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Oct 10, 2019

Are We Waiting for the Empire to End or Witnessing It?

"The New Rome - America, the Reluctant Empire

When the annals of the United States are written, its transition from republic to empire is likely to warrant special attention."

So says a page I had lost track of but re-discovered last evening titled, The Empire Never Ended. On the page there are several sections and topics which provide quite an overview of empires (Roman, American, Ottoman, etc), plus, the imperial eagle, the Vatican, the American Revolution, the hill called 'Rome' that Freemason George Washington selected for the site of Washington DC ('Jenkins Heights' by then), Master Mason George and his habitual cornerstone laying, occult doctrines of the Nazis, NATO (more than meets the usual eye), the fall of the USSR, the cuss'ed 'new world order', and much more. Tragically, such topics and events have cycled 'round again as history in the New Millennium rhymes disturbingly with past events which may be viewed through and influenced by eclipses. Meanwhile, socio-pathic, anti-democracy saboteurs and global criminals lurk in the White House and on Capitol Hill, brazenly defying principles, traditions, and the established laws of our nation. It's now use it or lose it time, my fellow Americans.

However, we know that there are larger forces at work and it seems our nation has come down to Norvus Ordo Seclorum 1776 -- __?__. Well, perhaps one cosmic timing shall appear via another Great American Eclipse in 2024. Or not. You decide. If you can. Because I'd rather not. If it's all the same.

Yet be that as it may or may not be, the page cites two books long inhabiting my bookcase, and I find much of the information on 'The Empire Never Ended' page intriguing although you may choose to disagree. Even so, I want to give both hapless and on-purpose readers of SO'W (newbies! regulars!) a heads-up on some very interesting information for the curious reader who dares check out such a page of thought-provoking content. And remember--I don't personally have to agree with other people's content (or not with all of it) in order to pass the content on to you for your consideration.

And in case you're wondering, the two books cited on the page are David Ovason's The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital and Michael Howard's The Occult Conspiracy, both classics of the genre.

Now here's a closely related post from August 2010 (when we were both much younger), Washington DC a 'New Rome'? Altair the Eagle says, Yes which includes a dual image of two horoscopes showing a cosmic picture of a major change to America's presidential inaugurations established by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt - between his 1st 1933 Inauguration with Sun (POTUS) @13Pis41 (conjunct Achernar: risk of rapid endings; crisis) and his 2nd 1937 Inauguration with Sun (POTUS) @00AQ15 (conjunct Altair the Eagle: boldness--and symbol of imperial empires, as we were discussing). Plus, on March 4, 1933 in Washington DC, 00Can26 arose at noon est (a Cardinal World Point of manifestation, recognition, fame, and fortune--ruled by the Moon: We The People) but on January 20, 1937, 13Tau19 (materialistic money sign, Taurus) peeked over the horizon as the Oath of Office was taken by Freemason FDR and apparently pagan goddess Venus took over the Venusian Oval Office and the US presidency--if she hadn't had an all-access pass already.

And in case you're curious, radical Uranus in the 1937 horoscope clocked in @5Tau38 so we know that with transit Uranus now in early Taurus, we've had two recent Uranus Returns to that degree, horoscope, and presidency--with a final one to go:

1. June 23, 2019; 2. October 1, 2019; and 3. April 9, 2020.

So yes, many Trumpish things have been groan-worthy enough this year with negative reforms forced upon and against us by a variety of predators but it's that last return we must watch out for now particularly considering that its Syzygy Moon, a Full Moon @18Lib43 on April 7, 2020, conjoins and spotlights the greedy, trouble-making, boundary-breaking natal Jupiter of Donald Trump (@18Lib27). And for background vibes, the third return's Prenatal Solar Eclipse is the December 26th 'Christmas Eclipse' of 2019 @4Cap04 in the 3 South Saros Series with its themes of 'traumatic transformation' and 'sudden endings' (Brady). There we are assured that certain conditions and events will proceed from 2019 into 2020; meanwhile, a majority of Americans and decent people everywhere fervently desire to be rid of the bad rubbish in one way or another that is the faithless mobster inhabiting the White House.

And rounding up 18Lib27 to '19Libra' we have his Jupiter's Sabian Symbol: "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" with the negative expression of, "abnormal distrust of everything worthwhile" (Jones).

Yes, Trump works and tweets hard attempting to infect everyone with his distrust but let's not let him. Shall we not?

Sep 18, 2019

Sept 18, 2019: 226 Years Ago the Capitol Cornerstone Laid

After yesterday's circus theatrics and stonewalling before the House Judiciary Committee one is tempted to wonder if the United States Capitol Building remains standing on Capitol Hill where George Washington put it. Well, though its foundation may be somewhat shaken, it still stands even as the power of Congress over a rebellious Executive Branch is in question. For after all, the temple-like building is all of 226 years old if we count its genesis from the Laying of the Cornerstone by Freemason George Washington and his brothers in Masonic ceremony (bros from Lodges No.22 Virginia and No.9 Maryland). Their solemn procession gathered in Alexandria at 10:00 am LMT, crossed the river, and must have reached Jenkins Heights (aka, Jenkins Hill) around lunch time or thereabouts, give or take.

The symbolic founding horoscope I use for the US Capitol Building is set for 10:53 am LMT September 18, 1793 when expansive, freedom-loving, protective Jupiter @27Scorpio peeked over the horizon; The Sun, Mercury, and North Node were in Virgo which is typically a prominent sign in any horoscope dealing with the founding of Washington DC and is highly important in Freemasonry symbolism with its wheat shaft, the goddess/Virgin, and 'widow's son' implications along with Ceres, an asteroid of nurturing that is sometimes used to represent democracy. Yes, there are goddess archetypes galore across Washington DC, Zodiacs and horoscopes, too.

Actually, in December 2017 I posted on the Laying of the US Capitol Cornerstone with a little Astrology added for good measure (see The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason for more details). Or as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, and the others must have called it, Sacred Geometry.

So here's wishing a Happy 226th Anniversary, US Capitol Building! But in future, please figure out a way for your proceedings to do without the infiltrators and saboteurs currently undermining your very foundation.


Your friend,

A Child of the Revolution.

Apr 26, 2019

America's Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence - clip

April 24, 2019: Does the founding of America no longer belong to We The People? Here's an interesting presentation from Truthstream Media:

My personal opinion is that my Revolutionary ancestors who risked their lives and fortunes to help set up the place would not appreciate this 're-branding' of our nation at all. What do you think?

