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Jun 27, 2012

"The Wrath of Cons"--Jon Stewart (video)

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hilariously explained Republican wrath over the ill-fated Fast and Furious gun-tracking program last evening and their echo chamber of talking heads attempting to link it to Nixon's Watergate scandal (!) so I hope you didn't miss it! Besides, I lived in Washington DC during Watergate, and you, Fast and Furious, are no Watergate...

Jun 12, 2012

Atty General Eric Holder w Neptune to Mars

Now you know that Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder is under fire from Republicans over the Fast and Furious fiasco, a Mars-themed project of misbegotten proportions.

Taking a peek at Atty Gen Holder's natal planets to see if current planetary transits are creating upsetting contacts with his natal planets, we see that tr Mars approaches Holder's natal South Node (SN @20Vir07), a point of separation and highlighting his past actions which are proving to be embarrassing for the White House--as embarrassing as the Republicans can make them.

Will Atty Gen Holder be politically forced to step down? Well, a separation may be in the cards for him with the Saturnian Mars-to-SN influence especially with the recent Mars retrograde period over his SN degree. Testy transiting Mars passed his Rx shadow degree (the degree on which he'd earlier turned Rx) on June 19, 2012 @23Vir06--conjunct US natal Neptune and President Obama's natal Mars.)

Adding confusion, obfuscation, and possible deception (which Fast and Furious very much involved), we find that tr Neptune in early Pisces has been conjoining off and on Mr. Holder's n Mars 29AQ20, the planet of guns, weapons, and shooters, and will go on to conjoin his n Jupiter 8Pis53 in the future. Also, tr Chiron (The Wound; the Blindspot) @ 9Pis45 today is in contact with n Jupiter, planet of ideology, beliefs, faith, expansion, development, and money. Mr. Holder, his reputation, and the White House are being wounded by the GOP investigation into Fast and Furious though a similar program was perpetrated under George W. Bush.

Of significance to today's topic is the Neptune to n Mars, a time when physical accomplishments (like Fast and Furious) are plagued by misunderstandings of methods and goals. Deception and confusion undermine efforts and relationships with males (Mars), and recognition is not forthcoming. In this case, congressional testimony was forthcoming instead (negative recognition!) as some opponents made certain to misunderstand though admittedly the program does seem to have been handled in ham-fisted fashion.

(Plus, that fancy deceptive practices tactic the FBI and CIA tend to engage in to entrap people who might not otherwise have had the means to do what they're accused of doing always represents Orwellian overreach to me. And what's the high side of showing yourselves to be sneakier than the sneaks you're after? To justify your organization's existence?)

Other areas of focus for a Neptune to n Mars transit applicable to Mr. Holder's case are the penal system and fraud.

Well, other than giving his birth data and Sun-Moon info below, that's all I wish to say about the Attorney General's planets today and his kerfluffle with (the convicted) Darrel Issa and the overbearing GOP who'll do anything to keep the Democrats out of the White House in November 2012. Now you know I believe that there's little difference in political parties in the US since they're only factions vying for control of the global government helm (as they think. But China may have something to say about it.) So perhaps one or both of the "Images for Integration" of Eric Holder's Sun AQ-Moon Can (Moon in Cancer for the 24 hours of his day of birth) may seem on the significant side to you:

"A social worker bypasses bureaucracy to save a mother and child...A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Eric Holder January 21, 1951 New York, New York (birth hour unknown--noon used; the Sun AQ-Moon Can personality has the ability to rationalize irrational actions and become absorbed in abstract causes which seems to me part of what happened with Mr. Holder during Fast and Furious. Who can say?)

Apr 24, 2012

First Criminal Charges Filed in 2010 BP Oil Spill


Government Files First Criminal Charges In BP Oil Spill

Former BP engineer Kurt Mix has been charged with obstruction of justice for deleting text messages after the Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010, NPR has learned.

More at

Eleven men died on the Deepwater Horizon and thousands of livelihoods were destroyed along with wildlife and the Gulf Coast environment. May the criminal charges filed today by the US government not be the last.

Oct 28, 2011

Inauguration 2009's Void-Of-Course Moon 29Sco45

Oct 28, 2011: Does Inauguration 2009 Moon Haunt Us?

by Jude Cowell

The following is a copy-paste from a previous post on my WordPress blog and was written back in those early, heady days of the Obama administration when the future seemed to stretch out in front of us a VOC Moon sailing without interference toward a previously determined port.

As you know, the Moon in Mundane Astrology = the people, or, the in the US, it's We-The-People, and also relates to moods and popular trends.

Now my suspicion is that Alphee Lavoie's interpretation of a VOC Moon (see below) applies quite closely to the presidency of Barack Obama--except for the "nothing to worry about" part--for with transnational globalist banksters and gangsters in charge and calling the political tune, we have a lot of challenges to face, as has become extremely apparent.

(One of the transiting midpoint pictures in force for weeks and still in force as I type is: Jupiter/Neptune = Uranus: sudden recognition of a difficult situation. Another of its potentials: real v imaginary, according to Reinhold Ebertin.)

Now here's the post on Inauguration 2009's VOC Moon in Scorpio, sign of regeneration, but also of betrayal. See what you think at this later date as the Obama admininstration rolls along--no edits have been made so there may be typos:

Since the Moon 29Sco45 for Jan 20, 2009, noon EST, Capitol Building, Washington DC, applies to no major (Ptolemaic) aspect with another planet while the Moon remains in Scorpio, it is being considered as having no course, or is ‘void of course’.

Indications for a VOC Moon are: impediments; things will not come to a good end except with great toil and trouble; good time for festivities (Bonatus); matters go hardly unless Moon is in Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces; business seldom goes ‘handsomely forward’; nothing will come of the matter; no significant changes (Lilly.)

Yet in modern terms, Alphee Lavoie says that a VOC Moon means that a conclusion is already manifested, the outcome is already known, and/or there’s ‘nothing to worry about’!

One reason to hope for the best come Inauguration Day 2009 is that modern interpretations take into account whether the VOC Moon is applying closely with other planets from the sign she’s in – such as we see with Jan 20′s Moon sextiling the 10th house Sun/Mercury conjunction 00AQ+…which also happens to be Barack Obama’s natal Jupiter degree.

Well, we know that 29 degrees of any sign is a Critical/Crisis Degree and in the case of 2009′s Inaugural Moon in Scorpio, I’m relating the Moon’s condition (VOC) and degree (29) to the financial and medical crises the American people continue to suffer ungladly.

Plus, spying and surveillance relate to Scorpio, along with Big Finance, and for certain a whole lotta surveillance will be going on in the inaugural city, and a whole pack of till-raiding financial crooks are on the loose.

