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Jan 31, 2017

Playing the Trump Card - a Max Igan broadcast

Can you see we're being farmed, divided and conquered? Or that, with his executive orders, Mr. Trump is testing just what he can get away with? Well, here is another clear-eyed view of the global crime syndicate and other current topics from activist Max Igan, creator of the Surviving the Matrix series:

Posted Jan 27, 2017 episode 282.

Stop by The Crowhouse for additional commentary, interviews, and more.


Astrological Cupido in horoscopes can signify such organizations as the global crime syndicate, the global banking system, and/or The Family, a shady group determined to shove their skewed religious beliefs upon the world. Actually, Cupido can be used to stand for any organization of social engineers--such as the CFR and other decision-making entities and cabals that oppress populations.

As noted in the sidebar to your right, audios and videos embedded here on SO'W express the views of their creators and participants and do not necessarily constitute automatic endorsement by yours truly. But for the most part, they do. jc

Apr 4, 2014

April 4, 2014 #BeTheChange

Globalism or not, in America, Plutocracy cannot stand!


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Jun 5, 2013

Moon-Tracking Bilderberg Conference 2013 (June 6 - 9)

June 6-9, 2013: Hertfordshire's No-Fly Zone and No Public Access

by Jude Cowell

From June 8, 2013 through June 9, 2013, the Bilderberg Conference will be held in Watford, Hertfordshire, UK. Tracking the Moon beginning at 12:00 am BST (June 6) until 5:16 pm BST Watford when Luna reaches 00Cancer00 on June 9, we find three Sun-Moon combinations to briefly consider concerning this 'confab' that some say has an economic agenda to usurp the US Congress by setting policy without congressional input or interference.

This wouldn't surprise me especially when we note the constant undermining of the US Congress and the American public's trust in its competence, a plan of action which has been obvious for the last several years, if not decades. And I must add that the first year of the Obama administration--in fact, all of its years--is imprinted with the planetary signature of Jupiter-Neptune, the duo of speculators, wastrels, grand schemers, money-printing inflation, and bubbles'n'busts.

How perfect for Fed-head Ben Bernanke who keeps printing funny money to prop up the Obama economy after the Great Bush Heist of 2008! And with this weekend's opposition between Mercury and Pluto, we expect the Bilderberg Conference attendees to be dealing with secret projects, confidential info, and dangerous ideas that, if leaked, would probably cause financial panic or worse.

Notably, the Moon @9Gem38 (12:00 am BST) conjoins gold-hoarding Midas and trickster Pan (panic!) on Saturday June 8, day of the Full Moon @18Gem00 which was mentioned in yesterday's post on my WordPress blog. (The Moon enters Gemini at 4:32 am BST on June 7, 2013.) Are they preparing for their next engineered financial panic? Or will it be caused by their foreign enemies? Well, allegedly, Russia and China are not attendees but perhaps that's not suspicious at all.

So as you know, in Mundane Astrology the astrological Moon signifies The People, The Populace, the public mood, trends, publicity, reigning needs. The Sun describes leadership and goals of an egotistical kind. The two luminaries together provide more information than one of them alone so let's peek behind the curtain at the Sun-Moon blends from June 6 through June 9, 2013 (using 5:16 pm BST, as noted, when the Moon floats into Cancer, sign of shrewdness in business, domestic issues and products, self-protection, private enterprises, food and nurturance concerns including Real Estate. Naturally, the Sun remains in Gemini until Summer Solstice.)

Thursday June 6, 2013: Sun Gemini-Moon Taurus (the bull of Mithras and Wall Street) is an Air-Earth combo of rationality, efficiency, and productivity with abstract thought meeting the world's nitty-gritty issues in a scientific approach. Knowledge is practically applied for ideas can be turned into reality.

Negatives of this blend include a tendency to talk over and over the same ground, over-absorption with self, and a lack of sympathy for the feelings of others.

Now here's a flash of enlightenment from a past financial wizzard who shares the Sun Gem-Moon Tau combo natally--Cornelius Vanderbilt who famously asserted that, "What do I care about the law? Hain't I got the power?"