Nov 30, 2018

Our Federal City's Upcoming Progressed Full Moon

Image: dual horoscopes of the Masonic Cornerstone-Laying by George Washington who, with his Masonic brethren, founded our Federal City April 21, 1791 3:30 pm LMT (Ellicott) and the same horoscope's Secondary Progressed Full Moon which perfects on January 10, 2024 @18Gem33 at 2:00:35 pm est; basic details and more are penned upon the charts:

Plus, you'll find brief details concerning the Federal City 1791 horoscope in a 2015 Obama-era SO'W post if you care for a peek. Of course I had no 'Trump' in mind in early 2015 when I typed the post, yet Trump's natal 10th house Sun-NN-Uranus trio perches saucily atop the Midheaven of the 1791 chart (MC 22Gem58) along with US natal Mars just as 1791 Jupiter in Virgo rises (3:30 pm selected by the Masons because Jupiter in Virgo was rising) along with America's natal Neptune. 1791 Jupiter conjunct US natal Neptune (1776) in our era suggests pretense and illusion as the Federal City was founded--or, inspiration and the grand spirit. Yet the Founding Fathers of 1776 and 1791 were apparently unaware of the existence of far away planet Neptune with its potentials in Astrology for delusion, deception, fraud, dissolution, and its basic urge to merge.

Now naturally, your eagle eye spies a YOD pattern, too, between the 1791 Mars-Pluto sextile pointing to the rising Jupiter and Ascendant (and US natal Neptune) although Neptune and Pluto were unknown in 1791. YODs suggest turning points, crossroads, special tasks, or crises for Washington DC in relation to ideals, finances, promotion of ideas (spreading democracy? propaganda, media), expansion, growth, and/or exploration. Plus, this is a Jupiter-square-US-Mars transit denoting a period when moderation is needed, too much force may be used, rash actions can create more problems, and overestimation of strength or ability often occurs. In addition, a heady whiff of America's Jupiterian 'Manifest Destiny' may be noticed.

So each time since 1791 that transit Jupiter has returned to its 1791 degree, the Federal City's Mars-Pluto YOD has been re-activated, plus, other transiting planets and progressions have had their effects as well. The last/current Jupiter Return to 22Vir38 is a three-fer due to retrogradation; the exact conjunctions perfected on December 19, 2015, January 27, 2016, and August 3, 2016--reminding us of Donald Trump riding his escalator down from on-high (June 2015), paying an audience of actors to applaud his prez bid, campaigning ad nauseum (ongoing), and on November 8, 2016 being selected by the Electoral College to play the POTUS role against all common sense. For those of us attempting to ignore the recent and ongoing chaos he thrives upon and his dismantling of our traditions and institutions which he has apparently been plopped in the Oval Office in order to perpetrate, Wikipedia keeps a handy list of the Events of 2016 for our reviewing pleasure; of course, 2015 events are available there as well.

Eclipse watchers might wish to consider the solar eclipse themes of 2024 of which there are two: April 8th @19Aries in the 8 North Saros Series (prophetic visions, dreams, hunches), and October 2nd @10Libra (conjunct the 2024 SP Full Moon's North Node!) in the 8 South series (separation and loss; physical injury is possible; over-straining of one's strength--Brady).

And if we read the planets of the Federal City's YOD as midpoint pictures, we have potentials for: Mars-Pluto = Jupiter: the big plan comes into focus (Utopian America, aka, the New Atlantis!); making things happen (a capital city); Mars-Pluto = ASC: showing the hero image; the fighter who dares the impossible; and Mars-Pluto = US natal Neptune: cunning strategies; subterfuge; plotting rebellion (Solar Arcs, Noel Tyl).

These potentials all sound like my former Federal City of residence to me.

Now here's a very much related previous post concerning associated topics: In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington.

Dec 2, 2017

In Tribute to Master Mason George Washington

Have you ever visited the George Washington Masonic Memorial in Alexandria, Virginia? Its basic design or shape is 'obelisk' and it is intended to evoke the famous Lighthouse at Alexandria Egypt, a factoid that ties right in with the Freemasonry so revered by General Washington, Master of Alexandria Lodge #22. As you know, the Lighthouse at Alexandria is one of The Seven Wonders of the World. Such symbols hint of the possible involvement of other secret societies though those of today may be newly invented or are offshoots of older organizations. As we all have noticed, whatever virtuous character these networks think they possess they may not and most Americans realize this when considering how America's Ship of State has been helmed through the years--in misguided, perverted directions, no longer under the inspiration of America's original founding principles.

And as Thomas Jefferson said of George Washington, "The moderation and virtue of a single character probably prevented this revolution from being closed, as most others have been, by a subversion of the liberty it was intended to establish."

Admirable! And yet the power-grabbing egomaniacs in the White House and frequenting its environs today have no intention of following the George Washington model of leadership, or of heeding his warning for the future. With perverted consciences, they pursue ravenously all they desire while the sabotage of our country goes flagrantly on, our freedoms unjustly looted away. Thinking the American People divided beyond repair, their brazenness increases and yet a reckoning is coming. How long will biological and philosophical descendants of the American Revolution allow the dismantling of our nation before stopping in its tracks the sabotage by the infiltrators?

Here's George Washington in Masonic apron now leading the Masonic ceremony that laid the Capitol Building cornerstone (or, possibly the first foundation stone instead because he's standing in a trench) on September 18, 1793 with transit Saturn conjunct Washington's natal Ascendant (18Tau28 = '19Taurus': "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean") and Washington's natal Uranus @10Sag03 rising ('11Sag': "In the Left Section Of An Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns in A Container Shaped Like a Human Body") a few minutes 'after mid-day':

For more astro-notes on George Washington and his era check out these related posts:

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*Timing of this ceremony from The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason.

Jan 5, 2017

Washington DC's Secret Symbolism: From Past to Future

Can Washington DC's Past Inform Our Nation's Future?

by Jude Cowell

Did you know there's a website containing curious facts concerning our capital city and its monuments, particularly the phallic obelisk, the Washington Monument? Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets (#ad) reveals some of the past machinations of our Masonic Founding Fathers and their contemporaries who designed Egyptian, Roman, and Greek tributes and symbols that were purposefully built into the city's architecture and monuments.

This could be a fascinating topic for US History buffs who wish to see below the surface of the time-honored myths associated with America's Founders, with Washington DC's construction, and with the beginnings and continuance of the US government these 241 years. The Founders' esoteric leanings seem especially a timely study in my opinion since the continuance of the US government is more in question now than ever before for we face a questionable, nontraditional regime of a chaotic, ham-fisted Trump administration and its lack of a mandate from We the People.

Predictably, Sun worship plays a major role, of course, and we've see this plainly in our 'cult of personality' presidencies through the decades, with Trump no exception (Campaign 2016 was all about his 'character' and 'temperament'). What isn't widely appreciated is how US Constitution Day, September 17th, plays into the solar idolatry with the Sun seeming to pause atop the Washington Monument at 6:43 pm each year--on September 17th. Here, as in Freemasonic rituals, there are death and rebirth themes laced underneath the surface and even the blood and sacrifice of the Civil War are part of the picture as is the assassination of President Lincoln--and the positioning of his Memorial (1914--1922). Stand at the bottom of its steps on a certain date (April 9th), look toward the Reflecting Pool, and at 7:38 am you'll see the same solar performance as the Sun 'sits' atop the Washington Monument.

