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Feb 13, 2010

America, SCOTUS, corporations, and the Saturn/Pluto square

Waking up in a snowy wonderland this morning I was relieved to find that our power was still on unlike millions of Americans still suffering under Snowpocalypse 2010. The sun's rays are now melting the pile-up but Georgia may have another winter storm system on the way soon, say TV's weather-alert pundits.

Electricity! This means that surfing about the cybersphere is possible, searching out excellent articles for you, lone reader. And look what I found: a Saturn/Pluto Square analysis by master mundane astrologer Jessica Murray in which she synthesizes the difficult energy of the Cardinal Square with the recent Supreme Court decision that has institutionalized the illusion that 'corporations are people too'. Ms. Murray also notes Pluto's current opposition to America's natal Jupiter (morals) as a sign of an amoral corporate plutocracy that has no reason whatsoever to identify with "America's proud First Amendment trip."

As Jessica Murray's article asserts, Monsters have been created, and The Creature from Jekyll Island lives and thrives at our expense while perfectly fulfilling one of the astrological descriptions of Pluto's identity as creature, monster, and non-humanoid.

Now you know G. Edward Griffin's 1994 book, The Creature from Jekyll Island but did you know that a second edition was published in 2009 which takes "A Second Look at the Federal Reserve"?

In 1910, this native Georgian is ashamed to say that (just miles from where I type) the lovely island of Jekyll (where we vacationed for years when I was growing up - little did I know, right?) was the scene for the Rockefeller-Morgan conclave of devils from which issued the formation of the so-called 'Federal' Reserve Bank made 'real' by Congress in Dec 1913. That their plutonic claw is behind the current financial crash, I have no doubt, even if you do.

That money is an illusion is something which the media's often-touted 'lack of confidence' mantra reveals, for if you believe in Tinkerbell, you'll clap your hands and pretend that our capitalist financial system is on the mend and worth saving.

Of course, total global financial collapse is what's supposed to induce us to accept whatever new system they enforce - their heart's desire is the limit and yet they have no hearts!

So do men and women have hearts, consciences, and allegiances? Most of us do, yes.

Do Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Chem, and Big Banks have these things? SCOTUS institutionalized the pretence that they do a mere few weeks ago. And Congress is playing along in collusion with the illusion just as they always do, and as the NWO monsters have planned for many years. Yes, these players wear various hats but all have 'NWO' stamped upon them with Dissolve America on the label.

But the Saturn/Pluto Cardinal Square is not playing at all. Corporations having the 'same status as individuals' is another brick stolen from the foundation of democracy. 'You know it, I know it, and the American people know it', to quote one of their formerly active shills, Bob Dole.

Yet if we indulge in depression over these things, the monster has an even more potent tool to use against us in this, the class warfare I've been grousing and blogging about since 2005. And at the risk of ruffling a feather or two, I think that the haves vs have-nots battle was pretty much okay with most Americans as long as their finances weren't on Pluto's chopping block.

Things do look a little different now, don't they?

1 comment:

clymrla said...

Yes !! corporations being legally considered beings is another brick stolen.
I know that there is revolution in our future but I fear right wing takeover. I am a lefty and I know that we could share much much more and have heaven on earth.
I know that we could give up designing and building more weapons and weapons delivery systems. We could for good god's sake give up all the biological experiments hoping to kill millions of our neighbors without taking on any blame. We could be free of this and I think eventually we will be free although probably not while I am breathing.
In the time I have left I am supporting the impeachment of the ravening corporatists who have taken over the Supreme court in hopes of taking over the entire thing.