Friday June 7 retains the above blend until 4:32 am BST when the Moon leaves Venus-ruled Taurus and enters Mercury-ruled Gemini. As you know, Sun Gem-Moon Gem, is the blend of Saturday's Full Moon which I discussed here if you're curious. But I shall add the quote I posted there from a famous economist of yesteryear who shares this blend natally--John Maynard Keynes: "Ideas shape the course of history," which evidently is what Bilderberg conferences are all about.

As noted, Saturday June 8 is the day of the Sun Gem-Moon Gem Full Moon; click the above link for more info on this Mercurial blend with its trade and commerce implications.

Now Sunday June 9 remains a double Gemini day until the Moon enters Cancer at 5:16 pm BST giving an Air-Water Sun Gem-Moon Cancer tone toward the end of the secret conference. Intimate communications are on the menu, as are acute perceptions along with a vibe of clannishness. Feelings and thoughts may become confused or mixed with this blend and its Air-Water quality turns misty and ethereal as it reflects on hidden meanings.

Sun Gem-Moon Can is super-sensitive and doesn't handle criticism well. The usual lock down on discussion topics and decisions has become well known through the years and helps tamp down interference and criticism from the general public whose lives are affected by the Bilderberg actions which may issue from this conference as they revel in their 'grand awareness' of what's going on. Yet remaining attached to old emotional biases and myths is implied by Sun Gem-Moon Can and is something that may be addressed for its attendees who must get aboard the global government train no matter what havoc it threatens to wreak upon millions of people's lives.

Now I'm not certain how the following words from a Sun Gem-Moon Can native apply to this weekend's Bilderberg Conference but I'll close with them and assume that you will decide, if you may. This is from one of my favorite authors:

"If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the Inquisition might have let him alone." --Thomas Hardy.


You'll find more Sun-Moon blend information in the Harveys' excellent book Sun Sign-Moon Sign.

Jul 9, 2012

US July 2012 Progressions Spotlight LIBOR Scandal

July 2012 US Progressions Not a Pretty Picture w LIBOR Implications

by Jude Cowell

In 2006, America's natal Mars turned retrograde by progression. As it 'slowed down' to change from Direct motion to Rx it was what astrologers call, stationary. If ever a non-astrologer (as I assume th author to be!) described America's Secondary Progressed Mars Rx condition and some of its many effects, this would be it.

Here you see a horoscope of America's Secondary Progressions with Mars Rx in SP 2nd house opposite SP Venus in 8th H (2/8 axis of Money, Values, the US Treasury, Corporations, Big Business--you know the affected realms. See the Matt Taibbi interview with Eliot Spitzer, below, concerning the LIBOR scandal; our rage over it will grow as US SP Moon conjoins SP Mars in about two months!) And you know that Mars rules the military, police, and law enforcement--yet the DoJ is AWOL when it comes to corrupt Wall Street and other big bankers and traders yet law enforcement is deployed on the scene more and more when it comes to US citizens' dissent. American citizens being 'policed' with drones is also an outcome of US SP Mars Rx especially with Mars-ruled Aries on US Ic (Domestic Scene; Homeland.)

Please click the chart to enlarge and read a few basic chart factors such as Hour: Moon (changes, fluctuations, and publicity as in Campaign 2012 where image is everything and there's very little substance), and a midpoint picture affecting SP Sun (leader; leadership) which has come into orb with US SP Pluto-Chiron midpoint 8Pis17, the oppressive, corporatist plutocracy duo of vulture capitalists everywhere.

ASC 00Vir38 with Royal Star Regulus rising (success if revenge is avoided--uh oh) shows America morphing from SP Leo rising to the more serious Virgo rising which changes our progressed national chart-ruler from the Leonine Sun (which is never Rx by transit or progression) to Mercury which is, as you see, Rx in the 6th H of Military and Police Service (a growing work sector if you don't mind training to beat down your fellow Americans or occupy other countries), Work, and Health. On the level of Health, Mercury Rx here shows the Affordable Health Care Act under re-view by SCOTUS.

