse when we've been bad.

To me, it seems that the CIA's 'blowback' principle is karma in disguise. They just don't like to admit it to the American public in their arrogant fashion plus, telling the truth might lose them an election or something.

But we know. We see the karmic principle working within our own lives.

So tell me now, if you wish: do you disagree very very much?

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