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Mar 23, 2010

President signs Health Insurance Reform Bill w/ Neptune to US Moon: 3.23.10

22 Signing Pens, 2 per letter.

While I was typing the following post, President Obama signed into law his Health Insurance Reform legislation at 11:55 am edt, White House, with South Node 17Can59 in 1st house which indicates the historical nature of the signing event. However, SN rising can indicate difficulties keeping the bill anchored into being for SN has a separative, Saturnian effect.

And yet, Saturn adores laws and regulations! US natal Venus (valuable commodities) is rising with our natal Jupiter in tow.

ASC '3Can' = "A Man All Bundled Up in Fur Leading a Shaggy Reindeer."

Mercury, ruler of signings, bills, agreements, trade and commerce is nearing Midheaven @ 12Aries04...'13Ari' = "A Bomb Which Failed to Explode Is Safely Concealed." Hmm. Might this describe something hidden in the bill that we're not going to like, or to a rescue of our tottering health care system? Or perhaps both?

The ongoing T-Square between Sun/Saturn and apex Pluto is morphed into a Grand Cross in time for the bill signing ceremony: Moon, Sun, Saturn, and Pluto...dynamic efforts amount to high achievements!

At 11:55 am edt, a 1st house Moon '6Can' conjoins US natal Jupiter indicating much publicity for the event - and happy people across the land having a reigning need fulfilled (except in smokey GOP dens of his opponents and those citizens emotionally activated by undermining rhetoric against a Dem President.) Well, I for one hope the reforms aid someone besides special interests and old manipulative string-puller, Pluto.

Perfecting during the glad-handing and pen-sharing that took place in the minutes after the bill was signed is a midpoint picture that includes the Sun (leader):

Sun/Uranus = MC (The Goal): reformers, inventors, technicians; restless people with far-reaching plans; experiencing the impact of sudden events; major events in support of big plans (NWO? DNA collection for all?); hopeful triumph for the ego.

In his midpoints book, Michael Munkasey says that Sun/Uranus energies were in effect at the time the first-ever Medicaid patient applied to the program! #

My original post begins here with no edits because I gotta motor into the city:

Ever since Health Insurance Reform was passed (and sent on to the Senate March 21, 2010) it's been bothering me that this week's entire political theater production on Capitol Hill has been performed with transiting Neptune sitting directly upon America's natal Moon (we-the-people; 27AQ10.) Confusions, deceptions (including self-deception), fraud, and propaganda have been coming upon us for some time given Neptune's slow-mo movements but now that the gaseous giant is here, we get Health Insurance Reform, and possibly financial reform, too.

Since the numbers of health care workers needed are not available to attend to the new 'millions' who will soon have insurance, and since the bill's cost savings are more than a little squirrelly, I'm feeling more than a little like we've been had by the 'shell game' the GOP has accused the Obama administration of using for this giant legislation. Of course, around this blog, it takes one shell gamer to know one, so the Republicans obviously know whereof they gamingly speak.

The Neptune to natal Moon transit has been detailed here previously but in case you, lone reader, have landed here for the first time, let's consider it again.

First, a Neptune transit has ab orb of influence and, as I said, it's been coming on a while and will be in effect a while longer. The transit includes such things as a sense of rootlessness, losing homes to foreclosure, dissolving of commitments (and of contracts made by and for the people) - all in all, an unstable period for everything that relates to the Moon, the body which signifies the people in a national chart. Plus, Neptune relates to mass media, with various toutings being brought to us by...Neptune, the illusionist.

Stability for this legislation will have to be brought by other factors for Neptune-to-n-Moon isn't good anchorage for staying power. And we know that repeal arguments are being rehearsed as I type so we may never hear the end of it. Great. Mr. Obama's opponents will do what they can to undermine the bill's effectiveness, too, no matter what it costs the American people for the GOP to score political points while clawing their way into office.

Yes, multiple mysteries abound with Neptune to US n Moon, posited in our n 3rd house of Communications, Neighborhoods, Grade Schools, Siblings, and the Lower Mind; third house also relates to health through the mind-body connection so with Tinkerbell Neptune's magic wand touching us, perhaps we have health insurance if we simply believe we do - or, with Neptune's more rare dreams-can-come-true effect, perhaps this legislation will catalyze improvements in our health care system which are sorely needed. Neptune might, but the motivations of the people involved are a quite a different question.

And yet it's hard to pinpoint what one really wants with Neptune sitting all over one's Moon, for the Moon rules our reigning needs; ours is in Aquarius, a transpersonal sign of brotherhood. Giving all Americans access to better health care (at the point when it's needed, not after the disease-ridden horses have escaped the barn and it's too late to be saved - 'saved' is a Neptunian word, as is 'escaped') - access for all Americans is one of the touts of this legislation from the Obama administration (the touters.) Perhaps 32 million Americans will soon agree.

However, Neptune to natal Moon is a time when conditions are difficult if not impossible to diagnose including physical complaints, or, the wrong diagnosis may be given. Hopefully, this does not describe the Health Insurance Reform legislation that's about to become the law of the land while curing what ails us. (It did become law at 11:55 am edt, see above Update.)

But will the reforms deliver a wrong diagnosis?

Without addressing health care costs rising into the stratosphere, the 'savings' of this bill over time may not help matters much on that score, yet I hope the bill's magical effects are more real than they seem at present especially since there's another dreamy Neptunian thing that tends to accompany a Neptune to n Moon transit: loss through theft and/or carelessness.

One major theft we know of already: the public option has been stolen from the bill! And my concern about nationwide DNA collection may be considered theft if a patient is unaware of it. (After your DNA is snagged, it belongs to them, not you.)