Now this is the same SP Mercury in Aquarius that was apex in a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point) with Neptune sextile North Node which gave us false expectations, and secret arrangements made in order to deceive; Mercury in general describes young people, reporters, bloggers, authors, agreements, trade deals and traders, commerce, speeches, thieves, secrets, and other Mercurial things.

Another disturbing indicator of financial, religious, and political concern is the quindecile (QD; 165 degr) between the duo of Big Banking, Jupiter and Pluto, with Pluto at a critical-crisis 29th degree of Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business. Our natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is near US SP South Node, a separative Saturnian point which denotes war, brutality, and hard hard work for Pluto/SN has a Saturn-Pluto tone.

Jupiter is Rx by progression since 1905 when many of our troubles began in earnest as global thugs saw the end of their plan coming nearer to fruition. The banking Panic of 1907 was used to justify the creation of the Federal Reserve System (1910 - 1913) and so a time link is described by the Astrology of it all including the indisputable fact that US SP Jupiter Rx @15Can27 conjoins the natal ASC of...guess which entity?

America's five-pointed Death Star, The Pentagon, our bottomless money pit.

Jupiter QD Pluto paints a picture of an obsessive need for power, control, and success with belief systems, opinions, and religion cynically used as forces for manipulation; ruthlessly gaining advantage is emphasized and major societal shifts are upcoming which must include a transformation of mass consciousness and reordering of perspectives. (Reeves.)

Yes, I am very sorry to report to you both that America's SP horoscope, which shows our nation's evolutionary condition (shown here for July 9, 2012)--as our Founding Astrologers must have seen as they looked into the future--is not in a positive state at the moment and threatens to morph our nation--is in process of morphing our nation--into a financially and spiritually bankrupted police state where total surveillance reigns, and privacy and private property are things of the past. But you don't need an astrologer to tell you this, do you?

LIBOR: like Libra's Mars Rx in a Money House

Below is a discussion on the global bid-rigging that's been practiced for at least ten years by 16 big banks (or more) and issues from the bowels of The City of London (which implicates what Eustace Mullins called The London Connection, the House of Rothschild, the Bank of England, and the British government.) The now spotlighted LIBOR corruption, which affects interest rates on loans and credit cards all over the globe, is simply the latest and probably the greatest of the World Banking Syndicate's crash-the-global-economy projects:

Another view of LIBOR is provided by Robert Reich. Another astrological view of LIBOR may be seen in US progressions with Neptune/MC = NN: sharing bad intentions with others; working with those who share your vision for the future; peculiarities (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

Maybe the rotten-to-the-core revelations of LIBOR will be what Pluto creeping through Capricorn, toppling leaders and destructuring systems, is all about...or, maybe it's just what Mr. Underworld was waiting for as his ruinous methods are now uncovered. Can we expect The System to root out its own worms?

Dec 20, 2011

US Iraq withdrawal a "smokescreen"-- John Pilger (video) w Mars/Neptune smoke

(GRTV) – Announcing the Iraq war was ended, Barack Obama told US troops on 14 December 2011, “The United States military is the finest fighting force in the history of the world.”

What he didn’t say is that since 1945 the US military has been directly responsible for the deaths of over 10 million people and that America has in that time overthrown 50 governments, including democracies, and intervened in at least 30 more.

John Pilger has something to say about that:

Mr. Pilger makes very good points as always but to my mind, it isn't just America doing these things according to her own plans, it's globalists directing her as she acts as their military arm on the world stage for their ultimate goal of world domination.

Then there's the question of Iraq coming more under foreign domination with Iran leading the bunch. Bush screwed up every business he ran before he played president, so it's a given that he'd screw up Iraq and turn the nation into a Christmas gift for Iran.

Well, if you keep up with Astrology you know that demonstrated here in the real world is that dratted conjunction between President Obama's planet of war, Mars, and US natal Neptune obscuring his true motivations and actions. This synchronicity between 1776 and 1961 (Obama's birth) triggers--or as war profiteers might say, supports--America's smokey fog of war tendencies, Mars square Neptune, which makes it easy for others to bamboozle us while Washington seems to think America is being so very very smart.