Coincidental? Puh!

Now I'm not certain the website linked above mentions it so I will...the star that the Washington Monument points to in the heavens is Porrima, a star of fertility--and of prophecy. Yet isn't it curious that our first Masonic president, George Washington, known as the 'Father of Our Country', never generated natural children of his own? At least, as far as I know! This infertility may have been caused by an early case of smallpox, if memory serves, but still...he was, they say, a good dancer (natal Sun in creative Pisces, ruler of feet)!

Now there are other curious facts concerning our nation and its purpose and you can probably think of them on your own but I do hope you'll visit the website I mention (buy the book or not! I did so it's on my shelf as I type) if you haven't, and perhaps you might ponder the facts of the mysterious case we call the United States of America and divine what our nation's ultimate destiny is meant to be--especially with such a presidency appearing on the future dance card of We The People.

Feb 10, 2016

Rule by Corporate Democrats timed by Carter Inauguration 1977 (horoscope)

Thoughts on Corporate Democrats and Three US Presidencies

by Jude Cowell

Don't be fooled! The following post concerns the ideological competition between 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton (funded by banks and other corporate interests) and Bernie Sanders (funded by We the People), who represent two wings of the Democratic Party. The Establishment/corporate wing focuses our resources upon global conquest and occupation that leads to Global Government while the Democratic Socialist/Progressive wing of Senator Sanders focuses on the needs and desires of the American people. Charity, as they say, begins at home yet Washington and the Pentagon have already caused a massive and dire need for charity here and across the nations via the racket of perpetual war and mayhem. And it's ugly to say, but depopulation is a corporate goal as well.

Year 1977: a New President Is Inaugurated, the Capitol's East Portico Is Abandoned, and Chiron the Centaur Is Discovered: Christ Consciousness of a Christian Commander-in-Chief

Now if you wish, check out a video of 39th President Jimmy Carter's Inauguration Address on YouTube where he emphasizes taking the Oath of Office on the family Bible his mother gave him and with the same Bible used by Freemason George Washington at his swearing in of 1789 (see chart, below; the Masonic Bible was in the care of St. John Lodge No. 1 in 1977). And of course, General Washington was of the Hamilton Central Bank persuasion which invited the corporate fox into the hen house, ginned up since December 1913 when Congress surreptitiously passed the Federal Reserve Act and gifted our legislative branch of government to a bunch of international bankers.

For your convenience, Washington's April 30, 1789 Inauguration Horoscope is shown, below, with my original scribbles and a link to more details. Note 1789's YOD pattern (special purpose; turning point which is notated on the image, upper right: Saturn-MC = Neptune: 'formal roles imposed on the executive branch' (Munkasey) peculiar circumstances (Ebertin); feeling fearful (Tyl). The Saturn-MC combo denotes important people--those we might call VIPs.

(VIP George Washington was a Star Family fellow of the Enochian (priestly) persuasion which accounts somewhat for his promotion to godlike status.)

You may wish to read more information on Jimmy Carter's 1977 Inauguration Wiki page where you'll find details such as the Bible verse that he featured, Micah 6:8: "He hath shown thee, O man, what is good and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." The presidency and life of Jimmy Carter may evoke this verse yet tragically America is overly and expansively Jupiterian and our government seldom if ever admits mistake, falsehood, injustice, or defeat. As you know, Jupiter (Zeus) was a god king in Mythology and there was a huge statue created of George Washington as 'Zeus' plus, the US Capitol Dome depicts The Apotheosis of George Washington--into divinity on high with the other 'gods' and symbols. Hopefully, Jupiter-Zeus isn't the 'god' Jimmy Carter refers to in spite of his inaugural links to Freemason George Washington. And here is the full text of Carter's "faith in the old dream" Inaugural Address of 1977, America's cult of personality notwithstanding. My fret is that the 'old dream' he lauds is a reference to Plato's Ideal, the Utopian Atlantis.

Now you know that the corporate Democratic Party of President Bill Clinton gave America such job-killers as NAFTA but Democrats began their drive toward Corporate Globalism and the Party's financial issues it solved under Jimmy Carter which is why I'm posting his Inauguration 1977 Horoscope. Will hints of the change to Corporatism show in the Inauguration horoscope of this Democratic president? Let's take a look:

Image: Carter Inauguration January 20, 1977 12:00 pm est Capitol Building East Portico Washington DC

The planet of bankers, investors, and Corporatism rises in first house denoting Jupiter in money sign Taurus as an early issue he deal with and there's Mars @14Cap50 (in the 9th house of Foreigners) aiding financial issues by trining Jupiter. Simultaneously, Jupiter rules the 8th house of Corporatism and Shared Resources while the 8th cusp shows fraudulent yet divienly inspired Neptune (ruled by Jupiter!) on the cusp but inside the 8th house. Asteroid Tisiphone is traveling with veiling Neptune and indicates retaliation of some kind. How much did you say we paid Tehran to release our hostages?

In addition, US natal Pluto @27Cap33 is at the MC (the Goal Point) as usual since 1937 when January 20th became our Inauguration date, and 1977 Pluto in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (Military, Police, and Civil) conjoins US natal Saturn (14Lib48), a time when structures and traditions are seriously altered by current circumstances and the past returns to haunt especially in the realms of power and control. Seems that Pluto's secret cave of hidden treasure was brought to Capitol Hill on the Democratic side of the aisle if this 'corporate turning point' theory is correct and can be timed by Inauguration 1977. Another chart factor about Pluto is that he is at the apex of a midpoint picture with the Socialism-Capitalism-Marxism/invisible-government pair, Saturn-Neptune denoting potentials such as: denial of guilt by the guilty, fear of loss (Tyl), and new ideas about historical theories (Munkasey.) I can think of one: why should the Republicans be the only politicians benefiting from corporate largess?

Now of course there is so much more to say about the 1977 Horoscope but I count on your eagle eye to spot pertinent factors for yourself. Does a corporate take-over of the Democratic Party show in this chart? For me it does and at the least, the timing and the event cannot be ruled out. So let's close this segment with Inauguration 1977's humanitarian Sun AQ-Moon AQ blend, a double Air combination of conscious mind + the unconscious energies. It is shared natally by President William McKinley and if you look upper right you can read one of the blend's 'Images for Integration': "The living, breathing entity we call society (the Harveys).

Also notated there on the chart is a famous quote about politics by President McKinley which I shall add here:

"Our differences are politics. Our agreements, principles."

How tiresome are Washington DC's political antics and charades? The American public must be totally exhausted for Campaign 2016 is now topped with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and both can fulfill Venus' someone different requirement on November 8th!