So…nothing to worry about? Dunno about that although some folk seem to feel (unrealistically) that having Obama, a Democrat, in the White House will solve everything. At least he isn’t a dratted Republican, right?

Will this Moon’s condition make the down-to-earth transit of restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (ideals; dreams) more of a shock…or will it bring solidity and realization (Saturn) to our ideals and dreams (Neptune)? (Saturn to US Neptune August-Sept 2009.)

But I suspect 2009′s Inaugural Moon is reaching forward into Sagittarius (which sextiles Aquarius) toward the change and hope of a new presidency’s promise to put the American people’s needs first in line over monied interests. Sextiles are aspects of opportunity, but willing efforts must be made in order to benefit from them.

Whether the ‘reaching forward’ results in eventual improvements for we-the-people is a question for the future to answer.

That there will be delays and difficulties in implementing plans is a given, but I pray the ineffectuality of a traditional VOC Moon doesn’t rule the day or the modern presidential term of Barack Obama which will be served, we hope, on behalf of we-the-people.


Oct 28, 2011: turns out that the majority of the reaching forward is being done by patriots--most of them of the younger generation--the demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street Movement (aka, We Are the 99%) along with the other protests and sit-ins being done in solidarity across the country and the globe, and asking for the ('30 Scorpio') "Halloween Jester" phase of US politics to be put aside for good as we demand that the US government remembers from whence their only true power comes--not from shareholders, CEOs, or monarchists--but from the willing consent of We-The-People.

You may also wish to review the horoscope of the Solar Eclipse which forever marks the presidency of Barack Obama, what I've called the New President Eclipse of January 26, 2009 at 6AQ30--conjunct US natal South Node (SN) of the Moon, a separative, Saturn-ruled point where cosmic energy rushes or is drained out rather than new energy being infused into the proceedings.

But then, Mr. Obama has lofty connections and wealthy backers to neutralize or cushion problems indicated by the bend-or-break Saturn-Uranus opposition which was in effect on Election Day 2008 as well as in January 2009. Was it to be the status quo of Saturn or the progress of Uranus? I decided Mr. Obama's natal Saturn Rx in its own staid sign of Capricorn would lean him toward the status quo though his Aquarian Jupiter, also Rx, may idealize toward other directions.

Plus, the January 2009 Solar Eclipse degree (6AQ30) is the zodiacal position of transiting Neptune on the morning of 9/11/01 and qualifies as a Neptune Return since the religion of Islam was founded when Neptune was within that range of Aquarius.

Oct 4, 2011

Eurosceptic MP Nigel Farage on Greekonomics (video); Pluto plods on

In an interview from June 2011, EU member of Parliament Nigel Farage speaks from Brussels on EU problems, the bailout of Greece and the EU's deeper motivation for it, and the misguided notion of creating a "United States of Europe" in the first place.

Personally I agree with Mr. Farage on many things including that men do seem to find it almost an impossibility to admit it when they are wrong.


Political Astrology speaks on the transits of July 28, 2011 that affected what I call the EU/NWO Flag Unfurled chart of July 14, 1989, a year you'll recognize for its titanic triple conjunction of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in structural Capricorn in the 2--10 degree range (natal horoscope w transits shown.)

And if you track powerful manipulator Pluto in Capricorn, you may wish to consider the four midpoint pictures formed with the titanic trio of 1989 as Pluto approaches them and insinuates his invisible self within their midst, and eventually moves beyond them.

All apply to today's world, but the first picture, which has been in force for a while now, tells a major part of the 'United States of Europe' tale on its path toward rebuilding a 'global dominion' (aka, one world government) as the old order is threatened with collapse and ruin to make way for the new.

First, here are the trio's zodiacal positions in the EU Flag July 14, 1989horoscope:

Uranus 2Cap34; Saturn 9Cap45; Neptune 10Cap42 (posited in the 1989 horoscope's 4th house, set for noon)

Midpoints of 1989 alchemized and triggered by Pluto 2011:

1. Saturn/tr Pluto = Uranus: brutal efforts to start a new order, regardless of potential losses (as we now see, that would be other people's losses, not wealthy Pluto's! jc.)

2. Saturn/Uranus = tr Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; rebellion; upheaval to protect assets (Greece and elsewhere! jc.)

3. Uranus/Neptune = tr Pluto: the Big Picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--very little option to do otherwise (bailouts of governments by global bankers, today's topic! jc.)

4. Saturn/Neptune = tr Pluto: feeling downtrodden; strong depression; great awareness of potential for loss; fear. (midpoint pics: Noel Tyl.)

And here's a general look at transit Pluto conjoining each of the Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune trio--I believe that all apply to current conditions:

Pluto to Uranus: the power of government must yield to the people (march on, everyone!); changes affect federal jobs and programs; issues of technological advancement and personal freedom.

Pluto to Saturn: structures and traditions upon which life is based are significantly altered or totally transformed by circumstances; issues of abuse of authority (confrontations), self-discipline, and accepting responsibility; ambition must be tempered with patience, resolve, and control.

Pluto to Neptune: circumstances denote economic, political, social, spiritual, and physical power struggles; social/genetic engineering and civil rights are seen to be moral and religious issues; power becomes an illusion as it is slowly eroded by subversive forces of the power-obsessed plutonians and oligarchs of the world.

So today is October 4, 2011, and tr Pluto @ 5Cap29 is snugged between 1989's Saturn and Uranus which is midpoint #2 above.

More reading: if you care to sashay down a memory lane, snag a peek at the Autumn Equinox 2009 Horoscope, describing the first Autumn EQ of the Obama administration, when Astrology outed some sore losers lurking in America's political woodpile. jc

Aug 8, 2011

Leaving behind No Child Left Behind, 'Tea Party Downgrade', and London

Three Cheers Hurrah! August 8, 2011

by Jude Cowell

Well, the first item is what I consider good news for a Monday with little of it to spare!

The Obama administration will grant waivers to allow interested states to end-run around the ridiculous, teach-to-test-impart-no-knowledge No Child Left Behind Act that Bush & crew put in place to dumb down the US populace and destroy our educational system.

Hurrah! for states being allowed to leave this child-damaging law behind.

Plus, today's broadcast of Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! (coming on my TV as I type on LINK TV) promises to be informative on the Navy SEALS helicopter deaths, and on the rise of Food Stamp use in America by what used to be our Middle Class, the one US corporate titans and transnational globalists have left behind in their dust. Why, it almost seems as if certain CEOs create no jobs in the US because they're on the side of a GOP intent on failure for the Obama administration, doesn't it?

Amy interviews author Barbara Ehrenreich on her newly updated book Nickel and Dime: On (Not) Getting By in America. You may remember that she was the lady who went undercover to work in entry-level jobs ($7 an hour then, is $9 an hour now, she says) such as maid with a housecleaning service--brilliant work and very timely in 2011.