Of course, some people might say that our tiresome Mars/Neptune square energies now waft around Capitol Hill this week and through the Halls of Power as Congress plays games with the American people's lives.

But like a caller said a few minutes ago on C-SPAN's Washington Journal: I really don't care whether member of Congress get their holiday vacations this year since they've allowed Tea Party members to ruin the Christmas of people and their kids who depend on unemployment insurance benefits for next year.

So what does Stars Over Washington want for Christmas?

A government that gets its act together on behalf of the American people who sent their members to Capitol Hill to 'do the people's business'--and which stops trying to dissolve or collapse itself on instruction from foreign agents and the crime bosses that some call "global bankers."

Oct 12, 2011

Uranus to US 4th house as Anonymous says, Bankers Are the Problem (video)

So the first time I saw the film V is For Vendetta in 2006, I loved its message, its history lesson, and its insouciance. Now it's 2011 and members of the activist hacking group Anonymous have taken to wearing the oddly affecting mask from that film as in the following video.

But don't fret over the fellow's mask for it's global bankers who are at the bottom of the world's tragedies and They are the scary Anonymous says, The Bankers Are The Problem:

As it turns out, disruptive Uranus moving into America's 4th house of Domestic Scene and Homeland since 2010 and squaring powerful string-puller Pluto has brought a new era of public activism with radical, populist, grass roots, anti-corporate Uranian ideas for how our world can be rather than what plutocratic one-world-government promoters have told us it must be.

But the illuminized globalists are wrong.

So please wake up your friends and tell them the news! After all, The 5th of November rolls round again in about 3 weeks...


Scroll down the sidebar if you wish a video reminder of Bush Sr's 20-year-old freaky shout-outs for a 'New World Order' and if you type those words into the sidebar Search Field, you'll find many posts on that and similar topics, some containing quotes from public, corporate, and secret society figures touting--and revealing their own culpability--in their satanic take-over plan.

Love of money is the root of all evil. And money is what all global bankers and their minions dearly love. Mankind? Not so much.

Info Wars's Alex Jones says that Republican nom candidate for 2012, Herman Cain (once an agent for the Kansas City Federal Reserve), is backed by the (Skull & Bones) Pillsbury family! Given Mr. Cain's demonstrated globalist views, the connection doesn't surprise me one bit.

Guess that makes Herman Cain a real-life 'Dough Boy'!


UPDATE 12 noon edt: mundane astrologer Ed Kohout has alerted me to an article detailing who is paying NYC policemen to pepper spray Occupy Wall Street protesters in their faces. My fret is that more brutal tactics against peaceful demonstrators are planned by the corporate titans who run the US government.

As you know, the strong-arming of dissenting US citizens is happening on President Obama's watch-- and many if not all of those pepper sprayed for wanting improvements in America probably voted for him!

Read more here. Thanks, Ed! jc

Uranus conjunct Neptune, the Illuminati-NWO pair that last met during the Age of Reason in mid-Sagittarius, conjoined three times in 1993--at '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER...negative manifestation: "smug or strong-armed paternalism."

And here we are.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Apr 11, 2011

NPR: Ivory Coast's Gbagbo captured

NPR BREAKING NEWS: Forces Arrest Ivory Coast's Gbagbo

The French Embassy in the Ivory Coast tells the Associated Press that strongman Laurent Gbagbo has been captured by forces of democratically elected leader Alassane Ouattara.

More at NPR.#

Strongman, yes, but Gbagbo's resistance against the New World Order seems to be ended. If only tottering governments could resist coups by the WTO and the IMF as they continue establishing their global New Economic Order.

Dec 15, 2010

If Ron Paul runs for president in 2012 (video)

Here's a video of 2008 candidate Ron Paul where he expresses precisely and succinctly what an out-of-control US government has done and why the Republican Party cannot fairly exclude him for his conservative views: of all the Ron Paul videos, this may be my favorite and shows why Dr. Paul's candidacy should be viable in 2012 if we want America to continue to exist as a nation.