A Long-Held Tradition: President Carter's Diplomatic Triumph

As you know, the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel are together generally touted as a major achievement of President Jimmy Carter's administration. Although the Accords (plural) were signed in two phases it's the September 18, 1978 announcement to a Joint Session of Congress that resonates with a significant event in US history: the ceremonial laying of the Capitol Building cornerstone (the building in which Carter's announcement was made) on September 18, 1793. Synchronized Freemason stuff meant to 'time link' them together? Possibly, or to suggest that the 1787 and 1978 signings were of the same ilk and historical importance? Well, through the years both events and their results have been undermined by opponents, haven't they?


As Lenin asserted, "Fascism Is Capitalism in Decay", and, "One cannot be a revolutionary Social–Democrat without participating, according to one’s powers, in developing this theory [Marxism], and adapting it to changed conditions." So an adapted Marxism is the goal of America's Saturn-Neptune snugged around our Midheaven (Goal Point) of 1776?


US Inauguration Number One: the American Presidential Pattern Is Invented

My original astro-notes concerning this horoscope and event are found at Jude's Threshold (sans edits!)

Nov 28, 2015

4 Weird Things about the Washington Monument - video

This from the Stuff They Don't Want You to Know guys:

Do you know that the Washington Monument was constructed pointing to a particular star in the heavens that denotes fertility? Considering the obviously phallic intention of choosing an obelisk to commemorate our first official president and the prominence of feminine symbols around the city such as Virgo the Virgin, Columbia, and other Venusian archetypes (even the 'Oval office' shaped like the Cosmic Egg: fertility), DC is saturated with pagan Mars-Venus vibes of the hubba hubba variety--yet George never fathered a child of his own! Just a new nation in a new world--a 'new world order' circa 1776.

A fertility star, George as obelisk and 'Father of our Country' plus DC's abundant feminine symbology remind me of the controversial film Birth of a Nation. The film is a good example of how the power elite subliminally affect our perceptions via Hollywood. But instead of the awful film which is 3 hours long, how about an 8-minute analysis of Birth of a Nation? See below.

Related to Washington's esoteric monument dedicated to Freemason George Washington is a video, part 1 of Sacred Geometry Explained. The post includes a link to an intriguing site Washington DC's Chamber of Secrets.

Film analysis by Gordon Briggs:

Aug 15, 2015

August 15, 2015: What's New at Stars Over Washington!

Yes, that's a new logo and image you see at the top of the page. You can hardly miss it, can you? The night sky is cloudy so the stars are hidden and so far, the image has yet to display on my phone so I'm reserving my opinion for now and may remove the image eventually. Plus, if I had the tech skills, I probably would have created an image with the three stars that are reflected by the Federal Triangle (as originally planned by Pierre L'Enfant): Spica for the Washington Monument as it points toward earth in the Reflecting Pool below--the Hermetic As above, So Below model that our Founding secret society members were completely aware of; royal Regulus for the Masonic temple we call the Capitol Building (and thus, the US Congress), and Arcturus representing the White House.

And perhaps it would be even more descriptive to include starry Porrima above our national phallic symbol, the Washington Monument, since Porrima is the 'star of prophecy' and the 'goddess' the ladies prayed to in olden days to assure fertility and safe childbirth. Curious how Freemason George, The Father of Our Country to whom the monumental obelisk is dedicated, never fathered natural children of his own (that we know of--there is some controversy there.)

As a curiosity, let us add here the Sabian Symbol for '19 Taurus', George Washington's natal Ascendant (the Self point, the physical body, etc): "A New Continent Rising Out of the Ocean" which speaks of the mind being emptied and light purifying the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations...a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality, "the Virgin SPACE." (Rudhyar.) "Keynote: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis"...SPONTANEITY" which means "to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor." Well, the Founders and subsequent Masons did deify George Washington as a purified solar god which the Egyptian obelisk represents as a symbol of Ra. As you know, constellation VIRGO the Virgin (Isis-Mary-Columbia, etc) and its stars are found all over the Venusian city of Washington DC!

And what of Porrima? If the Washington Monument pointing toward this star-goddess was intended by the Founders to vouchsafe the birth and establishment of America, the Utopian, Baconian 'New Atlantis' on a new continent, the Founders and designers of the Federal City of Washington, District of Columbia have been successful these 239 years and counting though their far-sighted 'experiment' based on an ancient ideal of perfection (via Plato and before) seems in 2015 to be under more threat than ever by Utopian usurpers and fanatics (Uranus in Aries--Ebertin) who are determined to crash America as the 'old order' of 1776 and establish a 'new world order' that no population in the world could prefer nearly as much as a nation based on independence, freedom, and equality--imperfect as it has been and ever a work in progress.

Yet to my mind, that's what we get whenever and wherever mankind is involved...imperfection, and it's tragic how this natural fact runs completely counter to the Utopian 'Illuminati' scheme of a 'new world order' which upholds tenets of the Age of Reason--the Enlightenment--in which man allegedly needs no laws (chaos) and can evolve toward a perfect condition all by himself...with Science leading the way!

To which yours truly can only sputter, puh! to the misguided knaves and death-worshiping fools.


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For more posts with similar topics type a keyword or words into the sidebar Search field--examples: Regulus, fixed stars, Washington DC, etc.

Mar 8, 2015

"William Cooper: the Saturn Agenda" (and Cornwallis v Washington)

Well, this explains a lot about the true nature of the British-American relationship as related by General Cornwallis to George Washington 'back in the day', as they say:


Cornwallis "surrendered", did he? At an hour elected by General Washington? Perhaps our first official president refused the title of 'king' for reasons other than historically stated and promoted so gloriously to the American public! As 'king of America' he would have been something of a a rival to the British monarchy, wouldn't he? Washington had a biological heritage of English nobility after all (see link, below.)

As blogged many times here and elsewhere, the modern-day conjunction of Enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune in 1993 (overseen by Bill Clinton) is at the core of much of their 'vision' of America's role in history with the conjunction's Sabian Symbol (18 Capricorn) revealing a tale of "POLITICAL POWER, its values and its dangers" as The Union Jack Flag Flies from a British Warship. Alas, this power can be easily misused under the pretext of preserving "law and order". Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence--or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage."

(An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhar.)

Now as a Capricorn I have nothing personally against law and order when fairly and decently meted out but how many times through the years have you heard an American politician say (or hide behind as an excuse for shadiness) "the rule of law"? The phrase sounds so very....Brit-laced, doesn't it? Magna Carta notwithstanding.