Ms. Ehrenreich makes the point that the current ruinous economic climate in the US and the rich class's unwillingness to share the sacrifice may have finally "broken through" Americans' reluctance to tax the rich because of the "I might be rich one day, too" illusion has been vanquished by recent events. Hurrah!

Throwing America Overboard

You know I loved hearing Sen. John Kerry on Meet the Press yesterday call Friday's S&P downgrade of America's credit rating to AA+ the "Tea Party downgrade"-- another Hurrah! Partisan? Certainly, but who says 'partisan' has to be untruthful? (Mr. Rove probably, but enough of him.)

Yes, on MTP Senator Kerry actually spoke more directly than usual, a pleasant change from his typical circuitous garble that says very little when you untangle the aristocratic mannerisms and self-edits mid-sentence.

Here's a link to MTP's August 7, 2011 broadcast with transcript and video, in case you missed it.

Astrology Much?

Kerry's birth data: December 11, 1943 @ 8:03 am MWT Denver, CO; ASC Sag; MC Lib; Sun Sag/Moon Gem (source: astrodatabank.) This blend's 'Image for Integration':

"Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Harvey.)

This Image which blends his conscious mind (Sun) with his unconscious (Moon) reminds me of then-Mr. Kerry's righteous testimony to Congress concerning the travesties and beastliness of the Vietnam War back in the day and his later joining Congress ('The Man', as we used to say) as One Of The Masters.

I have no fourth Hurrah for that.


Today, August 8, 2011 at 8:13 am edt in Washington DC, the revolutionary pair of planets Uranus and Pluto made their closest attempt at squaring one another as upheaval and fire-settings in London roil and other global regions continue erupting. Click for a view of the horoscope (set for DC) with a few astro-details.

Sorry to hear of riots in London over the weekend yet I shall reserve my opinion on who the masked marauders are and for whom they actually work. One determinate will be what new draconian, police-state measures from the government are said to be 'inspired' by the turmoil if indeed new 'laws' are deemed to be necessary. Of course, I'm the one who posted recently, Beware if your city or nation wants to host the Olympic Games!

What I neglected to mention (once again) in Atlanta GA After the 1996 Olympics: Few If Any Gains is that the much-touted Olympic Torch is an Illuminati symbol, aka, the 'Eternal Flame'.

Jan 31, 2011

Will globalists install ElBaradei to rule Egypt? (video)

The following video presentation from The Alex Jones Show of January 30, 2011 may contain controversial remarks and, as usual, this lone blogger cannot endorse each word spoken in the presentation.

But I do agree that ex-pat Mohamed ElBaradei is not the leader the majority of the Egyptian people want or need and I'm not certain how much of an improvement over Mubarak's regime he would be if his 'installation' by Soros, Brzezinski, and other globalists is successful.

ElBaradei, if installed, may prove to bring no more than temporary calm to a nation now in justified upheaval. And if he, too, doesn't represent the needs of the Egyptian people, the calm won't last even that long and will only make things worse.

A Million-Man March is scheduled for tomorrow, February 1, 2011, and my thoughts and prayers are with the good people of Egypt. May they prevail over all despotic forces!

(Now if only the American people could prevail over same. Again.)

Part 1 of 3:

Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

For further reading, don't miss Paul Watson's Mohamed ElBaradei: Global Pied Piper of the Egyptian Revolt. Egypt is a "vassal state for the new world order" and "pays out $1.1 million annually to the Podesta Group, an organization closely tied with the Obama administration to act as 'foreign agents' for Mubarak's regime."

If you want something done in Washington, call the Podesta Group! says their website. Perhaps we-the-people should text them pronto because we're in big trouble, too.

Plus, here's a post on the natal horoscope of Zbigniew Brzenzinski (chart shown) with a video of ZB being interviewed by Charlie Rose during the Bush-Cheney regime.

Please note that your on-topic comments and opinions are cordially invited.


Have you read your Woolly Mammoth Chronicles today?

Sep 23, 2010

Gerald Celente on the Gary Null Show (video)

Video: Gerald Celente speaking on September 20, 2010.

Yes, I'd say that as Bush and Cheney left town, they and Hank Paulson cleaned out the US Treasury quite well but apparently a few farthings were left behind for President Obama to use as chump change, with massive borrowing from China and elswhere continuing apace.

But you know me: they're all in this together and it's ruling class vs we-the-people. Besides, 'bad apples' aren't always found near the bottom of the barrel, you know. Sometimes they ferment on the top of the lot which ruins the rest of us.

Jul 21, 2010

Is Obama a threat to Social Security benefits?

Can't resist posting this link so I'll know where to find it myself - it's an interview between Amy Goodman and Dean Baker concerning what's going on with current threats to Social Security by the Obama administration.

And no, I've never considered SS an 'entitlement' program especially since those of us who are self-employed have paid 100% of these taxes through the years and stupidly trusted the US gov to keep their dirty paws off it. Lockbox, schmockbox.

If SS benefits are cut and the retirement age is raised to 70 (who wants a 70-year old worker?! who???) then it will be yet another case of robbery perpetrated upon the under fire American people by their own government, or by tamping down on the government's years of wastefulness by the strong-arming from foreign entities and global fraudsters.

Now who can miss it?

Financial Collapse 2008 was engineered to make the rich richer while starving state, local, and national budgets so that an end to FDR's New Deal programs of what the rich among us call 'entitlements' (not always the correct term to describe what they want to steal) will be accepted by the general population as being 'necessary'.

Riling us up now, aren't they?

Jul 10, 2010

Fretting over the July 11 Solar Eclipse? Then read this!

Expert astrologer Lynn Hayes has published 10 Reasons Not to Worry about the July 11, 2010 Eclipse which comes in timely fashion, just as a few readers of this blog are fretting (after reading this blog.)

Mea culpa, no doubt, for obviously I have yet to make it clear that comparing an eclipse chart to one's own natal chart is a horse of a different color from the articles I publish here concerning the unsavory political realm using the lens of Astrology to peek under the hood of Politics. The squirmin' vermin underneath need as much light shed upon them as possible, right?

Therefore, you should know that my eclipse posts are always written on a symbolic level (whether a Solar Eclipse is Total or not, sans eclipse path considerations, etc) with special attention paid to an eclipse's degree, sign, aspects, and the house polarity as they affect national charts which are most often set for Washington, DC.

(Hence the title, Stars Over Washington! And not, Stars Over Your Aunt Myrtle.)

That a SO'W analysis would affect you on a personal level by way of your birth chart is seldom applicable (other than your considerations of how Politics interferes in your life - and Politics doesn't wait for eclipses to monkey around with us, as we all know.)

