Feb 22, 2010

Congress gavels in with Castor rising 2.22.10 + George Washington's natal chart

This afternoon at 2:00 pm est, the US Congress gaveled in after its almost-two-week recess in honor of Presidents Day. If you're like me, no sigh of relief escaped your lips because the pocket-liners were back under the Masonic dome of the Capitol Building but it had to happen, I know, yet what never seems to happen anymore is legislation passed on behalf of the American people.

At 2:00 pm, Capitol Building, the Ascendant degree 18Can15 'brought up' a difficult Fixed Star, Castor 20Can14 (keywords: sudden fame; loss; murder; mental illness; crippling of limbs. - A. Louis.) Brady's Book of Fixed Stars gives Castor's keyphrase as: the intellectual writer, and of course, Castor's twin star, Pollux 23Can13, is soon-to-rise, keywords: danger of disgrace; murder; rape; cruelty; danger from poisons, women, or large animals; good for the occult or for Astrology.

Castor rising may be significant as well because of the upcoming Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 on July 11, 2010 in the 12 South Series which is the Pre-Natal Series of the USA (@ 00Pis33); this timing greatly personalizes the July 2010 Eclipse for America.

12S's flavor is one of 'successful outcomes to long term worries' (B. Brady) - yet there's Saturn's 'long term' influence mentioned, as below. Well, perhaps the Obama stimulus plan will pay off more obviously for our economy during the second half of 2010 as predicted by this administration. I sincerely hope so since my personal list of friends and family experiencing job loss has recently grown longer.

The first US natal planet to rise in today's gaveling-in chart is our Mercury Rx '25Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." I believe this is a reference to the T-Square of the chart between Saturn Rx 3Lib17 at Ic (the Foundation or Basis of the chart and of the congressional session now underway) and the gaveling-in's Mc which implicates the ongoing transit of Saturn to US natal Mc 00Lib53...and more specifically to the T-SQ's apex Pluto.

Normally a Saturn-to-Mc transit should be a time of great accomplishment and recognition for long term efforts (and perhaps it will be before the transit ends - then it's on to America's Saturn Return)...unless Saturnian responsibilities have not been properly addressed. As I stated previously: they have not as of yet.

However, this trasit could be considered part of NWO implementations since the global elite agenda has been a long time coming. The pay-off for the power elite is Saturnian control, but for the rest of us it's Saturnian loss...loss in reputation (10th house = the world stage; public standing/status; and loss of career with massive unemployment. Old Man Saturn likes cutbacks and conservative measures.)

The T-SQ forms a midpoint picture...

Saturn/Mc = Pluto: great demands; a grand struggle ordained by destiny; fear of loss; the need to be in control at all times; great changes in life's conditions; strong repression of your work by others; added willpower to accomplish your goals.

Now any, all, or none of the above may apply and may refer to congressional members, but I suspect that Pluto 5Cap56 in 6th house, apex planet of the T-SQ, is described as well: plutonian string-pulling. I have previously posted on the upcoming Cardinal T-Square which will bedevil the world from Spring 2010 into 2014 but I will repeat some of it now - even though today's T-SQ is a bit different and includes the gaveling-in's Mc: apex Pluto in a Cardinal T-SQ = a private loner who must be in control at all times and willfuly fulfils his (their) ambitions through force, manipulation, or subversive activities; hidden strengths allow ruthless overwhelming of opponents for this high-powered executive position that demands penetrating insights into all crucial operations (of the US Senate and House, it seems.) (Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.)

2:00 pm est today was a Moon Hour (fluctuations; changes; removals; travel) and the Moon 13Gem33 (just barely entered into the 11th house) makes two applying aspects:

1. Moon square Venus 14Pis07 in 9th house (0A34); indicates overindulgences, trouble with women, and/or a lack of self-control;

2. Moon trine Mercury 18AQ45 in 8th house (5A11); indicates restlessness, purposeful travel, and/or charming verbal abilities which may mask deceptions.

Then at 6:30 pm this evening, congressional members are meant to show up for the start of voting on what was discussed earlier today, so I'll check out the chart for 6:30 pm est, and if I find anything of particular interest, it will be reported here.

Until then, you may be interested in a fresh post just published on one of my other blogs Jude's Threshold which concerns Greece's financial crisis and the possibility of its spreading to other EU nations:

Can EU Cope with a National Bankruptcy?

Oh! And Happy 278th Birthday to George Washington, our archetypal first president. I seriously doubt that Freemason George would much care for what the US Congress, its Wall Street buds, and other corporate special interests have done with the place, don't you?

Here you may view George Washington's natal chart from 1732 along with a few notes, if you wish. And be sure to Click chart to enlarge.

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