That Neptune rules drugs, legal and otherwise, isn't comforting either unless the transit brings us medical marijuana for those who need an appetite boost, mood lift, and pain relief for their serious conditions. That would be a positive outcome, imo, although you may disagree. My feeling is that if a person is dying or suffering grievously, what business is it of mine - or the government's - to cruelly dictate what he may take to lessen his misery.

Well, here's an article on the subject of the health insurance reform bill. It asserts that the reform is from the top down rather than from the 'bottom up' as we've heard from the Obama administration (like Neptune's wand from on-high: presto change-o, you're covered! But with what?)

Yes, the bill's reforms have been fashioned by Washington think tanks behind the American people's backs...such a perfect description of veiling Neptune to US natal Moon...'tanks' being a watery Neptunian word.


S.A. Hopkins said...

Hi Jude ;) Did you correct for daylight time? I'm getting a 2'Cancer Asc. at 11:55 AM EDT Washington, DC.

Jude Cowell said...

S.A., thank you! When the President was intro'd this morning i set up a chart for Solar Fire's Animated Chart feature to time when the actual signing occurred - and the chart 'switched back' to 'EST' even though my original chart had been entered as EDT -- i must watch this for it's happened before with chart animations.

So! i've edited my post with a new ASC degree (thus adding US n Venus rising) and the signing's Moon is even closer to US n Jupiter. My other comments i shall leave as-is.

Thank You Very Much!! Jude

S.A. Hopkins said...

You're happens sometimes. The Sabian symbol for the MC is pretty interesting too. The MC rounded up to 12ยบ Pisces is (according to Marc Jones, from "Astrology of Personality" Rudhyar) “Candidates are being examined by the lodge of initiates”. Interesting wording as compared to other descriptions of that degree.

And yeah, as you mentioned, the ASC is the US Venus.

Take care.

Jonathan W said...

Oh man, that South Node in the 1st House is not good. South Node near the Ascendant -- even if not in orb of being conjunct from the 1st or 12th House -- just drains all the energy away from the native or the event.

I think, in this case, though, it would make sense as many see it as a huge drain on our finances. And, as it's happening during the Waning Square between Saturn and Pluto -- Mrs. Clinton's efforts taking place during the Waxing Square in 1993-94 --, I suspect the subsequent Saturn/Pluto conjunction will correspond with the debt this Country is accruing becoming too much to bear. Or at least too massive to hide with accounting tricks and happy talk.

That South Node near the Ascendant in the 1st also indicates a continued lack of support from the People. I suspect they want to get excited, but, with the slipperiness of the South Node not allowing anyone to get a secure footing, they just can't seem to get there.

I believe this legislation will come back to haunt both Pelosi -- who has the South Node conjunct her Solar Return Ascendant in a few days -- and Obama who will have the South Node stationing conjunct his Moon in the months leading up to the 2012 Election -- March thru August, I believe.

Would look at the rest of the chart, but have yet to move my astro-stuff over to my new computer.

Robert J. Smith said...

Hi Jude, enjoy your work, am not too educated in Astrology, but am solidly Scorpion enough to investigate a broad swath of the puzzle. I like your NWO stuff, too. I read during the POTUS campaign that it seemed, to the writer, that BHO must rely on a good astrologer relative to his timing of things, etc. Probably! RE Healthcare leg., I heard there's mention of a National ID card in there, and I have to wonder why/if we need an 'Institute of Minority Health', (that IS in there, referenced TV tonight by Rep. Barbara Lee) established. Anyhoo, I ramble...but, again, I dig your work and where you're coming from. peace.

LB said...

Hi Jude – I appreciate the points you tried to make regarding the Neptunian aspects of the bill. And while I could never speak with any astrological authority (I’m just a student), I do think transiting Neptune conjunct the public’s Moon has led to some foggy, overly idealized thinking on the part of some – there are a lot of well-meaning, good-hearted people out there that seem to be unaware of the details on this one. Since neither the President nor the members of Congress have bothered to point out the realities involved (transiting Neptune in the 3rd), many of us have been led to believe this reform bill is the next best thing since sliced bread.

There are definitely some good things about this reform bill, but on the whole, it still plays into the same health care for profit system, with many fundamentally flawed elements still in place. The working class poor (and middle class), in particular, will very likely continue to suffer through lack of affordability. The insurance companies can still charge high premiums with large out-of-pocket co-pays and high deductibles – up to 2k per individual and up to 4k for families, which the subsidies will not cover. Maybe it’s hard for some to imagine (again, Neptune?), but many Americans just don’t have that kind of cash available, so they’re very likely to avoid going to the doctor altogether, or to wait until their situation reaches a crisis point. Conversely, if those without cash do go, they may use credit cards (if they’re lucky enough to still have credit), resulting in even greater unpaid debt and the potential for bankruptcy. President Obama’s claims that his bill will protect consumers from these pitfalls seem grossly overstated.

There are also no guarantees of equal coverage under this bill – some plans may cover certain things, while others will not, resulting in even more out of pocket expenses due to being “under-insured”. And last but not least, the American people will still have to deal with their claims being routinely denied – the insurance industry is notorious for denying/delaying legitimate payments and reimbursements, leading to more financial problems. Since the appeals process will continue to be largely an internal one, consumers will still be left to fend for themselves.

Many of us will continue to disagree on the virtues of this bill and that’s to be expected. I just hope we can all become more informed as to what this bill will actually accomplish versus what it will not. Just because we wish something to be true doesn’t necessarily make it so -- the details do matter. And in case you’re wondering, I’m a supporter of single-payer, improved Medicare for all.