So if you're feeling at all anxious over the July 11 Solar Eclipse in Cancer, or even if you're not, do calmly check out Lynn's post for it is highly recommended!


On NPR now is an announcement that the Obama administration is improving the medical situation for our soldiers with traumatic brain injuries with new rules going into effect next week. So kudos to President Obama, it's about time!

Jun 11, 2010

Horoscope of the Carter Inauguration 1977 - Trilaterals take the White House

Looking back on the Carter administration as a sea change in government when the Trilateral Commission basically took over the running of this nation with the willing collusion of Mr. Carter, we find the horoscope of his Jan 20, 1977 Inauguration to have an earlier Ascendant degree than recent Oaths of Office - @ '14Taurus' rather than '15Tau', and the Midheaven degree, which informs us concerning The Goal of the US presidency, is one degree earlier as well: '26Cap' rather than the current '27Cap'...are these differences significant?

On an evolutionary level, we may compare the different word pictures in the Sabian Symbols for ASC and MC, but I shall generously allow you to look them up, if you like. After all, either MC puts US natal Pluto at The Goal Point with our natal Mercury Rx at IC, the Foundation or Basis of the Matter. Mercury/Pluto contacts, as you know, relate to propaganda, mind control, and a lot of subversive plutonian energy directed at our young people, the thought processes of the populace, educators, commerce, and the press (Mercury.)

Chart shown below is set for January 20, 1977, 12:00 pm est, Capitol Building, Washington DC. I have found no source indicating an exact minute so I shall use a noon chart indicating that the 'old king' is 'dead' since a previous president's term ends at noon on the accustomed date whether the ceremony begins a minute or two past the hour, or not; the Oath of Office is a token performance put on for the re-public's appreciation and homage...a Cult of Personality in currentspeak.

Now here are some thoughts from Mr. Chomsky on the make-up of the Carter administration (1977 - 1981); it's from his book Radical Priorities:


“Perhaps the most striking feature of the new Administration is the role played in it by the Trilateral Commission. The mass media had little to say about this matter during the Presidential campaign -- in fact, the connection of the Carter group to the Commission was recently selected as "the best censored news story of 1976" -- and it has not received the attention that it might have since the Administration took office. All of the top positions in the government -- the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary of State, Defense and Treasury -- are held by members of the Trilateral Commission, and the National Security Advisor was its director. Many lesser officials also came from this group. It is rare for such an easily identified private group to play such a prominent role in an American Administration.”

The Carter Administration: Myth and Reality, Excerpted from Radical Priorities, 1981 Noam Chomsky [4] (my bold - jc)

Nowadays, it's rare that a private group doesn't play a prominent role! The steady drip-drip of incremental changes through the decades has taken its toll on White House and US government autonomy from "special interests," or what I'd call secret string-pullers of the power elite.

Next you see the Inauguration 1977 chart and you'll notice that the elephant in the room is a Fixed Grand Cross including ASC with Moon/Saturn midpoint rising: a reserved self-presentation; inhibited development; meeting with old, serious, or ill people; noticing the role of a parent (Carter's mother, Miss Lillian? - jc) MC is Moon/Mercury: independent thinking; forming one's own opinions and judgments; seeking soul contacts; gaining expertise by studying the feelings of others.

(All midpoints: Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; any, all, or none may apply.)

The donkey in th room must be the restrictive, depressive Moon/Saturn opposition, with Saturn moving on to oppose US natal Moon 27AQ10 (we-the-people) three times:

1. Oct 9, 1977
2. Feb 15, 1978
3. June 30, 1978

The repressive Pluto-to-US-natal-Saturn transit mentioned above was exact on:

1. Oct 25, 1977
2. Apr 24, 1978
3. Aug 21, 1978

But just as the life on earth it describes, Astrology allows some light to peek through the gloom...ex: our Jupiter Return (5Can56) of the era which was a three-fer:

1. Oct 13, 1977
2. Nov 3, 1977 (two days after Chiron's Discovery!)
3. June 30, 1978


Rising in 1st house is Jupiter 21Tau13, a preacher (Jup) who appreciates the creature comforts (Taurus) of life; Sun 00AQ32 (the leader) is in 10th house, as usual, with Moon 15AQ01 (the people) in 10th house after having sailed past their New Moon @ 7AQ47.

Yes, this was a 'New Moon administration' which Carter touts in his Address (text link provided below) as a 'new start' for America.

Chart-ruler Venus 17Pis30 in 11th house re-creates Venus' position in the Obama Inauguration 2009 chart (but without 2009's Uranus conjunct), emphasizing the same degree and house: '18Pis' = "In a Huge Tent a Famous Revivalist Conducts His Meeting" - and if you read Carter's Inaugural Address you'll find him promoting America's 'bold and brilliant dream' (US n Neptune 22Vir25) 'which excited the founders of this Nation' and which 'still awaits its consummation.' Having no applying aspects emphasizes the house, sign, and degree of Venus.

To quote President Carter in his Jan 20, 1977 Address:

"I have no new dream to set forth today, but rather urge a fresh faith in the old dream."

Well said by a New World Order/Trilateralist kind of fellow expressing that old Francis Bacon/Batholomew Gosnold/Utopian mindset of US exceptionalism and 'New Age' leadership which all US presidents begin promoting each time the baton is passed on January 20. Fresh faith (Jupiter) in the old (Saturn) dream (Neptune) may indicate ideologues (Jupiter) bringing a new order (Uranus) to replace the old (Saturn) through use of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) - or, Communism or Socialism, two other faces of Saturn/Neptune - based on what are allegedly religious principles (Jupiter.)

Using the Sibly version of the US natal chart (5:10 pm LMT July 4, 1776 Philadelphia, PA) gives '13Sag' rising and Jupiter as chart-ruler which tallies well with our nation's traditional idealism to push our beliefs and way of governing (aka, democracy) on the entire world (Sag/Jup) whether they want it or not.

As noted, Venus makes no applying aspects in the chart but is within orb (2S13) of a separating square to nebulous Neptune 15Sag17 in 8th house - big money, fraud, evaluations, and oil issues. Mr. Obama's Inaugural 8th house 2009 contains secret hand Pluto 1Cap57 representing global banking interests which control Mr. Obama, imho, with 'tranforming the US money supply' as a goal carried over from the Bush administration.

Handily with US Inaugural charts, we have only to look at the 8th house to see which planets currently transit US natal 1st house of Self (Sibly chart) so in 1977, it was tr Neptune to n ASC: gradual erosion of self-image; confusion, mystery, and deception may accompany a sense of being abandoned; impracticality, sensitivity, intuition, and/or spirituality may increase.

And of course, the 1970s were times of Neptunian oil and gas crises in the US as Pres. Carter attempted to put us on an alternative energy diet (which Reagan subsequently said we didn't need in the least - how wrong the Gipper was!)