Here is a previously published horoscope of the Surrender of Cornwallis and the British Army to General Washington and the Continental Army, a tableau of convenience for both sides; as noted above, the hour of 11:00 am LMT is said to have been elected by General Washington, Master Freemason--and note that this shows Inauguration 2009 to have been a Lunar Return to this "surrender" Moon position at '30 Scorpio'..."A Halloween Jester":

As you see, the heroic Sun (and the separative South Node) and veiling Neptune (then officially undiscovered) surround the MC, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart and of the event. Sun-Neptune energies combined relate to hidden identities and secret purposes. US natal Saturn conjoins MC so apparently some if not all Continental Congress members were in on the charade. America's 'cult of personality' first established by the Washington presidency is well recognized with subsequent commanders-in-chief being idolized--or denigrated for selfish advantage by opposing political parties--since the nation's founding. Personally, as an American and Child of the Revolution, I find all the deceit tiring and burdensome and the pedestal-crumbling a pathetic diversionary tactic to disguise the reality of our national character and our stark condition of total dependency upon the quixotic whims of the 'mother country'.

But that's probably just me. Or astrologically it may be wealthy, powerful manipulator Pluto of the Invisible Cape being out-of-bounds in 1776 and even then pulling strings from abroad--like a pope, a monarch, a saboteur, and head of a secret society would do.

For information concerning the ancient heritage of George Washington, try this.

#Saturn #GeorgeWashington #GeneralCornwallis #UShistory #SecretAgenda #ManifestDestiny #Britain #America #SabianSymbols #DaneRudhyar #CityOfLondon

Jan 4, 2015

Horoscope: Founding of the Federal City (DC) 1791

Image: Founding via Masonic cornerstone ceremony of the Federal City, now Washington DC, April 21, 1791 " precisely 3:30 pm" (Ellicott) when Jupiter Rx @22Vir38 was rising along with America's natal Neptune (which veils President Obama's natal Mars).

Mercury-ruled Virgo, sign of The Virgin, is a prominently emphasized Zodiac sign and constellation across the District of Columbia and appears in horoscopes of various cornerstone laying ceremonies of buildings and monuments across the city including that of the executive mansion (lodge) we now call the White House.

In the horoscope, chart-ruler (and goal-oriented Midheaven-ruler) Mercury makes no major applying aspects to other planets so its sign, house, and degree are spotlighted (10Tau32 in the occult 8th house conjunct star Menkar...victim of the unconscious and associated with Cetus the Whale). Please enlarge the image to read a few basic chart factors for they are not discussed here.

If we look to the stars of the ancient constellation Virgo for clues to the nature of our capital city, we find that the Virgin was called Demeter by the Greeks, Ceres by the Romans, and on April 21, 1791, the Sun @1Tau37 (8th house) conjoined asteroid Ceres, goddess of the harvest. Spica is the alpha star of Virgo, and is represented in the Federal Triangle by the phallic Washington Monument, part of the Founders' Solar Cult in which George Washington was allegedly deified.

Spica ('the spike') is linked with the wheat sheaf in the hand of the goddess (our Founders were pagan goddess worshippers as you may know by now!) and was considered a symbol of her gifts to mankind of harvest, bounty, knowledge and wise insights. That's supposedly George all over according to his contemporaries.

Of course there is much more to say concerning this horoscope, the circumstances in 1791, and the stars and planets thereof but I shall leave you to be curious enough to check things out for yourself--if indeed you are curious at all.

Recommended reading: David Ovason's The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital.#ad

Oct 13, 2014

"10 fascinating facts on the White House’s 222nd anniversary"

Here are 10 fascinating facts on the White House's 222nd anniversary:

But you'll find no mention of the Executive Mansion as the White Masonic Lodge that it is other than indirectly due to its 'missing' cornerstone ceremoniously laid in 1792 by Freemasons. And it's the one house in America where we know George Washington never slept!

Jul 4, 2014

Laid by the Stars: the District of Columbia Boundary Stones

District of Columbia Boundary Stones Laid According to Six Stars

by Jude Cowell

From moseying around on my Kindle Fire today I discovered an excellent resource concerning the laying of the District of Columbia boundary stones on the land that President George Washington selected (former surveyor as he was.)

Now if this Southerner and former resident of Washington DC were a Yankee Doodle Dandy, I'd be touting a macaroni feather in my cap about now! Yet, alas, I am only a Georgia native who misses residing in the capital city for its history, grace, and beauty. But not for its Politics, as you may imagine, especially since they reach far and wide and seem these days to muck up pretty much everything, don't they?

The Residency Act of July 16, 1790 (amended March 3, 1791) gave President Washington the authority to select a site for the national capital on the Potomac River between Alexandria, VA and Williamsport, MD. He chose the southernmost location within those limits so that all of the 4th largest port of the country at that time, the present-day Old Town Alexandria, would be included.

The area was platted by professional surveyor Major Andrew Ellicott who began on February 12, 1791 (astrological details below). He hired Benjamin Banneker, an "...astronomer and mathematician from Maryland to make the astronomical observations and calculations necessary to establish the south corner of the Square at Jones Point" (Alexandria, VA.)

Astrologers easily recognize the usual vagueness of calling Banneker only an "astronomer and mathematician" although of course he was those as well as an almanac publisher. However, Freemasons and their traditional use of Sacred Geometry is obviously described here. Washington, a highly positioned Freemason, was well aware of astrological principles, too (George 'elected' the hour of Cornwallis' surrender) as did Jefferson, Franklin, and other Founders.

Below is an excerpt from the website which may delight most of the astrologers I know (six stars!) especially those of the Mundane Astrology persuasion. The website's link follows the excerpt if you wish more information which includes photos of the stone relics. Most of the 40 stones are still visible--the D.A.R. located and surrounded them with metal fences some years ago in a valiant effort to protect them. There's also a link to an early newspaper article describing the boundary stones' condition at that time and much more:

"Banneker fixed the position of the first stone by lying on his back to find the exact starting point for the survey...and plotting six stars as they crossed his spot at a particular time of night." From there, Ellicott's team embarked on a 40-mile journey, surveying ten-mile lines first to the northwest, then the northeast, next southeast, and finally southwest back to the starting point, clearing twenty feet of land on each side of the boundary.

The Alexandria Masonic Lodge placed a stone at the south corner on April 15, 1791, in ceremonies attended by Ellicott, federal district commissioners Daniel Carroll and David Stuart, and other dignitaries. Other stones, made of Aquia Creek sandstone, were placed at one-mile intervals along the boundaries, resulting in 40 stones total. On each stone, the side facing the District of Columbia displayed the inscription "Jurisdiction of the United States" and a mile number. The opposite side said either "Virginia" or "Maryland," as appropriate. The third and fourth sides displayed the year in which the stone was placed (1791 for the 14 Virginia stones and 1792 for the 26 Maryland stones) and the magnetic compass variance at that place. Stones along the northwest Maryland boundary also displayed the number of miles they fell from NW4, the first stone placed in Maryland. Stones placed at intervals of more than a mile included that extra distance measured in poles.

