Jan 8, 2010

Obama and the War Criminals - PuppetGov video

Obama and the War Criminals from PuppetGov on Vimeo.

Well, I wasn't familiar with PuppetGov until this morning and am not certain that all of these clips are chronologically placed or placed in a particular order to support their point. Yet I recommend it for your viewing displeasure (just be sure no children are about when you view for there are a few images you won't want them to see. Some are apparently staged, some look real.)

Why do I post this here? America must identify her demons, face them, and hold them accountable, President Obama, and this video montage outs recent and current actors on the US imperialist stage. Even the things they do in secret are done in Our Name, m'peops, or at least that's what they'd have us believe. Personally I believe they have their own reasons for perpetrating war crimes and it isn't as if they listen to the people about very much else, do they?

Don't invade Iraq. Don't escalate war, Senator Obama, and we'll support you all the way to the Oval Office. Don't torture. Don't bomb innocent women and children. Don't transfer public wealth to private banks. Don't act in secret against our best interests. Don't sell out America to foreign or 'special' interests. Quit the fraudulent 'Ds vs Rs' dividing tactics against us. Stop letting Bilderbergers and their ilk decide who will be president and clean up our election process before you hypocritically pontificate on the elections of other countries.

Give up your satanic idolatries and trances, your secret society memberships which you esteem above service to our nation, and stop basing the US economy on your war profiteering. Cease zealously imposing Christianity - or what you fatuously call 'Christianity' - on people of other faiths who have the same right to choose their faith as you do. Stand up for the people of Palestine even when it irks the Zionists of the Israeli government. Work for and establish peace instead of simply mouthing it as you bomb.

Honor and follow the US Constitution. Take care of Americans with their own tax monies, and stop playing the world's police force.

And give up your hubristic idea that mortal man alone can decide when this world should end. That task belongs to Someone Else, no matter what your self-serving gurus tell you.

Yes, it's an exhausting list of what a majority of the American people have desired but have been denied for decades. Will we-the-people ever learn?

In closing I want to add some astro-notes on the natal Sun Cancer/Moon Aquarius blend upon which our nation was founded and which holds true after all these years.

This Water-Air combo of energies gives we-the-people a humanitarian outlook (see? right there you can tell our national helm has been usurped by those who bomb and torture, then lie about it!) with a tendency to 'mother' the world. Mother the world! We tend to take on other people's burdens too often and meddle way too much.

What a disconnect between the American people and our self-styled, so-called 'leaders'! Yet our emotional hurts and hang-ups fester in the cellar while we avoid dealing with them by living too much in our heads.

We are a private yet gregarious people, able to communicate ideas with much conviction; we-the-people (generally speaking) have a natural Respect for the Rights of All People. Yes, we do! Do you, US government?

(Perhaps if Big Bro weren't so busy collecting useless data on our every phone call, email, and blog post, they would have been able to 'connect the dots' on the 'underwear bomber' and his intentions - info overload, as the Obama administration has admitted. That's if the young man's plot was actually 'missed' rather than allowed to go forward in order to institute more security impositions on the flying public and create yet another mystery funnel for our tax dollars. More restrictions and control timed by our nation's Saturn Return as taskmaster Saturn continues his repeated crossings of US natal Mc - 00Lib53 - in the 'Sibly' chart.)

Yes, Sun Can/Moon AQ has a strong interest in broad social issues while possessing great business instincts, too. And perhaps the blend's 'Images for Integration' will enlighten:

'The world as family...A science museum inside a restored medieval castle...Carl Orff's Carmina Burana...A mother and child skip down the street, arm in arm, to attend the Vision for World Peace charity fete at the park.'

Now I do believe that the American people have always held a 'vision for world peace' but given ongoing and recent actions of the US government (including past administrations) I am now impelled to hope and pray that current leaders will run very fast to catch up with us...for they demonstrate daily that they are woefully and tragically behind.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

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