Yes, Neptune-to-ASC can be a difficult transit to navigate for persons or for countries and may be part of Carter's tendency to be misunderstood - or, to veil his true objectives. And for him, Neptune in mid-Sag was a transit, too...Neptune-to-natal-Jupiter: idealism is enhanced yet spiritual, economic, and intellectual growth must be balanced with more prudent factors in one's nature; facts may be hard to separate from fiction; avoid get-rich-quick schemes.

And 1977's Pluto 14Lib11 Rx (6th house) is in process of transiting our nation's natal Saturn by conjunction: the past (1776) becomes important to the present (1977 - 1981) as structures and traditions are completely altered by current circumstances; past refusals to accept responsibilities come back to haunt; issues of self-discipline, attitudinal adjustments, and abuse of authority must be addressed and corrected; ambition must be tempered with patience and control.

I remember Carter's 1976 election as a push-back against Nixon's abuses of power followed by the lackluster presidency of (secret Grand Orient Mason), Gerald Ford, whose integrity suffered rather badly from Chevy Chase's portrayal of him on SNL.

1977's Pluto is also squaring US natal Sun, the leader: difficult but not insurmountable conditions involve overcoming those with more power and influence; loss of one's own power is threatened; past power structures and resources may no longer be available; setbacks test strength and frustrations challenge determination to achieve; best advice: egotistical attitudes and ambitions should be reined in lest integrity suffer (good advice for 2010, too. jc)

Plus, as you see, Pluto had recently transited Carter's natal Sun, a time of intense self-awareness when one's power and influence must be recognized, personal courage and aggression increase, and a 'new start' is indicated as one's lifestyle is transformed; ego needs are the driving force and focus.

Now the rigid Fixed Grand Cross contains other midpoint pictures as well:

Moon/Saturn = Uranus: unusual ways of showing concern; nervous tension; separation; exploding out of frustration.

Uranus/ASC = Moon: emotionalism spills into view; needing support and approval; a highly emotional disposition; quick mood changes caused by others.

Uranus/ASC = Saturn: a clash of controls and the avant garde; indecision; airing dilemmas; feeling hindered or oppressed by others; a joint overcoming of obstacles; separation.

At DESC is the midpoint of Neptune/Pluto (Robber Barons; Generation of Materialism 1890s = resource plunderers; propagandists) so it opposes Inaugural ASC 1977 (ASC = the Office of President)...

Neptune/Pluto = ASC: being placed in an peculiar environment; surrounding oneself with an air of mysticism; deep, penetrating study of what reality can be and how it can be altered to fit whatever context is desired.

Authoritative Saturn 14Leo28 Rx in 4th house is quincunx Neptune in 8th house showing a time in society when options are limited due to past irrseponsibility and binding restraints are felt; over time people become bitter and resentful against those they serve, and objectivity is difficult to gain; being a 'patsy' for incompetent people is a potential during this transit.

There are several other midpoint pictures yet I will only bore you with a few of them; first, two influencing the Sun (Carter):

Moon/Mars = Sun: consciousness of an objective; the importance of placing energy into imaginative enterprises (like solar panels on the White House roof? jc); determination to end conflicts about intentions; violent influences may lead to rioting; prosperity through relationship; striving for independence; the power to establish oneself in the world; strong solidarity between husband and wife.

Venus/Neptune = Sun: a small sense of reality (ex: living within the White House 'bubble'); secretiveness; a confused situation for many; increased influence in occult, mystical, or magical situations.

Sun/Neptune = Mercury: only a small measure of objectivity; false logic; speech defect; deceptions or illusions; bringing dreams into reality; ritual ceremonies, magical practices, or occult ideas.

Sun/NN = Neptune: deception from allies; finding important secret societies; feeling let down by others; difficulty adapting.

Moon/Pluto = Neptune: sentimentality; lack of willpower; depression; seeking miracles as rescue from immediate problems; fear of the unknown; feeling weakened somehow; the supernatural; ESP.

Mars/Jupiter = Venus (chart-ruler): conflict between using guile or force in competition; creative activity; rich feelings.

Now, two more doozies in the midpoint picture department:

Saturn/Neptune = Pluto: feeling downtrodden; difficult growth or development; tremendous awareness of the potential for loss; fear; rejection of responsibility and denial of guilt by the culprits; punishment for those who allow decay and decadence to persist; new ideas on evolution which upset long held but weaker historical theories.

Uranus/Pluto = NN: drawn to others who have similar ideas about how to change the world through new approaches (old wine in new bottles, circa 1776? - jc); new paths enhanced by associations with others who share the same objectives; an untiring colleague or partner; a desire to accomplish immense tasks in teamwork with others; sharing upsets or excitement; teamwork pays off but one's own ego is put first in line.

As you know, 'Uranus/Pluto' is the 'revolutionary' duo of energies.

North Node (NN = the path) 28Lib38 in 6th house indicates lots of loose ends left behind and chores which others must take up. One's mind goes to the famous GOP ploy of holding up the release of US hostages in Iran until Reagan could take the Oath of Office even though it was the Carter administration that negotiated their release.

Yes, I did see through the ploy at the time (whippersnapper Georgian that I was) and still marvel now that some Americans cussedly continue to credit Ronald Reagan for the diplomatic efforts of one Jimmy Carter, the idealistic peanut farmer and nuclear physicist from the 13th Colony of Georgia...and in 1977, quite obviously not all that he seemed.

Well, here is President Carter's Inaugural Address of January 20, 1977; plus, ABC News has the video of his speech if you'd like to watch young Mr. Carter orate from the east portico of the Masonic Temple we call the Capitol Building on a very cold, clear day in January.

Apr 14, 2010

Sunshine upon Cass Sunstein

President Obama's staffer Cass Sunstein wants conspiracy theory groups, forums, chat rooms, and real-world groups, to be infiltrated and undermined.

Apparently those darned pesky doubters who refuse to take government propaganda at face value are spoiling all the NWO fun!

Well, if there are any dreamers left in America who hoped that the presidential baton-passing on January 20, 2009 would include bringing Bush and Cheney up on charges for 9/11, illegal invasions, or anything else, I guess your rose-colored glasses have been sat upon by now.

But if not, the above linked article, which includes links to other sources, should break them in half on the holding-accountable front.

Mar 23, 2010

President signs Health Insurance Reform Bill w/ Neptune to US Moon: 3.23.10

22 Signing Pens, 2 per letter.

While I was typing the following post, President Obama signed into law his Health Insurance Reform legislation at 11:55 am edt, White House, with South Node 17Can59 in 1st house which indicates the historical nature of the signing event. However, SN rising can indicate difficulties keeping the bill anchored into being for SN has a separative, Saturnian effect.