For further reading I'll hope on this historical topic you'll visit forthwith.

However, the Astrology of April 15, 1791 Jones' Point, Virginia must be addressed later in a fresh post. Meanwhile, you may be interested to note that the DC website of the D.A.R states that "The south cornerstone was ceremoniously laid at Jones' Point on April 15, 1791." Later on we'll look at a few astrological indicators for that date as a speculative natal chart for the District of Columbia. Since no mention of an hour has been found, the chart has been set up for 'noon' LMT though of course a morning hour may be closer to the true time of such a somber and important (Masonic) ceremony that lays the foundation of the Utopian capital of the New Nation in the New World: "E Pluribus Unum". Play around with the horoscope if you like and we'll hopefully discuss it soon.

Another discovery I made today is the Twitter handle of a brother-sister duo who 'walked the diamond' surrounding the District and I decided to Follow them...@walkthediamond. Why not fill your water bottle and join in?

Sep 27, 2013

Sept 27, 2013: George Washington Library opens w Neptune to natal Sun

September 27, 2013 Mt. Vernon, New York 11:00 am edt

Today's opening ceremony of the long-awaited George Washington Library at Mt. Vernon has as its keynote speaker noted historian and author David McCullough and a host of VIPs in attendance.

Looking at the horoscope set for that hour and place, we find General Washington's natal Mars @23Sco13 rising, an apt cosmic picture of the man and his country. For more synchronicity we may consider the Sabian Symbol of today's position of rebellious Uranus @10Ari46 Rx...'11Aries' = "The President of the Country" and of course, George Washington remains America's archetypal image of that societal role.

America's natal 12th cusp also rises at 11:00 am with its areas of Politics, Back Room Deals, Large Institutions, Karma, Secret Enemies, and Self-Undoing in the mix.

The establishment of a presidential library to house and preserve Washington's papers is overdue and is set up as a major resource for scholars and students of American history with its contents available online. George Washington dreamed of this, and now, thanks to private donations, his dream becomes a reality today.

Many myths have been fed the American public through the centuries concerning George Washington so will access to his papers (which includes the first Acts of Congress, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights--serve to clear up the illusions we have about him? Or will the solar cult of personality remain intact?

Silver-Screened Neptune Reflects His Image

Perhaps the current position of transiting Neptune Rx will lead to a better understanding of our Founding Father and his goals, but uh-oh! Today's Neptune @3Pis09 sits upon--some would say, masks--Washington natal Sun @3Pis19 in his 11th house of Groups, Associations, Hopes, and Wishes. His 'dream' (Neptune) is being spotlighted (Sun) today but will his holier-than-thou legend survive?

When watery Neptune floats across one's natal Sun, backs up and hits it again, it's a period when the individual's ego and 'Hero's Journey' is only hazily in focus. However, the motivation behind the founding of the library does emphasize Washington's life and goals but, as with us all, may be based on misguided or unrealistic notions--or, Neptune-to-natal-Sun describes the General's motivation many of which were inspired by Freemasonry values which makes his natal Sun in mystical, secretive Pisces, a sign sub-ruled by Neptune, quite difficult if not impossible to pin down.

Perhaps a continuation of the Washington Myth is the point.

(You've seen the image of George Washington wearing his Masonic apron, right? He owned two which are on display in a Masonic museum. Plus, cornerstones of Washington DC buildings were laid as part of Masonic ceremonies so is that the case with today's dedication of the George Washington Library?)

For me it will be interesting to see the results of various attempts by scholars and students to ferret out dependable information concerning our mystical Founding Father George Washington, who wasn't actually the country's first president--John Hanson was--a fact that fits perfectly within Washington's fishy if compassionate Piscean image that the American people have been taught to revere so highly.

George Washington born Friday February 22, 1732 10:00 am LMT Colonial Beach, Virginia, Rodden Rating: AA; view his chart and details here or, check out a previous post The Natal Horoscope and Character of George Washington.

Additionally, America's first Inauguration horoscope (April 30, 1789 12:45 pm LMT NYC) with details may be viewed here, if you wish. And you may also wish to review the horoscope--the hour elected by General Washington, the Sacred Geometry Freemason who recognized a fortunate Moon-Jupiter occultation when he saw one--of Cornwallis' Surrender on October 19, 1781, Yorktown.

This is Jude Cowell signing off for the weekend in spite of the current fishy goings-on in Washington DC as anarchists play around with the 'full faith and credit' of the idealistic nation George Washington helped to found. Someone please stop them if they can't or won't stop themselves.

Jul 20, 2013

Washington DC's 'Corpse Flower' about to bloom (webcam link)

'Corpse Flower' Soon Adds Stink to Stinky Swamp of Washington Politics

by Jude Cowell

Any minute now it won't only be the odor of corrupt Politics wafting from my former city of residence, Washington DC. Maybe Astrology's 'how it begins is how it ends' adage applies perfectly to our fraud-laden capital built upon a swamp, the location chosen by surveyor and Freemason George Washington.

So here's a link to a Live webcam set up at the US Botanic Gardens so as not to miss the blossoming of the rare 'corpse flower'--will you be watching as it opens?

And here's National Geographic concerning the putrid corpse flower.

Feb 19, 2013

"The Secret Agenda of High Level Freemasonry" (video)

The following 29-minute video gives information concerning a secret agenda and is provided by a man who joined the Freemason organization in 1976. It is posted for your consideration though naturally as a lone blogger (and concerned American) I cannot endorse or deny his views. But I do assume that he knows what he's talking about:

Not certain you want to watch the video? Well, it's no secret that America's government buildings in DC had their cornerstones laid in Freemason ceremonies from our nation's earliest days, many by Freemason George Washington wearing his apron of mysterious symbols, so I hope you'll check it out.


Recommended: Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Jul 4, 2012

The Natal Horoscope and Character of George Washington

Towering Figures in Early US History w the Natal Chart of George Washington

by Jude Cowell

Chuck Baldwin's Founders Without Whom America Would Not Exist gives more detail of the usual crew than if our Founding Fathers could sign up with LinkedIn but not so much that reading them interferes with your July 4th celebration!

George Washington's Natal Horoscope

Here you see the natal horoscope of The Father of Our Country, George Washington, born February 22, 1732 NS (OS = Feb 11) Colonial Beach, Virginia at a recorded time of 10:00 am LMT (probably rounded off but who can say? Its Rodden Rating is AA so I'm going with 10:00 am.)

Hour of responsible, authoritarian Saturn; chart-ruler is Venus 29Pis24 which applies to only one major aspect: a conjunction with staid Saturn 2Ari41 showing that he took himself seriously. As you see, both planets snug around 12th cusp of Politics, Karma, and The Unconscious. Washington is known for having visions and for prizing loyalty and commitment, both traits which may be found in his Venus-Saturn-12th-cusp picture.