Not that he'll be the next war profiteering GOP neocon warhawk candidate, of course!

Even then-super-popular Barack Obama had to play ball with the global elite bankers and be bankrolled by them in order to get himself installed in the Oval Office with the Fed's collapse-and-bailout deals made before and during the 2008 campaign. :-(

Sep 10, 2010

Global Banking Reform as Basel III meets 9.12.10

This Sunday in Basel, Switzerland, global titans meet to complete their agenda for new banking requirements which they deem are made necessary by the engineered Financial Collapse of 2008. The meeting occurs 'under the radar' for most of us, hence this posting peep-eye.

Sunday's conclave, Basel III is meant to establish, among other things, the amounts that banks must set aside for future crises and will perhaps provide substance to America's recent financial reform effort, the Dodd-Frank bill and its murky lack of particulars...devil in the details, etc. Guess the devil will be attending Basel III to help set the details.

Now you know that Mercury will still be retrograde in Virgo on Sunday, right? Virgo is good with details but a Rx Mercury, planet of meetings and negotiations, may indicate that this is not their last meeting - or, more likely, that this is another in a series of meetings where they will re-view and re-consider banking rules of a new financial order (which some call a New World Order.)

Either way, the rules they're discussing are meant for a long, drawn out implementation due to political considerations.

Fed head Ben Bernanke will be leading the US team at Basel III - which reminds me of the current position of the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (corporate titans and Robber Barons) @ '30 Capricorn'...

"A Secret Business Conference"...OPPORTUNITY...

positive expression: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

You don't say! Global bankers rankly exploiting other people? P-shaw!

Why, I fondly remember Ben Bernanke's first-ever shout-out as Fed head way back in February 2006...good times?

Jan 6, 2010

Horoscope of Lincoln's Inauguration 1861 w/ link to his 1861 Address

A previous SO'W post displays the horoscope with details of the March 4, 1861 Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. Included are the planetary positions of his March 4, 1865 Inauguration ceremony around the outer rim of the 1861 chart image.

Yale's Avalon Project has the text of President Lincoln's Inaugural Address of 1861 if you wish to refresh your memory. (Not that you were there or anything.)

And there's a post on my WordPress blog with a click-to-enlarge image of Lincoln's natal chart with his Assassination chart around it - there was a Mystic Rectangle pattern overhead!

When Lincoln drew his last breath, transiting Chiron was at tr Midheaven and he, his family, and our nation were deeply wounded...just as we've been with other assassinations, haven't we? Such murders shouldn't happen here, of all places. Yet they do.

The Goal (Mc) was the wounding (his death) of the American people resulting in the federal banking system being kept safe from Mr. Lincoln's reputed plan to tinker with and restrain rich bankers and their overseas cousins. So far, our current President Obama seems wary of too much tinkering with the rulers of the roost as evidenced by Washington's watered down 'financial reform' bill for Wall Street, a bill made toothlessly gummy where it should be ravenous for our protection from greedy wolves and cheats.

Yes, someone has distinct ideas about the path or destiny of America and they don't care what they have to do to dictate it. Our nation's natal Pluto out-of-bounds in Capricorn could be the culprit, saboteur and 'secret hand' that he is, yet our natal Venus and Mars are OOBs, too.

OOBs planets tend to operate without joining in with the rest of the chart's actors (planets) so OOBs energies tend to be 'pure' in the sense of a lack of synergistic influences which would be more stable if they were in bounds of the earthly plane and playing together nicely. (That's how I read it - you may disagree. I'm making 'OOBs' sound a lot like 'unaspected' I know.) Yet an OOBs condition can also indicate isolation and bring unusual success, too, and perhaps Venus, Mars, and Pluto have helped the US with that.

One never quite knows how an OOBs planet will act even when in aspectual relationship with another's kind of a wild card signature - and America is known for acting unilaterally.

Well, perhaps Mr. Obama is simply having to watch his back as he deals with the obscenely wealthy string-pullers of the global banking system. Assuming he isn't actually one of them, we can't really blame him, I suppose.

But he had to know the kind of people he was shilling for when he signed on for Oval Office duty!