And yet, Saturn adores laws and regulations! US natal Venus (valuable commodities) is rising with our natal Jupiter in tow.

ASC '3Can' = "A Man All Bundled Up in Fur Leading a Shaggy Reindeer."

Mercury, ruler of signings, bills, agreements, trade and commerce is nearing Midheaven @ 12Aries04...'13Ari' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Safely Concealed." Hmm. Might this describe something hidden in the bill that we're not going to like, or to a rescue of our tottering health care system? Or perhaps both?

The ongoing T-Square between Sun/Saturn and apex Pluto is morphed into a Grand Cross in time for the bill signing ceremony: Moon, Sun, Saturn, and Pluto...dynamic efforts amount to high achievements!

At 11:55 am edt, a 1st house Moon '6Can' conjoins US natal Jupiter indicating much publicity for the event - and happy people across the land having a reigning need fulfilled (except in smokey GOP dens of his opponents and those citizens emotionally activated by undermining rhetoric against a Dem President.) Well, I for one hope the reforms aid someone besides special interests and old manipulative string-puller, Pluto.

Perfecting during the glad-handing and pen-sharing that took place in the minutes after the bill was signed is a midpoint picture that includes the Sun (leader):

Sun/Uranus = MC (The Goal): reformers, inventors, technicians; restless people with far-reaching plans; experiencing the impact of sudden events; major events in support of big plans (NWO? DNA collection for all?); hopeful triumph for the ego.

In his midpoints book, Michael Munkasey says that Sun/Uranus energies were in effect at the time the first-ever Medicaid patient applied to the program! #

My original post begins here with no edits because I gotta motor into the city:

Ever since Health Insurance Reform was passed (and sent on to the Senate March 21, 2010) it's been bothering me that this week's entire political theater production on Capitol Hill has been performed with transiting Neptune sitting directly upon America's natal Moon (we-the-people; 27AQ10.) Confusions, deceptions (including self-deception), fraud, and propaganda have been coming upon us for some time given Neptune's slow-mo movements but now that the gaseous giant is here, we get Health Insurance Reform, and possibly financial reform, too.

Since the numbers of health care workers needed are not available to attend to the new 'millions' who will soon have insurance, and since the bill's cost savings are more than a little squirrelly, I'm feeling more than a little like we've been had by the 'shell game' the GOP has accused the Obama administration of using for this giant legislation. Of course, around this blog, it takes one shell gamer to know one, so the Republicans obviously know whereof they gamingly speak.

The Neptune to natal Moon transit has been detailed here previously but in case you, lone reader, have landed here for the first time, let's consider it again.

First, a Neptune transit has ab orb of influence and, as I said, it's been coming on a while and will be in effect a while longer. The transit includes such things as a sense of rootlessness, losing homes to foreclosure, dissolving of commitments (and of contracts made by and for the people) - all in all, an unstable period for everything that relates to the Moon, the body which signifies the people in a national chart. Plus, Neptune relates to mass media, with various toutings being brought to us by...Neptune, the illusionist.

Stability for this legislation will have to be brought by other factors for Neptune-to-n-Moon isn't good anchorage for staying power. And we know that repeal arguments are being rehearsed as I type so we may never hear the end of it. Great. Mr. Obama's opponents will do what they can to undermine the bill's effectiveness, too, no matter what it costs the American people for the GOP to score political points while clawing their way into office.

Yes, multiple mysteries abound with Neptune to US n Moon, posited in our n 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Grade Schools, Siblings, and the Lower Mind; third house also relates to health through the mind-body connection so with Tinkerbell Neptune's magic wand touching us, perhaps we have health insurance if we simply believe we do - or, with Neptune's more rare dreams-can-come-true effect, perhaps this legislation will catalyze improvements in our health care system which are sorely needed. Neptune might, but the motivations of the people involved are a quite a different question.

And yet it's hard to pinpoint what one really wants with Neptune sitting all over one's Moon, for the Moon rules our reigning needs; ours is in Aquarius, a transpersonal sign of brotherhood. Giving all Americans access to better health care (at the point when it's needed, not after the disease-ridden horses have escaped the barn and it's too late to be saved - 'saved' is a Neptunian word, as is 'escaped') - access for all Americans is one of the touts of this legislation from the Obama administration (the touters.) Perhaps 32 million Americans will soon agree.

However, Neptune to natal Moon is a time when conditions are difficult if not impossible to diagnose including physical complaints, or, the wrong diagnosis may be given. Hopefully, this does not describe the Health Insurance Reform legislation that's about to become the law of the land while curing what ails us. (It did become law at 11:55 am edt, see above Update.)

But will the reforms deliver a wrong diagnosis?

Without addressing health care costs rising into the stratosphere, the 'savings' of this bill over time may not help matters much on that score, yet I hope the bill's magical effects are more real than they seem at present especially since there's another dreamy Neptunian thing that tends to accompany a Neptune to n Moon transit: loss through theft and/or carelessness.

One major theft we know of already: the public option has been stolen from the bill! And my concern about nationwide DNA collection may be considered theft if a patient is unaware of it. (After your DNA is snagged, it belongs to them, not you.)

That Neptune rules drugs, legal and otherwise, isn't comforting either unless the transit brings us medical marijuana for those who need an appetite boost, mood lift, and pain relief for their serious conditions. That would be a positive outcome, imo, although you may disagree. My feeling is that if a person is dying or suffering grievously, what business is it of mine - or the government's - to cruelly dictate what he may take to lessen his misery.

Well, here's an article on the subject of the health insurance reform bill. It asserts that the reform is from the top down rather than from the 'bottom up' as we've heard from the Obama administration (like Neptune's wand from on-high: presto change-o, you're covered! But with what?)

Yes, the bill's reforms have been fashioned by Washington think tanks behind the American people's backs...such a perfect description of veiling Neptune to US natal Moon...'tanks' being a watery Neptunian word.

Mar 22, 2010

Message from the President on Health Insurance Reform passage

Here's a copy of the message that turned up in my Inbox this morning with words of thanks from President Barack Obama. Actually, I didn't do that much, really...

"For the first time in our nation's history, Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform. America waited a hundred years and fought for decades to reach this moment. Tonight, thanks to you, we are finally here.

Consider the staggering scope of what you have just accomplished:

Because of you, every American will finally be guaranteed high quality, affordable health care coverage.

Every American will be covered under the toughest patient protections in history. Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations, and discrimination against pre-existing conditions will now be gone forever.

And we'll finally start reducing the cost of care -- creating millions of jobs, preventing families and businesses from plunging into bankruptcy, and removing over a trillion dollars of debt from the backs of our children.

But the victory that matters most tonight goes beyond the laws and far past the numbers.

It is the peace of mind enjoyed by every American, no longer one injury or illness away from catastrophe.