Plus, the archetypal "Father of Our Country" label along with the usual serious expression he affected in portraits (and in life, I've read, usually ascribed to his lifelong dental problems) may be seen in the Sabian Symbol for natal Venus @'30Pis' = "The Great Stone Face" with face relating to Venus and stone an obvious Saturn reference. Plus, as you know, Washington's visage is captured on stony Mount Rushmore.

George Washington is well-known for mystical tendencies (he was a Grand Poo-Bah of Freemasonry and may be viewed in portraits wearing his Masonic apron--he owned two apparently--here are good photos of an apron on display in the Lodge at Philadelphia--and these are in large part indicated by Sun in Pisces (as has Mitt Romney along with natal Mercury and Mars) and by Neptune in 1st house of Self. Neptune is in Gemini (the youth who served the gods) which is ruled by Mercury (the messenger of the gods) which creates a Mercury-Neptune vibe in his psyche relating to...mysticism and visions which are further encouraged by a Neptune-Pluto trine, and NN in Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker on a Quest, in the 8th H of The Occult.

In addition, warring Mars in occult-studying Scorpio, sign of the Eagle, lends more mysticism to his personality bwo Scorpio along with a strong Mars-Pluto streak. Interestingly (and perhaps you can read a notation of it if you enlarge the chart) Mars is focal planet of the Pluto/NN midpoint which gave him potential for an exhibition of personal power and/or tyranny. (Tyl.) Perhaps this brutality is best seen in General Washington's quick execution of deserters though fighting and leading in war is proof enough for me.

And yet without his ambitious Capricorn Moon, the General might never have had the reigning need to become a political leader such as a President, a rise in status which is supported by the natal chart's hemispheric emphasis on the Public sector (7/3) including n Moon in 9th H. And of course, his military career is seen in the 6th H of Military Service with the very powerful yet wide conjunction of Jupiter (The General) and Pluto (the Poo-Bah of Control) in Libra, a sign of war. This also shows the Revolution's financial support from foreign sources.

And of course you see Washington's IC (Foundation of the Matter; the HOW? Point) @'30 Cancer' = "A Daughter of the American Revolution"!

(M.E. Jones.)

Another aid to him in war and politics was his 10th H Mercury 6AQ33 at focal point of the Saturn-Uranus midpoint which supplied him with the ability to hit back hard under provocation along with a natural talent for organization. Mercury rules 2nd H of Earning Ability and Values so Washington was no slacker in the moneymaking department of life. Inheritance is shown by SN in 2nd H and NN in 8th H.

Considering that Washington's refusal to be crowned 'king' of America is much-touted along with his walking away from the power of the presidency, it's curious to me that (if his birth time is correct or nearly so), Pluto and Ascendant are inconjunct (150 degr) denoting that he volunteered his services, was recognized as having a strong character, smoldered inside if anyone revealed his weaknesses, and had secret hopes that opportunities would present themselves to show what he could accomplish if given the authority to do so.

As we know, quite a few opportunities did...


Pluto/ASC inconjunct details from Robert Pelletier's Planets in Aspect.

Jun 12, 2012

Sun-Pluto obsessions of the US, Obama, and Romney

The Power Desires of Obama and Romney

by Jude Cowell

It is my personal conclusion that America's obsession with Sun-Pluto power issues and control makes the use of fear as a tool against the populace easy to latch on to for the US natal horoscope shows an obsessive-compulsive-don't-know-when-to-quit Sun-Pluto quindecile aspect (165 degrees) between the executive (Sun) and power (Pluto.) Other levels of Pluto (exs: the Pope, extreme wealth hidden in secret places, spying and surveillance, string-pullers from afar, wealthy banking houses, the Underworld) certainly may apply as well but for this post let's stop at 'power, control, and the use of fear for persuasion'. When conjunct, the Sun-Pluto duo shows a willfulness that makes 'offers difficult to refuse'.

Now it seems significant to me that in the pivotal year 2012, with a presidential election at hand (guided by mafioso Pluto's Hidden Hand?) and both candidate's qualifications for office under scrutiny, that both President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney have natal charts (psyches) containing Sun-Pluto midpoint pictures--that is, the midpoint of the two bodies whose psycho-dynamics so obsess Washington DC with its imposed cult of personality (Sun) as instituted upon the citizenry by the first presidency in the form of Freemason George Washington. In an ironic twist (or with an eye toward posterity) Washington is famous for refusing to be king of America, and for walking away from the power of the presidency so that the next guy could step in and further the mission.

Note: in 1937, US inauguration days were switched from early March to January 20, or 21 if the 20th falls on a Sunday. This positions America's presidential Sun @00AQ+ and the Sabian Symbol for '1AQ' = "An Old Adobe Mission." Check it out!)

Focusing on Sun-Pluto positions, here are their birth particulars:

Barack Obama August 4, 1961 @7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii (Sun 12Leo33 in 6th house; Pluto 6Vir59 in 7th house; ASC 18AQ03; MC 28Sco54) and Mitt Romney March 12, 1947 @9:51 am Detroit, Michigan (Sun 21Pis11 in 11th house; Pluto 11Leo22 Rx in 4th house; ASC 1Gem01; MC 6AQ43.)

Here are the willful, powerful midpoint pictures involved with details from Munkasey, Tyl, and Ebertin, any of which may or may not apply though they are subject to stimulation by transit and progression:

President Obama--Sun-Pluto = Uranus 25Leo16: sudden obsession to acquire additional power and control; a surprising suspicion of basic powers; use of scientific methods to achieve progress or gain power; powerful ideas; carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; new individual perspectives; sudden change; rebellion.

Mitt Romney--Sun-Pluto = ASC: enormous power projection; being forced to fight; ruthless establishment of one's own personality; suppression of the environment for the attainment of one's own aspirations; a crisis of self-preservation; experiencing the ruthlessness of others; making changes through applying the will; noticing the weakness in others and using the knowledge for personal advantage; efforts to rid the environment of corruption or immoral practices.

(For Mr. Obama, the above reminds me of drones and health care reform--for Mr. Romney, Bain Capital and Mormonism!)

Additionally, Mr. Obama's natal Sun-Pluto midpoint @24Leo46 contacts US natal Moon in Aquarius (We the People) by opposition so his Sun-Pluto = US n Moon: fluctuations in attempts to appear strong-willed; attempts to project power and persuasion; brutal suppression of feelings.

And Mitt Romney's Sun-Pluto midpoint @ 1Gem17 falls upon the rising Moon 1Gem26 in the Inauguration 2013 horoscope. Hmmm....are the two men more alike than most people realize? Well, at the least this dual Sun-Pluto-Moon circumstance reminds me of that disappointed every-four-year feeling that when it comes to swearing in new American presidents, it's six of one, half dozen of another and hardly a doughnut of difference in between.