It is the workers and entrepreneurs who are now freed to pursue their slice of the American dream without fear of losing coverage or facing a crippling bill.

And it is the immeasurable joy of families in every part of this great nation, living happier, healthier lives together because they can finally receive the vital care they need.

This is what change looks like.

My gratitude tonight is profound. I am thankful for those in past generations whose heroic efforts brought this great goal within reach for our times. I am thankful for the members of Congress whose months of effort and brave votes made it possible to take this final step. But most of all, I am thankful for you.

This day is not the end of this journey. Much hard work remains, and we have a solemn responsibility to do it right. But we can face that work together with the confidence of those who have moved mountains.

Our journey began three years ago, driven by a shared belief that fundamental change is indeed still possible. We have worked hard together every day since to deliver on that belief.

We have shared moments of tremendous hope, and we've faced setbacks and doubt. We have all been forced to ask if our politics had simply become too polarized and too short-sighted to meet the pressing challenges of our time. This struggle became a test of whether the American people could still rally together when the cause was right -- and actually create the change we believe in.

Tonight, thanks to your mighty efforts, the answer is indisputable: Yes we can.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama"


Yet is the President's legislative victory last evening clearly an historic moment?

Mar 6, 2010

Technocracy the real threat to our freedoms

An article by The August Review 's editor Patrick Wood has set me back on my heels this morning!

Smart Grid: the Implementation of Technocracy? is a must-read for those feeling distinctly wary of the constant drip drip of propaganda which the power elite are using to frog-march us toward totalitarian global control.

According to Mr. Wood, Technocracy is the deeper threat to our freedoms, not Communism, Fascism, or Socialism and he explains it much better than I ever could. Repudiated by the American people when presented in 1932 and 1933, Technocracy is working behind the scenes to establish Smart Grid monitoring and distribution of energy which will be the basis of a new economy...not fiat currencies of any sort, but -- energy!

This will involve the fully regulated consumption of electricity, gas and----water. Now there's total control over human behavior!

Technocracy is described as a totalitarian scientific dictatorship dreamed up by a few men including Howard A. Porter, one of the dudes of 1933 who thought FDR should be inaugurated as a dictator. They attempted to sell Technocracy as a solution for the world's economic ills - familiar since 2008, yes? Great Depression meet Great Recession and here we go again.

Now astrologers are familiar with the fact that Hitler and FDR have natal charts so similar, it's uncanny. Why, one was a vicious dictator, the other a sainted US President, say the unwary! Well, there's more to the links between the two men than an innocent astrologer might reasonably hope or expect.

So let me try one of the hilarious Craig Ferguson's tricks: 'Hitler and FDR. One was a ruthless dictator who seized power and turned governmental systems and societal norms upside down...and the other was Hitler.'

Yes, there were two 'seize power/take control' flavored Series of Solar Eclipses which occurred in 1932: 6 North and 6 South: 6N on March 7, 1932 @ '7Pisces' and 6S on August 31, 1932 @ '8Virgo' - these eclipses repeated, not in 2008, '09, or '10 - but in 2004, the year that the plutocratic, oppressive, fascist, technocratic combo of Pluto and Chiron aligned by parallel (mid-August) upon America's natal Ascendant (Sibly chart)...@ '12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows."

And 6N's '7Pisces' conjoins US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint and our natal Ceres (security and food issues), too, with Virgo-Pisces being the victim-savior axis.

Well, I hope you'll read Patrick Wood's article, perhaps follow the links he provides, and begin noticing more closely the Smart Grid Task Force goings-on all around us. Billions of our tax dollars have been and will be pumped into this radical 'project' by way of stimulus funds in the US and across the globe so this slab of fat has already been tossed into the one-world fire and will make for a very meager communal dinner for all but the wealthy shareholders.

Smart Grid, Smart-Meters, Smart Government?

So will Americans fall for the Technocracy-promoting propaganda as they refused to do in 1933? If so, we must have gotten much stupider over the last 77 years. Maybe we do need a nanny state. After all, when President Obama visited just down the road from where I type - Savannah, GA. - the other day to tout nuclear plants and stimulus money investments, he lifted up his 'Home Star Initiative' which is said to be a 'revolutionary program' that will put a lien on personal property and tie consumption costs to one's property taxes.

How does that smell to you, m'peops? My own suspicion is that there's more than a little stank issuing from that particular governmental skunk in the totalitarian road. Are they offering us a roadkill in every pot?

So the next time the disingenuous GOP calls Mr. Obama names such as 'socialist' I'll know that BHO is really acting as a reconstituted Technocrat and that he obviously agreed to promote their ruthless 'scientific' agenda in order to tarry in the Oval Office a while and play 'president'....aka, 'propaganda-catapulter' as W called it when he had the gig.

Now here's further reading posted online mere minutes ago: Maryland Gets Ready for Smart Electricity Grid Technology and you notice someone inserted 'electricity' into the code words for changes which may sound okay but we're not gonna like the agenda's heavy hand at all once its true nature is fully revealed.

Jan 23, 2010

Terror, American Tyranny, and Divide-and-Conquer

American Gulag: Obama to Indefinitely Imprison Detainees Without Charges

By Glenn Greenwald

The administration is claiming the power to imprison whomever it wants without charges whenever it believes that -- even in the face of the horrendously broad "material support for terrorism" laws the Congress has enacted -- it cannot prove in any tribunal that the individual has actually done anything wrong. #

Now a few words from two of America's past experts on the subject:

"...freedom of person under the protection of the habeas corpus; and trial by juries impartially selected. These principles form the bright constellation which has gone before us, and guided our steps through an age of revolution and reformation." Thomas Jefferson

"The establishment of the writ of habeas corpus...are perhaps greater securities to liberty and republicanism than any it [the Constitution] contains....The practices of arbitrary imprisonments have been, in all ages, the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny. Alexander Hamilton

Article link and quotes compliments of Information Clearing House.

Given the turn of direction that America has taken in recent years - ramped up since the attacks of 9/11/01 - I fail to see how anyone can fail to see that we've been coup'd by those who will use tyranny against anyone they please. 'Protections' of American citizenship mean next to nothing under such imperialism.

And the tyrannist's baton was passed from Bush-Cheney to Obama-Biden on January 20, 2009, a baton stolen with help from SCOTUS (who shafted the American electorate once again last week) by Bush-Cheney in December 2000 mere months after after the August 11, 1999 King of Terror Eclipse predicted by Nostradamus.

Before 9/11, the Bush-Cheney administration was being spoken of as "illegitimate" but a bullhorn on rubble put a (supposed) end to the grousing and rumors and "brought us together" -- under Bush, along with the goose-steppers of Congress.

Historically, false flag ops have been shown to be highly effective for mobilizing whole populations, you know.

November 2010 Cometh...

"Democrats vs Republicans" - "libs vs cons" - "blue states vs red" -- all mindsets to keep we-the-people divided against ourselves and thus less potent than we really are. Toss off the shackles of these invented labels...please!

Not that the deck isn't stacked against us for there are few, if any, honest politicians to vote for in any state, and the day grows late...

Jan 8, 2010

Obama and the War Criminals - PuppetGov video

Obama and the War Criminals from PuppetGov on Vimeo.

Well, I wasn't familiar with PuppetGov until this morning and am not certain that all of these clips are chronologically placed or placed in a particular order to support their point. Yet I recommend it for your viewing displeasure (just be sure no children are about when you view for there are a few images you won't want them to see. Some are apparently staged, some look real.)

Why do I post this here? America must identify her demons, face them, and hold them accountable, President Obama, and this video montage outs recent and current actors on the US imperialist stage. Even the things they do in secret are done in Our Name, m'peops, or at least that's what they'd have us believe. Personally I believe they have their own reasons for perpetrating war crimes and it isn't as if they listen to the people about very much else, do they?

Don't invade Iraq. Don't escalate war, Senator Obama, and we'll support you all the way to the Oval Office. Don't torture. Don't bomb innocent women and children. Don't transfer public wealth to private banks. Don't act in secret against our best interests. Don't sell out America to foreign or 'special' interests. Quit the fraudulent 'Ds vs Rs' dividing tactics against us. Stop letting Bilderbergers and their ilk decide who will be president and clean up our election process before you hypocritically pontificate on the elections of other countries.

Give up your satanic idolatries and trances, your secret society memberships which you esteem above service to our nation, and stop basing the US economy on your war profiteering. Cease zealously imposing Christianity - or what you fatuously call 'Christianity' - on people of other faiths who have the same right to choose their faith as you do. Stand up for the people of Palestine even when it irks the Zionists of the Israeli government. Work for and establish peace instead of simply mouthing it as you bomb.

Honor and follow the US Constitution. Take care of Americans with their own tax monies, and stop playing the world's police force.

And give up your hubristic idea that mortal man alone can decide when this world should end. That task belongs to Someone Else, no matter what your self-serving gurus tell you.

Yes, it's an exhausting list of what a majority of the American people have desired but have been denied for decades. Will we-the-people ever learn?

In closing I want to add some astro-notes on the natal Sun Cancer/Moon Aquarius blend upon which our nation was founded and which holds true after all these years.

This Water-Air combo of energies gives we-the-people a humanitarian outlook (see? right there you can tell our national helm has been usurped by those who bomb and torture, then lie about it!) with a tendency to 'mother' the world. Mother the world! We tend to take on other people's burdens too often and meddle way too much.

What a disconnect between the American people and our self-styled, so-called 'leaders'! Yet our emotional hurts and hang-ups fester in the cellar while we avoid dealing with them by living too much in our heads.

We are a private yet gregarious people, able to communicate ideas with much conviction; we-the-people (generally speaking) have a natural Respect for the Rights of All People. Yes, we do! Do you, US government?

(Perhaps if Big Bro weren't so busy collecting useless data on our every phone call, email, and blog post, they would have been able to 'connect the dots' on the 'underwear bomber' and his intentions - info overload, as the Obama administration has admitted. That's if the young man's plot was actually 'missed' rather than allowed to go forward in order to institute more security impositions on the flying public and create yet another mystery funnel for our tax dollars. More restrictions and control timed by our nation's Saturn Return as taskmaster Saturn continues his repeated crossings of US natal Mc - 00Lib53 - in the 'Sibly' chart.)

Yes, Sun Can/Moon AQ has a strong interest in broad social issues while possessing great business instincts, too. And perhaps the blend's 'Images for Integration' will enlighten:

'The world as family...A science museum inside a restored medieval castle...Carl Orff's Carmina Burana...A mother and child skip down the street, arm in arm, to attend the Vision for World Peace charity fete at the park.'

Now I do believe that the American people have always held a 'vision for world peace' but given ongoing and recent actions of the US government (including past administrations) I am now impelled to hope and pray that current leaders will run very fast to catch up with us...for they demonstrate daily that they are woefully and tragically behind.


Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Sep 14, 2009

Do you know who runs the US government?

Do you know the players behind the players in Washington, in other words: WhoRunsGov?

The site went live in January this year and its editor is on C-SPAN's Washington Journal right now. It can be user-edited, too, for adding names and bios, and there's a Policy section to see where various officials stand on issues.

And the site plans to add info on lobbyists - who are these clout-wielding people behind the scenes? (All Americans should appreciate that one!)

My plan is to spend some time on the site and get to know administration officials and their staffers better. But this week, my schedule is all about Art...except for the next post I'm preparing concerning President Obama's speech to Wall Street.

Jul 1, 2009

Creeping round the White House

Wednesday Aternoon Update: found this on Helen Thomas, the repected White House reporter, who voiced her opinion on the White House's set-up questions and 'call-aheads' to alert reporters they'll be asking a question at an Obama presser, or in today's case, at a 'townhall meeting.'

You'll remember Bush's fear of Ms. Thomas who was put in the back row during the Bush-Cheney administration's pressers which often seemed to me to be sneakily embedded with softball questions that were set-up, if not called-ahead.

Above link contains a video of Ms. Thomas' comments which made W-H press secretary Robert Gibbs squirm, along with Chip Reid's complaints. Good.

Original post begins here:

Today NPR is reporting that the Obama administration is making the same argument in court that the Bush-Cheney administration made to keep secret the logs on who visits the White House.

The argument didn't go over well for Bush & Co. so it's a head-scratcher that Team Obama can't come up with a new reason with which to frustrate the American people and their expectation of a much more open government including what's really going on at what's supposedly our White, House.

Putting it down to 'campaign promises are hard to keep' doesn't work for me, does it work for you?

Perhaps they could set up a VIP Back Door For Slick Operators (aka, advisers, consultants, and special interest lobbyists) who come and go freely on the sly with their missions unknown but which have results we-the-people so often end up suffering from and, because of such secrecy, have trouble finding out the true source of our problems (which makes them impossible to repair.)

But let's leave all US sovereignty and Constitution underminers to walk in the Front Door with cameras flashing in their treasonous snoots.

There. I've said it.

Well, I'm still disappointed in the way 'open government' has turned out to be only a campaign promise that sounded at the time too good to be true to my suspicious astrologer's nature - and it was. And it is.

May 9, 2009

Gitmo-ees? Not in my neighborhood: video

How about a little 'Republican' propaganda on video concerning the (apparent) closing of the US internment camp at Guantanamo Bay?

It is a thorny situation, isn't it?