If you wish, view a previous post concerning the natal horoscope (shown) of George Washington whose natal Sun, like Mitt Romney's, is in mystical, murky Pisces; Washington's n Mercury @6AQ34 conjoins Romney's n Midheaven (The Goal; Career) and US n South Node. So here comes 'Mitt Romney for President'--again.

Oct 5, 2011

Washington's Oath on a Wall Street Balcony and our First Amendment

George Washington's Wall Street meets Occupy Wall Street's First Amendment

by Jude Cowell

Have you ever noticed the horoscope for the ceremony of our very first presidential oath-taking on a Wall Street balcony at Federal Hall (26 Wall Street) just across from the NYSE building in lower Manhattan, NYC?

Among other factors, the horoscope shows a YOD pattern (special task; crossroads; turning point; crisis; paradox) on April 30, 1789 at 12:45 pm LMT which is the moment our then-Freemason-in-Chief of some wide repute, George Washington, elected to take the very first US Presidential Oath of Office.

And the same site, Wall Street's Federal Hall, is the place where the First Amendment was created and ratified, 222 years ago this very week. Here it is now:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So, gathering their filly skirts about them, you'll find that the official website of Federal Hall now opens with a Notice saying that for the 'duration' of the Occupy Wall Street protests, the *front door of the site where President George Washington took the first-ever oath of office will be barricaded...yes, barricaded against The People.

It is within the nature of Temples to be defended. Of course.

Yet the Notice carries such an 18th century vibe, even for the chronically self-protective, I do declare! (My spats and top hat are at the cleaners, if you're wondering.) Guess the authorities are cooperating with the well-heeled of Wall Street in case something valuable needs guarding against the younger generation.

So if we look to Sabian Symbols for a descriptive word picture concerning the Occupy Wall Street presence of 2011 as they issue from the 1789 brouhaha that started the whole shebang and a branch of government--with a pageant on display upon a Wall Street balcony since our nation's capitol was then situated at Federal Hall NYC--therefore, we may wish to snoop using the one-degree-for-a-year method of looking at outcomes bwo evolutionary Symbols.

And because Astrology describes universal energy flowing in an AC-DC fashion--one of the following signifies on some level the protesters, the other the self-exalted swelled-heads whom the marchers and chanters wish to reach with a message of we-the-people's grievances against them and against the sorry ways in which American society has been run the last decade or so. We're so scammed.

(Time for a shout-out to Pres. Bill Clinton's 'free' trade frenzy that really got the outsourcing of US workers' jobs rockin' back in the 1990s. If millions more Americans had jobs that paid at the least a living wage, most of our financial issues would go poof!)

But wage setting is merely a goalpost the power elite keep moving at their will or fancy, but always to our detriment, after they've had The Creatives drape gauzy veils of political assurances over it to disguise their true intent. Don't look too closely!

Math Produces Symbol: **12 Scorpio

2011 - 1789 = 222 (7 signs = 210 + 12 degrees = 222 = 12 Scorpio) = "An Embassy Ball"...Keyword: DISPLAY; positive expression: an absolute stability of self as contribution to group integrity; negative (unconscious/shadow side): a smug demand for special privilege.

Like barricading Federal Hall against the rambling natives?

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; 'unconscious/shadow side' added by yours truly.)

*An instruction for using a side door is listed on the website. Which reminds me of self-protective Cancer, sign of The Crab, that will scuttle sideways (or through side doors) in order to avoid inconvenient (and possibly superior) challenges to its authority.

**Interestingly, Nicholas deVore gives '12Sco' as a degree of business in his Encyclopedia of Astrology (1947; Philosophical Library, New York.)

Apr 9, 2011

Glenn Beck's Freemasonry/Skull and Bones emblems

Glenn Beck Shouts-Out in Code to Somebody, But Who?

by Jude Cowell

April 8, 2011: Prison Planet reports on soon-departing propagandist Glenn Beck wearing emblems of secret societies: Freemasonry, and Skull and Bones.

Mr. Beck has gone on air sporting a Masonic patch with '1681' on it, an apparent reference to William Penn's founding of Philadelphia, as noted in the article. Freemasonry has always been well-ensconced there along with Sionist Rosicrucianism.

Now I know that many of our past and present representatives in Congress have been and are Freemasons as were many of our Founding Fathers. The US Capitol Building is one great big Masonic symbol frozen in architecture for those who have eyes to see. And who can miss the fact that 16th Street in DC is home of the Temple of Scottish Rite?

Even our exalted White House is actually a Masonic White Lodge whose cornerstone was laid by Masons on October 13, 1792 (and not on October 12th as most sources cite.) The brass cornerstone plate is still there. The October 13, 1792 ceremony is said to commemorate the first 'Friday the 13th' in honor of Oct 13, 1307, the day the King of France rid himself of the Knights Templar. Follow the link for more details.

Masonic Sacred Geometry: a Higher Practice of Astrology?

Nowadays, we may perhaps consider Washington DC to be a "New Rome" and most everyone is aware that the whole corporate venture called America was CEO'd by our first president George Washington, a Grand Master for whom our nation's capital city was named. Click to view him in one of his Masonic aprons, if you've missed it previously; historical and initiation details are included.

So what's up with Glenn Beck sassily sporting Freemasonry symbols in public and on air?

Has he perhaps said and shown too much of an Illuminati-hijacked agenda? Or is Beck's soon-departure from the FOX network on a daily basis merely a sign of his lessening influence among the masses on behalf of the one-world-government agenda?

You know the agenda I refer to: the one that is in process of ruining our nation, all other nations, our lives and health, and the future of our children...the Utopian agenda bent on creating chaos and a return of the Noble Savage - sans all institutionalized government and social systems.

Does any of this sound a mite familiar based on Washington DC's current antics meant to dismantle the US government, Medicare, and any other component of our social contract thereby leaving us to survive - or not - in the jungle? Is it population control writ large? Well, remember that our 'two-party' political system is an illusion to keep we-the-people divided, conquered, quiet, at each others' throats, and largely unaware of what they're really up to for they're all in on the plot together with a few *rare exceptions!


For further reading you may be interested in one of the books I often use as a source, Robert Hieronimus' Founding Fathers, Secret Societies which includes information on the decoding of the Great Seal, an integral part of the New Millennium plot.

*"rare exceptions"? Here I'm being generous since it's unfair to lump 100% of any group of people into one stereotyped category; it seems to me that politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Dennis Kucinich, perhaps Ron Paul, and a couple of others are left in place primarily to give Congress more credibility than it deserves when it comes to supporting rather than undermining America. They play their parts. And yes, they win elections back home but elections can be rigged, as we've either direction. jc


The following video contains similar topics including number symbolism but if you're one who is easily unnerved, I ask that you avoid viewing it. jc